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2 - 4 Abbey Parade, London, W5 1EEUK

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Monday09:00 - 23:00
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Prices from £10 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Good ServiceScore™ 6.2 from 11 votes ★ Multi-specialty clinic - 2 - 4 Abbey Parade, London, W5 1EE, UK.

Popular Treatments

Dentist Consultation

Dental Implants

Crown on implant (telescopic) from £750
The bridge on the implant (telescopic) from £800
Temporary crown on implant from £95
Temporary prosthesis on implants from £200
Implant Consultation or Surgical from £50
Implant (Adin Tuareg) from £750
Unveiling the Implant from £50
Implant (Nobel Biocare) from £1200
Crown on implant (ceramic on metal substructure) from £500
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About Medyk Dental and Medical Centre

For more information about Medyk Dental and Medical Centre in London please contact the clinic.
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from £80



Cosmetic Dentist Consultation


Dental Bridges

from £350

Most porcelain Maryland (price for 1 tooth)

Porcelain Bridge
from £350

Porcelain bridge medyland - 1 point

from £700

Porcelain bridge medyland - 2 points

from £1400

Porcelain bridge medyland - 4 points

from £2100

Porcelain bridge medyland - 6 points

from £120

Temporary Bridge

Dental Checkup
from £35

Dental Research or Consultation

from £35

Dressing for Pockets


Dental Crowns

from £55

Temporary Crown

Dental Implants
from £750

Crown on implant (telescopic)

from £800

The bridge on the implant (telescopic)

from £95

Temporary crown on implant

from £200

Temporary prosthesis on implants

from £50

Implant Consultation or Surgical

from £750

Implant (Adin Tuareg)

from £50

Unveiling the Implant

from £1200

Implant (Nobel Biocare)

from £500

Crown on implant (ceramic on metal substructure)

from £750

Crown on implant (ceramic on the foundation of zirconium)

from £25

Sealing (price per Tooth)


Dental X-Ray

Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray
from £35

Digital Intraoral Image RVG (1-4 Photos)

from £10

Digital intraoral image RVG (each additional image)


Dentist Consultation

from £90

Re-cementing crowns, the contribution of the bridge

Acrylic Dentures
from £290

Acrylic partial denture (1-3 teeth)

from £350

Acrylic partial denture (4-8 teeth)

from £400

Acrylic partial denture (9-13 teeth)

from £495

Acrylic denture total (14 teeth)

from £95

Extraction of Permanent Tooth (30 mins)

from £120

Extraction without Serious Complications

from £160

Extraction of Complications

from £255

Extraction of Retained Wisdom Teeth



from £65

Milk Tooth Extraction

from £50

The Opening of a Milk Tooth without Filling

from £75

Filling White Tooth - a Small Loss

from £95

Filling White Tooth - the Average Loss

from £120

Filling White Tooth - a Big Loss

from £60

Milk Tooth Filling (GI)

Fluoride Therapy
from £35

Fluoridation (Children)

from £50

Fluoridation (Adults)




Inlay or Onlay

from £250

Inlay / onlay composite GC Gradia, Shofu Ceramage

from £350

Inlay / onlay gold

from £350

Inlay / onlay porcelain

Mouth Guard
from £95

Mouthguard colored or transparent 4mm

from £110

Mouthguard colored or transparent 5.5mm

from £150

Mouthguard multicolor or striped 4mm

from £150

Mouthguard with a pattern in the grille or flags 4mm

from £95

Mouthguard colored / transparent 4mm

from £110

Mouthguard colored / transparent 5.5 mm

from £150

Mouthguard multicolor / striped 4mm

from £150

Mouthguard checkered / flag pattern 4mm

from £10

Personalization protector (name / logo)

Root Canals
from £195

Treatment of a front tooth (incisors, canines)

from £295

Treatment of re-endodontic - front tooth

from £365

Treatment of re-endodontic - premolar

from £395

Treatment of re-endodontic - molar

from £395

Root canal treatment under a microscope - front tooth

from £415

Root canal treatment under a microscope - premolar

from £495

Root canal treatment under a microscope - molar

from £55

A temporary dressing

from £55

Photo old prosthetic crown before root canal treatment

from £85

Photo of the old prosthetic bridge before root canal treatment

from £95

Removing the old cartridge-crown root canal treatment before

from £105

Developing obstructed root canal

from £295

Re-canal treatment (reendodontyczne)

from £295

Treatment Molars

from £250

Treatment Premolars

from £300

Apicectomy Tooth

from £120

Comprehensive Prophylaxis (Scaling, Sandblasting)

Teeth Whitening
from £13

Additional syringe whitening gel

from £50

Four additional syringe whitening gel

from £250

Whitening of all teeth living overlay at home

from £65

Abscess Incision

from £95

Re-cementing veneers

from £500

Porcelain Veneers

Eye Care


Eye Specialist Consultation

General Practice


Diagnostic Imaging Consultation


GP Consultation



Physiotherapist Consultation

Obstetrics / Gynaecology


Obstetrician / Gynaecologist Consultation



Dermatologist Consultation



Orthopaedist Consultation



Urologist Consultation



Cardiologist Consultation



Psychologist Consultation

Medyk Dental and Medical Centre - 2 - 4 Abbey Parade, London, W5 1EE,

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Private Patients Welcome
Dr Catherine Abbad - Dentist at Medyk Dental and Medical Centre

Dr Catherine Abbad

Job Title:
She graduated from the Medical Academy in Warsaw in 2003. In March 2010, she received the registration GDC (General Dental Council) and started the practice in the UK. Regularly participates in training in Poland and the UK, raising their professional qualifications. Besides professional interests include music and fantasy literature. GDC No: 188074.
Dr Agnieszka Grabowska - Dentist at Medyk Dental and Medical Centre

Dr Agnieszka Grabowska

Job Title:
She is a dentist, a graduate of the Medical University of Lodz, 1994. He practiced general dentistry in Poland for 11 years (a private clinic and NFZ). In 2005, I received a certificate in General Dental Council in England, Ireland and Australia. In the UK practicing dentistry for the past nine years (NHS and private clinic). For 20 years of work experience I gained a lot of experience. Being a dentist taught me that each patient is a different case and requires an individual approach. My specializations in dentistry is prevention, dentistry and endodontics and oral surgery. However, as a dentist you are learning all the time, both through professional practice and training. In order to improve professional skills take part in courses in the UK. I develop towards cosmetic dentistry and implantology. I love my family, in my free time we all travel and discover new places and countries. My hobbies are sports (swimming, jogging, skiing), dance (salsa, ballet), music (sometimes I play the piano, graduated from music school in the class of piano). I also love watching movies, especially in the cinema. Recently I started teaching scuba diving. Her umber is 100 159 GDC dentist.
Dr Diana Kwiatkowska - Dentist at Medyk Dental and Medical Centre

Dr Diana Kwiatkowska

Job Title:
She graduated from the Pomeranian Medical University. Her specialization in dentistry is prevention, dentistry and aesthetic. We are committed to care about their patients a beautiful smile. GDC No: 238010.
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2 - 4 Abbey Parade, London, W5 1EEUK