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Dental Clinic Dr Popovic - Mr. Sci. Dr. Nemanja Popovic, Oral Surgeon Featured

Dental Clinic Dr Popovic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 10386 Belgrade, Serbia
Rating from 13 Reviews This clinic is very niceCeyda, Serbia, 25 Apr 18

It had teeth cleaning. This clinic is very nice.

Single Implant $679 - $1245
Metal ceramic crown and one Biohorizons implant is 600e. Metal ceramic crown and one Straumann Bone level SLActive implant is 1100e.
Dental Implants $453 - $1245
Sweden & Martina, Biohorisons, Straumann with suprastructure and PFM crowns
Mini Implants $1132 - $1471
4 to 6 mini implants with full acrylic denture 
2 more treatments
4.4 / 5  Excellent
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Diş 212 - Dental Aesthetic Facility - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Diş 212 - Dental Aesthetic Facility

(360) 262-7706 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 16 Reviews Very impressed with this clinic and the treatment I received.Onyi, London, 30 Nov 18

I needed some implants done, so therefore came to this website whatclinic to search for a reputable dentist with affordable prices. I was contacted by many clinics but this once stood out for me most especially due to Maria the co-ordinator. She told me about this dentist, explained the procedure and the prices. At first I was a bit apprehensive about going abroad alone for dental work but because she kept up with communication, that kept me at ease. Maria helped me with flight search, hotel and airport transfers. She also picked me up from the hotel on the day of treatment. The treatment was much better than I expected and affordable. The whole procedure was explained to be by Dr Aykut and he also answered all my questions before he started the procedure which lasted no longer than 30minutes. I had 2 implants done. I was given a prescription for pain-killers and antibiotics to prevent infection after treatment. In all I am very pleased with the treatment I received and have already recommended to my friends back here in London. Clinic in the centre of Istanbul, a reputable clinic which is very obvious when you walk in. Fully equipped and clean. Staff are friendly and fully knowledgeable of what they do. Highly impressive, will definitely visit again of required.

Single Implant $521 - $747
Dental Implants $521 - $713
Implant practices duration reduced sharply during recent years within advanced anestesia methods. Operation time mostly takes  15 mins for each implant execution. Whole implant practices would be done in one day without any pain or any bleeding, even on total teeth absence. Patients could run their daily lifes within same day of implant execution
Immediate Implant Placement $521 - $713
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Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist

(202) 335-3665 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 109 Reviews The clinic was nice and professional and extremely hygienicAgnes, London , 20 Apr 17

"I chose the clinic to do my dental implants and its so amazing and painless but still I am required to use the the pain killer for no reason at all. The clinic was nice and professional and extremely hygienic. Th e standards of that establishment are high and they do their job extremely well. The doctor is very nice and welcoming as well as his staff to. They did not charge me a high amount but could have been better if a discount was given. Overall the clinic was perfect and i rate it high.

Single Implant from $679
Dental Implants from $679
Picture: straumann sl active implants and zirconia back side, laminated veneers lower front, alümina upper front, all made by procera Nobel. we use icx, astra, straumann sla and sl active implants. other trademarks are wellcome.
Immediate Implant Placement from $679
For teeth with one root, we mostly implant immediately
4.0 / 5  Very Good
from 685 users
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Bordon Clinic - Dental Clinic in SpainFeatured

Bordon Clinic

(202) 750-4625 Madrid, Spain
Rating from 22 Reviews I would recommend it without doubtsGustavo, UK, 18 Sep 16

I needed to have one of my wishdom teeth removed and 4 implants fitted. The extraction was a very complex surgery and it ran smooth, all went excelent! The quality of the professionals is outstanding, they are competent, very kind and reasonable. They gave me very good advice and help me to plan the treatment. The results are excelent! I'm so pleased with the treatment and the clinic staff! I would recommend it without doubts

Single Implant from $622
Mini Implants $170 - $453
Immediate Implant Placement $1528 - $1754
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5.0 / 5  Outstanding
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Dental Care Croatia - Dental Clinic in CroatiaFeatured

Dental Care Croatia

(888) 848-7639 ext: 65482 Split, Croatia
Rating from 8 Reviews She inspires great confidence because of her professionalismDouglas, UK, 18 Sep 17

