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Singelberg Clinic - Dr. Frans Noorman van der DussenFeatured

Singelberg Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 63274 Beveren, Belgium
Rating from 39 Reviews I feel great in a bikini for the first time ever!Amanda, Stockport, 16 Jun 15

Female 48 Tummy Tuck and liposuction Dr Oelbrandt Belgium, April 2015 I have three procedures carried out by Dr Oelbrandt and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I first of all had liposuction seven years ago and the results were great. Then last year, I had a full tummy tuck with muscle tightening. The results are better than I expected. I am absolutely over the moon! Then this year liposuction on my hips and fat transfer to my bottom. This balanced my big hips and small bottom out beautifully, and was recommended by Dr Oelbrandt. Great advice from Dr Oelbrandt, results are great. I am so happy with the "new me" I feel great in a bikini for the first time ever! I find Dr Oelbrandt charming and very personable. He took time to understand what I was looking to achieve and gave good advice and suggestions. His clinic and staff are very professional and speak fluent English. Travelling to Belgium was surprisingly easy. I am based in Manchester so I got a ferry from Hull and then about an hours drive the other end to his clinic in Belgium. I would recommend if you go for a full tummy tuck as I did. To take someone with you to assist. I also wished that I had taken a wheel chair as I could not walk far for a couple weeks. I would definitely recommend Dr Oelbrandt - and have!­ I chose Dr Oelbrandt having done research on the internet. I was considering having my first ever procedure - liposuction. I looked for an experienced surgeon and I had a limited budget so checked out both the uk and abroad. I did not see any negative reviews about him or his clinic in Belgium. Indeed I only found positive reviews. So I went for a consultation in Manchester. (This was seven years ago and since then Dr Oelbrandt only offers consultations in London), I found Dr Oelbrandt to be very professional and highly experienced. He explained fully about the operation and the results that I could expect. He put my mind at ease and I left the consultation feeling confident that this man could give me what I was looking for.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Rhinoplasty from $4520
Closed rhinoplasty for a standard reduction of a dorsal hump- open rhinoplasty if very difficult tip work is necessary. This sometimes can be avoided throught the delivery technique. - septoplasty if the septum is deviated resulting in obstructed breathing through the nose , as well as turbinectomy (concha inferior) - resolving other functional problems like sinus surgery, chronic allergies, .... FESS surgery. - maxillary augmentation if the tip is deviated due to a lower base at one side- septum, ear or rib grafts if indicated for building up the bridge of the nose- jaw recontouring , chin implant or a genioplasty (operation of the chin) at the same time if indicated (eg if a receding or too prominent chin) , or when there is an overbite (orthognatic surgery)
Gynecomastia $1413 - $2599
Combination of liposuction and excision of breast tissue
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Dr Ananda s Cosmetic Surgery Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in MalaysiaFeatured

Dr Ananda 's Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

(360) 317-0055 Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Rating from 19 Reviews Inspires my confidencedavid, Zhuhai, 06 Jul 17

Consultation. Frustrating as I had to make three trips before actually seeing the Doctor Hari Raya holiday. Dr. is very knowledgeable and inspires confidence. I am still deciding whether to proceed.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants $2929 - $3661
Using Silicone Cohesive gel implants , very natural and lasting results are obtained.Choices of silicone implants are as follows: Mentor , Nagor , Motiva ( coming soon )
Liposuction from $1831
Liposuction is suitable for those individuals who wish to maintain a perfect body shape and contour. A healthy diet and exercise is mandatory to sustain the results before and after the procedure.Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is NOT a weight reduction procedure.However, a slight reduction in weight is noticeable.  Individuals who have lost significant amount of weight by exercise and dieting will always find certain areas of the body where there will be stubborn fat. These areas of stubborn fat are suitable to be tackled by liposuction surgery. 
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BLOOM Clinic - Opus MedstarFeatured

BLOOM Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 36181 50677 Koln, Germany
Rating from 3 Reviews He did a great job and made me feel very relaxedClare, Netherlands, 09 May 17

Liposuction on stomach and hips. The results were great. It took a while for the brushing and swelling to go down, but about 3 - 4 weeks afterwards I can fully see the final results. My stomach is nearly flat and the love handles almost gone. The doctor was very helpful and funny, he did a great job and made me feel very relaxed. The clinic was beautiful and extremely clean (as you would expect it to be). Overall I would rate them 10 / 10 for the successful results. It was painful at the time as my body is very sensitive. It took a couple of days to get up and going again but totally worth it!

