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Dr.Onur Cavus - Implantology Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 68475 Istanbul, Turkey
Onur Cavus BDS PhD is an experienced oral surgeon with demonstrated history of working in the field of implantology. Skilled in immediate implants, bone grafting, immediate loading and all-on-four concept. He has earned the doctorate focused in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Marmara University, Turkey.Clinic has 2 surgeries and is equipped with modern equipment like piezosurgery. It is located in caddebostan area of "Bağdat Caddesi" which remains to be the hearth of anatolian side of Istanbul. 
All-on-4 Dental Implants From $6374
All-on-four system is becoming a highly preferred treatment modality for patients who lost most of their teeth and long for fixed solutions.In our clinic we use the Nobel Biocare system which is the pioneer of all-on-four system. 
Dental Implants From $858
We can just mimic the nature with the help of dental implants!Contact us if you are interested in getting your treatment done delicately.
Immediate Implant Placement From $858
We offer our patients minimally invasive immediate placement protocol.We can also place a temporary crown to keep the aesthetics level high for our patients.
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Diş 212 - Dental Aesthetic Facility

(877) 304-0812 ext: 47177 Istanbul, Turkey
Rating from 4 Reviews Gorgeus facility centered IstanbulRoger, Boston, 20 Feb 17

Majestic clinic and fastest Dental treatment ever! Via wise Dentists and smiling crew. Gorgeus facility centered Istanbul city. Best prices offered! Majestic clinic and fastest Dental treatment ever! Via wise Dentists and smiling crew.

All-on-4 Dental Implants $6127  -  $6740
All on Four one of the major and recent esthetics treatment variation that smoothly executing within Dis 212 Polyclinic. All on Four treatment is performing in single stage session by applying  four or more implants via fixed denture practicing and thats recommending on; total teeth absence or obligation of total certain teeth extractions. Main aim of operation is to provide esthetical and functional dental apperaence.
Dental Implants $564  -  $772
Implant practices duration reduced sharply during recent years within advanced anestesia methods. Operation time mostly takes  15 mins for each implant execution. Whole implant practices would be done in one day without any pain or any bleeding, even on total teeth absence. Patients could run their daily lifes within same day of implant execution
Immediate Implant Placement $564  -  $772
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MDental Clinic Hungary

(888) 848-7639 ext: 34448 Budapest, Hungary
Rating from 15 Reviews Very PleasedJanniken, Norway, 20 Sep 16

Me and a friend were at MDental to do a regularly control of are teeth, We are very pleased, 0 hole, good dentists and hygienists. .

All-on-4 Dental Implants From $2905
Dental Implants From $586
AlphaBio, Nobel Replace, Nobel Active with lifetime guarantee!
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Dental Care Croatia

(888) 848-7639 ext: 65482 Split, Croatia
Rating from 6 Reviews This practice is fantasticJohn, UK, 17 May 17

My name is John and I am from Scotland. I was interested in the All On Four procedure. I got a telephone call from Dr Marina Jezina who talked me through the process of what was involved and she was true to her word. I was more than happy to put my trust in her. I was not disappointed as the clinic, the staff, the attention and care received is 2nd to none and I am so happy on the results of my operation from Dr Marina Jezina's practice. The clinic is spotless and the cleanliness is top drawer. The operation and after care is fantastic and all the staff within the clinic make you feel one of there own. They can not do enough for you and all speak excellent English. If you are decide to use Dr. Marina Jezina for any procedure then please do not hesitate to, as this practice is fantastic. Once again Thank You to Dr. Marina Jezina and all her staff for such wonderful care and attention .

