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Dublin Holistic Massage - Ms Ana Zens

Dublin Holistic Massage

19 Talbot Street, Dublin, Dublin 1
4.8 from 5 verified reviews
Nice clean place and a very friendly masseuseBhaswad, Ireland, 17 09 21

The massage was pretty effective. Helped with my tight muscles, got a good night's sleep and the usual lower back pain during the morning felt a lot more tolerable the next day. Nice clean place and a very friendly masseuse.

Shiatsu from €60
Reflexology from €60
Acupressure from €60
Very Good
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Dragons of Light - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Dragons of Light

160 Strand Rd,, Sandymount, Dublin 4
4.4 from 1 verified review
We offer a friendly welcoming environment, where clients can feel at home.  We work by appointment only, so you will always be greeted in person.  Our key interest is in assisting you to make the choices that will support you to get the most out of any session or class your have. We offer a wide range of 1 to 1 healings and empowerment sessions, as well as group classes, workshops and meditation groups. Nestled in a quiet residential neighbourhood, we are able to provide a very homely and friendly experience to every one of our clients.
Holistic Health Consultation  
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The Tangerine Room - Massage Clinic in Ireland

The Tangerine Room

Dun Laoghaire Wellness Centre, 8 Cumberland street, Dun Laoghaire, A96 N6E4
The Tangerine Room is a space to heal, transform and renew. Combining techniques acquired over 20 years, I make time to listen to my clients, and I read the body like it tells a story to establish the best course of treatment for each individual. I believe the body holds the key to our emotional and mental wellness. By releasing energy blockages in the body, we can move forward and have a better quality of life, improve our relationships and connect more deeply with who we are. I am passionate about what I do. I do not offer miracle cures. I offer a variety of treatments to suit all needs and all budgets. I work with essential oils, stones and crystals. Example of treatments available: Aromatherapy massage, Hot Stone massage, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu,  Stress Management, Sports Injury... I am also trained Shamanically and in the Transpersonal field.  I do not offer any other services than professional holistic healing.
Shiatsu €20 - €60
Reflexology €30 - €55
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Olive Tree, Synge Street - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Olive Tree, Synge Street

Olive tree, Synge Street, Dublin 2, Dublin 2
Mobile Shiatsu massage services are offered by this expert and experienced therapist across Kilkenny in Ireland. The therapist offers relaxing and therapeutic Shiatsu massages at the convenience and comfort of the home of patients or at any location of their choice. She has served the needs of patients for the last 14 years. The long term wellbeing of patients is her main concern while treating patients. Shiatsu massage helps patients by reducing stress, reducing pain for patients with painful musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, treating digestive disorders, menstrual pain and for women with fertility problems.
Holistic Health Consultation up to €60
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Dublin Holistic Centre - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Dublin Holistic Centre

28 South William St., Dublin, Dublin 2
4.4 from 6 verified reviews
At the Dublin Holistic Centre, you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, relaxed consultations and the very best in tried and tested alternative and complementary therapies.   Our practitioners are highly professional, fully trained and registered (where possible) in their fields of practice.  The range of therapies we provide at the centre are listed below but click on our website. The businesses are all self employed so you need to contact the person directly or await confirmation from our Reception desk.  Located on South William St we are a boutique Holistic Venue catering for anyone and everyone who requires professional holistic health advice. Massage: Sports, Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), Deep Tissue, Physical Therapy, Pregnancy, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian, Balinese, Indian Head, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Tui na,  Osteopathy, medical/holistic bodywork also safe for prenatal and for infants Fertility; Acupuncture for Fertility, Reflexology for Fertility Beauty: Neal's Yard Organic Facials, Facial Massage, Facial Rejuvenation aka Natural Facelift, Comestic Acupuncture Natural Treatments: Nutritional Therapy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Herbal Medicine, Kinesiology,  Talking Therapies: Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, NLP, Couples Counselling, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Classes: Yoga, Pilates, Bellydancing, Tai Chi, Yogalates, Meditation,  Astrology classes Energy Treatments: Reiki, Aloha Healing, Access Bars, Soul Mentori
Shiatsu from €60
Literally translated finger pressure, shiatsu involves comfortable pressure from the thumbs and palms applied to the energy channels and points in the body. Given through loose, comfortable clothing, shiatsu may also include gentle stretches and rotations of the limbs and joints. 
Holistic Health Consultation from €70
Hypnotherapy from €70
Analysis Therapy - 8 Sessions
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Very Good
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River Holistic Centre - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

