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Gozde International Dental - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Gozde International Dental

(202) 952-5487 Izmir, Turkey
For more information about Gozde International Dental in Izmir please contact the clinic.
Bone Graft  
Dentist Consultation  
Porcelain Veneers  
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Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dr.Cem Baysal - Implantology/Radiology Specialist

(202) 519-1393 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 144 verified reviews
The overall treatment was pain-freeOlga, UK, 29 10 19

This was the best, most comfortable and professional dental experience of my life. I’m very impressed by the clinical assessment and the clarity with which the options have been explained to me by Dr Baysal; this gave me full confidence I am in good hands. My treatment included complicated extractions with the removal of the cysts, 4x implants, bone grafts, 12x zirconia crowns, re-fills and 3D whitening. The pricing is transparent and clear so don’t expect any hidden costs (e.g. X-rays, study models, anaesthesia). The overall treatment was pain-free. I felt nothing - seriously, whatever magic numbing JUJU he uses is miraculous because I felt literally nothing and my face didn’t feel like it was sliding off my head, either. Really localized anaesthesia - well done! My bite finally feels normal and I can eat any food I like, which it never had since I'd had the crowns initially applied. I am thrilled and so do my friends and colleagues! Thank you very much to Dr Baysal and his amazing team for their care! P.S. This is my follow-up review from the one left on 01 February 2019.

Bone Graft from $205
Sometimes, we loose bones around teeth due to periodontitis. natural bone grafting helps us to recover lost bone.
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants from $614
Picture: straumann sl active implants and zirconia back side, laminated veneers lower front, alümina upper front, all made by procera Nobel. we use icx, astra, straumann sla and sl active implants. other trademarks are wellcome.
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Western Health Turkey - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Western Health Turkey

(202) 915-5548 İzmir, Turkey
5.0 from 8 verified reviews
I am very happy with my new teethJackie, UK, 13 07 22

I came western health for 28 zirconium crowns. Everything was so smooth. They picked me up from the airport and brought me to my hotel. The hotel was amazing! The dentist was very lovely and he is a professional. I am very happy with my new teeth.

Bone Graft $84 - $224
Dental Implants $112 - $505
Dental Crowns $28 - $112
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Novusklinik - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(202) 519-6047 Istanbul, Turkey
“Long-Lasting Aesthetic Results” Novusklinik has been serving in Istanbul Kadıköy and Kartal since 2009. The basic principle of our experienced and expert staff, who closely follow the developing dentistry technologies, is to ensure the health and comfort of our patients as soon as possible. Our clinics in Istanbul Kadıköy and Kartal consist of 15 treatment units, patient waiting and rest areas, sterilization units, tomography and panoramic x-ray units, and prosthetic units. Hygiene, comfort and ergonomics were prioritized in the design of all departments of our clinics. OUR VALUES: Ethical values ​​always come first for our institution. ·Cleaning and sterilization is the most important factor. We always take the measures to ensure the safety of both our employees and our patients at the highest level. ·We provide service with 100% patient health and happiness oriented working principles. All the treatments we apply consist of plans prepared to serve our patients for many years without any problems. ·With the experience we have accumulated since 2009 and today's technology that we constantly follow closely, we always provide healthy, safe and quality service to our patients. ·We serve with a dynamic and smiling staff, each of whom is an expert in their own field, well-educated, experienced, following the innovations. ·We create the most accurate medical plans for our patients, and use FDA-certified and proven medical materials. We offer fast and r
Bone Graft $205 - $241
Dental Implants $205 - $714
Porcelain Veneers $181 - $241
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Risus Medical - Risus Medical International HealtcareFeatured

Risus Medical

(202) 933-1551 Istanbul, Turkey
4.8 from 4 verified reviews
Thanks all for helping me regain my perfect smileMichelle, Turkey, 18 04 22

Lovely staff, very thorough. I got very helpful and competitive offers and solutions. At last I am in good hands to address all my dental issues in this most esteemed and caring Dental facility!! the UNIQUE care which professionalism and (the most important thing) ETHICS all together. Risus Medical Healthcare center - with all its staff members is the true place in Istanbul / Turkey. Thanks all for helping me regain my perfect smile! Cheers!

Bone Graft $140 - $381
Dental Implants $208 - $334
Dental Crowns $90 - $157
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Natural Clinic Dental - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Natural Clinic Dental

(202) 517-0268 Bakırköy, Turkey
Thanks to 15 years of experience, Natural Clinic is considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy aesthetic centers in Turkey. Patients from multiple nationalities have had excellent experiences with us. Our clinic provides patients with an all-inclusive and comfortable journey. We arrange accommodation, transportation, medical consultations, communication, and translation to help our patients get a comfortable and smooth experience. Natural Clinic offers several plastic procedures adopting the latest and newest medical approaches. We similarly perform cosmetic, dental, and hair transplant treatments with the hands of professional doctors and well-trained staff. Therefore, we offer the most advanced professional expertise to our patients, along with the cutting-edge technology approved and available in the field. We also carefully organize and follow the pre and post-operation experiences of our clients to ensure them a smooth operational and recovery period. Our team engages in helping patients to get a pleasant stay in Turkey and get life-changing results.
Bone Graft $409 - $8187
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $297 - $1023
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Dental Excellence Turkey - Our TeamFeatured

