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Novusklinik - Kadıköy - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Novusklinik - Kadıköy

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64925 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 12 verified reviews
I was so impressed by the gentle touch of the dentist's hands and reassuring natureJen, UK, 27 09 22

September 2022 Happy smile!! A friend of mine had dental implant work done in Turkey. I always admire her smile, and how amazing it looks and is professionally done. Always dreamt of having a Hollywood smile as I was unhappy with the colour of my teeth and decay which cause me to lose a few through extraction. I like to see things for myself and ask questions about other people's experiences. As each journey differs. My friend told me they provide hotel accommodations, pick me up from the airport to the hotel and each time I am going to the clinics for consultations and treatments. With the reassurance of my friend and seeing the actual dental work, she had done. That was what gave me the drive to have mine done. As I was apprehensive about getting dental treatment done, due to hearing so many sad stories which people experience. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and get in touch with the company. I spoke to a gentleman with eloquent communication who submitted photos of what I would like to be done and he also sends me all the necessary information I would need, for example, a video explaining how and where I would be picked, the hotel reservation all the contact of the people involved beforehand. I showed it to my friend and she said they will deliver just as they say it. Upon arrival at Novusklinik clinic, I was greeted by a team of very warm, welcoming friendly, happy and smiling faces. I was introduced to Dr Sencan and Dr Tiryaki who go beyond the call of duty to make sure I understand what should be the best to do with my teeth and mouth so that I do not have future health risks, the time and effort were given to me explaining the pros and cons of the treatment so that I can make an independent judgment. I agreed with the advice given to me by the dentist to do all on 4 implants and zirconium crowns which is a two-part process. I am very scared of dentists, especially hearing the sound of the instruments and the pain and discomfort. I was so impressed by the gentle touch of the dentist's hands and reassuring nature. During my visits, I observed that their infection control is of paramount importance and I am very keen on that aspect which I admired most. Also, the place is immaculately clean with breaths of fresh air, relaxation and amazing decor thanks to a phenomenal team that showed professionalism, experience, knowledge and attention to detail. The personal (PA) assistant and front desk staff show consideration, caring, extremely helpful, warm and friendly, hospitality and work well together from the start to finish.Thanks again to the doctors/dentists for the great experience and quality dental restoration on my teeth to boost my smile, and self-confidence and give me a whole new look for the future. I can say I have no regrets. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs an experienced dentist who can change your health and well-being, giving you that smile you always wanted. Also good value for the money. Kudos!!

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation up to $1
Dental Implants $214 - $747
Veneers $189 - $252
25 more treatments
1 other location in Turkey for Novusklinik - Kartal
Novusklinik - Kartal

Novusklinik - Kartal

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64909 Esentepe district, Milangaz Street No: 7
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Clinic Prime Istanbul - Clinic Prime Istanbul offers Free ConsultationFeatured

Clinic Prime Istanbul

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66007 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 81 verified reviews
The dentists were always professional and helpfulAwan, US, 08 04 23

I had a excellent experience with Clinic Prime Istanbul. Ali was always by my side, 24/7 available and did an amazing job, which made me feel exclusively comfortable. Furthermore, the dentists Dr Haktan and Dr Elif were always professional and helpful. I am more than satisfied with the results. Therefore, I can only recommend the dentists and the clinic to everyone. The time on site and getting to know the whole team was a pleasure!

