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What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are thin porcelain shells made of cerinate ceramic that are placed over teeth to improve the smile of patients. They are placed by dentists who are specially certified to perform the procedure.  They are bonded to the tooth to augment its appearance. It takes 60 to 90 minutes to place Lumineers.

What is the difference between a Veneer and a Lumineer?

Cerinate ceramic that is used to make Lumineers is thinner than the porcelain used to make veneers. The tooth needs to be prepared before placing veneers. Lumineers are very thin and have the thickness of a contact lens. No tooth preparation is required to place Lumineers. Veneers are made of porcelain, zirconia or composite resin. Lumineers are made only of cerinate ceramic. Lumineers are costlier than veneers.  The procedure for placing veneers is not reversible, as some of the tooth has to be removed, while the procedure for placing Lumineers can be reversed.  

Is having Lumineers fitted painful?

No grinding or tooth preparation is required for placing Lumineers. The procedure is pain free.

How are Lumineers fitted?

The dentist takes the impression of the teeth of the patient. The impression is sent to a Lumineers laboratory so the restorations can be made. On the next visit the dentist will bond the Lumineers to the teeth of the patient after checking the comfort of their bite.

What care is required after fitting Lumineers?

Patients should follow correct dental hygiene and brush and floss their teeth regularly. They should attend their dental clinic for their scheduled follow up appointments. They should not eat hard or chewy food products. They should avoid food and beverages that could stain the Lumineers.

We have all the information you need about public and private dental clinics that provide lumineers™ in Europe. Compare all the dentists and contact the lumineers™ clinic in Europe that's right for you.

Lumineers™ prices from $130 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Choose from 562 Lumineers™ Clinics in Europe with 1999 verified patient reviews.

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Novusklinik - Kadıköy - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Novusklinik - Kadıköy

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64925 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 10 verified reviews
Very good treatment experienceSelim, Turkey, 25 10 23

Painless and fast treatment, highest level of patient satisfaction. Very good treatment experience

Lumineers™ $188 - $264
Veneers $188 - $251
Porcelain Veneers $188 - $251
1 other location in Turkey for Novusklinik - Kartal
Novusklinik - Kartal

Novusklinik - Kartal

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64909 Esentepe district, Milangaz Street No: 7
from 1,103 users
Clinic Prime Istanbul - Clinic Prime Istanbul offers Free ConsultationFeatured

Clinic Prime Istanbul

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66007 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 65 verified reviews
Perfect Clinic, Perfect Doctors and Perfect JobSabina, Germany, 23 05 23

Perfect Clinic, Perfect Doctors and Perfect Job. Special Thanks to my Consultant Ali & my Doctor Smile Design Specialist Emre

Veneers are thin shells of porcelain or composite material that are custom-made to fit over the front surface of teeth. They are beneficial for dental patients because they can improve the appearance of teeth that are discoloured, stained, chipped, or misaligned. Veneers can also be used to close gaps between teeth or to make teeth appear longer. Additionally, veneers are durable and can last for many years with proper care. They are also resistant to staining and discolouration, making them a good option for people who want to maintain a bright and white smile. Overall, Veneers offer a conservative and esthetic solution for many dental issues.
Emax Laminate Veneers  
from 212 users
Estedian Dental - Istanbul - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Estedian Dental - Istanbul

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66078 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 13 verified reviews
Everyone was very helpfulJochen, US, 08 05 23

It was nice to meet Estedian's friendly team. Everyone was very helpful. Thank you very much.

Lumineers™ from $206
Veneers from $206
1 other location in Turkey for Estedian Dental - Istanbul
Estedian Dental - Antalya

Estedian Dental - Antalya

(877) 304-0812 ext: 69546 Fener District, Bülent Ecevit Boulevard
from 1,319 users
WestDent Clinic - Dt SUSANA AKDASH Featured

WestDent Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64561 İzmir, Turkey
4.7 from 13 verified reviews
I have nothing but praise for all of the staff involved in my time there and my treatmentEthan, UK, 03 04 23

I have just returned from Turkey after finishing my treatment for all on four implants. I have nothing but praise for all of the staff involved in my time there and my treatment. My dentist Faith was just great, very thoughtful and professional , thank you. My interpreter Mehdi was always there to help and make me feel at ease, thank you. My prosthetics doctor's assistant Seda is very kind and skilled for someone so young and very enthusiastic, thank you. My good friend Cavit, my driver is just the best, always on time and keen to help. Above all my prosthetics doctor Ilkyaz was and is amazing. She is so skilled in her work and went out of her way to make everything fit and comfortable. Ilkyaz you are a beautiful star. Thank you. Last but not least, Guliz, you are such a kind and caring person. Always at hand if needed. Thank you. I would recommend Westdent to anyone needing any dental treatment in a heartbeat. 5 stars.

