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On a rock climbing trip around South East Asia, Caelen King found himself in need of a small medical procedure, but quickly realised he didn’t know where to go, how much he could expect to pay, or how to tell if any particular clinic was trusted and recommended by its existing patients. He didn’t think this was particularly strange at the time. He was a visitor in a foreign country, without local knowledge or local friends to ask. He found a clinic as best he could and went ahead with the treatment.


However, a few years later when he was back in Ireland he found himself in almost exactly the same situation. Even at home he found it hard to get access to useful information like location, service, pricing and feedback. Not a man to waste a good idea, WhatClinic.com was born.


WhatClinic.com was founded in 2006, though when we began, we called ourselves Revahealth. In just a few short years we have grown to over 60 employees. Our main offices are in the heart of Dublin city, though we have people working in Poland, and Brazil too.

WhatClinic.com helps patients find, compare and book the right clinics for them, in more than 135 countries. We provide detailed listings for over 120,000 clinics on our site. These include doctors, dentists, beauty and cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy, fertility, holistics and a lot more. We believe that every patient is an empowered consumer. When they elect to have a medical treatment, we want to give them all the information they need to make an informed choice. Over 1.5 million patients use WhatClinic.com every single month to find and compare clinics.



Our mission is to help patients find the right clinic for the treatment they want, by giving them access to all the information they need to make an informed decision. We do this through the commitment and dedication of our people.

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WhatClinic, 2 Dublin Landings (WeWork)
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Tel: +353 1 652 0520.
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