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
Patients may need dental implants for a variety of reasons, including: To replace missing teeth: Dental implants can be used to replace one or multiple missing teeth, restoring the patient's ability to chew and speak properly, and improving their overall quality of life. To preserve facial structure: Dental implants can help preserve the patient's facial structure by preventing bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when a tooth is missing. To improve esthetics: Dental implants can improve the patient's smile by replacing missing teeth and creating a natural-looking appearance. To support dental bridges or dentures: Dental implants can be used to support dental bridges or dentures, making them more stable and comfortable for the patient. To improve self-esteem and confidence: Dental implants can improve the patient's self-esteem and confidence by replacing missing teeth and restoring a natural-looking smile. To improve overall oral health: Dental implants can improve overall oral health by preventing the shifting of remaining teeth and maintaining the proper spacing of teeth. To avoid negative effects on adjacent teeth: Dental implants do not affect the adjacent teeth, unlike bridges that require the reduction of healthy teeth. To avoid the need for removable dentures: dental implant-supported dentures can provide a more secure and stable solution, allowing patients to eat and talk without the worry of their dentures moving or falling out.
Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite material that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of teeth. They are beneficial for dental patients because they can improve the appearance of teeth that are discoloured, stained, chipped, or misaligned. Veneers can also be used to close gaps between teeth or to make teeth appear longer. Additionally, veneers are durable and can last for many years with proper care. They are also resistant to staining and discolouration, making them a good option for people who want to maintain a bright and white smile. Overall, Veneers offer a conservative and esthetic solution for many dental issues.
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Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist

(888) 848-7639 ext: 66286 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 161 verified reviews
I was impressed by his passion, his personality and professionalismMeir, Israel, 26 06 23

He returned me life quality, an excellently professional friendly and credible, the right person I was lucky to meet. I live in Jerusalem. A year ago I was in a course of intensive research to find a suitable treatment for my upper jaw that suffered severe loss of bone, which according to most dentists I have consulted with, required vast sinus lift procedures. I was not ready to enter into such a procedure in my advanced age and my research was focused on specialists dealing with such situations and alternative systems. I inquired a lot and within that I encountered Dr. Baysal, as a potential “candidate” for a deeper check. I was assisted by my son in law Dr. Robert Borgos, who himself is an excellent dentist as well, and I contacted Dr. Baysal via WhatsApp. The correspondence with Dr. Baysal has led me to travel to Istanbul to meet him for getting a closer impression to learn more about his way of working, his personality and his dental clinic. I was impressed by his passion, his personality and professionalism. He explained me about what he called the “ Baysal System”, working with a tool he has developed. More I was impressed by his careful attitude not to recommend a treatment, unless having more CT scan data. He did not rely on what I brought with me. I liked his careful attitude to avoid immediate loading. I felt like he was reluctant about gaining new clients, but was conducted more by giving appropriate advice. I returned to my country and have sent Dr. Baysal new CT scanned according to his requirements. He studied them and recommended me a treatment plan. Dr. Robert and me have started intensive correspondence and talks with Dr. Baysal to learn exactly his treatment plan and get clarifications. At the end of the day I have decided to have the treatment done by Dr. Baysal. I made the operation at his clinic, he was so friendly so his staff and at the end of the day I got 6 implants. After vast bone work I was recommended to return after 4 months. I returned but after taking a ct scan for being more safe we decided not to postpone the final work of bridge and crowns for 2 months later. I came back and got wonderful teeth, a reliable friend, I am happy. Thanks, DR. Baysal and your team.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Also cosmetic dentist
Dental Implants from $642
Picture: Straumann sla active implants and zirconia back side, laminated veneers lower front, alümina upper front, all made by Procera Nobel. we use Icx, Astra, Straumann sla and sl active implants. other trademarks are welcome.
Dental Crowns from $257
Metal base porcelain and zirconium base porcelain we use Ivoclar and gs over metal, or 3m lava and Procera Nobel for zirconia and alumina.
9 more treatments
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DentaPoint | Dental Hospital - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

DentaPoint | Dental Hospital

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66432 İzmir, Turkey
5.0 from 70 verified reviews
Everything went so smoothlyAnna, UK, 12 04 24

