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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the term used for the surgical procedures to change or correct the shape of the nose.

What are the different types of Rhinoplasty?

The types of rhinoplasty procedures include; open rhinoplasty, where surgical incisions are made outside the nose, closed rhinoplasty, where incisions are made inside the nose, rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose, rhinoplasty to augment the appearance of the nose, ethnic rhinoplasty to alter particular racial traits and post-traumatic rhinoplasty, to treat a deviated septum or nasal fractures.

What are the steps in Rhinoplasty?

For a rhinoplasty procedure, anaesthesia is administered, incisions are made, the shape of the nose is changed, the incisions are closed using stitches and pain medication and post-operative instructions are given.

Is it safe to have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. The patient must discuss with their surgeon the outcomes and risks of surgery before undergoing rhinoplasty. Patients will have swelling bruising and bleeding after the procedure. Appropriate medications will be prescribed by the surgeon after the procedure.

What to do after Rhinoplasty.

Patients should avoid touching their nose for a few days and keep their head elevated, even while sleeping. They should use cold compresses to reduce the swelling near their nose and eyes. Patients should avoid wearing spectacles. They should take all prescribed painkillers and medications correctly.

What is the recovery time after Rhinoplasty?

It takes about three to four weeks to completely recover from a rhinoplasty procedure.

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Natural Hair Turkey - Hair Loss Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Natural Hair Turkey

(202) 836-6432 Zeytinburnu, Turkey
Natural Hair Turkey is one of the leading hair transplantation centers of Europe with its quality services, and the high patient satisfaction it provides. As Natural Hair Turkey, we have successfully carried out more than 30.000 hair transplantation operations which have changed the patients’ lives, mostly from European countries. One of the reasons behind this huge success of our center is that we individually follow our patients’ recovery and hair-growth processes after the hair transplantation operations. Each patient is checked by our consultants regularly for a year so that they are informed. All of our operations are carried out in the most favorite, full-equipped and JCI accredited hospital. Natural Hair Turkey, besides our high-quality hair transplantation service, we provide a perfect service in terms of accommodation in the most luxurious hotels and all airport-hotel-hospital transfers for our patients coming from abroad for their comfort.
Rhinoplasty $2010 - $2584
Non-Surgical Nose Job $1148 - $1723
Septoplasty $2010 - $2297
4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 5,159 users
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Clinic Center - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Clinic Center

(360) 317-0544 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 77 Reviews There were no real problemsAnonymous, South Africa, 22 Dec 17

I had rhinoplasty done at Clinic Center after reading some positive reviews and comments online. The treatment and service was good, and I think it was value for money. I paid the same price that was listed on the website and I didn’t go back for follow-ups because there weren’t any problems. The only thing I had a bit of an issue with, was the fact that the doctor I saw at the consultation was not the surgeon who ended up doing the actual procedure. However, the doctor I dealt with did a good job, so there were no real problems.

Rhinoplasty $2199 - $2716
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
Breast Implants $2457 - $2975
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3 other locations in Turkey for Clinic Center.
Clinic Center - Kusadasi

Clinic Center - Kusadasi

(360) 317-0174 Inonu Bulvari No: 8/2, Kusadasi
Clinic Center - Bodrum

Clinic Center - Bodrum

(360) 317-0074 Çökertme Sokak No:24, Gümbet, Bodrum
Clinic Center - Izmir

Clinic Center - Izmir

(360) 317-0752 Yusuf Dede Is Merkezi No: 3/1, Konak, Iz
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,505 users
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Dr. Bora Ok - Europe Aesthetic Surgery Clinic - Bora Ok, MD-Plastic SurgeonFeatured

Dr. Bora Ok - Europe Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

(360) 558-3148 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 19 Reviews I had an amazing experience and had no need to worry at all during any part of the processPaul, Spain, 16 Apr 18