River Holistic Centre

10 Main Street, Raheny Village, Dublin 5
4.7 from 16 verified reviews
I am looking forward to my next treatmentAngela, Ireland, 25 05 22

I go to Iwona to get a full body massage. I have a problem with my neck and shoulder. So I decided I would get reflexology this time from her. She explains the treatment in relation to reflexology, but also works in a holistic way to provide an enjoyable /relaxing /healing experience. She is very passionate about what she can offer her clients. I wasn't sleeping great and I had a great sleep after my treatment. I am looking forward to my next treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Iwona to others who are open to find ways of helping improve their health and wellbeing. Thank you Iwona, it is a lovely experience that I will always look forward to.

Holistic Health Consultation  
Hypnotherapy Services AvailableStress Busting Weight Management Eating Disorders Stop Smoking Suggestion Therapy Hypno psycotherapy Fears / Phobias Frequently Asked Questions What is Hypnosis?Hypnosis is the fastest, easiest and most natural way for you to make the changes you desire. Unlike many other methods people use to for change, hypnosis allows you to change the emotional or feeling part of your mind. It is not an unusual state of mind and you may feel that you are not in a trance or hypnosis. For most people they just feel relaxed. There is a change in the brain wave activity similar to that time just before sleep when the alpha state is entered. What is hypnotherapy?Hypnotherapy is therapy carried out in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a tool of therapy ,it facilitates a relaxed state of being so the core issue can be dealt with easily and permanently.Can anyone be hypnotised? Yes, all hypnosis is self hypnosis the hypnotherapists act as a guide to lead you into trance. Will I be under the control of the hypnotist? No, you will be fully aware throughout the session and in full control. How does the hypnotic CD help? The CD’s are designed to reinforce the work you did during the session and help you to relax. Relaxation combats stress and anxiety. Experts say it takes up to 3 weeks for new neural pathways to form, repeated listening to your audio will ensure the desired change takes place.
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Essentials Holistic Centre - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Essentials Holistic Centre

Fragrance House, Malahide Marina, Co Dublin, Malahide Co Dublin
5.0 from 1 verified review
Essentials Holistic Centre on the Malahide Marina offers a hugh range of holistic therapies to ease pain, reduce stress, boost energy levels and leave you feeling calm and able to cope with life's ups and downs.  Our therapists are highly skilled and passionate about their improving their client's lives. We offer a fantastic range of therapies:- Acupuncture, Holistic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage Japanese Chair Massage, Sports Massage, Gold Nugget Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, IET, Maternity Massage, Maternity Reflexology. Our Wellness Classes include:- Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Check out our regular special offers or subscribe to our newsletter for tips, news and offers exclusive to our subscribers
Shiatsu €50 - €55
Reflexology €60 - €65
Reflexology is a very soothing relaxing treatment which has been shown to benefit a multitude of common ailments, boost the immune system & reduce stress. The treatment is based on an ancient principle that specific points on the feet correspond to body parts or organs. The therapist works on the feet with a combination of soothing effleurage, pressure techniques and gentle stretching. Essential oil creams & rosewater used in the treatment enhance the relaxation and add an extra dimension to the treatment
Anxiety - Alternative Treatment €50 - €75
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Akira Kimura - Acupuncture Clinic in Ireland

Akira Kimura

''Home care'', Dublin
For more information about Akira Kimura in Dublin please contact the clinic.
Auricular Acupuncture  
Acupuncturist Consultation from €50
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Toni Walsh - Family Massage Therapy - Physiotherapy Clinic in Ireland