Amazing staff and professional work! Evrim- what a brave man who dared to fix my smile and guess what ?!!! he made it perfectly. Sude - I couldn’t ask for a better coordinator. Everything went so smoothly. Thank you DentaPoint International for my beautiful smile.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $268 - $482
If there is a missing tooth or if the tooth is to be extracted, it is a titanium artificial tooth root procedure that is placed in the jawbone along with the extraction process. The stages are as follows. - First of all, bone structure and dimensions are determined by 3D dental tomography and the most suitable implant for the region is selected by digital 3D scanning. - This selected implant is applied in a short procedure of 15 minutes. If necessary, bone graft is also applied during the procedure. - If it is in a visible area, a temporary tooth must be made. - After a 3-month healing period, zirconium permanent teeth are inserted. In our clinic, Swiss and German-made implants, which are among the best implant brands in the world, are used. Treatment success is at the highest level thanks to the implant-supported teeth made with the screw system. And this success is guaranteed with the document we give you. Dentapoint International is the largest clinic in Izmir with its experienced and dynamic staff. It is one of the few dental hospitals in Turkey. It applies the most accurate treatment methods with digital dentistry. In our clinic, the world's best guaranteed implants such as Staumann, Nobel biocare, Camlog, Ankylos, Icx, bego, DXL, MIS, Ostem are used.
Teeth Whitening from $268
Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure designed to enhance the brightness of natural teeth and diminish stains and discoloration. This non-invasive treatment can be performed in a dental office or at home using dentist-prescribed kits. Professional teeth whitening typically involves the application of a whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which penetrates the enamel to break down and remove stains. In-office procedures often utilize specialized light or laser technology to accelerate the whitening process. Home kits, supervised by a dentist, involve custom-fitted trays to apply the whitening gel over a specified period. Teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to rejuvenate a smile, boosting confidence and restoring a youthful, vibrant appearance.
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a-dent Dental Clinic - OUR TEAMFeatured

a-dent Dental Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64051 Muratpasa, Turkey
5.0 from 33 verified reviews
The people are truly lovely and talk you through every stepJennifer, Turkey, 13 06 23

I have come from the UK and from start to finish the service is outstanding The people are truly lovely and talk you through every step. Taken back on how they all work as a team and customer service is beyond expectations I have never felt so comfortable in a clinic before. I will be back to see them again in the near future.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $285 - $824
Teeth Whitening from $178
24 more treatments
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Dentafly Dental Implant and Smile Studio - Dentafly claimed 2 Awards from The IAE & British Healthcare in 2023Featured

Dentafly Dental Implant and Smile Studio

(877) 304-0812 ext: 59361 Antalya, Turkey
4.9 from 14 verified reviews
The result is stunningOskars, US, 22 09 22

Thanks to Aaron Peter and Antalya dental company I was diverted to Izmir dentist Cadde dental. Job they did is fantastic, visit the clinic twice, first they put in the implants and fix the front teeth, and the second time just finished. The result is stunning, I have 28 crowns,6 dental implants, bridges over them, a perfect smile, very happy, the staff is friendly very professional, every penny worth. l have paid hotel for treatment time and airport transfers,so for my understanding that is the best deal in the market so far. Thanks again Cadde dental and Aaron Peter from Dentaflay, I 100% recommend.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $457 - $1129
Veneers $228 - $279
13 more treatments
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Focus Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Focus Dental Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64646 Bodrum, Turkey
4.9 from 164 verified reviews
I’m so happy with my resultsToby, UK, 09 10 22

I got E max laminate veneers and I’m so happy with my results. The clinic was very clean, modern and professional and the staff were extremely helpful throughout. They were very patient and friendly with any questions I had and I would recommend them to anyone who was thinking of coming to Turkey for dental work.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants from $321
Veneers $139 - $268
3 more treatments
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Dent Medica Bodrum - Implant Specialist Dr. Kübra Çakır - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured
4.9 from 60 verified reviews
Excellent service, very friendly and caring, I 100% would recommendKaren, UK, 15 11 22

I had an implant with a bridge, first part done in August, then finished in November. Excellent service, very friendly and caring, I 100% would recommend Thank you for giving me my smile and confidence back

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $436 - $875
Veneers $213 - $375
30 more treatments
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VK Smile Dental Clinic - VK Smile StudioFeatured

VK Smile Dental Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 70506 Antalya, Turkey
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
I was very satisfied with everythingAdam, Turkey, 02 04 24

I had the Flapless All Six treatment and I was very satisfied with everything. I thank the clinic staff and doctor Çeçen once again from here.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $317 - $824
Dental implants at VK Smile Studio offer a permanent and natural-looking solution for missing teeth, restoring function and aesthetics to your smile with precision and expertise.
Veneers $273 - $317
9 more treatments
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FineUp Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

