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Dr. Görkem Atsal Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dr. Görkem Atsal Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65657 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 65 verified reviews
The staff reassured me from the startGaby, Canada, 07 10 23

Amazing experience!! Thank you Doctor ❤️ I am 23 and travelling alone from Canada and I was so nervous to go abroad for my rhinoplasty. The staff reassured me from the start. They made sure I was taken care of from the beginning to the end. Even though my first flight got delayed, the driver came to get me very late and was amazing. Despite the language barrier, it was so easy to communicate with everyone at the hotel, hospital and airport. The day after the surgery, I stayed in the hospital for a night which really helped me. Being alone made me really nervous about everything but the week following at the hotel, their team was absolutely amazing and responded to all my messages and concerns really fast. Taking my cast off was an amazing experience and I am really happy with my nose despite still having my whole face and nose swollen from the procedure. They were all so kind and reassuring and also spoke my first language French which made me feel even more at home! I am so happy I chose Gorkem Atsal, he understood what I wanted for my nose right away and has an incredible team. Thank you all ❤️

Septoplasty from $1615
Hair Transplant from $2153
Rhinoplasty from $2691
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Clineca - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 63716 Üsküdar, Turkey
4.9 from 146 verified reviews
I love my new nose - it is exactly what I asked forBobbie, United Arab Emirates, 27 10 23

Went for rhinoplasty with Dr Tolga 2 weeks ago and I could not recommend Clineca enough. Travelling on my own, I was a little nervous, but this was put at ease throughout the whole process. Before leaving, Afra was there to answer any questions I had and give me relevant information. There was a WhatsApp group made with more than one member of the Clineca staff who could answer any questions 24/7. The drivers who pick you up from the airport and take you to and from appointments were so lovely and this took any stress of using public transport away. Dr Tolga was fab! He listened to my wishes and it was great to see them on simulation. He is very professional and put me at ease. A lot of my nerves went after meeting him before the surgery. The nurses in the hospital were very nice and helpful. One in particular used to check on me a lot, as she knew I did not have my mother there - she was the loveliest lady. There is a language barrier with the nurses, however Afra was available to translate by phone if needed. You have a daily check up from a nurse in your hotel room and these ladies were so wonderful! They really cheered me up each day and are fantastic at their job. Although I am still swollen, I love my new nose - it is exactly what I asked for. I am excited to see my final results when the swelling has gone down. Overall, amazing experience! If you are thinking of getting rhinoplasty I would 100% recommend Clineca and Dr Tolga.

Septoplasty $2280 - $2982
Find relief and improved breathing with septoplasty, a procedure designed to correct a deviated septum. Our experienced team of surgeons is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life by addressing your nasal concerns. Take a step toward better breathing and overall well-being. Contact us to explore how septoplasty can help you breathe easier and live more comfortably.
Rhinoplasty $2280 - $3449
Redefine the focal point of your face with our advanced rhinoplasty solutions. From closed and open methods to innovative piezo techniques, we offer a spectrum of options to suit your aesthetic aspirations. Crafted by our highly experienced doctors, each procedure is a unique blend of science and art. Soon after the procedure, you'll be mobile enough to explore Istanbul's many touristic delights. As your face takes on a new aesthetic, discover the beauty that the city has to offer.
Breast Implants $3097 - $3671
Revolutionize your appearance with our customizable breast implant procedures. Whether you're aiming for a subtle or dramatic change, our gifted doctors excel in achieving diverse aesthetic goals. It's a new chapter in your personal style journey. While you're here, don't miss Istanbul's vast offerings for purchasing stylish new bras. For insider tips on Istanbul's top shopping destinations, just ask our patient experience team.
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Estheticland - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 67361 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 6 verified reviews
I am very happy with the resultsRabia, Turkey, 17 10 23

I am very happy with the results of my surgery from estheticland. Gulis was my coordinator she is very professional. Dr.Emre did my surgery he answered all my questions and performed my surgery according to my wishes I highly reccomend it.

Septoplasty from $2435
Rhinoplasty Piezo Technology from $2367
Gastric Bypass (package) from $5040
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Esteconfido - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 69518 İstanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 7 verified reviews
Thanks for your wonderful support, and I'm extremely happy with my smileJohn, Ireland, 16 09 23

Less than a year ago, after many years of pain and discomfort, while searching online for a clinic with a good reputation and good feedback, I found Esteconfido. My first contact was replied to within 12 hours, and I immediately felt at ease. The service was totally professional, and I was treated as an individual and felt I was in the hands of a professional establishment. Total VIP treatment from the first contact to the finish of my treatment. And on a personal note, I have more confidence dealing and talking with people. Thanks for your wonderful support, and I'm extremely happy with my smile.