All-on-4 Dental Implants From $12257
Dental Implants From $735
Including dental implant, titanium abutment and immediate crown.
Immediate Implant Placement From $735
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Project Smile - Dental Treatment in Gdansk

(888) 848-7639 ext: 72597 Gdansk, Poland
Rating from 34 Reviews I can honestly say that my faith has been restored in dentists thanks to the wonderful Dr IgorGruita, Ireland, 12 Oct 16

After a visit to Project smile Gdansk I can honestly say that my faith has been restored in dentists thanks to the wonderful Dr Igor. I had the all on 4 upper and lower arches done and had the implants placed over a two day period I returned 3 days later to have my temporary fixed teeth screwed in ,I must admit it was not as traumatic and painful as I had imagined it to be and that is down to the lovely staff at the clinic. A special thank you to Patryk the foreign patient coordinator who had the patience to explain the procedure in detail and ferry me from hotel to clinic as needed. His english is excellent. I have to go back in four months for final treatment and I am certainly not one bit daunted by it, in fact I am looking forward to it and that is a first for me when it comes to dentistry work,also I get to explore more o the beautiful city Gdansk.My sincere thanks to all at Project smile for making me smile again without having to cover my mouth. Thanks also to Mr Peter for picking us up at the airport, Go raibh mile maith agat.

All-on-4 Dental Implants $5419  -  $8115
Dental Implants $725  -  $797
Immediate Implant Placement $696  -  $840
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Hungarian Dental Travel

(877) 304-0812 ext: 13039 Budapest, Hungary
Rating from 13 Reviews A mouthful of white fillingsCris, UK, 24 Mar 16

I write this with my new smile on my face. No missing teeth, no old and discoloured crowns and a mouthful of white fillings to replace the old amalgam ones. What really makes me smile is the fact that having paid off my mortgage I didn't need to take out a new one to pay for first class treatment. Thank you Chris Hall for the time and patience you put into answering my questions and addressing my concerns, if you were cursing me under your breath it certainly did not show!! top marks for customer service. I could not have asked for more. I was initially sceptical about travelling abroad for dental treatment but the cost of private treatment was eye watering, around £14000!. It is a good job I do not have a weak heart too. I spent a few days in Hungary combining a short break with having an initial consultation. ( A Ryanair return for under 50 quid ). Even with travel and accommodation etc I estimate I saved at least 60%. Once I had seen the place and spoken to Frank the dentist who would be doing the work I was reassured. His fluent English was a big plus as he could easily answer my questions and I felt there would be no misunderstandings. This was one of my main concerns and Frank not only speaks English fluently he is clearly knowledgeable and highly skilled. He performs this complicated dental surgery daily so he is very experienced. I have to admit I was not sure what to expect. The clinic though is modern and to my inexpert eye seemed to be equipped with all the technology you would expect. Frank , my dentist besides being impressively multi-lingual and switching effortlessly between English, Hungarian and German was also technically very good. He inspired confidence. I am not a dentalphobe but having so much work done I needed to know I could trust the person doing it. Frank is clearly very experienced and I gather he has worked in Germany and the UK too. Once I spoke to him I got good vibes and I was not disappointed. Clearly he is very knowledgeable, open and highly skilled, but then he does this complex dental work daily. I am completely satisfied it could not have gone better. Thank you Frank, I never did get your surname.

All-on-4 Dental Implants Up to $6129
Dental Implants 3 minimum $2169  -  $2758
3.6 / 5  Very Good
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Sirinyali Dental Clinic Antalya

(877) 304-0812 ext: 46407 Antalya, Turkey
FRating from 1 Review They are careful and use modern equipmentFarzaneh, UK, 10 Nov 17

I have used Sirinyali Dental Clinic Antalya for 4 years and am very pleased with their work. Dr. Nazife and her husband are proficient and speak English. They are careful and use modern equipment. They use best materials and their price is not expensive. They are friendly and care about their customers.