I had Rhinoplasty 8 years ago to remove a bump in my nose. Altho the surgery was successful in removing the bump, it made the tip of my nose uneven and droop down, which I hated. I had spent a lot of time researching surgeons with a good reputation who could give me a better result. I visited my original surgeon again to have a consultation in order to find out that it was quite common for people to return unhappy with the results from their first surgery. He showed me before and after pics of revision rhinoplasty, and I still was not happy with the results he could provide, so continued my search. I found a surgeon called DR Bora OK, based in Istanbul, Turkey. Although I had reservations about travelling abroad for surgery, examples of his work spoke for themselves. I had never seen such amazing natural-looking results. So after contacting him and 3 skype consultations, I made the decision to book the surgery for 6 weeks time. I was in regular contact with Dr Bora and his assistant, who helped me with all my travel arrangements and the day before surgery I travelled to Istanbul. All was fantastically organised, I had a driver waiting for me at the airport to take me to my hotel and was constantly in contact with his assistant to make sure everything was ok and I was well looked after. The morning of the surgery arrived and I was picked up and taken to the private hospital. This was the biggest surprise. It was the nicest hospital I have ever been in, more like a 5* resort in Dubai. I had a huge private suite with a separate living area and beautiful bathroom, along with my own private nurse. Dr Bora arrived at 8 am and we spent 30 more minutes discussing my desired results and meeting these with realistic expectations. He has a fantastic way of talking to you and with over ten years of experience, you can tell just by talking to him that you are in the best hands and will have a result you are happy with. The anaesthetist came to see me and talked through some questions and put me at ease that I was in very good hands. Then came the time to go for surgery around 30 minutes later. I woke in my room, with no pain with Dr Bora by my side to reassure me that everything had gone well. I had practically zero pain and the nurses were fantastic in making sure I was ok. Dr Bora told me he would be back in the morning to make sure I was ok before being discharged back to my hotel to rest for a few days. Because of how extensive the surgery was he told me that I would need to come back in three days to have the packing removed. I then spent the night in my private suite watching tv and resting. Dr Bora told me that the surgery took just under 3 hours, as he spent over one and a half hours undoing the work of my previous surgeon!! That shows what a good surgeon he is as I felt he took the time to do the job properly and make sure it was done with lots of care and attention! The next morning I was discharged with all my medication (painkillers, antibiotics and antihistamines) and was taken back to my hotel. I felt very looked after and always in contact with Dr and his assistant. I spent the next few days recovering at the hotel, room service was brilliant and enabled me to rest fully before going back to see Dr Bora. 3 days later I had the packing removed and the hard cast was taken off. I was gobsmacked by what a good job he had done. He had done exactly what I had wanted, only better than I ever could have imagined. I cried as I couldn't believe what a good job he had done. He then gave me a doctors letter to enable me to fly home the following day. Overall I had an amazing experience and had no need to worry at all during any part of the process. I really feel that a better job could not have been done by any other surgeon and I would recommend Dr Bora OK to anyone!

Rhinoplasty $2457 - $3751
Asian Rhinoplasty $3621 - $5044
Ethnic Rhinoplasty $3880 - $5044
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4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 448 users
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Dr Toncic - Cosmetic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in CroatiaFeatured

Dr Toncic - Cosmetic Surgery

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33377 Zagreb, Croatia
Rating from 28 Reviews They are all very gentle, kind, efficient and professionalAdriana, France, 10 Nov 17

I had a rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation and I´m very pleased with the results. Dr. Dinko Toncic and his team really did a very good job. They are all very gentle, kind, efficient and professional. I´m living in France and I don’t speak Croatian so for me it was really important the logistic organization. Fortunately, all the visits, transportation, healing cares, etc… were taken in charge by Dr. Toncic team. I did not have to worry about anything! The only thing that I think they could improve is foreign patients aftercare. Maybe they could fix some Skype appointments with foreign patients in order to talk a few minutes about the healing process, answer questions, etc… Regarding the clinic, the whole installation is quite performant, clean and calm. A great experience!

Rhinoplasty $2067 - $5742
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants $4019 - $4594
Silicone implants are soft and cannot easily be detected by touching or pressing on the breast. It is important to realize that patients can nurse without any difficulty, after having an implant, and that the breast remains accessible for all medical examinations, because the implant is placed bellow the breast-gland or below the breast muscle. The incision can be made in the armpit, near the nipple or below the breast. Considering these locations, the scar is not visible after the operation.
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4.3 / 5  Excellent
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Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic

(360) 317-0787 İzmir, Turkey
Rating from 13 Reviews My nose is much prettier now and fits better for my faceRonja, Finland, 24 Oct 18

I went to Medline to do my nose job by Dr Cemil Tugay. I told him I want small, natural looking nose and he did a good job. My nose is much prettier now and fits better for my face. Although I was looking for a bit smaller nose, I’m still swollen since I did the surgery about 2 weeks ago. So I’m still looking forward to the final look. I had no pain and the staff there was really nice. All my questions were answered and I was taken care of. The only minus is that I had to wait for the doctor for many hours but I guess he was just busy which is understandable. My experience was good.