Lumineers™ $132 - $226
Veneers $132 - $226
Porcelain Veneers $132 - $226
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FindGlob - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 65473 Antalya, Turkey
5.0 from 11 verified reviews
Masters of their craft, warm and attentive attitude during treatmentEmmanual, UK, 25 01 23

I am amazed. This clinic is Magnificent! I have never been to such a high-quality clinic before. I would like to express my gratitude to the doctors of this clinic. Masters of their craft, warm and attentive attitude during treatment! Special thanks to the clinic staff for their courtesy and high qualifications! Responsive, friendly staff! The work was done instantly. I am surprised by the quality and speed of the work done. It was very comfortable to be in the clinic because the staff knows English well.

Lumineers™ from $246
Veneers from $215
No score yet
Active Dent - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Active Dent

(877) 304-0812 ext: 69953 İstanbul, Turkey
For more information about Active Dent in Basaksehir please contact the clinic.
Lumineers™ $152 - $184
Veneers $146 - $184
Porcelain Veneers $152 - $184
1 more treatment
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Estheticland - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 67361 Istanbul, Turkey
5.0 from 6 verified reviews
He even did my controls with extra careGulden, Turkey, 18 10 23

Thank you for the most amazing service everyone in the staff was very careful and understanding. I had upper and under eyelid removal but they took care of me so carefully for a small surgery process. Especially Dr Emer was amazing and professional. He even did my controls with extra care. The hotel had lots of places near to shop and explore. I do not have too much swelling or purple. After first 3 days the swelling went down. Thank you to all Estheticland

Lumineers™ per tooth from $278
Veneers zirconium per tooth from $157
Composite Veneers per tooth from $104
from 86 users
IXALMED - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 65530 Çekmeköy, Turkey
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
I was very scared, but I was pleasantly surprised because everything went spectacularly wellSara, Spain, 12 12 22

I had a rhinoplasty a few days ago. I was very scared, but I was pleasantly surprised because everything went spectacularly well. I wanted to give a special thanks to Alondra, my assistant and the one who organized absolutely everything for me. Apart from everything, she took care of me and made me and my mother feel protected throughout this process. I recommend IXAlMED to everyone who wants to go to Turkey safely and calmly because they have incredible professionals.

Lumineers™ from $240
Veneers $215 - $253
Porcelain Veneers from $202
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Ortodent Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Ortodent Dental Clinic

Antalya, Turkey
4.9 from 28 verified reviews
They have surpassed all expectations of what I thought was possible with my old teethErika, UK, 13 09 22

After speaking with Dr Ece on the phone before I decided to go with Orto-dent for my treatment, I just knew they were the perfect dentists for me. She was so reassuring from day one before I arrived in Antalya. The communication I received prior to treatment was excellent and this relieved any anxiety I had about going to Turkey to have surgery. They did not just want to rip out my teeth or file them all down to points like most clinics recommended when I was searching the hundreds of clinics out there! They cared about the healthy teeth and found solutions for the others at a great price. I had 2 extractions, 4 implants placed, 15 emax veneers and 8 zirconia crowns at the back. Dr Ece and Dr Bugra are specialists within their fields, there literally is no problem too big for them. I must have been one of the most complicated patients ever with my cross-bite, awkward extraction (which even my NHS dentist would not attempt!) 2 infected teeth, the need for a bone graft, 2 dead teeth at the front of my smile from a previous accident and me wanting to get my new teeth lengthened so they showed more when I smiled. Well....nothing was too much trouble and they had a solution for everything. I was made to feel so incredibly welcome on my arrival and they genuinely care about you....really treat you like you have been their patient for years. Despite the fact that going to the dentist has never been a pleasant experience for me previously, I actually looked forward to the days when I was booked in for an appointment. This was purely down to the friendliness of the staff and I trusted that I was in the best possible hands. I am totally in love with my new smile and Dt. Ece and Dt.Bugra have given me my confidence back....which is life changing. They have surpassed all expectations of what I thought was possible with my old teeth. The only thing that makes me sad is that I cannot take them back to the UK with me to be my regular dentists. I cannot recommend Orto-dent enough and I loved the fact that it is a 3rd generation family dentist who have been there since 1985 so I can trust they will always be there when I want to go back to perform routine check-ups in the future. Local families choose Orto-dent and for an excellent reason...they really are the best. Thank you for all you have done for me.