Septoplasty $1383 - $2420
Rhinoplasty $1728 - $5185
Breast Implants $2420 - $3457
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Este Milano - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Este Milano

(877) 304-0812 ext: 59262 İstanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 140 verified reviews
The whole process was amazing I would definitely recommendBailey, UK, 14 12 22

He was amazing. I love my nose. They are so professional I think they did amazing!! The whole process was amazing I would definitely recommend. Thank you my zen also for helping me through everything- she was always there!

Septoplasty $1938 - $2153
Rhinoplasty $1938 - $2153
Breast Implants $3068 - $3230
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ulas Bali Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ulas Bali Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65707 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 18 verified reviews
The care that I received was amazing he was very attentive and always come in to check on meLouise, US, 08 08 23

Dear Dr Ulas, I can’t thank you enough for my Lipo surgery that you performed, flying all the way from the USA, was so worth the trip! I Highly recommend Dr Ulas, The care that I received was amazing he was very attentive and always come in to check on me, his staff Sanem and Shahap was amazing as well. Now that I am back in the USA, Dr Ulas still call and check up on me. Thank you again.

Septoplasty $3014 - $4091
Rhinoplasty $3230 - $4844
Breast Implants $3768 - $4844
Breast size is one of the most essential and wanted aspects of aesthetic appearance for many people. Many people's breasts are not the size they want, which can create an obstacle for them to feel better. However, thanks to advanced plastic surgery, it has become possible to make breast size changes. Breast augmentation is one of these surgical operations for people whose breasts are smaller than they want. Thanks to advanced standards and surgical operation methods, breast augmentation has become easily applicable operations. When breast augmentation meaning is searched, people usually come across the placement of silicone gel-filled prostheses on the breast. However, fat injection to the breast has also become a popular method recently. When looking at the difference between these two, people see that surgical operations are more permanent.
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Onep Plastic Surgery Longevity Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Onep Plastic Surgery Longevity Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66956 Istanbul, Turkey
4.8 from 3 verified reviews
My experience in Türkiye was delightful, and the staff were professional and politeSimon, UK, 18 11 23

At first, I was slightly worried about my surgical procedure (as another person would) - but I was reassured constantly by my consultant who was always approachable, and answered any concerns that I may have had. My experience in Türkiye was delightful, and the staff were professional and polite. My operation was a success and the Doctor was always available afterwards if I needed any questions answered. I would recommend this practice to anyone and hopefully next year, I shall return for further surgical treatment. ☺️

Septoplasty $2153 - $8612
Sinus Surgery $2153 - $4306
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Medhera Health Travel - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Medhera Health Travel

(877) 304-0812 ext: 69941 Antalya, Turkey
**Welcome to MEDHERA HEALTH TRAVEL: Your Premier Destination for Health and Beauty in Turkey**At MEDHERA HEALTH TRAVEL, we understand that the journey to health and beauty is as important as the destination. Situated in the stunning city of Antalya, Turkey, our clinic, founded by the renowned Dr. Mehmet Bekir SEN, a luminary in aesthetic surgery, offers a sanctuary for those seeking excellence and value in their health. We specialize in a range of services designed to meet your aesthetic and medical needs, all delivered in a serene and healthy environment.  **Our Services: Tailored to Your Unique Journey** - **Aesthetic / Plastic Surgery:** Unveil your best self with our state-of-the-art aesthetic surgery options. From facelifts to body contouring, our skilled surgeons use the latest techniques to ensure natural and harmonious results. - **Obesity Surgery:** Transform your life with our comprehensive obesity surgery solutions with the latest technique. Our team of experts supports you every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-surgery care, helping you achieve and maintain your health goals. - **Hair Transplantation:** Rediscover your confidence with our advanced hair transplantation services. Utilizing cutting-edge methods like FUE and DHI, we ensure a natural look and minimally invasive procedures for your comfort. - **Genital Aesthetics:** Empower yourself with our discreet and sensitive genital aesthetic procedures. Our compassionate professio
Hair Transplant  
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Candemir Ceran Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured
5.0 from 16 verified reviews
I felt very safe and cared forLouise, Ireland, 31 07 20

Dr Ceran and his staff are truly amazing. Extremely professional, very friendly, kind and I would totally recommend to my family and friends. I felt very safe and cared for, can't wait to go again for my next treatments. I live in Dublin Ireland but I often travel to Dr Ceran in Turkey that's how excellent his clinic! It is worth travelling for. I would not go to any other clinic this one is the best. Five stars!

