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Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

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Teeth Cleaning-Deep $60 - $80
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About Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

  • STETIC Implant & Dental Center-Nuevo Progreso
  • STETIC Implant & Dental Centers-Cancun 

Two practices united to provide you modern US quality care at a predictable Mexico price.  The Stetic Implant & Dental Centers of Nuevo Progreso and Cancun are your best choice for Dental Implants and Restorative Dentistry in Mexico!  




   Coming April 2013 to Nuevo Progreso! 

Stetic will soon be the only practice in the region with its own professional dental laboratory.  Your new crowns will be milled out of the finest materials using state-of-the-art scanners and CAD-CAM technology.  There is no better method to manufacture your crowns, and yet, you won’t pay exorbitant prices!


Convenient Locations

Why travel to distant locations when you can travel to the South Texas border?  Our practices are located minutes from Weslaco, Texas with air service 30 minutes away in Harlingen, Texas.  We're also conveniently located near South Padre Island.

Our Cancun location is a quick flight from most of the Southern states and from the East coast.

No other border city provides you with quality dental care so close to the US border.  Don't want to drive in Mexico?  No problem!  Everything you need is within a few blocks of convenient US parking areas.

Extensive Services

We offer all the services you need:  Dental Implants, Implants for Dentures, Veneers, Full Mouth Restorations, Extreme Makeovers!  Unlike the typical experience in the US we bring the experts to you.  We have specialists in Endodontics (Root Canals), Implantology (Dental Implants), TMJ surgery, Periodontics (Gum Disease), Orthodontics (Braces), etc.  Need a Forensic Dentist?  We have one of those too!

Efficient Service

Our member practices are sensitive to your need for quick and efficient dental care with quality results.  We know you don't want to wait years for a perfect smile.  Therefore, we're ready to do the work you need, with a minimal expenditure of your time, today!

Predictable Pricing

Our member practices have agreed to provide low pricing--much lower than the average pricing for Mexico!  Once you receive a customized estimate you can be sure that your pricing is rock solid.  All our practices use US banks so there's no reason to worry about the Dollar to Peso exchange rates--all your services can be charged in US dollars.

One Estimate 

Once you've received an estimate all you have to do is choose the practice you want to visit.  No haggling over prices, no need to shop for a discount. The practices have done all the hard work for you!  Your estimate will be honored at all our member practices.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our services are fully guaranteed--your satisfaction is our primary goal!

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Patient reviews

from 58 verified reviews
Henry, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I was immensely pleased with the services they offered me at this fantastic clinic

5 50 Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Teeth Cleaning

This clinic had really good reviews, so I chose them for my dental implants. The place was a little out of the way compared to some of the other clinics in the neighborhood (it was on the second floor) and it would have been hard to find had I not been taken there by the hand. I’ve been to a number of clinics in Mexico and this one was exceptionally clean. The dentist was on on time and the appointment went ahead exactly as scheduled. I remember seeing a limited price list online, but I was quoted the real price after they took x-rays of my mouth. The dentist did a wonderful job inserting the implants, but there was something else they managed to do for me that was even more exceptional.

A while back I booked an appointment with a different clinic to have crowns done. After they examined me, the dentist there refused to do it. He told me it couldn’t be done, and that it wouldn’t last. When I visited Extreme Makeovers and got their opinion on the crown, they warned me that it might not last for many years (2-4 years perhaps). I decided to go through with it anyway - in the worst case it would cost me 50 bucks per year for the crown, and that’s a great deal in my opinion.

We did the procedure and it was a great success. Dr. Cooke also managed to do something else for me. Some time ago I’d had an implant done at a different dental practice and it failed (the site had to be closed and grafted). I asked Dr. Cooke if he's able to do a single-stage implant for me (most dentists are hesitant to go forth with this because the failure rate is high). The doctor agreed to do the immediate load implant. It’s been two months now, and the implant is still fine.The likelihood of failure is pretty remote at this stage of the game. I also had a deep cleaning here, which was fairly well done, even though it hurt a little bit. The job was thorough and he performed the deep clean in two stages. When we were done with the first session, Dr. Cooke told me, “Now your gums are bleeding. You’ll come back in two days and we’ll finish the job.” When I returned, we completed the cleaning. I was immensely pleased with the services they offered me at this fantastic clinic. I managed to get work done here that other dentists couldn’t do for me. It was a great experience. Such superb workmanship!

