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What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure where localized fat is broken up and sucked out of the body.  Liposuction is performed by making small incisions in the body in order to insert a thin tube, or cannula, through the incision into localized fat deposits between the skin and muscle of the patient. A suction pump or syringe is then used to suck out localized fat deposits.

What is the recovery time after Liposuction?

Recovery time after liposuction is usually one to two weeks, depending on the area of the body and the amount of localized fat sucked out.  You will see the end results of Liposuction within one to four months after the procedure.

Is Liposuction Painful?

Liposuction is painful but most surgeons perform the procedure under general anaesthesia to ensure that patients don’t feel pain. They also prescribe painkillers for relieving pain after surgery.

Is Liposuction Permanent?

The liposuction procedure permanently removes localized fat. The patient’s body will retain its contour after liposuction, provided the patient does not gain weight.

What is Non-Surgical Liposuction?

Liposuction procedures that do not use injections or incisions are called non-surgical liposuction procedures. These procedures are performed using laser energy, ultrasound, cryotherapy or radiofrequency.

Liposuction Recovery Tips?

Following the doctor’s post-procedure instructions helps patients to recover quickly and effectively after a liposuction procedure. These will include taking sufficient rest, taking prescribed anti-biotics and pain-killers and wearing compression garments correctly. The patient should also start moving as soon as possible to prevent blood clots but should avoid strenuous activities for at least a month.

We have all the information you need about public and private plastic surgery clinics that provide liposuction in Asia. Compare all the plastic surgeons and contact the liposuction clinic in Asia that's right for you.

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Pitangui Medical & Beauty - Plastic Surgery Clinic in South KoreaFeatured

Pitangui Medical & Beauty

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79426 Seoul, South Korea
Rating from 35 Reviews It is perfect !Mégane, France, 02 03 17

I had (at the same time) nose surgery, and stomach/back/love handles liposuccion. I was surprised that I felt no pain at all for my nose. Dr Yoo also had too take some cartilage behind my ear, and I felt NOTHING. The liposuccion was quite painful (the bruises, not the stitches), but the result totally worth the pain. It was two weeks ago, and people keep telling me that I am slimmer than before. For the price, it is perfect ! I chose Pitangui because I saw quite good reviews on this "older" clinic. I was looking for a place when I will be able to be a better myself, and not some kind of stranger with dramatic changes. And it's what I have. Dr Yoo did magical things, as you see NOTHING outside my nose, and the stitches for the liposuccion are in "invisible" areas. I came back to my home, and nobody, except the people that already knew, saw something. Moreover, the staff is really kind, and patient. They look for everything, in order to make you leave with the best health you could imagine - I had more blood tests and blood pressure reviews than in a whole year haha. It's very relieving, since I was alone there. I would totally recommend Pitangui for people who want something great, and be able to recognize themselves at the same time. For people who want to have people around them during the whole process.

Tummy Tuck  
Fat Transfer  
4.8 / 5  Outstanding
from 715 votes
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Shens Clinic - Singapore Plastic Surgeon- Dr ShensFeatured

Shens Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 42922 Singapore, Singapore
Rating from 3 Reviews My visit to here is always warmLow, Singapore, 12 02 17

I used to have a pair of small droopy eyes. I wanted to change and look better after having a traumatised negative event lately that causes a horrible impact for me. Then, i wanted to change myself. I look for dr shens and he given me ptosis and double eyelids treatment which really change my eyes alot. It is bigger and it look natural. He is really a very good surgeon doctor. Thus, i strongly believe he can change me into some better. Furthermore, i'll still choose look up for him for more kind of other treatment in near future. I choose this clinic because i saw it online and the price here is reasonable, so i ecided to take up. My visit to here is always warm, the dr and soncultant here are also friendly. I BELIEVE this is a clinic you guys still want to look for , for a better change in yourself

High Definition Vaser Liposuction (Columbia Method, Athlete Looking Results) from $7548
VASER Lipo™ from $7254
Tummy Tuck from $11656
2 more treatments
4.6 / 5  Outstanding
from 2,479 votes
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Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center - DO DINH HUNG - PHD, DDSFeatured

Dr. Hung & Associates Dental Center

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79355 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Rating from 277 Reviews I will definitely be recommending to others and if I need further work done I will returnGlynis, Australia, 23 03 19

I was a little apprehensive at having 11 crowns plus a couple of porcelain inlays in a week but was very quickly put at ease with the high level of care & professionalism by all the staff here. Dr Tai was amazing! I will definitely be recommending HD dental centre to others and if I need further work done I will return.