Plastic Surgeon Consultation from $124
Breast Implants $3046 - $3221
Liposuction $1413 - $2820
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BLOOM Clinic Dublin - We say what we do, and Do what we say..Cindy Janssen-Patient Care ManagerFeatured

BLOOM Clinic Dublin

(877) 304-0812 ext: 36857 Dublin, Ireland
Rating from 3 Reviews I knew I was in good hands with this team and comfortable in their careCarolyn, Netherlands, 31 Jan 18

I had breast augmentation surgery. I met Dr. Rubin and we had a nice interview before my surgery. We addressed several things concerning the surgery and how to take care of myself afterward. Dr. Rubin talks to you and is very down to earth, I found and answered all my questions in everyday plain language. His nursing staff are very skilled and caring, attending to my every need. I knew I was in good hands with this team and comfortable in their care. I am already planning another procedure for next year, that's how much faith I have in them. Dr. Rubin and his entire team helped me make a dream into reality and for that, I will be forever grateful. I contacted Opus Clinic after a bad experience with another clinic. Cindy and Dr. Rubin were quick to respond to my emails and questions and also asked very relevant questions in the very first emails. Cindy and I were in constant contact and she went out of her way to help me plan my trip and accommodations while I was there. Without her help and input, this would have been very difficult and time-consuming.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation from $113
Breast Implants $2707 - $3842
TREATMENTS PERFORMED IN BELGIUM Mentor implants: probably the best in the world available FDA approved.
Liposuction from $1413
TREATMENTS PERFORMED IN BELGIUMAlso " Tickle lipo "  available..
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Janis Gilis Plastic Surgery - Surgeon dr. med. J. GilisFeatured

Janis Gilis Plastic Surgery

(888) 848-7639 ext: 22940 Riga, Latvia
Rating from 2 Reviews Absolutely 100%Derek, Selby, 26 Feb 14

Ear Pinning I was a patient at this clinic a few years ago for ear correction, I had it done twice in the UK at the leading clinic, both times were a complete failure (rubbish) went to Dr. Gilis and what a difference, totally what I wanted! the clinic is very relaxed and the staff and Doctors so friendly. Absolutely 100%

Plastic Surgeon Consultation $34 - $51
Breast Implants $2825 - $4046
Liposuction $2147 - $2825
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Carthago Med - carthagomed logoFeatured

Carthago Med

(877) 304-0812 ext: 58579 Tunis, Tunisia
Rating from 1 Review I am extremely pleased with the results and I couldn’t be happierWassila, UK, 18 Oct 18

I recently had an Otoplasty, which went very well. I am extremely pleased with the results and I couldn’t be happier. The surgeon and consultants were lovely and I actually had an amazing experience with them. The procedure was quite simple and fast. The surgery only took around 2 hours and my recovery was also quite fast (2 weeks). The surgeon was very experienced and comforting, the consultants help you through everything so you are never alone!

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants from $2373
Package from airport to airport including accomodation in the hotel.
Liposuction from $2260
13 more treatments
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Dr.Stam Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in GreeceFeatured

Dr.Stam Plastic Surgery

(877) 304-0812 ext: 14530 Thessaloniki, Greece
Rating from 24 Reviews Have nothing else to say then rate the experience with him high.Gunilla, Stockholm, 16 Jun 16

