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What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening also called power whitening is a teeth whitening procedure performed at dental or aesthetic clinics. A gum protection appliance is placed in the mouth and a bleaching agent is painted on the teeth. A laser beam is focused on the chemical to activate the chemical bleaching agent and to whiten teeth.  The treatment usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Some patients may need to repeat the procedure once or twice.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening safe and effective?

Laser Teeth Whitening is safer and more effective than most other types of tooth whitening. It is always performed at a clinic by a professional. The procedure can lighten teeth by up to twelve shades. The gums are protected before the procedure is performed. Side effects are rare or non-existent.

Is Laser Teeth Whitening painful?

Some patients feel tooth sensitivity during the Laser Teeth Whitening procedure. Professionals will ask patients to raise their hand if they feel uncomfortable. They will stop the session immediately. Laser Teeth Whitening is not performed under sedation.

How long does recovery after Laser Teeth Whitening take?

Patients who feel sensitivity or pain after laser teeth whitening will recover within two days or a week.

How do I care for my teeth after Laser Teeth Whitening?

Patients should avoid food that is likely to stain their teeth for at least two days after Laser Teeth Whitening. They should avoid smoking for at least two days. They should take prescribed medications correctly. They should not use coloured toothpastes or coloured mouth rinses for a few days. They should brush and floss their teeth frequently and maintain good dental hygiene.

What are the alternatives to Laser Teeth Whitening?

Alternatives to Laser Teeth Whitening include teeth whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses, teeth whitening strips and custom made teeth whitening trays, which can be used at home.

We have all the information you need about public and private dental clinics that provide laser teeth whitening in the Americas. Compare all the dentists and contact the laser teeth whitening clinic in the Americas that's right for you.

Laser Teeth Whitening prices from $150 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Choose from 230 Laser Teeth Whitening Clinics in the Americas with 931 verified patient reviews.

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South Dental Center - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured

South Dental Center

(805) 317-7746 Los Algodones Baja California, Mexico
4.8 from 5 verified reviews
Treated me with the best professionals I've encounteredTaz, US, 06 08 22

South Dental treated me with kind and gentle hands. The whole staff was concerned about my pain and treated me with the best professionals I've encountered. Zhid will make sure needs are 100% met. I recommend the next visit you see Zhid!

Laser Teeth Whitening $300 - $500
"At South Dental Center, we offer cutting-edge Laser Whitening Therapy to elevate your smile to its brightest potential. Our advanced laser technology enhances the effectiveness of professional teeth whitening for quick and stunning results. During Laser Whitening Therapy at South Dental Center, our skilled team utilizes precision lasers to activate and enhance the teeth whitening process. This targeted approach ensures a more efficient removal of stains and discoloration, revealing a noticeably brighter and more vibrant smile. If you're seeking a swift and effective teeth whitening solution, schedule a consultation at South Dental Center. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional results through Laser Whitening Therapy, helping you achieve a confident and radiant smile with minimal discomfort and downtime."
Teeth Whitening from $170
"At South Dental Center, we specialize in brightening smiles with our Teeth Whitening services. If you desire a whiter and more radiant smile, our skilled team offers professional teeth whitening treatments that deliver noticeable results. During a Teeth Whitening session at South Dental Center, our advanced whitening techniques safely and effectively lift stains and discoloration from your teeth, revealing a brighter and rejuvenated smile. Whether you prefer an in-office treatment or a take-home option, we provide personalized solutions to enhance the natural beauty of your teeth. Trust our experienced team at South Dental Center for professional and reliable Teeth Whitening services. Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals for a whiter smile, and let us help you achieve a confident and luminous appearance."
Home Whitening Kits from $150
"At South Dental Center, we empower you to achieve a brighter smile from the comfort of your home with our Home Whitening Kits. Our customized kits provide a convenient and effective solution for teeth whitening, allowing you to enhance your smile at your own pace. Each Home Whitening Kit from South Dental Center includes professional-grade whitening gel and custom-fitted trays, ensuring a safe and personalized experience. Our team will guide you on proper usage and offer ongoing support to help you achieve optimal results. Experience the convenience and flexibility of teeth whitening with our Home Whitening Kits. Schedule a consultation at South Dental Center to discuss your goals for a whiter smile, and let us provide you with a customized kit tailored to your unique needs."
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CAD/CAM Cosmetic Technology, Dental Artistry Dental Center - Dr.Rene Rosas,Dra.Nadia CortezFeatured

CAD/CAM Cosmetic Technology, Dental Artistry Dental Center

(866) 260-4253 Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
4.8 from 55 verified reviews
Will be backDaniel, US, 06 02 24