Liposuction $2500 - $5000
Fat Transfer $2500 - $4000
Neck Liposuction $1500 - $2500
4 more treatments
4.4 / 5  Excellent
from 4,316 votes
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Asia Cosmetic Hospital - Plastic Surgery Clinic in ThailandFeatured

Asia Cosmetic Hospital

(424) 543-8105 Nontaburee, Thailand
Rating from 33 Reviews Professional from start to finish and operates like well oiled machinesCraig, Thailand, 18 03 17

I have just finished having liposuction on the butt and flanks with Asia cosmetic hospital. Here is my review. Before arrival: I highly recommend requesting to talk with Jeab from there sales department, she's very professional and down to earth, I sent my enquiry to a variety of hospitals in Thailand and she was the first to respond and offered me the best solutions for what I was trying to achieve. After going back and forward via phone and email, I booked my appointment and flight, and Jeab arranged everything based on the dates given. Arrival at the airport: Jeab had organised a staff member to collect me from the airport which was really appreciated (nothing worse then trying to navigate a giant city after flying for 15 hours). Jeab arranged a really nice hotel close to the hospital (mida hotel) and she made the reservation on my behalf which made the room rate 50% cheaper then booking outside of Thailand (can't beat saving $$) lol. She also offered me some other hotels which were cheaper, but when you've had surgery, i personally would put comfort and conviniance first, but for the budget conscious Jeab can try and work in with your budget. Initial consultation After staying in the hotel overnight Jeab had me picked up from the hotel and brought to the hospital for consultation. The reception area is clean and modern and run like a well oiled machine. Before visiting the doctor I was given a variety of forms to fill in detailing my previous medical history, and my goals I wanted to achieve etc. It's more detailed then most western hospitals I visited and made me feel confident I was in professional hands. After filling out the forms etc, I was taken to see the doctor who was a welcoming guy who actually smiled and laughed (its funny to see a human doctor). It was a lightning fast consultation, which some people may not like but for me, i can tell this guy has done so many operations he just knows what to ask and gets on with the job. After my consultation and paying for the surgery (make sure you bring Thai baht or credit card, I brought USD because that's what I was quoted in prior to arrival in Thailand ) I was taken for blood tests and chest X-rays and that was the fastest blood test and X-ray I've ever had in my life.. great service in Thailand compared to western hospitals. After the blood and chest X-ray I was taken to my hospital room which was really first class, very clean and light. The Surgery After waiting in my room for 2 hours my scheduled surgery time arrived - 3pm the same day as my consultation, which is pretty amazing.. can you imagine getting a consultation, blood works and surgery in 1 day in a western country? Lol I walked from my room to the operating room in a set of hospital pyjamas and jumped the surgery table. The room was very modern, sterile and looked just like any western facility. One of the doctors in there spoke English, and let me know what was happening as they were sticking needles in me etc. After a few minutes the lights went out, and upon waking up I had 2 doctors around me in the recovery room giving me the usual shake and telling me to wake up. After getting my conscious thoughts back together, the nurse put a bag in front of me and said 3kg.. lol, she's knows a customer likes to see the amount of fat removed which I thought was very funny. After surgery I was taken back to my room, surprisingly there is little pain after surgery from this procedure due to this hospital using general anesthetiser. I would highly recommend using this hospital also as they are one of the few to offer general and not local. The only downside to the general is the sick and vomiting feeling which I felt 12-16 hours after surgery. The nurse checked on me regularly and answered the bell every time I used it. Checkout was 12 noon the day after surgery, for some people I would recommend staying a little longer in the hospital if you don't like moving around with some discomfort, especially if you get the ass liposuctioned as it can be a pain getting in and out of cars so quickly after surgery. Before leaving the hospital a pharmacy staff member visited me with the all the medication I needed to take and when to take it and instructions were written in plain English on each tablet box. I am now sat recovering in the hotel, my ass feels like I have sat on a radiator, but for the extent of the surgery, the pain is nothing at all. When I am not sat down I am in not pain or discomfort and sleeping is easy as I just lay on my front. In conclusion: The Asia cosmetic hospital is a well run, experienced hospital that operates like a well oiled machine and is professional from start to finish. If you are the type of person who gets nervous about being alone in places and who likes to have long consultation periods and check every detail I would ask Jeab many questions before arriving as once your here you arrive at the airport and your done and dusted in 24 hours through there lightning fast processes. Jeab was great throughout the process, and Alex also was really nice and helpful. I can see a difference on my body after surgery while still looking like a swollen balloon and I look forward to seeing the end result after a few months. If you contact the hospital and Jeab, you can ask Jeab for my personal details if you would like a reference in person. 10/10

