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Clinic Guide to Enquiry Handling

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The Guide is a list and explanation of the working procedures and techniques that are essential for converting more enquiries made by phone and email. These practices are standard in top converting clinics. Regardless of sector, clinics can increase the amount of enquiries converted into real bookings by introducing a few or all of the habits listed within the guide.

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How to Improve Your Service Score

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WhatClinic’s ServiceScore™ is based on a variety of data points gathered from clinics and their interactions with our users. We look at lots of ‘customer care signals’, these are data points from things like phone calls, emails, SMS, brochure information, patient feedback, reviews and more. We use these data points to calculate a score out of 5 that will help users on our site know which clinics are easier to get through to.

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So You Got a Bad Review

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You can't seem to please all of the people all of the time. But at least with our useful guide, you can make the best of a bad situation, and hopefully nip any additional problems in the bud. If you have any additional suggestions or particular questions we'll do our best to answer, and feel free to add your own stories as a comment. Enjoy!

Check out our Guide to Handling Bad Reviews

Clinic Guide to Photography

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Taking photos of your clinic needn’t be a nightmare. Here’s our DIY Guide to snapping your practice. Everyone will agree that having great visuals is key to your business’s online success. And your clinic is no exception.

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