A friend and I received various surgical interventions: 2 tooth extractions, 1 root canal, bone implants and 5 tooth implants between us. Dr. Marina Jezina is a very good communicator and explained in perfect English each phase of the interventions so that we understood why they were being done and how. All the work was carried out under local anaesthesia and there was some pain and discomfort at times, though inevitable considering the scale of the work that was carried out. We are awaiting the final phase of the work, which requires a 6 month waiting period before placing of crowns, and 10 days after the interventions healing has been good and according to plan. I chose Dr. Jezina's clinic because of the good reviews on WhatClinic, her qualifications - particularly course work and training done at a specialized teaching clinic in the US, and because of the beauty of Split and nearby coastal islands which we were able to enjoy for a few days as a reward for the dental surgery we had undergone. Dr. Jezina inspires great confidence because of her professionalism in carrying out the work and her clear explanations and instructions - as well as her pleasant manner with patients.

Single Implant from $679
Dental Implants from $679
Including dental implant, titanium abutment and immediate crown.
Immediate Implant Placement from $679
2 more treatments
4.3 / 5  Excellent
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Luxadent Dental Office - Johan Willemsens - Dental Clinic in BelgiumFeatured

Luxadent Dental Office - Johan Willemsens

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33687 Brussels, Belgium
Rating from 54 Reviews The doctor was very professional and friendlyMiray, Turkey, 06 Jul 18

The doctor was very professional and friendly.

Single Implant  
Restoration of Implants  
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
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Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk - Project Smile Surgical TreatmentFeatured

Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk

(202) 517-8495 Gdansk, Poland
Rating from 39 Reviews They are incredibly skilledJamie, Poland, 11 Aug 17

I've just completed my treatment at Project Smile: two dental implants, with two teeth on one implant and one tooth on the other. This also entailed two extractions. I have waited until completion of the procedure to write this. In my case, there was a significant gap between getting the implants and the actual abutments and crowns, and I wanted to make sure nothing would happen to invalidate a prematurely gushing review. But, as I expected, nothing did go wrong, and I now feel one hundred percent confident in recommending Project Smile. I'm writing this with some very solid-feeling, natural looking gnashers in place! I won't go into the reasons my teeth needed replacing - mark that up to youthful pugnaciousness. Suffice it to say that, in my mind, I had built up the whole situation into terrifyingly gargantuan proportions. Three extractions! Ghastly implants! What could be worse? And I'm sure many people reading this will be feeling exactly the same way. Well, I'm here to tell you Project Smile is more-or-less artists of dentistry. Compared to any dentist I've ever been to (admittedly only in the UK) they are *incredibly* skilled. I would rate the pain level at 1/10 at worst - significantly less painful, for example, than the 'deep clean' procedure I endured at the hands of a UK hygienist, which I'd have placed about 6.5/10. I promise you that I'm in no way a macho type. Had the procedure hurt in any significant way, at any point, I would tell you. I cannot emphasise enough the astonishing levels of competence and care exhibited at Project Smile, from the almost unnoticeable administration of anaesthetic, to actual the technique of removing the teeth (again I won't go into it in too much detail, but it does not involve the "brace-and-yank" ghastliness I have experienced in the past. You barely know it's happening. As other commentators have pointed out, the surgeon is incredibly gentle. It is next-level dentistry. For anyone worrying about the actual procedure of having the implants put in: I get it, it's a big thing. But, at least if you're going with Project Smile, this 'big thing' is going to be mostly in your mind - the actual procedure was no 'worse' than a root canal, and if anything less intense. Keep in mind that 1/10 discomfort level: you really only notice the anesthetic administration and that's it! I was able to start relaxing as my trust in these teeth-wizards started to build, minute by minute. Believe me, relaxing is the last thing I thought I would be doing! After the procedure, the facilitator Patryk took me down to the nearby clinic to grab antibiotics and painkillers, just plain Ibuprofen if I remember right and I was good to go. A little sensitivity in the days that followed but nothing significant. Actually, I ate an *excellent* dinner at a restaurant recommended by the clinic that very evening! Now possibly this sounds stupid, but for the avoidance of doubt, they won't leave you with "pegs sticking up" (another of my little-fabricated horrors) while you wait for the implants to settle. You get a perfectly good bridge, one I was able to live with comfortably for 6-7 months. The extended period due to me being out of Europe on business. When the time comes, they just swap that out for your new teeth. Here's what I say to anyone thinking of getting an essential procedure like this done at Project Smile: just do it. Choose them not just because they're cheaper than 'back home', but because they are offering an incredible level of service, care and attention. I'm no tooth expert, but I'd be surprised if their service is matched many places in the world. And get it done now. Because I promise you, you'll wonder what you were ever worried about. Finally, for those wondering about the organizational aspects of spending time in Gdansk - don't. It's a cool, safe little city with great food and a really nice old town you can get lost in. Patryk, Project Smile's facilitator, can sort you out with trips to and from the airport and places to stay and you can trust him. But there's plenty of options online if you want to pick somewhere fun by yourself. I'd recommend the old town, even if the locals disdain it somewhat it's great for the wealth of restaurants, bars and nice walks! Perhaps the most indicative thing I can say about this treatment was that I actually *looked forward* to coming back to Gdansk to finish it off. I knew it wouldn't be traumatic, and Project Smile has helped me get over the fear I had of anything involving dental work. The only problem now is I won't want to see anyone else. I'm a Project Smile monogamist! In case there's any doubt after all this, this is an *11/10 review*. Unhesitating recommendation. Would implant again. Even if the 'old town' is actually mostly reconstructed, they've done a really great job of it. If you do stay there, make sure you eat at the restaurant 'Prologue'. Thank me later. Chosen for recommendation from UK dentist (go to Poland, we don't do implants on NHS!), Reddit r/dental subforum ("Poland is the best place for dental tourism! Don't go to Mexico!), and this site - I mean check out the stellar reviews. Still, I had my doubts. No doubts remain. The clinic is smart and well-appointed. The staff are super professional, personable and pleasant. The level of competence is off-the-charts. Alright: that's enough from me. I'm off to enjoy my last two days in Gdasnk, with my new pearly whites.