Treated by: Dr Antonio Cook Caballero
Anonymous, Mexico
( Review verified by phone and email)

This has been the best dental experience I ever had

5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: $900

I had treatment here in both 2015 and 2016 by Manny. This has been the best dental experience I ever had and I will be returning for more. I have also brought my wife and mother for treatment as there is no better dentist than Manny.

Treated by: Manny
Gary, US
( Review verified by email)

I would recommend everyone to Stetic Dental!

5 50 Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges • Paid: $112

Crowns and bridges

Well it has been about a month since getting my crowns replaced at the Stetic Dental Center and wanted to provide a "testimonial' if you will about my overall experience with the Doctors and staff and the great work that they did. First of all everything went even better than expected. I was picked up by Manny at the airport and brought to my U.S. Motel from the list they provided, of which I save 40% due to the centers relationship with them. Each day I was picked up and brought the short distance across the border (about 50 yards into Mexico) to the Clinic. Once the work was completed each day they returned me back to my room but not before taking me out to diner. Another unexpected service by my new friend Manny. We talked and exchanged stories and then he dropped me off at my room. 
  Dr. Fabian and his assistant were vary friending and began the prep work on Monday. They were great and it went better than I had expected. Pain free with just novocaine. I was impressed so I decided to have them do something that I had wanted to do for a long time. To crown 5 crooked worn lower front teeth. The Doctor gave me a quote for the addition work. With the planned work including whitening and a night guard it came to $2600! That was for 10 planned crowns (3 bridges included)  the 5 additional crowns a filling and all of the work described. $150 per crown! Unbelievable! Last year I paid $2200 for just one crown with a root canal for my daughter here in Washington. 
 I have been to Mexico to get crowns before and paid more and without these results. In fact, the work they did at Stetic compared to the dental work done here in the States. I tell all of my friends about them and some are planning their trip in the fall. I would recommend everyone to Stetic Dental!

Treated by: Dr. Fabian
Holly, US
( Review verified by email)

Stetic will be my choice dentist for a lifetime !

5 50 Extractions, Bone Graft, Dental Implants • Paid: $255

2 extractions, bone graft, 7 implants, temporary partial

I went to Nuevo Progresso for treatment in late September and the treatment I received from the staff at Stetic was the best I have ever had at any dentist's office in the states. I felt like someone special the entire two days! To begin with, I had the date wrong and went to my appointment a day early, but within 5 minutes they handed me the phone and it was Manny! He told me they would get right to me anyway and everything was squared away. And they did! Dr.Guerrero, Sergio(translator/assistant), and the entire staff knew I was nervous and they made me feel comfortable right from the start. The price was exactly that which was quoted, and I actually had much more work completed than I thought I would be able to with the amount I had to put down. I had two extractions,7 implants, bone grafting, and was fitted with a provisionary that looks very nice! I had no pain whatsoever as Dr. Guerrero was gentle and took his time. He and Sergio translated everything, every step of the way. I am anxious to return to Nuevo Progresso in March to have my permanents implants placed, and enjoy a nice meal as well! Did I forget to mention, I ate an entire meal on the second day before heading back to the states! Stetic will be my choice dentist for as long as I live. I will be happy to see everyone upon my next visit.

Treated by: Dr Guerrero Loaeza
Steve, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

My wife and I will return to them for any dental work either of us may need in the future

5 50 Dentures, Mini Implants • Paid: $209

Mini Implants and dentures

I highly recommend Stetic Dental. These folks are the real deal. Right from the onset I was treated as if I were their only customer, all my questions were answered, dental costs were agreed upon and I was made to feel comfortable.

The cost for my dental work was 70 percent of the total cost quoted by several US dentists. In the end the quality of the work that I had done was as good or better then what I would have received in the States.

The offices and equipment were spotless, The staff was friendly and professional. There was no language barrier. I was able to communicate easily and when necessary John was there to help interpret.

My dentist was Dr. Guerrero. He was gentle and went out of his way to assure my comfort and took the time to explain the procedural process. He was simply fantastic!

As I write this review I am sitting here with a broad smile. It has been awhile since I could do this. They truly did a very fine job with the mini implants and dentures. I should have went sooner!

Mr. Manny Huerta Payán was the person I dealt with from the beginning. He was also the person that picked me up at my front door and drove me to the clinic. Crossing the border was no sweat and at no time was I uncomfortable being in Progreso MX.

The people were friendly almost to a fault. Those that I had dealings with were very nice. US citizens were walking about the streets shopping and having a good time. I saw NO issue of concern regarding my safety or the safety of other Americans walking about. The stories in the local news about Progreso's safe environment were accurate.