Rhinoplasty $1294 - $2588
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
Breast Implants $1849 - $2958
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4 other locations in Turkey for Medlife Group Sağlık Turizmi ve Danışmanlığı Tic. Ltd. Şti..
Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Fethiye

Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Fethiye

(202) 804-8775 Babataşı Mahallesi, Cahit Gündüz Cad. No
Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Marmaris

Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Marmaris

(202) 838-5069 Çıldır Mahallesi, 103. Sok. No:33, Marma
Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Kusadasi

Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Kusadasi

(202) 793-7442 Camikebir Mahallesi, Mithat Baysal Sok.
Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Bodrum

Medlife Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic Bodrum

(202) 902-9254 Eskiçeşme Mahallesi, Ergün Soykan Sok. N
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 2,269 users
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SurgeryTR - Istanbul - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

SurgeryTR - Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 20 Reviews The results are better then I aspect!Rositsa, Bulgaria, 24 Feb 17

I'm very happy from Dr. Erdal Tugsel and all the staff in the hospital.Thay looking after me very good. The results are better then I aspect! Special Thanks to Ertan for be whith me and help me all the time ! I will back soon 100 % Thank you,thank you,thank you

Rhinoplasty $2651 - $3059
Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as nose job is one of the main procedures that is demanded by our international patients. Nose plays a big role in perception of face, therefore in the general appearance. Our plastic surgeons resize or reshape nose to improve the appearance and proportion of the nose, or to correct a breathing problem.  The cartilage and nostrils could be reshaped or re-sized as well. Your nose pictures to be viewed by our experienced doctors. After assessment, an after surgery simulation of your nose will be prepared for you to have an idea. You may discuss all the details regarding the size and the shape of your nose with your doctor before surgery. Our doctors are very well trained who are especially specialized in nose surgery operations in Turkey. The functionality of nose and cosmetic needs of each patient have the priority for our surgeons.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants $2804 - $3049
Breast enlargement surgery is one of the most popular surgery in the world. Women who are unhappy with the size or shape of their breast improve their appearance with breast implants. Surgery also enable to correct body proportion. Weight change or breast feeding may cause small breasts. Breast augmentation with implants surgery enable women to increase the size of their breast or change the shape. Breast enlargement surgery is performed by the use of breast implants. Surgery TR doctors generally use MENTOR brand implants which are approved by American Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Implants may be placed behind the breast tissue or behind the chest muscles. The place of implants and the place of the incision is decided together with the doctor before surgery. Incision can be done around the areola or in the armpits. It leaves no scar after the operation. The procedure take around one hour.
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4.5 / 5  Excellent
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Newest Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center - Newest CenterFeatured

Newest Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center

(360) 317-0121 İstanbul, Turkey
Rating from 26 Reviews My nose is now much straighter and has a nicer, ski slope profileRyan, Turkey, 19 Sep 18

I am pleased wıth the outcome of my rhinoplasty already! The recovery was very speedy too, I have virtually no bruising just 6 days after my surgery. My nose is now much straighter and has a nicer, ski slope profile. I had a really nice stay at the newest clinic, I was well looked after, had round the clock care, assistance as well as my private room and own bathroom. The staff are nice and kind people too! Made me feel very welcome.

Rhinoplasty $2526 - $3445
Closed Rhinoplasty $2526 - $3445
Septoplasty $2526 - $3445
4.2 / 5  Excellent
from 682 users
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Op. Dr Alper Tuncel Estetik Plastik ve Rekonstrukt - OP. DR. ALPER TUNCELFeatured

Op. Dr Alper Tuncel Estetik Plastik ve Rekonstrukt

(360) 317-0221 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 4 Reviews The hospital is not crowded and there are nurses on rounds to check on you, alwaysJennilyn, Italy, 11 Sep 18

I am satisfied and now I am waiting to achieve the final results. At first, I booked to have the operation with another clinic, then his assistant Gulcan saved me from being operated by a newbie doctor. That’s the reason why I turned my back from the first clinic that I booked to and continued it with Dr Alper. He is professional in every way and as well as his whole team. Up to the checking-in, day and after of operation and even checking-out in the hotel, they are always there to guide you. His clinic is also clean and has a well-ambience. The hospital is not crowded and there are nurses on rounds to check on you, always. I did a full body liposuction in which 8 litres has been taken out from me. It is painful of course, especially after the effect of anaesthesia but everything is normal as they said. I just arrived at my home and wait to have the best result that I've been wanted. Wish me luck. Hopefully, everything will fall into place. Highly recommend this clinic and Dr Alper!