Tummy Tuck  
Tummy Tuck is a process of reducing an excessive fat and skin from your body.  The surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeons who perform Abdominoplasty for more than 18 years. Dr. Tanongsak, our operating surgeon is also a plastic surgeon professor at one of the best and oldest hospital in Thailand. He received a number of professional certificates from domestic and overseas. He is an active member of International Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeon.
Neck Liposuction from $1285
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4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 4,137 votes
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Rattinan Clinic - Dr Panot YimcharoenFeatured

Rattinan Clinic

(877) 970-8411 Bangkok, Thailand
Rating from 66 Reviews The physical result is magnificentAwadh, Thailand, 05 11 17

I sent my photos to the clinic and on the following day, I revived reasonable quotation along with detailed procedures for the Liposuction process and expectation post the operation as to when I can resume my normal activities and travel back. Upon arriving at the clinic, Dr. Suthiponh received me and explained to me the procedures, duration and showed some photos as to how my area looks like now and how it will be after the operation. Right after the liposuction procedure, I was able to walk easily, doing my regular activities and sleeping well without any pain. Worth to mention that Dr. Suthiponh Asked me to follow a certain routine and to wait for 1-3 month to see a clear result for the operated area. However, I’m writing this review 48 hrs after the procedures and the physical result is magnificent. I noticed a major change in the operated area and the result was really amazing. The clinic is cozy, neat and so clean. The staff is really amazing, professional and so friendly. The operation rooms is well prepared, isolated and secured with finger print.

Love Handles Liposuction $1413 - $1767
Liposuction $1413 - $1767
BodyTite™ $1413 - $1767
Bodytite is RFAL assisted liposuction. It help you both fat reduction and body tightening.Rattinan clinic's surgeon is one of the most experience Bodytite practitioner in Thailand with over 1,000 procedures done todate.  Therefore, we become training center for Bodytite new users. 
10 more treatments
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
from 8,682 votes
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Grand Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in South KoreaFeatured

Grand Plastic Surgery

Seoul, South Korea
Rating from 27 Reviews I could not be happier with my new lookChris, South Korea, 24 10 16

I came to Seoul in order to reduce my body mass and tighten my chin up, because regardless of the amount of exercise I conducted I was not seeing results. The doctors recommended Flank and back liposuction along with a neck lift and lower face lift. From the time I walked in for my initial appointment to the surgery was only 2 weeks. The staff and doctors were very helpful and made me feel comfortable at all times. I could not be happier with my new look and the service of Grand Surgery. I would recommend them to anyone. This clinic is the best of its kind. Everyone is very professional and friendly. They want you to have a good experiance

Laser Assisted Liposuction  
Body-Jet™ Liposuction  
7 more treatments
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,557 votes
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Glojas Smart International - Body - Glojas Smart InternationalFeatured

Glojas Smart International - Body

(360) 972-3251 Desa Sri Hartamas, Malaysia
Rating from 70 Reviews They take special care to make sure everyone’s requirements are fulfilledAnonymous, South Africa, 07 02 18

I chose Smart International for liposuction because of their good reviews and reasonable prices. This was my first visit to the clinic and I was really satisfied. The doctors at this clinic are extremely good. After the surgery, I went for follow-up visits. The thing I appreciated most about my time here, was how professional everyone was. The staff regards the patients as people with individual personalities and different needs. Because of this mindset, they take special care to make sure everyone’s requirements are fulfilled.

Body-Jet™ Liposuction  
Tummy Tuck  
12 more treatments
4.4 / 5  Excellent
from 581 votes
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Dr Yeoh Tze Ming - Plastic Surgery Clinic in MalaysiaFeatured

Dr Yeoh Tze Ming

(202) 759-3170 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Rating from 4 Reviews I was warmth with his care, not to mention his professionalismCassy, Penang, 30 05 19

Dr Yeoh is the most patience, humble and professional Plastic Surgeon I ever see in town. If you are looking for any professional advice on Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery, he is definitely the right and perfect choice for you to explore. You will never go wrong under his care. Overall, their service outscored the pricing they are charging you. I was warmth with his care, not to mention his professionalism. Really appreciated.