Septoplasty from $3445
Rhinoplasty from $2368
Breast Implants from $2907
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Op. Dr. Ayse Oznur Akidil clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Op. Dr. Ayse Oznur Akidil clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64252 izmir, Turkey
For more information about Op. Dr. Ayse Oznur Akidil clinic in Izmir please contact the clinic.
ENT Specialist Consultation  
Very Good
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Dental/Medical Center for Maxillofacial Surgery Beograd-Centar - Prof Zoran StajcicFeatured
4.9 from 12 verified reviews
I have next to no visible scarring and am ecstatic with my resultChristine, UK, 21 09 21

I had Facial feminisation surgery in May 2021 and Professor Stajcic is nothing short of magical with the results he has given me. My natural femininity has been allowed to shine through to its full potential and he listened carefully to my requests and made suggestions of his own to ensure I got the best results possible. I have next to no visible scarring and am ecstatic with my result.

Septoplasty $2045 - $2691
Salivary Gland Removal $3230 - $4306
Submandibular salivary gland removal, hospital costs not included
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FindDoctor - Fertility Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 65410 Uskudar, Turkey
We provide healthcare services in Istanbul, TURKEY and here to help patients find, achieve and embrace their new ideal image of themselves and find a suitable doctor
ENT Specialist Consultation  
Sleep Apnea  
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CORAMED Beauty Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in PolandFeatured

CORAMED Beauty Surgery

(202) 519-1607 Wroclaw, Poland
4.8 from 194 verified reviews
I was very reassured by the professionalism and empathy of all of the staff at the clinicGerard, Ireland, 02 07 22

I had hernia surgery in the Coramed Clinic in Wrocslaw, Poland, in June 2022. I was very reassured by the professionalism and empathy of all of the staff at the clinic and would not hesitate to recommend them. The cost of the operation was less than half what I would have paid in Ireland and the clinic was very helpful in organising accomodation and transport options for my stay in Poland.

Septoplasty from $1990
Rhinoplasty $3482 - $5472
Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery. This procedure is dedicated for every one who feel unhappy with shape and profile of the nose. This is also proposition for people who has deviated septum and they suffering for breathing problems.Rhinoplasty divided into two types open and close. Its depending on the range of the surgery and effect which we wont to achieve. This procedure is performed in general anesthesia.  In close procedure the incisions are hidden inside the nose. In open procedure the incisions  is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. Reshaping of the nose structure is performed  by removing bone or cartilage sometimes  cartilage grafs. In cause of deviated septum doctor can 
Hernia Repair
Umbilical hernia $945 - $1865
The price include the umbilical hernia repair without surgical mesh in local anesthesia. Depends on the size of hernia on the consultation in the clinic the surgeon decide about kind of the anesthesia and technique of the procedure if the surgical mesh will be required or no. Final quotation will be confirmed after the examination in the clinic
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Very Good
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MedRoyal - MedRoyal Team Featured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 66116 Praha, Czech Republic
MedRoyal is a reputable clinic that offers comprehensive aesthetic surgery services to clients from Great Britain and other European countries. With an extensive network of trusted plastic surgeons and doctors, they are dedicated to finding the most suitable surgeon for each client's specific needs. The clinic works with 21 top aesthetic medicine clinics and 46 surgeons, offering a range of procedures such as facelifts, breast surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, and weight-loss surgeries. MedRoyal provides end-to-end services from the initial consultation to the aftercare, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for its clients.
Septoplasty from $1895
Rhinoplasty from $2691
Gastric Bypass up to $8558
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Very Good
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Low Costmetic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in SpainFeatured