All-on-4 Dental Implants Up to $4903
Dental Implants $306  -  $797
Immediate Implant Placement  
We use Astra Tech, Ankylos, Bego, Megagen Implants in our clinic
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Private Panoramik Oral and Denal Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 37527 Antalya, Turkey
Our clinic is based in central Antalya and is considered to be one of the best private dental clinics in Turkey. Our dental clinic proposes all kinds of dental treatment of the highest quality at low prices.  It’s modern and perfectly equipped to realize all kinds of dental cure. Our team will take into consideration your medical need and at the same time straitened circumstances and will propose you the best and the most convenient solution.Lara, Konyaaltı and Güllük branches we are commited to providing dental services for all age groups using the latest techniques in a professional environment. We assume the duty of following all developments in dentistry as well as technology with our highly experienced staff and dentists as a responsibility against our patients. We place great emphasis on sterilization and disinfection in our clinic and try to ensure the maximum level of hygiene to our dear patients. The satisfaction of our patients is our motivation. For this reason, we have been continuing our services in all dentistry areas without a break. Our clinic’s staff is known for their precision and non-invasive approach, especially with dental implant patients, using guided implant technology to deliver a painless and friendly procedure for the patient. We have English, French, Deutsch, Russian speaking Aesthetic Dentists, Oral Surgeons and Patient Coordinators on hand to assist you throughout your dental journey. Our Medical Team Our surgeon-dentist is Dr
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All-on-4 Dental Implants $1961  -  $3922
The All-on-4® treatment concept is a cost-efficient, graftless solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery.  In some cases where the jawbone is not of sufficient quality, fixed prosthesis and crowns can be made by placing 4-implant angles in the so-called "all on four" system for the lower jaw in the treatment of total toothlessness. Again, in some cases where the quality of the jawbone is inadequate, a combined hybrid moving prosthesis can be performed with two implants inserted into the entire toothless jaw. Thanks to the new technologies, implantation can be successfully applied to many cases that can not be applied before. You can contact us for further information.In a totally toothless mouth, how many implants can be clearly made for a fixed prosthesis can be clarified after a panoramic x-ray and a detailed examination. If sufficient data for planning can not be obtained, planning can be done after the CT scan. Characteristics include:Full-arch rehabilitation with only four implants Two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posteriorImmediate Function (fixed provisional bridge)For patients meeting criteria for immediate loading of implantsGraftless procedureBone grafting is avoided by tilting the posterior implants, utilizing available boneClinical examinations, online consultations and panoramic filming are free at all our clinics.
Dental Implants $429  -  $981
Dental Implants Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of 100% titanium and placed in the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics of the missing teeth. Titanium is a tissue-friendly material, and dental implants made of titanium are subjected to various procedures such as roughening, covering with different materials, for cellular attachment to the jawbone. After the dental implants are placed in the jawbone, they are held as cellular by creating a special bond with the bone. When this attachment is completed (1-6 months), the denture prosthesis that we call superstructure is ready for preparation. This step is like making a chrono or bridge over a normal cut tooth. Why Dental Implants Dental implants are the best alternatives for natural teeth today in the case of tooth deficiency. It is the prosthetic rehabilitation method which gives the best result especially when there is no need to support the teeth on the side of the bridge or if there are no teeth to be supported. In addition, it is the most successful method that does not have alternative dental implants for totally fixed prosthesis applications or to increase the retention of total prosthesis in case of total toothlessness. Dental Implant Success Rate Dental implants are a form of treatment that can provide exceptionally successful results in terms of patient and physician when applied with accurate diagnosis, sufficient knowledge, experience and equipment. Application of Dental Implants Dental implants are a longer-lasting treatment than fixed bridges made using removable dentures or adjacent teeth on gums. Dental implants are placed inside the jawbone by our mouth, teeth, jaw surgery specialist.
2 other locations in Turkey for Private Panoramik Oral and Denal Clinic.

Private Panoramik Oral and Denal Clinic - Gulluk Branch

(877) 304-0812 ext: 37774 Barracks Quarter. Gulluk Cad. Soytaş Ulu

Private Panoramik Oral and Denal Clinic - Palm Branch

(877) 304-0812 ext: 37775 Port Quarter Tugba Bogacayi Street Apart
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Umut Antalya Oral and Dental Health clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 50939 Antalya, Turkey
Rating from 11 Reviews This has been a very exceptional experienceAbdi, UK, 18 Sep 17

I had major dental problems including loss of teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, stained teeth and unattractive smile and each was handled and perfected professionally and with minimal pain. 100% Satisfaction. From the start, I was completely at rest with the constant re-assurance from the friendly, patient, kind and highly skilled doctors, technicians and nurses. The clinic was spotless, extremely hygienic and with the state of the art equipment. The scenery at the location of this clinic was breath-taking. The cost for treatment was a small fraction of the cost in the UK. This has been a very exceptional experience with Umut Clinic and I highly recommend anyone contemplating on dental implants/Surgery or any other dental procedures to consider this clinic.