Single Implant $575 - $836
Dental Implants $575 - $836
Immediate Implant Placement $575 - $836
1 more treatment
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
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Astra Dent Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in UkraineFeatured

Astra Dent Dental Clinic

Kiev, Ukraine
Rating from 4 Reviews Very good service and the work I had done was excellentAnonymous, York, 12 Feb 19

I had a crown. Very good service and the work I had done was excellent. I was advised for a procedure I didn't need but they were no problems when I told them I didn't want to have this done. My only recommendation for people looking to have a crown is remembered that the prices listed are starting prices. To avoid confusion it is best to be sure the total price you will be paying beforehand and not when you're sat on the dentist's chair. Never-the-less I received quality treatment for much less than I would have paid in the UK. The people could not have been nicer. I hope to come back to Kiev soon - a beautiful city with beautiful people.

Single Implant from $257
Dental Implants $257 - $807
Immediate Implant Placement from $257
1 more treatment
4.4 / 5  Excellent
from 2,285 users
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Evergreen Dental - Dr. Veszprémi László - chief dentisFeatured

Evergreen Dental

(202) 856-9015 Budapest, Hungary
Rating from 22 Reviews Although The assessment didn't work out for me the consideration and advice was excellentIain, UK, 04 Mar 18

The clinic and staff were very welcoming and professional. Although The assessment didn't work out for me the consideration and advice were excellent. I was met at the airport and taken to the clinic, the driver was courteous and chatted to me in English. The experience of the clinic was second to none and although I did not go ahead with the treatment I was still treated well and taken back to catch my return flight. I would recommend Evergreen to anyone thinking of having dental treatment.

Single Implant $770 - $1007
Dental Implants
Implant head standard (Impression, placeholders, abutment) free
Implant head premium $283 - $340
3 more treatments
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 282 users
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Dental Clinic Featured

Dental Clinic "Bobic"

(888) 848-7639 ext: 23509 Novi Sad, Serbia
Rating from 12 Reviews Everything was done completely pain freeEmil, Belgium, 11 Mar 16

I've done scaling, teeth whitening, composite veneers, four teeth extractions, some white fillings, 4 dental implants, sinus lift, 8 crown metal-ceramic bridge on implants, 8 crown metal-ceramic bridge on natural teeth and two zirconium crowns. Total therapy cost was something around 5.200 EUR, which is nothing compared to prices here in Belgium. Everything was done completely pain free. For every compliment! I give 10/10 score for this clinic! From the first contact until the very end of therapy, everything went much better than I ever expected. I was welcomed at the airport and accommodated in free accommodation that is located in a in a hotel near the clinic. All the doctors were extremely polite, professional and very patient. The final result has far exceeded my expectations at a price far lower than those in Belgium. I already recommended clinic to my mother in law, so we will definitely see you again! Regards from Belgium! Emil G.