Good people good environment fair prices great dentist. Will be back

Laser Teeth Whitening
Laser Teeth Whitening $150 - $200
What is laser teeth whitening all about ?Laser teeth whitening (also known as light-activated teeth whitening) is one of the newest - and more expensive - methods available for teeth whitening. Laser treatment involves using a beam of special laser light on the desired areas of the mouth. Laser teeth whitening is popular because the procedure only takes an hour, and results can be seen instantly. The treatment begins by using bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide gel or carbamide peroxide gel on the tooth enamel. The gel is then activated using a controlled laser light. The result is a faster, more effective procedure with results of up to a 10 shade improvement. Below are the top three laser/light-activated teeth whitening procedures available on the market: Zoom –The Zoom tooth whitening system by Discus Dental Inc. is very popular - thanks to aggressive marketing and a nationwide network of participating dentists. Their hydrogen peroxide based method has a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and an activator. The gel is mixed with the activator to form a bleaching system of 25% hydrogen peroxide with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5. The system uses a mercury metal halide light within the range of 350-400nm. 
Laser Teeth Whitening $180 - $250
Teeth Whitening $170 - $200
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Nucleo Dental - Dr. Ernesto Moran Featured

Nucleo Dental

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico
4.8 from 51 verified reviews
The staff greeted me with a smile and answered all my questionsHerman, US, 20 01 24

Very impressive is the word I chose. So impressive with the entire operation. From the start to the final walkout. I'm from the US, I called and made the appointment, and they suggested several hotels or a meeting place. The driver called me to let me know he was on the way, very friendly and opened the doors. The staff greeted me with a smile and answered all my questions. Then I was called to see the dentist. Again so impressive, she took her time going over the procedure, stated it was going to take some additional hours for my first set of dentures, and in the meantime, a driver would take me to the mall for lunch, which he came back to pick me back up and back to my appointment. Everything fit well. He took us back to the hotel and waited for the final dentures. The driver picked us up, the dentist made adjustments and said if I had any issues it would be a lifetime guarantee. I had a small issue which I called, they picked me up adjustments were made. Very happy, very satisfied, very impressed. Hope this helps you make your decision.

Laser Teeth Whitening  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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Denti Vitale Especialidades Dentales - Dr. Luis Grisolia. DDS, FICOI,FICD.Featured

Denti Vitale Especialidades Dentales

(888) 848-7639 ext: 63857 Guatemala, Guatemala
4.9 from 10 verified reviews
I am happy with the resultsIffat, US, 11 04 22

I had a really great experience at Denti Vitale. The facility is very clean. It was no fuss. I had composite fillings put on to my front teeth. I had many dentist tell me no, that I need canine to canine veneers. I did not want to get veneers because your teeth are shaven down when you get veneers. Denti did not question or oppose my wishes. The procedure was also very quick, all done within 30 minutes. I am happy with the results. I will most likely come back here when it is time to redo them.

Laser Teeth Whitening $350 - $450
This treatment include Dental Cleaning 
Teeth Whitening $150 - $200
Internal Tooth Bleaching  
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Simply Dental - Mexicali - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured

Simply Dental - Mexicali

(805) 876-9427 Mexicali, Mexico
Hello, we are Simply Dental, a recognized modern world-class practice now in Mexicali, that offers exceptional high-quality dentistry at affordable prices". We’re proud of all our awards, lovely patient feedback, and countless 5-star reviews, quickly becoming one of the most important locations for Dental Tourism in Mexico, especially for Americans, that don’t have dental insurance. Patients can expect to save 50-75% in dental treatments.  At Simply Dental we believe that excellent care in dentistry means meeting and then exceeding our patient´s expectations by providing the most personalized quality care in a relaxed and stress- free environment with the most advanced equipment, materials and techniques. Our relationship with our patients is a partnership, where we listen to our patient´s needs, so we can focus on the optimum customer care. Our expert team bring a wealth of dental excellence in experience and very high standards of professional qualification to enhance your dental treatment experience to deliver the highest possible standards of customer care.  We’re happy to introduce our in-house dental laboratory, only 3% of dental offices have an in-house dental laboratory, a true advantage especially helpful when creating complex dental rehabilitations. Also, it is critical when matching dental ceramics with natural teeth.  Outstanding total dental care under one roof.
Laser Teeth Whitening from $200
Teeth Whitening from $200
In aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental treatment that manages to reduce the original color of the teeth by several shades, leaving teeth whiter and brighter.
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Dental Implantology Unit at CMA Hospital - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured
5.0 from 12 verified reviews
The dentist and his staff were all so professional and helpful with every aspect of my treatmentsBindi, Canada, 10 03 23

