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Here you’ll find some of the most common questions that people ask about WhatClinic.

About us

  • WhatClinic is the best place to promote your clinic and the treatments you offer. We place your clinic in the top search engine result pages when a patient is looking for elective care. In 2014, 17.6 million patients from 240 countries and territories visited WhatClinic to find and book the right clinic for them.

  • Our mission is to connect clinics and patients worldwide. The clinics listed on WhatClinic can advertise the treatments they offer and display their prices, opening times, staff information, and a lot more. Patients can leave reviews and contact clinics directly from our site either by phone or email.

  • You can phone us on +353 1 685 33 48 during our Irish office’s opening hours of 9am to 5.30pm GMT, or you can email us at info@whatclinic.com.

About your clinic

  • You can add your clinic to the site by going to www.whatclinic.com and clicking on the ‘Add Clinic’ button at the top right corner of the page. Once you have added your clinic, your assigned Account Manager will be in touch with you. If you have any issues, you can ask our Content Team to add your clinic by emailing content@whatclinic.com with the subject title ‘Request to Be Listed’.

  • Yes, please contact us directly on customersuccess@whatclinic.com and we will add them to your current listing.

  • WhatClinic does not publish original numbers. WhatClinic publishes a unique number which automatically redirects to your clinic. This enables advanced tracking that supports WhatClinic reporting tools. The redirect number is essential in helping us to analyse and report how many phone enquiries are made, when they were made and how long the call lasted.

  • We are a search engine that helps patients find and compare clinics. Business information about clinics can be found by a number of search engines and business directories like ourselves, such as Google, Bing, and Yellow Pages. We are committed to displaying accurate and up to date details about private clinics worldwide, and you can either log in to your account to update your details, or if you would like to point us to a website with the correct details, we can maintain the accuracy of your listing from that point on. If you don't wish to receive enquiries from us, this is no problem, they can be turned off.

About enquiries

  • An enquiry is a genuine referral from a person looking for a specific treatment, in a particular location. Our users choose a specific clinic before making their enquiry. Delivered directly to clinics, our enquiries are specific, relevant and timely. Enquiries are delivered by phone and by email directly from WhatClinic users. It is completely free for patients to make an enquiry on the site. WhatClinic sells packs of enquiries to clinics who are interested in treating more patients.Important Note: An enquiry is not a confirmed patient. It is the clinic’s responsibility to follow up on all enquiries. The patient will make the final decision about where they will have the treatment.

  • We track and record every phone or email enquiry made by users on our site. We do this for two reasons. We want to ensure that the patient gets a prompt response from their clinic of choice. We also weed out bogus or spam enquiries, so we only charge clinics for genuine patient enquiries.

  • WhatClinic does not always publish the original phone number of a clinic. Where possible, the site generates a unique number which will, when called, automatically redirects users to your clinic. This enables advanced tracking that supports WhatClinic reporting tools.

About payment

  • It is free to add your clinic to WhatClinic. However free listings may not be permanent. Clinics can choose to pay for our services for guaranteed visibility online. WhatClinic is free to people searching and contacting clinics, and we have over one million users every month doing just that.

  • If you do want to avail of paid-for services, we can guarantee a flow of fresh patient leads on a PPL (price per lead) model. These may start from €10 per lead, but can vary depending on clinic type and location. Email sales@whatclinic.com for a price estimate for your clinic.

  • WhatClinic.com is a VAT registered company head-quartered in Ireland where VAT (Value Added Tax) is charged at 23%. All invoices to clinics within Ireland will include VAT, and clinics are liable to pay this, whether they are VAT registered or not. All clinics within the EU, but outside Ireland are liable to pay VAT unless they can provide us with their VAT registration number. Clinics outside of the EU are not liable to pay VAT. You can also find out more here: Revenue.ie

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal and also accept bank transfers for transactions greater than €1,000.

  • Yes, all clinics, both free and premium customers, get to use our support systems, and there is no limit to the number of staff that can be added.

About WhatClinic ServiceScore™

  • WhatClinic's ServiceScore™ is a rating of customer service based on a variety of data points gathered from clinics and their interactions with our users. We look at phone calls, emails, SMS, brochure information, patient feedback, reviews and more, to calculate an overall score out of 5.

  • A clinic that rates well is prompt, responsive, has a great brochure and lots of positive reviews. They are likely to get back to you quickly!

  • No. The score is machine calculated. The only way to improve the score is to be better at dealing with consumers, from the moment of first contact, right through to review. Data is used over long periods of time, so clinics that are consistently better are rewarded.

  • The scoring is based on a complex and proprietary algorithm that incorporates millions of data points over a long period of time. It gathers interaction data between users and clinics and feeds them into a score, which is updated daily. There are many factors included, but the most important include clinic responsivity, contact rate, brochure completeness, reviews and patient feedback.

  • If you would like to find out more about our clinic rating, please email your enquiry to info@whatclinic.com, and let us know a bit more about you, and what you’d like to know. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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