Toni Walsh - Family Massage Therapy

Mobile Service, Dublin, Dublin
Experienced Massage Therapist specialising in different types of therapy treating the family as a unit.   We understand that our clients lead very busy lifestyles which is why we go where you need us!Sports Injury Treatment & PreventionPregnancy & BodyworkBaby MassagePaediatric MassageAutism Touch Therapy
Sports Massage  
Pregnancy Massage  
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The Holistic Centre of Ireland - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

The Holistic Centre of Ireland

183 Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines
For more information about The Holistic Centre of Ireland in Rathmines please contact the clinic.
Holistic Health Consultation free
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Health In Your Hands - Holistic Health Clinic in Ireland

Health In Your Hands

Loyola, Glencullen, Dublin 18
In Health In Your Hands  We believe inequipping the individual with the skills and information to move towards andmaintain full health.  We offer variousdifferent therapies in order to give the client a helping hand to get back ontrack to health and happiness. We strive to make our clients independent, sothey can enjoy the fullness of life without the need for the long term use of medicationand other medical supports.  Theorientation of the human body is naturally towards health; our role is simplyto show the path back to health. A typical therapy session will last at least one hour and will be tailored to suit the specific needs of the client. The session may involve one or combination of different therapies depending on the clients needs and preferences.  We believe in the healing potential of the services we offer, that is why our policy is to offer you a complimentary treatment so you can experience this for yourself. 
Shiatsu €40
Shiatsu Shiatsu is aholistic healing art developed in Japan and based on traditional 3500-year-oldoriental medical wisdom while incorporating the principles of anatomy,physiology and pathology. Shiatsu is adynamic body therapy in which the therapist interacts with the receiver torestore balance in the energy system. Imbalance, that is, too little or toomuch chi, can manifest in various ailments, depending on which meridians areaffected. Like most naturaltherapies, shiatsu is based on the assumption that the body is a self-healingorganism, and that the role of the practitioner is to aid and support thatnaturally occurring process. Shiatsu can assist an individual with theirself-development and self-healing; balancing the underlying causes of acondition and addressing physical and psychological functions; promoting healthand strengthening the body’s own healing abilities. Treatment may alsoinclude the use of flowing stretches and gentle rotations of the limbs andjoints, simple structural alignments and muscle release techniques. On aphysical level this has the effect of stimulating circulation and the flow oflymphatic fluid. It also works on the autonomic nervous system; helps torelease toxins and deep-seated tension from the muscles, and can also stimulatethe hormonal system. On a subtler level shiatsu allows the receiver to deeplyrelax, stimulating the body’s inherent ability for self healing andregeneration The personreceiving shiatsu remains clothed, or is covered by a sheet and treatmentusually takes place on a futon on the floor.
Holistic Health Consultation €40
In holistic health we focus on the whole person and the holistic nature of their being. We place emphasis on the integration of mind body and spirit  We believe in equipping the individual with theskills and information to move towards and maintain full health.  We offer various different therapies in orderto give the client a helping hand to get back on track to health and happiness.We strive to make our clients independent, so they can enjoy the fullness oflife without the need for the long term use of medication and other medicalsupports.  The orientation of the humanbody is naturally towards health; our role is simply to show the path back tohealth. 
Relexology is an extremely effective formof foot massage based on the principle that reflex points on the hands and feetcorrespond to each organ and are linked to those organs by energy channels,zones or meridians. When illness or imbalance occurs in the body, thecorresponding energy channels become blocked and Reflexology Massage is aimedto remove these blockages, allowing the energy to flow freely again, sorestoring the body’s natural balance, and hence – good health.  Reflexologists  regard the feet as a mirror of the body, withthe right foot representing the right –hand side of the body and the left footthe left – hand side. Illness, or potential illnesses, is indicated by tenderareas on the appropriate reflex points on the feet, reflecting imbalance of theaffected organ and organs.  By applyingreflexology massage to these reflex points, the body can be prompted to maximiseits own great capacity both to heal itself and to prevent illness.
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