Tummy Tuck  
Fat Transfer  
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 519 votes
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Interplast Clinic - Upper Eyelid Surgery (Double Eyelid)Featured

Interplast Clinic

(424) 903-2673 Bangkok, Thailand
Rating from 2 Reviews His work resulted in giving me perkier breasts that look even better than what I had expectedNour, Sudan, 30 10 18

I had a breast lift surgery done at Interplast Clinic by Dr Theerapong. The clinic was clean, tidy and the surgery was performed for me at a magnificent public hospital (which they seemed to be in contract with) that gave me vip treatment. Dr Theerapong is a professional and talented surgeon. His work resulted in giving me perkier breasts that look even better than what I had expected. To reduce the scars he placed the incisions at the least visible angles as well. I'm very pleased with Interplast Clinic's staff and surgeon, I'm glad I made this choice. The staff were all very polite especially the international coordinator who spoke fluent English and tried to help us with all our affairs. The clinic also provided us with transportation (but upon request).

Full Liposuction from $5782
Abdominoplasty from $4818
7 more treatments
5.0 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,628 votes
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Dr Colin Tham - Plastic Surgery Clinic in SingaporeFeatured

Dr Colin Tham

(888) 848-7639 ext: 81103 Lucky Plaza 05-06, Singapore
Rating from 11 Reviews The clinic has really friendly staff. The liposuction has improved the overall quality of my lifeAnonymous, UK, 28 05 18

I chose Dr. Colin after reviewing several other clinics. I went to see them all and this one seemed the most normal and therefore the best option for liposuction. Even though I ended up paying more than expected, I’m happy with the results. There’s no scarring after the liposuction, but the pain factor is important to consider. They say you can go back to work after three days and this is true, but you’ll have to manage the pain for a longer period of time. They gave me medication for the first couple of days. Everything was nice and clean. The clinic has really friendly staff. The liposuction has improved the overall quality of my life.

Liposuction from $2935
Tumescent Liposuction  
VASER Lipo™ from $2935
14 more treatments
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 1,048 votes
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Evita Clinic - MD. Francis JeonFeatured

Evita Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79118 Seoul, South Korea
Rating from 42 Reviews I will definitely come againTshering, thimphu, 18 04 17

The Genuine consultation from Doctor and he exactly knows what is required for his patient. After the surgery the recovery was faster than expected and after care is also schedule with care for patients who do surgery in this clinic. I will definitely come again^^ Evita Clinic is a place where every patients should consider to visit. Warm friendly doctor as well as staff and most importantly the value of service provided with reasonable amount of money you spend and the desired result you get is a Jackpot in Seoul from rest of the clinic. I genuinely recommend Evita Clinic and Dr.Jeon ^^

Liposuction $1405 - $3748
A Liposuction with the removal of undesired and excess fat that we called Liposuction as Body Contouring.Body contouring means not only removal of undesired and excess fat on the body, but make a beautiful body shape. liposuction is performed with minimal incisions in South Korea. Liposuction at Evita Clinic is performed with only the latest equipment and surgical techniques to get you the taut, slim body you want. Laser liposuction is to maximize skin elasticity, used together.
Tumescent Liposuction $1405 - $2342
Tumescent liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that should not be used by those seeking simple weight loss but by those who want better looking and toned abs, arms, chins, thighs and buttocks. The area from which fat is to be removed is first injected with a large amount of fluid composed of lidocaine (anesthetic), epinephrine (for blood vessel contraction) and normal saline in order to separate fat from muscle tissues before it is sucked out through thin hollow tubes using vacuum suction. The whole process takes two to four hours and is carried out only under local anesthesia. The major benefit provide by tumescent liposuction is that the areas from which fat is removed are sculpted to look toned, healthy and aesthetically appealing. It can be a great confidence booster for those who are conscious about their looks.
Laser Assisted Liposuction $1405 - $2342
We have a Power-Assisted Liposuction machine & LASER (Accusculp). Liposuction at Evita Clinic is performed with only the latest equipment and surgical techniques to get you the taut, slim body you want. Laser Assisted Liposuction(LAL) is to maximize skin elasticity, used together. But, We use a traditional methods of liposuction for delicate body contouring, mainly. 
7 more treatments
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 6,149 votes
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Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in ThailandFeatured

Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

(877) 477-6495 Bangkok, Thailand
Rating from 32 Reviews The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalismMH, Thailand, 27 01 18

I had a few treatments, whole body liposuction, breast lift, fats transfer, mini tummy tuck, double eyelid & mini facelift. Dr. Pichet and team provides the best service, chauffeuring me to and fro the clinic, hotel and airport. The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalism. Dr. Pichet and team provides the best service, in terms of surgery & services like chauffering me to and fro the clinic, hotel and airport. The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalism. Other than I was still very swollen on my 5th day, which I am unable to go out for shopping, there is minimum pain despite so many procedures. The whole makeover experience was terrific and I had recommended my friends.