FineUp Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 69286 İstanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 12 verified reviews
The staff was welcoming, the clinic clean, and the dentist thorough yet gentleMurat, Turkey, 07 12 23

I recently visited Fineup Dental Clinic in Turkey for a check-up and was pleasantly surprised. The staff was welcoming, the clinic clean, and the dentist thorough yet gentle. They explained things clearly, without any pressure. A good choice for straightforward, reliable dental care.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Free consultation to discuss aesthetic dental solutions tailored to your needs.
Dental Implants $293 - $5857
Utilizing German and American products, including Bego, Hiossen, and Nobel, as well as Straumann.
Veneers $293 - $342
We use European brands like Ivoclar, GC, and Vita for our veneers.
40 more treatments
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ASV Medical - ASV Medical - Dentist Binnur YigitbasiFeatured

ASV Medical

(877) 304-0812 ext: 62181 Antalya, Turkey
5.0 from 37 verified reviews
The staff are excellent and the work was completed in just a couple of daysDuncan, Turkey, 12 01 24

First time going abroad for dental work and couldn't be happier with the results. The staff are excellent and the work was completed in just a couple of days. Didn't even feel anything, and I had heard a root canal can be very painful! Recommend it, and will be coming back for any future major dental work.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $381 - $812
Teeth Whitening from $178
26 more treatments
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Clinish Dental - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Clinish Dental

(877) 304-0812 ext: 67226 İstanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
I would highly recommendFrancesco, Turkey, 24 06 23

The treatment was amazing I really loved the results on my teeth they were broken and on an incline before but after they made them straight and fixed I am so happy with the results as they have fixed my smile also. the staff was so helpful and spoke English so there was no miscommunication and they made my teeth just as I had asked. I would highly recommend.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants from $268
Dental Crowns from $118
6 more treatments
Very Good
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Cosmedica Dental - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Cosmedica Dental

(877) 304-0812 ext: 68914 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 37 verified reviews
They have a team that takes care of you very closelyPatrick, Australia, 19 09 23

It is a very professional clinic. They have a team that takes care of you very closely. In addition, the dentists also showed their interest in you and were attentive during the treatment, which helped reduce my stress.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $321 - $535
Teeth Whitening $161 - $214
16 more treatments
Very Good
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IXALMED - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 65530 Çekmeköy, Turkey
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
Service is great, highly recommendedEli, Turkey, 11 11 22

Came for dental implants, really happy with my results. Service is great, highly recommended!

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $431 - $1015
Veneers $216 - $254
12 more treatments
Very Good
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Dent Leon Dental Clinics - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dent Leon Dental Clinics

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65736 Güzelbahçe, Turkey
First DENT LEON POLYCLINIC was established in 1999 by Agirbas family. As a results of excellent service, results and patients satisfaction for 23 years and we have 5 branches in Izmir keeps expanding. Today, we are honored to be actively serving to our patients with 5 polyclinics which are being operated with more than 100 team members. DENT LEON is serving with responsible and strict morals and  principles such as truthfulness, patient autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence. You will be informed about all kinds of details of your treatments fully. Dent Leon International Patients Coordinator will be assisting you from day one on the phone and 24/7 while you are in the country after.We will be arranging all kinds of necessary services for you such as pick up at arrival time from airport and drop of at departure time. Booking your accommodation for your stay etc. Many additional joys also we can arrange for you such as Ancient City of Ephesus private tours etc. We prefer to host our patients from abroad at our Guzelbahce Polyclinic because it is at great location just by the shore, surrounded with many nice restaurants and hotels with sea view, but your coordinator will assist you to make the best choice for you parallel to your expectations from your travel. 
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $241 - $642
8 more treatments
No score yet
Denfadent Clinics - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Denfadent Clinics