Closed Rhinoplasty  
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 75 users
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Loco Medical - happy patient Featured

Loco Medical

(202) 517-6738 istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 1 Review They are very gentle and cares about their patientsSandra, Turkey, 03 Apr 18

Loco Medical was very helpful and likeable health provider. They are also highly skilled. They are very gentle and cares about their patients. I felt confident for them. I am very grateful to the surgeon for taking away all the sagging from my face and now I have more confidence in myself. Thank you Loco med. You cannot fault the nurses at the clinic. They are clean and absolutely immaculate to look at. They were all obliged to my needs - nothing was too much trouble. They were all very friendly. If you are thinking of travelling to turkey(Loco medical), I would say "everything will be alright!" Beautiful room, good food, great people and excellent surgery."

Nasal Tip Surgery  
Closed Rhinoplasty  
1 more treatment
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,432 users
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Dr Ercan Demiray MD, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon - Dr Ercan DEMIRAYFeatured
Rating from 12 Reviews They just make you feel so at home!Kenza, UK, 23 Dec 17

I had a rhinoplasty with Dr Ercan, and Duguyu helped with organising everything including a hotel and transfer package. My brother had a secondary rhinoplasty. He previously had septoplasty with the NHS and was very unhappy with the outcome as they removed most of his cartilage and left him with a deformed nose. Dr Ercan did an amazing job with this surgery especially considering it was really difficult seeing as there was so little cartilage to work with. In my case, I had an asymmetrical nose and a dorsal hump. After the surgery, my nose is straight and has a natural-looking shape which I am really happy about. I would definitely recommend this surgeon to anyone who is thinking about getting rhinoplasty! The nurses were also amazing and really caring. They just make you feel so at home! And everyone in Turkey is really nice.

Open Rhinoplasty  
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 1,692 users
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Erdem Hospital - OutsideFeatured

Erdem Hospital

(202) 804-9041 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 46 Reviews No more sleeping problems, I was finally healthy and I recovered very wellDaniel, London, 02 Nov 18

Erdem Hospital is the right place for rhinoplasty! My nose looked really bad before the surgery. I had sleeping problems as well and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I was thinking about Rhinoplasty surgery when I came upon Erdem Hospital. I had booked my flight but also had some thoughts about the procedure. When I saw the hospital and the warm faces of helping people, I felt glad. After the surgery my nose job was a complete success, I was satisfied completely. No more sleeping problems, I was finally healthy and I recovered very well. Erdem hospital is a place to be thankful for.

Hair Transplant  
Knee Replacement  
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4.3 / 5  Excellent
from 58 users
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Dr.Ümit Hardal Central Hospital - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dr.Ümit Hardal Central Hospital

(202) 816-6596 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 2 Reviews He made sure everything ran smoothly from beginning to start and I couldn’t thank him enoughDon, Belgium, 27 Oct 18

I’m a former patient of Dr Ümit Hardal, I made an appointment with him and I came to Istanbul to do a rhinoplastic surgery. It was my first surgical experience in my life but Dr Hardal handled it like a true professional. He was incredibly kind, made me feel reassured and comfortable at all times. I could ask him at any given time any question I had and he really listened to me at all times, especially when we were discussing how I would want my nose to look like. After the operation, he was there for me the whole time, helped me recover and prescribed for me the right medicins. I definitely recommend an appointment with him. He made sure everything ran smoothly from beginning to start and I couldn’t thank him enough. The clinic was very welcoming, it looked very professional and I felt I have been surrounded by professionals who knew their jobs very well. Especially Dr Hardal, who is beside his professional life also a very kind doctor who gave me the strong impression that he actually cared about his patients and their needs.

Nose Improvement $1479 - $1849
Revision Rhinoplasty $1849 - $2773
Nasal Tip Surgery $1479 - $1849
3 more treatments
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