I have been having dental treatments with Dr Peniche for a few years now. From numerous crowns and dental implants I keep coming back to him because of his professionalism, his commitment to provide the best care and options available for his patients. In the beginning he insisted my teeth needed to be straightened, a process that would take somewhere around 18 months to 2 years. As I was nearly 70 I decided that I didn’t want to do this so eventually he agreed to work with what I had and would try to tidy up my smile the best that was possible. So crowns were done to even out the teeth that needed treatment, then implants were used where there were multiple teeth involved. As I was coming from out of the country he always made every attempt to accommodate my travel plans. He and his staff were all so professional and helpful with every aspect of my treatments. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He has done an excellent job in a difficult situation. Best wishes to Dr Peniche and staff. Thank you again.

Laser Teeth Whitening $180 - $200
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants $750 - $850
We specialize in the the All-on-4® treatment  providing edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on four implants on the day of surgery. This quickly leads to improved patient satisfaction – with regards to function, esthetics, sense, speech, and self-esteem.
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Dental Office Puerto Vallarta - Dra Lety Armas Featured

Dental Office Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
4.6 from 44 verified reviews
The staff was greatJohn, US, 07 11 22

Everyone was very professional. Everything went very smoothly. The staff was great. The cost was what I expected. Loved the music. Great job ladies.

Laser Teeth Whitening from $180
Teeth Whitening  
This whitening process is made with a hydrogen-peroxide formula. If you want your teet whitened, first you will need an appointment for a cleaning. At this appointment the Doctor will also take a model of your teeth for some guards to be made for you to use at home. In your second appointment the Doctor will apply a high concentration of carbamida peroxide and it will be explained to you how to use the guardas with a whitening product at your home at night. This procedure is not recommended for people with intrinsic pigmentation or dental hypersensitivity; in these cases porcelain veneers are a better option.
1 other location in Mexico for Dra Leticia Armas Tejeda
Grupo Odontologico Integral

Grupo Odontologico Integral

Riviera Nayarit, Mega Flamingos, Nuevo V
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Pacific Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in PanamaFeatured

Pacific Dental Clinic

Panama City, Panama
4.8 from 39 verified reviews
They were able to get me taken care of quickly and near painlessPete, US, 17 08 23

Dr Monica and Dr Moises got me in quickly for a sudden root canal due to a cracked tooth and multiple cavities to be filled, all under anesthesia. They were able to get me taken care of quickly and near painless, they also did an excellent job cleaning up my teeth and at a great price. My entire family will be scheduling all of our appointments to get our dental work done with them, I'd highly recommend them to anyone in need of dental services in Panama City!

Laser Teeth Whitening  
Teeth Whitening up to $500
Internal Tooth Bleaching  
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Very Good
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Clinica de Especialidades HyL Studio Dental - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured

Clinica de Especialidades HyL Studio Dental

(805) 800-8904 Matamoros, Mexico
4.9 from 9 verified reviews
Fantastic job, would seriously 100% recommend itDavid, US, 20 11 23

These guys are professional beyond belief. Initially, I thought this was different than any USA dentist, they are not recommending/pushing Xray or anything. They are better than that ---they pointed out all my 'problem areas' and I was able to pick -- I want those cavities filled, leave that, and I also want a polished and clean. They worked with me, I had a crown, two fillings, and a full cleaning and polishing. Fantastic job, would seriously 100% recommend it. This seems odd to say, but the tech these guys have is way beyond the US-based dentist in the area of tech.

Laser Teeth Whitening $180 - $220
Teeth Whitening  
Home Whitening Kits $320 - $360
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Dental del Rio - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured

Dental del Rio

(805) 774-1817 Los Algodones, Mexico
4.9 from 8 verified reviews
I am so pleased and by the way, it was less than a quarter of the priceAlbert, US, 27 07 23

Well there is much I can say about this dental place we found this in TikTok and decided to come and see for myself. I had estimates in California for $45000.00 and was in pain I came to get a 4th opinion but was amazed of there facilities and doctors they really helped me out got all my work done in March 2023 here and have been so pleased. Everyone that know me know how I feel about dentist but here you will get first-class services and the same materials that they use in California. I feel like a new man with my perfect teeth now. Don’t let the words Mexico scare you. I am so pleased and by the way, it was less than a quarter of the price. Yes yes, we are so happy my wife is getting her work done today as I am posting this. Give them a call thank you dr Hiram and of course. The receptionist Alex. Cesar was so understanding on our budget he help us with all he could. If there was more stars I would not hesitate to give them more. The place is immaculately clean. They even have a free shuttle to pick us up what a great place. Call them you won’t be sorry

Laser Teeth Whitening $160 - $170
Teeth Whitening $150 - $160
Very Good
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Dental Solutions - Dental Clinic in MexicoFeatured

Dental Solutions

(805) 669-9099 Los Algodones, Mexico
4.7 from 9 verified reviews
Good service and good quality. I will go againMark, US, 15 12 18

I had two front teeth capped. Good service and good quality. I will go again (when it is time).