(877) 304-0812 ext: 70893 İZMİR, Turkey
DENFADENT is one of the most advanced and reliable dental clinics in the industry that puts your dental health and smile first. Since the day we were founded, we have helped our patients achieve healthy and aesthetic smiles by providing high-quality and personalized dental services. We always aim to keep the customer at the highest level. For this reason, at DENFADENT, we first listen to your needs to create a personalized treatment plan for you. We aim to provide the best service to each of our patients with our expert dentists, state-of-the-art products and friendly staff. As DENFADENT, we work based on transparency, honesty and ethical values. We aim for excellence in every step of the treatments we offer to our patients, using the latest technology and best practices. Your smile is important to us. As DENFADENT, we are here to welcome you and your family and ensure that you leave with a healthy, happy smile. Welcome to DENFADENT. It emerges with us for your healthy smile.
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $243 - $487
Teeth Whitening $91 - $122
14 more treatments
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Clinic Evoy - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Clinic Evoy

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65173 İzmir, Turkey
Set out with the motto of “Enjoy the Experience” and located in Izmir, known as the Pearl of the Aegean in Turkey, Clinic Evoy offers its guests from different parts of the world obesity and metabolic surgery, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, dental treatment and hair transplantation with the newest and most advanced techniques. The experienced team of Clinic Evoy, which provides 24/7 service to provide services completely tailored to your wishes and needs, is also an experience team. Our team is working to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Wherever you are in the world, Clinic Evoy creates the most suitable treatment plan for your body design that will meet your needs. By combining this universal service with our expert and experienced physician staff, we offer you your health needs with the highest quality and comfort. Thanks to the experienced team we work with, our specialist doctors, our hospitals that we cooperate with using the latest technologies, our contracted hotels with the highest level of comfort and hygiene, and our transfer vehicles where you will feel the highest level of VIP service, we plan everything for you to turn your treatments at Clinic Evoy into a perfect experience. Clinic Evoy creates a time break for your body, transcends the boundaries of space, and invites you to renew yourself. At the end of this comfort and health break, we bring you back to your own life flow; but with one difference… “As someone new”.
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants  
Dental Crowns  
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Dental Marmaris - Celebi Dental Clinic - 2Featured

Dental Marmaris - Celebi Dental Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 25486 Marmaris, Turkey
4.9 from 97 verified reviews
Everyone was so kind to us, and the clinic was lovelyAshley, UK, 28 10 23

Me and myself have just came back for a 5 day smile make over with this clinic And we cannot recommend enough. I was very scared and my dentist was Dt Merve and she was so patient with me and so lovely. My husband dentist was Dt Oguzhan And again he had a really good experience. Everyone was so kind to us, and the clinic was lovely! Our patient Co ordinator Danielle was so sweet as well, and helps me so much with my nerves, being English that helped too as sometimes she could translate. Anyone that feels unsure about going to Turkey shouldn’t be, I would much rather go there than any English dentist. Can’t thank the clinic enough

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $507 - $571
 Neodent by straumann implant Megagen implant
Dental Laminates $254 - $279
17 more treatments
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Risus Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Risus Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64133 Istanbul, Turkey
4.8 from 11 verified reviews
My doctor is a very friendly and professional doctorSelma, US, 08 04 24

I believe in giving credit where it is due and Risus Clinic truly deserves this support. From the moment I arrived at Istanbul Airport, I felt cared for and comfortable. My doctor is a very friendly and professional doctor, as is the entire Risus Clinic team. I am very careful, but his experience and the way he explained the operation gave me confidence in his ability to carry out the work safely and efficiently. I had Mommy makeover done From the nurses to the hotel staff to the drivers, everyone was professional, friendly, supportive and friendly; They really made me feel at home and I'm grateful. Thank you Risus Clinic for a really nice experience. It's a place I wouldn't hesitate to return to one day and I would recommend it to anyone.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $366 - $457
Dental Crowns $183 - $274
11 more treatments
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Aras Selcuk Advanced Dentistry - clinicsFeatured
5.0 from 22 verified reviews
I recommend using this Dental PracticeRichard, UK, 04 10 20

5-star treatment. Very professional and excellent service. I recommend using this Dental Practice. Great value for money.

Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants $444 - $507
Laminate Veneers $190 - $254
8 more treatments
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