Since I live here in Weslaco TX year round I am making Stetic Dental my "family dentist" and my wife and I will return to them for any dental work either of us may need in the future.

Treated by: Dr. Guerrero
( Review verified by email)


5 50 Dental Bridges • Paid: $2



brenda, US
( Verified user)

he dental staff was just wonderful and I wish I could work there with them

4.7 50 Dental Implants • Paid: $51

Immediate Implant Placement

I do recommend this clinic. Just rest assured that as with any dental treatment there may be fever, soreness, redness and pain. I think maybe I have some exposed bone and should have had some stitches. It has been one week and I am still having swelling and pain from my implant. Dr. Samuel Tacher did the work and I will say when I heal up then I can give the a ok. He was a jokester.Dont know what the price will be. I have not talked to the doctor but would like for him to contact me to see if this swelling and pain is normal. I am hoping to go to my local dentist soon just to get an xray and another opinion. I am 7.5 hr from Dr. Tacher's so I can't just drive there. The dental staff was just wonderful and I wish I could work there with them. The office was gorgeous and clean. The pharmacia was downstairs first floor so being chaffeured and having the pharmacia and dental clinic so close, there was no sense of fear because you are right with Manny the whole time.

Abel, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I am now contemplating a better option after an explanation

5 50 Extractions, Dentures • Paid: $27

extractions of 4 teeth and clip on dentures

I was quoated a price of $2350 however after a closer examination, it was suggested the process be done in a gradual process and the total was $536. I am now contemplating a better option after an explanation of process all in the interest of permanent fix rather than quick fix.

Margaret, US
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I am very pleased with the work done by this very professional doctor and her staff

5 50 Dental Crowns
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I chose to have work done at Stetic after my husband contacted them about doing major bridge work for himself. I had three very large amalgam fillings that I had been told by my local dentist needed to be crowned because of their size and age. Rocio Evelyn Casteneda V. DDS did my crown preparation work in about 3 hours. She also whitened a tooth that had yellowed and replaced 3 white fillings in my two lower front teeth and corrected a chip in one of them that my local dentist said could not be done. My three crowns were place and bite adjusted on the second day. She was very attentive to my comfort and concerns. I am very pleased with the work done by this very professional doctor and her staff. I was rather apprehensive about entering Mexico because of all the negative information about violence in the border cities. My concerns were immediately quashed by Manny Huerta when he picked us up at our hotel. Mr. Huerta is a great asset to the clinic and makes every individual feel special. I received my crowns and final work the second day. The work that was done cost less($605.00) than the co pay amount of one crown that I recently had done in Oklahoma at my local dentist with insurance.Not only was I pleased with my treatment,I was elated at the price.

Would you recommend the clinic?

Yes I would recommend this clinic to anyone. I have made a point to shown off my new dental work and have already recommended the clinic and Dra. Casteneda to several individuals both there in Texas and since returning to Oklahoma have recommended the clinic to others here. The equipment and facilities were as clean and modern as here in the US.

Would you return for further treatment?

Absolutely. I feel that I received more individualized attention at the Stetic Clinic than I receive at my local dentist where I feel just like another number of get her in and out as quickly as possible and I wait weeks for an appointment and placement of crowns.

Treated by: Rocio Evelyn Casteneda V. DDS
Glen, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I highly recommend Stetic dental center to anyone

5 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

Rita and I could have not been more pleased with the excellent work that we had done. We will return again. I highly recommend Stetic dental center to anyone Glen Cannon
Cleburne Texas

Would you recommend the clinic?

Anytime ,Felt as if I were at home.

Would you return for further treatment?

They will be the first I will call

Robert, US
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

It was mutual very well done.

5 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

yes it was an even while i was there and a change had to be adjusted it was mutual very well done.

Would you recommend the clinic?

Yes i could always get my point across without difficulty and Manny was great Thanks

Would you return for further treatment?

Absolutely and will be shortly to finish up some work i will need done i will go back again no questions. Thanks all of you and Rocio was really professional and is very good. Thanks so much

Douglas, US
( Review verified by email)