All-on-4 Dental Implants $2451  -  $4290
For one chin
Dental Implants $306  -  $858
Immediate Implant Placement $306  -  $858
3.6 / 5  Very Good
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Smile Dental Services

Sofia, Bulgaria
Rating from 4 Reviews Couldn't recommend them highly enoughRobbie, dublin, 05 Feb 13

Full mouth restoration including implants and crowns. Very pleased with all aspects of my treatment. Friendly, professional and great value. I was a very nervous patient and Dr. Dimitrov and his staff really put me at ease and cured me of my long-standing fear of the dentist. Couldn't recommend them highly enough.

All-on-4 Dental Implants  
Dental Implants
Full Jaw Restoration  
Dental Implants  
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Dental Corbella Madrid

(877) 304-0812 ext: 12224 Madrid, Spain
DENTAL CORBELLA is a group of 4 dental clinics in Madrid province. Our main clinic is located in the heart of Madrid, Barrio de Salamanca, one of the most beautiful and elegant districts of Madrid. We offer a service of private driver from/to the airport, once the treatment plan is accepted by the patient. We have a permanent team of 9 doctors specialized in different areas of Dentistry.  Our main surgeons are Dr. Rodolfo and Dr. Gerardo Corbella, with 15 years of experience in oral surgery. They use to place more than 2000 dental implants succesfully every year. In Dental Corbella we focus on these dental treatments: - Immediate implants and teeth. ALL ON 4 and ALL ON 6. One of the most popular treatments among our Spanish and foreign patients. In the same day, we remove damaged teeth, place necessary implants and fixed teeth. We only use first brand implants, like 3i Biomet, BTI or GT Medical. - Your treatment in a single session: we concentrate most of the treatments the patient needs on very few appointments. Fillings, cleaning, periodontal treatment, extractions, implants.... and sometimes only one session, such as when we have to place implants and fixed teeth in the same session. - Say goodbye to fear to the dentist: We have an anaesthetist doctor in our team, who can apply a Sedation to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient. IMPORTANT: we are specialized on patients with bone loss. No matter the quality and quantity of bone, w
All on 4 From $6496
3 other locations in Spain for Dental Corbella Madrid.

Clinica Majadahonda

(877) 304-0812 ext: 49161 Av. Reyes Católicos 8, Majadahonda

Clinica Las Rozas

(877) 304-0812 ext: 49160 C/ Santolina esq c/ Iris, Las Rozas

Clinica Madrid 2

(877) 304-0812 ext: 49159 C/ Hilarión Eslava 47, Madrid
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Private Çankaya Hikmet Bozyel Oral and Dental Health Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 57164 ANKARA, Turkey
Dentistry treatments have serious price disadvantages abroad compared to Turkey. Instead of having any dental treatment abroad, it is possible to take a holiday in Turkey and have treatment performed by an expert team having ideal opportunities. You can not only take holiday in Turkey, but also have very affordable dental treatment. The treatments particularly implant treatments in Turkey have lower costs by 70%. It is possible to have treatment with very affordable treatment and accommodation opportunities. There are budget friendly flight alternatives from Europe to Turkey as well. As you know, health tourism has become a very popular issue in the world in recent years.  Topics such as the duration of medical treatment, prices and conditions of a given country are all important under this popular issue. Turkey could be a unique place with its history, climate, proximity to natural and historic sites and its high standard medical facilities.  Our dental clinic is based in Cankaya town of Ankara(capital of TURKEY) province provides high quality and modern medical services with its high technology equipment, including radiology devices, and well trained as well as highly experienced medical staff members. Accordingly, we are interested in working within the health tourism sector.  We would welcome any proposals, assistance or offers within this context. Please feel free to get in touch with us. We would appreciate hearing from you.  Best regards,  Dr. Can Engin
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All-on-4 Dental Implants  
Immediate Implant Placement  
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