Dental Excellence Turkey

(202) 864-2101 Antalya, Turkey
4.8 from 6 verified reviews
The clinic is lovely and spotlessly clean, all the staff are lovelyRonald, UK, 24 03 22

I have just returned from turkey after having implants all on six on my upper and lower jaw. The service I received was excellent. Sonege organised my treatment plan and appointments for me as well as accommodation and picking me up from the airport. The clinic is lovely and spotlessly clean, all the staff are lovely. The surgery was a little bit uncomfortable but it was something that desperately needing doing. I would highly recommend dental excellence. Looking forward to going back in 4-6 months time to finish my treatment. I hope my second visit will be as excellent as the first.

Bone Graft $133 - $267
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $461 - $788
Dental Implant is a screw which is made of titanium to replace the root of a tooth. In dentistry, dental implants are used to replace both, a single tooth or multiple teeth. An attachment called an ‘abutment’ is connected to the dental implants after the healing process is over. The abutments are used to attach a dental crown, bridge, or removable denture to the implants.
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Perla Dental Centre - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Perla Dental Centre

Muratpaşa / Antalya, Turkey
4.9 from 19 verified reviews
The temporary teeth look and feel amazingClaudia, UK, 02 04 22

My treatment is not over but I really want to share my wonderful impressions of the Perla Dental Clinic in Antalya. I am grateful to Orhan who helped with the translation into English and with all the questions that we had ( and we had lots, me and my wife ). If you have a fear/phobia/trauma of a dentist here you will have surgery with sedation or full anaesthesia and all the support and kindness that you need. The doctors working here are real specialists in their field. Dr Onur and his team did the plan for me. I had lots of implants (10), extractions (5), bone grafting and sinus lifts. The Implantologist Dr Mehmet Can Kilinçaslan has extraordinary skills, precision and experience, all his work has been outstanding. The temporary teeth look and feel amazing thank you, Dr Fuat Biter. I am very grateful for all the work done. (and it wasn't an easy one). ;I look forward to having my final teeth. All the best, see you soon.

Bone Graft $512 - $819
(In Perla Sinus Lift is performed by Specialist Dental Surgeons)A bone graft is a surgical procedure to repair, or rebuild, bones through the transplantation of bone tissue. By transplanting healthy bone tissue we can recreate bone and supporting tissues that are missing.When is Bone Grafting Necessary?Bone grafting is a technique that is required when a patient does not have a sufficient amount of healthy natural bones in his or her mouth that are capable of supporting the dental implants. This deficiency of natural bones can be caused by: Development Defects Gum Disease Face Injury or Trauma Empty Space After Teeth Were Removed
Dental Implants $461 - $921
(NOTE: In Perla Dental Implants performed by a Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon-Implanthologist)A dental implant itself is a titanium screw that is placed directly into your jawbone, replacing your missing tooth root. After it’s fitted, the bone surrounding your implant will gradually fuse to it, holding the implant firmly in place. A false tooth (a crown or denture) is then fitted to the top of the implant. The false tooth or teeth are similar in shape, size and colour to your existing teeth, meaning your implant will blend in naturally with your smile.
Dentures $768 - $1535
(In Perla we create the Dentures with High Quality of Materials.)How do dentures work? There are three solutions available: Implant retained dentures are a more permanent solution for partial or complete dentures. Denture stabilisation uses implants to secure overdentures in place. Implants are small titanium screws that are placed permanently in the jawbone and act in place of your tooth’s natural root. The implant provides a fixed, permanent anchor onto which your overdentures can be secured.Complete dentures replace a full arch if you have lost all of your teeth. An acrylic plastic base, coloured to match your gums, with a full set of teeth usually made from resin, fits over your own gums. Perla's dentist will take precise measurements of your mouth, which will be given to Our dental technician who will custom-make your dentures so that they fit snugly over your gums and jawbone. Your dentist will make sure your dentures are comfortable, and advise you on how to clean them and the best methods for keeping them securely in place. Partial dentures replace one or more teeth, and are used if you still have some of your own teeth. The replacement teeth are specially created to fit the gaps you have, and to blend in with your remaining teeth. These are fixed to a metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth to hold in place.
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TOWER DENTAL CLINIC - Tower Dental ClinicFeatured


(202) 932-9170 ISTANBUL, Turkey
4.9 from 9 verified reviews
The doctor is very professional and the clinic is organized very wellIbrahim, Ireland, 22 01 22

First class treatment. Dr. Ertan Etemoglu is very professional and the clinic is organized very well. I would recommend the clinic to anyone who values ​​friendly, caring and quality treatment.