Partial from $480
Post core and build up from $95
Chemical Teeth Whitening from $180
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Paulino Almonte Dental Team - Dental Clinic in Dominican RepublicFeatured

Paulino Almonte Dental Team

(202) 998-7004 Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic
4.8 from 3 verified reviews
My results were amazingClara, US, 03 08 23

My experience with Dr. Paulino was extraordinary. I was looking for a doctor for a Bichectomy and when I found Dr. Paulino I didn't think twice, I knew instantly that he was in good hands. His entire staff is kind and attentive. Everything from the beginning was so easy with them. Dr. Paulino definitely loves his work, you can feel the passion with which he does this. He takes care of his patients and cares so much that his work is perfectly fine. Meeting Dr. Paulino and his entire team was the best. I felt confident all the time, he always gave me security and confidence, he is a friendly, respectful, humble and very conscientious person. My results were amazing. undoubtedly Dr. Paulino from now on will be my favorite doctor. I definitely recommend him.

Laser Teeth Whitening from $300
Teeth Whitening from $250
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Clinica Odontoliuzzi - Dr Natalia LiuzziFeatured

Clinica Odontoliuzzi

(888) 848-7639 ext: 29622 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Clinica Odontoliuzzi is a humanised and multidisciplinary dentistry clinic located in Rio de Janeiro. They offer specialised cosmetic dentistry and oral care services with advanced equipment and strict biosafety protocols. With their own dental lab, they can provide comprehensive treatments quickly.
Laser Teeth Whitening $162 - $363
Teeth Whitening $162 - $363
Home Whitening Kits $121 - $202
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Prof. Dr. Rowan Vilar - Dental Implants and Venners Specialist - Dr Rowan VilarFeatured

Prof. Dr. Rowan Vilar - Dental Implants and Venners Specialist

(877) 304-0812 ext: 18308 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5.0 from 22 verified reviews
I highly recommend visitingJack, UK, 19 08 22

Dr. Rowan is a phenomenal dentist who cares about his patients. I highly recommend visiting him!

Clareamento a Laser / Teeth Whitening $242 - $1009
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening $162 - $606
Clareamento / branqueamento/ Teeth Whitening $242 - $1009
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Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys - Dental Clinic in ColombiaFeatured

Sonrisa Perfecta Dental - Dr. Tarsys Loayza Roys

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79482 Cartagena, Colombia
4.8 from 5 verified reviews
ExcellentCarmen, Colombia, 01 05 22

Excellent. The best dentist in Cartagena Colombia. Quality premium. Guaranteed. Dr Tarsys Loayza DOCTOR recommended.

Laser Teeth Whitening  
Teeth Whitening
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation  
1 more treatment
from 44 users
Cabo Velas Dental Group - Marcela Porras DDSFeatured

Cabo Velas Dental Group

(877) 304-0812 ext: 39958 Santa Cruz, Costa Rica
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
Nice service, clean and pretty officeAlexandre, Costa Rica, 24 01 24

Nice service, clean and pretty office. Well-informed dentist; fluent in English.

Laser Teeth Whitening  
Internal Tooth Bleaching  
Home Whitening Kits  
2 more treatments
Very Good
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Smiles Peru - Dental Clinic in PeruFeatured

Smiles Peru

(888) 848-7639 ext: 74417 Miraflores, Peru
5.0 from 17 verified reviews
Very professional, wonderful staff and first-class dental treatmentJames, Peru, 11 02 20

What a wonderful experience. This is my fourth and final visit and I had major dental work completed with ease. Very professional, wonderful staff and first-class dental treatment. The apartment they provided was awesome. I wish I would have had this done years ago. Very pleased with the results. 5 stars to smiles Peru team!

Laser Teeth Whitening from $260
Teeth Whitening from $260
Zoom! Teeth Whitening from $260
Smiles Peru offers Philips Zoom! Whitening, the world's most popular teeth whitening system, at our Lima dental clinic. Zoom Frequently Asked Questions What is Zoom tooth whitening? Zoom is a bleaching process that lightens the discolouration of your teeth by up to 8 shades in only one hour. How long does Zoom whitening take? The complete procedure takes about an hour and a half. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed by about an hour of whitening. What will I experience during the Zoom procedure? During the procedure, you will be comfortably watching television on our flat-screen TV or listening to music with our noise-cancelling headphones.
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