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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the term used for the surgical procedures to change or correct the shape of the nose.

What are the different types of Rhinoplasty?

The types of rhinoplasty procedures include; open rhinoplasty, where surgical incisions are made outside the nose, closed rhinoplasty, where incisions are made inside the nose, rhinoplasty to reduce the size of the nose, rhinoplasty to augment the appearance of the nose, ethnic rhinoplasty to alter particular racial traits and post-traumatic rhinoplasty, to treat a deviated septum or nasal fractures.

What are the steps in Rhinoplasty?

For a rhinoplasty procedure, anaesthesia is administered, incisions are made, the shape of the nose is changed, the incisions are closed using stitches and pain medication and post-operative instructions are given.

Is it safe to have Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. The patient must discuss with their surgeon the outcomes and risks of surgery before undergoing rhinoplasty. Patients will have swelling bruising and bleeding after the procedure. Appropriate medications will be prescribed by the surgeon after the procedure.

What to do after Rhinoplasty.

Patients should avoid touching their nose for a few days and keep their head elevated, even while sleeping. They should use cold compresses to reduce the swelling near their nose and eyes. Patients should avoid wearing spectacles. They should take all prescribed painkillers and medications correctly.

What is the recovery time after Rhinoplasty?

It takes about three to four weeks to completely recover from a rhinoplasty procedure.

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Private Hospital Vita - Orthopaedic Clinic in BulgariaFeatured

Private Hospital Vita

02 492 5020 ext: 64838 2-10 Filip Kutev Street, Sofia, 1407
4.7 from 5 verified reviews
Overall great value and serviceHannah, UK, 09 12 22

Great price and procedure. I travelled to Sofia where I was collected by a driver for a free transfer to the hospital which took around 1hr 20 mins. I was met by the co-ordinator who arranged for payment to be taken. I was taken to my private room which was clean with a private bathroom. After bloods and heart check the doctors came to see me and took some history and explained the procedure. I was then taken to the theatre. It only took a short while until I was awake and beck in my room. I had an early flight so was back at the airport within 24 hours with another free transfer. Overall great value and service.

Rhinoplasty from 6171 лв.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation from 114 лв.
Breast Implants (The price of the implants is not included) from 4799 лв.
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Very Good
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Medical Center Aesthetic Surgery Aesthetic Medicine - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bulgaria
Welcome!We start where many others stop! Cosmetic Surgery is not only rejuvenation, it is an overall beautification by creating aesthetic proportions, volumes, and angles. The Greek word "aesthetics" and the Latin word "cosmetics" mean "beautification". Dr. Nikolay Serdev's books, publications, his lectures around the world, the now globally recognizable Serdev Sutures® Lifts (for lifting and volumizing of over 20 face and body areas without foreign bodies), his rhinoplasty methods, vanguard ultrasound liposculpture technique, and many other achievements are evidence of the importance beautification and rejuvenation hold in our modern and dynamic society. All these cosmetic interventions are scarless, bloodless, with minimal trauma, and ambulatory.
Nasal Tip Surgery  
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Trivia - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bulgaria


Kremikovsko chausee "Trivia" Hotel, Sofia, 1753
The patients' rest at luxury furnished room with one or two beds, or in apartments with bathroom, telephone, satellite TV and room service. They can use the restaurant, day bar and nightclub. They can rent a car with a driver. The patients and their accompanies can use the fitness center, hairdresser and beauty center, manicurist (nail plastic), ophthalmologist (contact lens), dentist (metaloceramics). There are organized trips to museums, sightseeing of historically significant places in Sofia and Bulgaria. Chief and leading sergeant Dr. Hr. Boyadgiev MD, ass. Prof. Specialist in general and plastic surgery, exchairman of Bulgarian burns and plastic surgery section (BBPSS), member of the International (IPRAS), European (EPRAS), Balkan (BAPRAS) and Bulgarian BULAPRAS) confederations and associations of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery; International (ISBI) and European (EBA) associations of burns and the Mediterranean burns club (MBC). Deputy chairman of the (BBPSS). The first Bulgarian plastic surgeon presenting the country at the world catalogue "Who's who"in the Medicine and Health Care 2000 - 2001" p. 116.Chief and leading sergeant Dr. Hr. Boyadgiev MD, ass. Prof. Specialist in general and plastic surgery, exchairman of Bulgarian burns and plastic surgery section (BBPSS), member of the International (IPRAS), European (EPRAS), Balkan (BAPRAS) and Bulgarian BULAPRAS) confederations and associations of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants  
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Clinic Thorax 1 - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bulgaria

Clinic Thorax 1

бул. "Ал. Стамболийски" 57, Sofia
For more information about Clinic Thorax 1 in Sofia please contact the clinic.
Correction of Nose  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Augmentation  
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2 other locations in Bulgaria for Clinic Thorax 1
Clinic Thorax 2

Clinic Thorax 2

бул. "Фритьоф Нансен" 21, Sofia
Clinic Thorax Plovdiv

Clinic Thorax Plovdiv

ул. "Д.Цончев" 5, Пловдив
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Rota Life - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Bulgaria

Rota Life

bul. "Hadzhi Dimitar" 38, 2, Sliven, 8801
For more information about Rota Life in Yambol please contact the clinic.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants
Breast Augmentation  
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Tokuda Hospital - Tokuda Hospital Sofia Bulgaria

Tokuda Hospital

51B Nikola Vaptsarov, Sofia, 1407
4.9 from 15 verified reviews
The medical staff were wonderfulChristine, Bulgaria, 18 08 22

I came in for cardiac ablation. I was very nervous but the doctors and nurses put me at ease. The medical staff were wonderful. My room was spotless. My treatment was first class, food was okay too. All the staff including the cleaning staff were very polite and friendly.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation up to 98 лв.
We offer consultative exams delivered in our Tokuda Medical Center offices by our highly qualified clinic specialists.  After the exam and establishing the diagnosis, our doctors explain in simple language the nature of the patient’s planned surgery including the possible risks and potential complications. Additionally, the scope, expected course and treatment costs are discussed with our patients.  During the consultations our doctors provide instructions to prepare the patient for their procedure, they also inform the patient of what to expect during the early and late postoperative periods, and they also emphasize the necessity to respect the medical instructions during the entire intervention process to enhance the treatment outcome. 
Breast Implants 6839 лв. - 7816 лв.
Reast Enlargement   When do women consider bust enlargement? Most often the candidates for this surgical interventional are women whom have small or normal sized breasts and wish to enlarge them. Typically surgical enlargement is recommended for women with the following physical characteristics: An underdeveloped bustWith disproportionately developed breastsWith one breast significantly smaller than the otherFor cases of a loss of the original breast form and volume due to pregnancy, nursing, the effects of aging or specific diseasesConsultation The desired bust size is determined during the consultation and depends mainly on three factors: The patients wishThe ability of the area to accept the desired implant volumeThe patients body shapeDuring the consultation the doctor discusses with the patient the size of the desired bust, implant types, operation access points, as well as possible risks and complications. Procedure In order to achieve the desired bust size, silicon gel or other specialized implants are used. We offer several surgical incision options: a one to two inch incision under the breast along the natural breast fold, a half moon shaped incision along the lower edge of the areola, or an incision in the underarm area. During the consultation, an evaluation and assessment of the best options by the treating specialist and the patient is performed.  Whether the implant should be placed on or under the pectoral muscle depends on the specific case and the type of selected implant. After the surgical incision is made, a pocket is formed in which the implant is inserted on top of or under the pectoral muscle. For cases of breast sagging, a breast lift is recommended to be performed during the breast augmentati
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