Bone Graft from $3639
Dental Implants $462 - $693
Dental Crowns $173 - $238
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Platinum Ağız Ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği (Platinum Dental Clinics) - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured
5.0 from 4 verified reviews
First-class specialists and modern dental facilitiesRezwan, UK, 11 05 22

Traveling to Turkey for dental treatment? I would definitely recommend Platinum dental clinic in Istanbul after searching on Google for 2 days and talking on WhatsApp with so many different clinics. I have found Platinum not only offers a large selection of first-class specialists and modern dental facilities, but also attractive treatment packages that are specially geared towards international patients. Together with the low cost of dental treatment, I would like to thank Dr Hamed and his team for bringing back our smile and life me and my wife are very happy to choose Platinum and have our laser tooth whitening done. Will definitely be back!

Bone Graft $154 - $188
Some time it is needed in implant operation to support the implant in the jaw.
Dentist Consultation free
Porcelain Veneers $162 - $245
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ANDEPOL (Antalya Dental Polyclinic) - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

ANDEPOL (Antalya Dental Polyclinic)

(202) 952-2595 MURATPAŞA, Turkey
5.0 from 1 verified review
The doctor who did my treatment is highly qualified and experiencedMohammad, Turkey, 27 07 22

The doctor who did my treatment is highly qualified and experienced. She did surgery and cleaned my teeth. I need to come again for 2nd treatment in a few months' time. Cost can be 25% higher than the estimated cost due to the tax and other administrative cost.

Bone Graft from $133
Dentist Consultation free
Veneers from $146
23 more treatments
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Medoper - Antalya - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Medoper - Antalya

(202) 968-1946 Antalya, Turkey
With all-around service from travel and planning to treatment and aftercare, we are with you every step of the way. We facilitate all aspects so that you can enjoy a worry-free treatment and holiday. The well-respected dentists are dedicated to providing the highest-quality dental care. By incorporating advanced technology into the treatments, all your restorative and cosmetic dentistry needs are met in the the convenient, state-of-the-art dental clinics in Antalya and Fethiye, Turkey.
Bone Grafting (per cc) up to $184
Dental Implants
Straumann Implant w/ Abutment up to $609
NTA Dental Implant w/ Abutment up to $358
26 more treatments
1 other location in Turkey for Medoper - Antalya
Medoper - Fethiye

Medoper - Fethiye

(202) 968-2141 Babataşı, Mustafa Kemal Blv. No:102, Fet
from 951 users
Ortodent Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Ortodent Dental Clinic

(202) 952-9691 Antalya, Turkey
4.9 from 19 verified reviews
They were very responsive in communicating the detailsHamid, US, 05 07 21

My partner and I inquired about our dental treatment with the Ortodent clinic in Antalya. They were very responsive in communicating the details. Upon our visit to the clinic, they arranged rapid visitation to finish the work within 10 days. We are pleased with the results, however, we found out the costs were much higher relative to the Turkish dental work market. We recommend this clinic strongly.

Bone Graft from $205
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $563 - $1023
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ESMEDİCANA - EsmedicanaFeatured


(202) 935-9162 ANTALYA, Turkey
4.6 from 4 verified reviews
The techniques and quality of the doctors are very high, I'd definitely recommendYAYA, Turkey, 09 02 22

I'd like to thanks Esmedicana team for my professional Hollywood smile dental treatment. The techniques and quality of the doctors are very high, I'd definitely recommend. The team make sure if I'm fine or not during all the process. they work depending on customer satisfaction. Thank you once again.

Bone Graft
1 Membrane $210 - $229
1cc Graft $259 - $274
Dentist Consultation free
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Can Hospitals Group - Dentistry Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Can Hospitals Group - Dentistry Clinic

(202) 952-9095 Izmir, Turkey
Izmir Private Can Hospital was founded in Turkey, Manisa in 2002 by specialist doctors with the vision of "making positive innovations in individual and social health". Salihli Private Can Hospital received the TÜV-CERT Quality Certificate in 2008, and in 2016, it gained a respectable place in the region as the "Reference Hospital" with a bed capacity of 127 patients. On December 20, 2017, Can Health Group decided to expand its service area with its vision and brought it to Izmir Turkey, which already captures the future of healthcare today. Private Izmir Can Hospital provides service with its 9 operating rooms, 32 adult intensive care units, 95 bed capacity and 350 employees. Your health is top priority. Izmir Private Can Hospital, whose largest capital is human, integrates world-class advanced technology with the knowledge and experience of specialist doctors, and says, "It is not a health center, it is the New Center of Health." A healthy tomorrow with our understanding of being reliable, approaching with love and respect, adhering to medical and social ethical values, sensitive to the environment and aware of its social responsibilities, closely following the innovations in science and technology, and perpetuating the development "It is possible with you!" On our journey that we started with this philosophy, we are now the CAN of the whole world with our health tourism department serving all countries in the world.  We are working to give you a stronger ser
Bone Graft  
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $307 - $614
13 more treatments
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Dentinantalya, Manavgat - Halile KemikciogluFeatured

Dentinantalya, Manavgat

(202) 804-9328 Antalya, Turkey
4.7 from 21 verified reviews
Over the moon with the resultsJulie, UK, 14 05 22

I had 10 implants fitted full set of teeth top and bottom and veneers. Over the moon with the results. Would highly recommend this clinic to anybody the service and the price was fantastic, I've made a friend.

Bone Graft from $152
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants
Dental Implants $485 - $970
36 more treatments
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