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Miaclinics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(202) 804-0643 Istanbul, Turkey
4.9 from 22 verified reviews
I am satisfied with my choiceArlyn, Germany, 11 06 21

The location is in a very posh area. The decorum matched the region and it is very elegant and stylishly. The staff sent easy to understand directions which worked perfectly. My appointment was easy to make and they were ready for me upon arrival. The staff are very courteous, well trained, and professional. They listened to my concerns and tailored their approach to my needs and education, which was an unusual relief. They were never condescending and matched my understanding of the technology. Turkey has an incredible health care system and I only wish I could find this level of technology they use in a German or U.S. hospital. I have looked before deciding to come to this location. There are articles published denigrating the Turkish system. There is a reason why but has to do with jealousy, not competence. I having personally worked in Turkey at an Embassy for a few years. There are many people, some at regimes of power, stating Turkey is an unsafe place to travel. Walk down any major street in Detroit or Oakley California at night and then tell me how safe it is. These false messages are propaganda to sell an agenda to less informed people who are not worldly. Turkey is a very safe place to travel, even for single women travelling alone. I have had more violent instances in Europe than in the Middle East or Central Asia (outside of war zones). I always feel completely safe, though not in the Netherlands, Russia, etc. The level of care I received and the exchange of information was top notch. The procedure was exactly as described. The results won't be known for a few months, but over 24 hours later I am in very minimal distress and no pain. It was not painful for me, but I might not be the average person. I slept during the initial two phases of the procedure and watched a television show on my laptop during the third phase. I recommend bring movies/shows or a book to read. The first few minutes were anxiety-producing because I am muscular and the machine was pulling taut skin away from my body in a way it never had been pulled before, however, the staff had warned me about this, and it was only "annoying" for about 1.5 minutes. Once it was chilled, I no longer felt anything in the region. I was tender afterwards, but not in pain and I continued on with my day without any cause for alarm or concern. There is some discolouration, but no bruising as of this time 24 hours later. I hope to see results and believe if one wants to perform cool sculpting, this is a reasonably priced and experienced place to have it done. Their machine was very modern, they have a few I saw, and they were experienced with it. I have no regrets about going there or trying this modality of treatment. I do highly recommend them, and if I get the results I want, I will return for one more session in a different location of my body. I am satisfied with my choice.

TruSculpt® ID from $378
TruSculpt iD is the latest body sculpting treatment solution. TruSculpt iD is a nonsurgical body contouring and fat reduction procedure that uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to destroy fat cells throughout the entire fat layer, from just below the skin down to the muscle. It’s commonly used to sculpt the abdomen, love handles, thighs, under the chin, and the upper arms.The radiofrequency energy heats pockets of excess fat cells until they’re too damaged to survive, and the body flushes them out over the next 12 weeks. The heat also provides some mild skin-tightening benefits, as well as a temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite.TruSculpt ID treats the entire fat layer, resulting in an average of 24% fat reduction. 15-minute protocols to treat a full abdomen or multiple body areas simultaneously. A fast, non-invasive, flexible treatment with no downtime. Body sculpting treatment results are clinically proven and the treatment is safe.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Cryolipolysis from $459
The latest technology with One Session Fat cells are like a honeycomb. When honeycomb is emptied from honey, the volume of comb will not change. It doesn’t have any weight but the same volume is still there. The same logic is valid for fat cells. Even when we loose weight the fat cell volume doesn’t change, they are only empty from fat. But the bulk fat cells are visible on our body regions. Only regional fat reduction treatments help us to get rid of this stubborn fat. During cryolipolysis treatment fat cells are cooled to -12 degree. Fat cells are more vulnerable to cold when compared with other cells. So as a result, at -12 degree fat cells begin to die, while surrounding cells are not effected from the cold. 30% of the fat cells die in the treated area and are degraded in the liver, excreted from gastrointestinal tract with defecation. This will not cause a special load for our body circulation since cell death occurs every day in our body and dead cells are eliminated via this pathway throughout our life.
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Skin+IQ - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK


London, UK
Skin+IQ is a new state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, advanced private skin clinic specialising in clinically proven non-surgical aesthetic procedures, anti-ageing, skin and body treatments. 
TruSculpt® from $778
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation free
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Nail fungus (1 hand or foot from $99
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Dieter Brewer - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in the UK

Dieter Brewer

Andheri, UK
For more information about Dieter Brewer in the UK please contact the clinic.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Stretch Marks Removal  
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