Single Implant from $334
Dental Implants from $334
Dental implants are the best way to compensate one or more missing teeth. Implants replace missing teeth and avoid grinding the adjacent healthy teeth. EXAMINATION AND TREATMENT PLANBefore implant placement a detailed review of the oral cavity and the bone condition must be performed. Overview of the bone is done with the help of a 3D CT scan, which can be done by us if you do not already have one. IMPLANT PLACEMENT PROCEDUREImplant itself is a routine surgical procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, it is painless, does not last long and ends in a single visit. PERIOD OF IMPLANT INTEGRATION TO YOUR BONEThe implant must be firmly coalesce to the bone before appropriate prosthetic restorations (crowns, bridges, dentures) is done in order to be able to handle the pressure of chewing. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to implant good coalesce. If you maintain regular oral hygiene and follow the instructions from your dentist, the process of coalescence, in most cases, goes without any pain and complications. PROSTHETICS ON IMPLANTSAfter coalescence phase (usually 6-8 weeks), prosthetics (crowns, bridges, dentures) is beeing placed on implants. DENTAL IMPLANT LIFETIMEGood hygiene of the oral cavity, regular checkups at the dentist, the use of interdental brushes, healthy habits are very important for the longevity of the implant.
Immediate Implant Placement from $334
4.0 / 5  Very Good
from 1,559 users
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Dentineo - Dental Clinic in PolandFeatured


(202) 849-9292 Gdańsk, Poland
Rating from 18 Reviews My experience was very goodEinar, Reykjavik, 26 Jun 17

Drilling some holes, cleaning teeth etc. The office is clean and the staff is friendly and nice. My experience was very good and the service I got as well.

Single Implant $470 - $784
Excellent way to have Your missing tooth back,its and artificial titanium made tooth root placed in the bone ,thanks to special SLA or Osseospeed surface it integrates with the bone.Thanks to that it is a sure fundament for the tooth crown.
Dental Implants $470 - $784
We offer dental Implants from different implant manufacturers including Dentsply Implants and Neo Biotech.
Immediate Implant Placement $470 - $915
Immidiately after extraction of the tooth during the same procedure the implant is placed into the socked after the tooh .2 procedures in 1
1 more treatment
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
from 966 users
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Dental Aria - Dental Clinic in RomaniaFeatured

Dental Aria

(888) 848-7639 ext: 69192 Bucharest, Romania
Rating from 10 Reviews I have never had so beautiful teethSvan, Sandvika, 02 Jul 15

I needed a root canal treatment, whitened my teeth and removed some amalgam fillings. Dr Laura Olariu was exceptional to me as I don't like going to the dentist in the first place. I have never had so beautiful teeth! The clinic is very nice looking, it was easy to find and all the staff was helpful, understanding and very professional. I was here four times in a short time and I can highly recommend Dental Aria.

Single Implant $283 - $1358
Dental Implants $307 - $1358
DENTAL IMPLANT: WHY IT MAY BE THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUTooth loss can greatly impact a person’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth; this can have a profound effect on their social and family life, and can even affect productivity at work. Losing your tooth can gradually affect the shape of your face, as the bone of your jaw begins to move inward where the root once was. When an individual tooth is lost, there are several different options. However the one that makes most sense is getting a dental implant. WHAT ARE DENTAL IMPLANTSA dental implant is an artificial tooth root ,usualy made of titanium and lately of zirconium,used to support restorations that resemble a single tooth or a number of teeth. Dental implants can be used to support crowns, implant-supported bridges, dentures and other dental prostheses.The most common reason for hesitation is fear of pain or discomfort during surgery, and concerns that a dental implant procedure are prohibitively expensive. The pain can be addressed either local or general anesthetic which will significantly reduce the pain. In terms of cost dental implants can be a preventive of any further damage so the reward does outweigh the expense long term. REWARD VS. RISKSuccess rates of dental implant procedures are around 97%, and are considered one of the most effective tooth loss repair measures available. Your teeth can be fully restored, with the replacements having no negative effects on the surrounding teeth or gums.
Mini Implants $113 - $226
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