Low Costmetic

(202) 980-4593 Madrid, Spain
4.8 from 76 verified reviews
REASONS TO CHOOSE LOWCOSTMETIC CLINIC (See our sister clinic Marbellia Clinic in Marbella ) SAFETYOur operations are performed only in first class large private hospitals, fully equipped with modern operating rooms, intensive care unit (ICU), diagnostics laboratory and radiology, multidisciplinary medical teams (all medical specialities), 24 hours diagnostic, medical and surgical emergency services and any resources that may be necessary for our patients.The implants and products used for our treatments are approved by National and European Health Administrations, include the manufacturer's warranty and are top quality.All our patients undergo a rigorous health care and assistance quality control for treatments to be safely performed.A thorough check is performed preoperatively designed to suit each patient according to the criteria of the A.S.A. (American Society of Anesthesiology), which may consist of blood count, coagulation, chemistry, electrocardiogram, X-ray, ultrasound, thyroid, liver, kidney, lungs, etc.Your Plastic Surgeon will attend any pre and postoperative incidence with our entire team, being the staff on duty and reachable for patients.Patients have a 24/7/365 dual system of urgent postoperative medical attention, phone and online, as well as in person to which they can turn to if necessary.Personalized postoperative check ups and follow up are performed, based on the type of treatment, its evolution and the needs of each patient, until the case receive
Septoplasty from $3090
Rhinoplasty $3946 - $4950
Breast Implants $3265 - $5767
36 more treatments
1 other location in Spain for Low Costmetic
Marbellia Clinic

Marbellia Clinic

(202) 838-1624 Maestra Doña Carola 8, Marbella
from 392 users
Inmedica Beauty Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in LithuaniaFeatured

Inmedica Beauty Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64776 Vilnius, Lithuania
4.9 from 12 verified reviews
I found this clinic quite by chance, but I am pleasantly surprised and very satisfiedAna, Lithuania, 04 11 22

More than perfect. I found this clinic quite by chance, but I am pleasantly surprised and very satisfied. Surgeon Karolina is a godsend for patients. I am amazed with my new shapes and I will definitely come back in the future! Lots of love to the whole team!

Rhinoplasty $2153 - $4198
Breast Implants $3230 - $4091
59 more treatments
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Kardiolita Private Hospital - Kaunas - Plastic Surgery Clinic in LithuaniaFeatured

Kardiolita Private Hospital - Kaunas

(877) 304-0812 ext: 60897 Kaunas, Lithuania
4.7 from 3 verified reviews
Easy to find for foreigners and not too expensiveMiane, Latvia, 12 04 23

Good customer service. Easy to find for foreigners and not too expensive! I had a checkup, cavity fill with a local anesthetic, and an x-ray, all under an hour.

Septoplasty from $1776
Sleep Apnea from $1776
Tonsil Removal from $1507
1 more treatment
1 other location in Lithuania for Kardiolita Private Hospital - Kaunas
Kardiolita Private Hospital - Vilnius

Kardiolita Private Hospital - Vilnius

(888) 848-7639 ext: 86469 Laisvės pr. 64A, Vilnius
Very Good
from 245 users
The Dermatology Clinic - Dermatology Clinic in LatviaFeatured

The Dermatology Clinic

Riga, Latvia
4.7 from 3 verified reviews
Very friendly and professionalAmanda, Latvia, 24 11 21

Great service. Very friendly and professional. Had no problem only knowing English.

Septoplasty from $1368
Laser Hair Removal  
Laser Skin Resurfacing $275 - $442
Laser procedures for face, neck, décolleté rejuvenation (skin rejuvenation, preventing ageing signs), the correction of scars of different nature especially after the heavy acne, enlarged pores gradual reduction and resurfacing in the central part of the face with the Er laser.
81 more treatments
Very Good
from 16 users
Premium Lifecell Agenc - Lviv - Fertility Clinic in UkraineFeatured

Premium Lifecell Agenc - Lviv

(877) 304-0812 ext: 61054 Lviv, Ukraine
The leading agency in Ukraine providing the best service in Ukraine in a field of IVF&Surrogacy.Why choose us? - working with leading IVF clinics in Ukraine - superior care and bigger compensation for surrogate mother for more comfortable pregnancy with your child - 24\7 accessibility  - full legal support regarding Ukrainian and International laws
ENT Specialist Consultation  
FESS - Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery  
2 other locations in Ukraine for Premium Lifecell Agency
Premium Lifecell Agency-Odessa

Premium Lifecell Agency-Odessa

(877) 304-0812 ext: 61840 Franzuzkiy boulevard 60-B, Odessa
Premium Lifecell Agency

Premium Lifecell Agency

(877) 304-0812 ext: 60856 Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 62, Kiev
from 163 users
Dr. Ektor Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon - Dr.Ektor - Cosmetic Plastic SurgeonFeatured

Dr. Ektor Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64463 ATHENS, Greece
5.0 from 1 verified review
Excellent communication with the officeBill, France, 28 09 23

Excellent communication with the office. Dr. listened to me carefully and did not try to advise me into anything I was not ready for.

Septoplasty $4306 - $5383
Rhinoplasty $4306 - $6459
Mole Removal $538 - $754
47 more treatments
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