necklift and permalip and fattransfer face My experience with Dr stam was positive, he was very friendly, took time with me explaining what to expect and i explained what i wanted to achieve with the treatments. Have nothing else to say then rate the experience with him high.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants - Breast Augmentation $3390 - $5651
The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic (with you asleep) usually with an overnight stay. What are the benefits? Breast augmentation is safe and will increase the size of your breasts. Breast-feeding is still possible (and safe).  Importantly, you should understand that: If your breasts are widely spaced apart to start with, they will remain widely-spaced If your nipples point in slightly different directions beforehand, they may look more uneven after your breast enlargement How long does the surgery take? The operation itself may take between 45-90 minutes, depending on what technique is required What is the recovery period? Surgical drains (tubes) will be inserted into your breasts at the time of surgery - these are usually removed the following day. You will need to go into a supportive post-surgical or sports bra following surgery which you should continue wearing day and night for 6-weeks. After the surgery the wound will be dressed with medical tape. This is splash-proof and shower-proof but not bath-proof. You will be able to shower from the day after surgery, and dab the tape dry with a clean towel, kitchen towel or alternatively use a hair-dryer on a cold setting to dry the tapes. You will be able to return to sedentary activity (i.e. an office job or light duties) within a few days, depending upon how you feel. What are the possible complications? Hematoma, bleeding, infection. capsular contracture, lumpy scarring, rippling 
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The Dermatology Clinic - Dermatology Clinic in LatviaFeatured

The Dermatology Clinic

Riga, Latvia
The Dermatology clinic is the largest and most advanced centre of its kind in Latvia. The clinic offers acontemporary variety of: ·    Treatment of acute and chronic skin conditions ·    Dermato-oncology ·    Cosmetic laser surgery ·    Plastic surgery ·    Phlebology (vein treatments) ·    Podology Plastic surgery Modern diagnostics are available for: ·    Digital dermascopy ·    Siascopy ·    Confocal laser microscopy ·    Skin ultrasound Cosmetic skin treatments, using a wide array oflasers and IPL equipment: ·    Removal of benevolent skin growth(birthmarks, papillomas, warts, fibromas, etc.) ·    Removal of malevolent skin growth ·    Removal of blood vessel formations,widened capillaries, pigmentation and inflammatory rash ·    Removal of scar tissue ·    Removal of tattoos ·    Photo rejuvenation — renewal of skin colour and elasticity and removal of fine lines The clinic is certified (ISO 9001:2008) and has contracts with five foreign health insurance companies.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation from $41
Breast Implants
Breast Implants (1 breast) $1475 - $1667
Breast Implants $3238 - $3351
52 more treatments
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
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Dr Ng Hian Chan, Plastic Surgeon - Plastic Surgery Clinic in MalaysiaFeatured

Dr Ng Hian Chan, Plastic Surgeon

(202) 793-7787 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Rating from 25 Reviews A very professional doctor who understands your needsElsie, Malaysia, 23 Feb 18

I had some nose filler. The doctor is experienced and friendly. A very professional doctor who understands your needs.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants from $2978
Liposuction from $998
3 more treatments
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,116 users
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Dr Vincente Rodrigo Facial Specialist - Plastic Surgery Clinic in HungaryFeatured

Dr Vincente Rodrigo Facial Specialist

Budapest 1085, Hungary
Rating from 119 Reviews He's a great surgeonAnonymous, Ottawa, 04 Dec 16

I saw Dr. Rodrigo for an upper and lower eye lift. I am very pleased with the work that was done. He also did a fat transfer to various locations on my face. The work was only done two weeks ago and i am nearly completely healed. He's a great surgeon. The only issue I have is that my vision is still impaired.. quite blurry but this is likely from the swelling and pressure on my eyeball from the swelling. I assume it will abate. I have nothing but praise for the surgeon and the clinic. After doing a great deal of research I chose this clinic and have no regrets.

Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants $3594 - $3820
Rhinoplasty from $3232
28 more treatments
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
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WISH Aesthetic Surgery Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TaiwanFeatured

WISH Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 49169 Taipei City, Taiwan
We make finest as your WiSH! Our leading techniques and services will guarantee you to have a safe and successful journey of plastic surgery!  Dr. Chuang is a board-certificated plastic surgeon who provides mainly breast augmentation and wholistic plastic surgery to our customers. We also have the most advanced medical facilities, equipments and environment  which are rarely established in private pratice around Asia. Our team members sincerely welcome you coming from overseas to visit Taipei and enjoy our top-end services!   
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants
Breast Implants (male) $7110 - $7756
More about this surgery: 
Breast Implants $6463 - $7756
More information about our surgery:
93 more treatments
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Personiks Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre - Plastic Surgery Clinic in IndiaFeatured

Personiks Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre

(877) 304-0812 ext: 59680 Manikonda, India
Personiks Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre is a Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Breast Implants $1676 - $2514
Liposuction $698 - $2793
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