Lumineers™ from $278
Veneers from $253
from 104 users
TrakyaDent Dental Health Center - Trakyadent Dental Health Center Featured

TrakyaDent Dental Health Center

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65673 Tekirdağ, Turkey
4.7 from 13 verified reviews
It can make a world of difference in your quality of lifeChloé, France, 04 10 23

I am immensely grateful for the dental prosthesis I received. It has truly transformed my life. Before getting my dental prosthesis, I struggled with eating, speaking, and even smiling confidently. But now, thanks to the expertise of my dentist and the quality of the prosthesis, I have regained my oral health and my self-esteem. The prosthesis fits so comfortably and seamlessly that I often forget I'm wearing it. It's incredibly lifelike in appearance and function, allowing me to enjoy all the foods I love and engage in conversations without hesitation. It's not just a dental appliance; it's a symbol of my renewed confidence. The process of getting my dental prosthesis was painless and straightforward. My dentist and their team were patient, attentive, and meticulous in their work. They listened to my concerns and preferences, ensuring that the prosthesis met my unique needs. If you're in a similar situation, I strongly encourage you to explore the option of a dental prosthesis. It can make a world of difference in your quality of life. I'm incredibly thankful for mine and the dental professionals who made it possible.

Laminate Veneer $298 - $471
No score yet
Medhera Health Travel - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Medhera Health Travel

(877) 304-0812 ext: 69941 Antalya, Turkey
**Welcome to MEDHERA HEALTH TRAVEL: Your Premier Destination for Health and Beauty in Turkey**At MEDHERA HEALTH TRAVEL, we understand that the journey to health and beauty is as important as the destination. Situated in the stunning city of Antalya, Turkey, our clinic, founded by the renowned Dr. Mehmet Bekir SEN, a luminary in aesthetic surgery, offers a sanctuary for those seeking excellence and value in their health. We specialize in a range of services designed to meet your aesthetic and medical needs, all delivered in a serene and healthy environment.  **Our Services: Tailored to Your Unique Journey** - **Aesthetic / Plastic Surgery:** Unveil your best self with our state-of-the-art aesthetic surgery options. From facelifts to body contouring, our skilled surgeons use the latest techniques to ensure natural and harmonious results. - **Obesity Surgery:** Transform your life with our comprehensive obesity surgery solutions with the latest technique. Our team of experts supports you every step of the way, from initial consultation to post-surgery care, helping you achieve and maintain your health goals. - **Hair Transplantation:** Rediscover your confidence with our advanced hair transplantation services. Utilizing cutting-edge methods like FUE and DHI, we ensure a natural look and minimally invasive procedures for your comfort. - **Genital Aesthetics:** Empower yourself with our discreet and sensitive genital aesthetic procedures. Our compassionate professio
Porcelain Veneers  
from 34 users
Rengarenk Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic - welcome to our clinicFeatured

Rengarenk Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 66564 ANTALYA, Turkey
Nevest technology in dental clinics refers to the use of advanced equipment and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of dental procedures. In our clinic, we offer a wide range of nevest technology services, including dental implants, crowns, and panoramic X-rays. Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. They consist of a small titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth, such as a crown. This technique offers a long-lasting and natural-looking solution for missing teeth, and can help to improve the patient's overall oral health. Crowns are another important service offered in our clinic. These are custom-made, tooth-shaped caps that are placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its function and appearance. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, and ceramic, and are designed to match the color and shape of the patient's natural teeth. Panoramic X-rays are a non-invasive way to get a full view of the patient's teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissues. This type of X-ray is particularly useful for identifying issues with the jaw and teeth, such as tumors, cysts, or impacted teeth. In addition to the above services, we also offer affordable prices for our patients, with a staff of 150 workers, we can provide VIP transfer service so that our patients can travel in comfort and style. We are committed to providing the highest quality dental c
Veneers e max from $3828
from 111 users
Global Dental Center Turkey - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Global Dental Center Turkey

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65387 Antalya, Turkey
5.0 from 16 verified reviews
The clinic was impeccably clean and the staff were incredibly professionalAndrew, UK, 04 04 23

I had an amazing experience - it felt like I was a VIP! Dr. Musa took care of everything for me from the moment I arrived in Antalya. The clinic was impeccably clean and the staff were incredibly professional. Thank you so much for everything.