Localized collections of fat are removed to recontour or reshape one or more areas of the body. 
VASER Lipo™  
Tummy Tuck  
Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy Tuck’ as it is commonly known is a surgical procedure performed under anesthetic that removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area which may also include tightening the underlying muscle.
2 more treatments
4.7 / 5  Outstanding
from 145 votes
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M Aesthetics Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in PhilippinesFeatured

M Aesthetics Clinic

(424) 236-6098 Quezon City, Philippines
M Aesthetics Clinic is a worldclass facility which offer various products and procedures designed to enhance one's beauty and fulfill one's fantasy of magnificence. Procedures offered include Facials, Drips and Lasers. We are equipped with brandnew, state of the art machines that produce exceptional results. Our center also houses an Operating Theater designed to accommodate all aesthetic surgeries. Patients can rest in our Recovery Room after each surgery.Our Surgeon is a member of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS), the only society recognized by the Philippine Medical Association. This recognition assures you the best results. We are located in the heart of Quezon City's business district with ample parking and valet service. Easy access to public transporation is also available. We can also arrange accomodation, recreation and transportation for patients.
Liposuction $966 - $4832
VASER Lipo™ $1353 - $3865
Tummy Tuck $3479 - $4252
3 more treatments
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 814 votes
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Dr Nguyen - Plastic Surgery Clinic in VietnamFeatured

Dr Nguyen

(888) 848-7639 ext: 26683 Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Rating from 52 Reviews Good experience.Nick, Vietnam, 09 07 16

I was treated great and am willing to give them more business in the future! I am a Canadian traveller, but come to VN often. Best and safest in the city.

Body Sculpting free
VASER Lipo™  
9 more treatments
4.9 / 5  Outstanding
from 840 votes
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PROFERO Ageless Aesthetics - Dr, Ryan ParaisoFeatured

PROFERO Ageless Aesthetics

(424) 388-2843 Quezon City, Philippines
Rating from 6 Reviews Nice place, Very relaxingKhaye, Philippines, 13 12 18

The doctor and staff are very accommodating. Nice place, Very relaxing

Body Contouring  
Liposuction $1353 - $4832
Tummy Tuck $3092 - $4252
3 more treatments
4.5 / 5  Excellent
from 562 votes
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Amaris B. Clinic - Dr Ivan Puah Featured

Amaris B. Clinic

(888) 848-7639 ext: 33722 Singapore, Singapore
Rating from 13 Reviews I am very happy about the treatment and looking forward to the next oneYanchuan, Singapore, 09 12 17

It was my first visit to this clinic and first experience on the Ultherapy for the face. There is no question on the expertise of the Doctor as I could feel he did his job with a very sure hand. I felt pain occasionally during the process but it made me feel good as it meant that the ultrasonic really went into the deep layer of the skin. For my case, there is no downtime. Immediately after the treatment though, during the next 3 months, I could occasionally feel sore beneath the skin of my face. The soreness would only last for a few minutes and it was bearable without affecting my daily chores. I am very happy about the treatment and looking forward to the next one, in the same clinic. Right from enquiry to consultation to the treatment, there is no hard selling from this Clinic. Everything is transparent and honest. 4 months after the treatment, I have hardly received any call from them to buy their products or beauty package. The clinic is conveniently located even for a person who drives. Will visit this Clinic again for my next Ultherapy treatment.

Liposuction from $2788
VASER Lipo™ from $2788
Vaser Liposuction (VASERlipo) is a minimally invasive liposuction technique that targets unwanted fat cells in the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, back, knees, neck and chin leaving important tissues such as the nerve, blood, vessels, and connective tissues largely undisturbed. It’s powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat but gentle enough to treat delicate areas.  This treatment is clinically proven to improve body contour leaving skin smooth and even. It’s a single procedure with a quick recovery time and is more efficient than traditional liposuction when it comes to removing stubborn fats.  
3 more treatments
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