Lumineers™ from $542
Porcelain Veneers from $217
Very Good
from 98 users
Taksim Park Dental - TaksimParkDental-profile-photoFeatured

Taksim Park Dental

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65172 Beyoglu, Turkey
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
I'm really satisfied with my new smileSam, Turkey, 28 09 22

I have done my Hollywood smile with emax veneer in Taksim Park dental. The result was so nice. I'm really satisfied with my new smile. The staff was professional and friendly. RECOMMEND İT.

Lumineers™ $200 - $271
Veneers $200 - $271
Porcelain Veneers $146 - $173
1 more treatment
from 66 users
Lara Smile - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Lara Smile

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65377 Antalya, Turkey
As Lara Smile Dental Clinic we follow the latest technologies developed around the world on oral and dental health and use them in our treatments. Our most important values are following and carrying out innovations in the sector as well as quality products, experienced staff and customer satisfaction. Lara Smile’s main features are: special personalized service for patients, appointment scheduling, payment planning, pre- and post-therapy briefings, hygiene and cleanliness, after therapy follow-ups, taking care of patient’s satisfaction and their comfort. Make your smile shine brightly!
E-max Veneers from $271
Lumineers™ from $303
2 more treatments
from 20 users
FindDoctor - Fertility Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(877) 304-0812 ext: 65410 Uskudar, Turkey
We provide healthcare services in Istanbul, TURKEY and here to help patients find, achieve and embrace their new ideal image of themselves and find a suitable doctor
Porcelain Veneers  
2 more treatments
from 55 users
Medoper - Antalya - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Medoper - Antalya

(877) 304-0812 ext: 65292 Antalya, Turkey
With all-around service from travel and planning to treatment and aftercare, we are with you every step of the way. We facilitate all aspects so that you can enjoy a worry-free treatment and holiday. The well-respected dentists are dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental care. By incorporating advanced technology into the treatments, all your restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs are met in the the convenient, state-of-the-art dental clinics in Antalya and Fethiye, Turkey.
E.Max Lumineer™ up to $244
E.Max Laminate Veneer up to $228
Zirconium Porcelain Veneer up to $173
from 445 users
Dental Care Croatia - Dental Clinic in CroatiaFeatured

Dental Care Croatia

(888) 848-7639 ext: 65482 Split, Croatia
4.6 from 14 verified reviews
Very happy with the quick treatmentMargriet, Australia, 16 11 23

We were on holiday in Croatia when a crown came undone. I looked online to find the dentist with the best reviews close to us and I walked into this clinic. To my surprise, I could be seen straight away. The crown was put back in. Very happy with the quick treatment.

Lumineers™ from $412
Veneers from $412
Porcelain Veneers from $412
Very Good
from 88 users
DentalAYS Dental Center - External view of our ClinicFeatured

DentalAYS Dental Center

(877) 304-0812 ext: 64439 Muratpaşa, Turkey
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
Everything went to plan with professionalismNoah, UK, 13 08 22

Best dental service I have ever experienced. Everything went to plan with professionalism. Just waiting for 3 months before I can complete my implants. Five stars.

Lumineers™ $209 - $335
E.max Veneers $209 - $335
Veneers $209 - $373
1 more treatment
from 585 users
Luxadent Dental Office - Johan Willemsens - Dental Clinic in BelgiumFeatured

Luxadent Dental Office - Johan Willemsens

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33687 Brussels, Belgium
4.7 from 61 verified reviews
It’s somewhere I will go back to and I highly recommend himSalvatore, Netherlands, 13 10 22

Dr Johan was very professional and did a brilliant job with my teeth bonding. He also gave me all the necessary information related to my insurance cover. It’s somewhere I will go back to and I highly recommend him.

In contrast to traditional veneers, LUMINEERS don’t require shots or drilling of sensitive tooth structure, and that means no pain. That’s because LUMINEERS are ultra-thin so they can be applied seamlessly over your existing teeth in only two easy visits to your dentist. 
Porcelain Veneers  
See lumineers
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