Dr Munuz would immediately perform my procedure

5 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

I contacted Stetic after finding out that it was necessary for me to have my 4 lower front middle teeth extracted & replaced with a 8 unit fixed dental bridge. My inquiry was responded to within 24 hours by Manny Huerta Who estimated the cost of my bridge @ $1200.00 My share of the cost in Oklahoma for a 8 unit porcelain fused to hi noble metal bridge with dental insurance had been priced to me at $5000.00 I responded to Manny with some additional questions & informed him that I would need Stetic's services in approximately a month as I would have my teeth extracted in Oklahoma & be ready for the bridge in 4 to 5 weeks. Manny responded to my questions & furnished me info for confirming my impending appointment by email the same day.
I confirmed my Jan.31,2011 appointment with Manny in mid January. He picked up my wife & I at our hotel in Weslaco on the morning of the appointment & delivered us to the to Static’s New Orleans Pharmacy Building location in Nuevo Progreso.We met Salvador Verastegui DDS, Edgar Guerrero DDS, Fabion Munoz DDS, Rocio Evelyn Casteneda V. DDS,& Priscilla De La Rosa Dental Assistant all of whom welcomed us to their facility & practice.
Following my examination by Dr Guerrero it was determined that Dr Munuz would immediately perform my procedure (preparing 4 teeth for acceptance of the bridge & taking impressions for it's construction) which he accomplished with great skill & gentleness in approximately 3 hours. Dra Casteneda began procedures on my wife Margaret as well which were completed in the same time frame & Margaret will submit her own review.
Manny returned us to our hotel following our first day procedures & informed us that our dental appliances for application by 2:00PM the next day.
This day was a pleasant experience.

Would you recommend the clinic?

On day 2 My bridge was placed and bite was adjusted which required bridge to be returned to the lab but was returned & permanently placed within 2 hours.On day 3 I returned for further & final bite adjustment.
I highly recommend Stetic & it’s Staff without reservation. These people are competent, honest,& will treat you like family. Don’t hesitate to use their services. You will like their work & professionalism,plus you will save big money. Manny is going to treat you like his baby brother!

Would you return for further treatment?

I would absolutely return to Stetic for further treatment as needed. Our experience with them could not have been more positive. I retired after many years of employment as a Hospital & Medical Administrator, including many years with a major University Health Sciences Center
so I have reasonable ability to recognize medical competency. Their claims of Ethical diagnosis, treatment & reliable results are not exaggerations.

Treated by: Dra Casteneda
George, US
( Review verified by email)

Hard working

3.8 50 Dentist Consultation
Were you pleased with the treatment?

Yes . Very professional and focused . Hard working

Would you recommend the clinic?

Yes. staff was very friendly and competent

Would you return for further treatment?


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  • ADM - Asociación Dental Mexicana (Mexico) 
  • ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists (International) 




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Bad Breath Treatment

up to $500

Bone Graft

Bone graft treatments are available starting at $450.


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CAD/CAM Dental Restorations

CAD/CAM Dental Restorations - Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!CAD/CAM Dental Restorations - Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

Coming January 2013, the only CAD/CAM professional laboratory in the region.  Only Stetic has the finest equipment available for the manufacture of your crowns, bridges, and other products.


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation


Dental Bonding


Dental Bridges

$600 - $1200

3-Unit Bridge

A typical 3-unit bridge using porcelain-metal crowns (PFM) costs a very reasonable $450


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Mini Implants are perfectly suited for use with dentures.  Buy a full set of mini implants and receive a set of Standard Dentures FREE!


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$1000 - $1200

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 A Standard implant with Porcelain-Metal Crown and abutment included costs $1200.  Multiple implants will receive a volume discount.


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3D Dental X-Ray

3D X-Rays are accomplished by one of our US partners in your area.

up to $10

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Price is for a full set.

$500 - $1000

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Amalgam Filling

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Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cement Filling


Root Filling

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Temporary Filling

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White Filling

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General anesthesia for dental treatments


Gingivitis Treatment


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Gum Contouring and Reshaping


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Root canal prices are dependent on the number of roots to be treated.  Single or double root teeth cost $200.  Three or more roots are $300.


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Premolar Root Canal

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Root End Surgery

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Single Visit Root Canal

up to $800

Sedation for dental treatments

Premedication via orally ingested relaxants are free.  General anesthesia requiring an anesthesiologist is $800.

up to $650

Sinus Lift

The total treatment price is dependent on the amount of bone needed to repair the affected area. The displayed price is for a single side and includes one cubic centimeter of bone material and membrane, as needed.  Additional bone graft material is available at $500 per cubic centimeter (cc).

Teeth Cleaning
$60 - $80

Teeth Cleaning-Deep

Price is per quadrant.  There are four quadrants in your mouth but not all of them might need the treatment.  A comprehensive consultation will determine the total treatment needed.

This price includes the cleaning, antibiotic wash (if needed), anesthesia.

up to $35

Teeth Cleaning-Basic

Full mouth basic cleaning.

This price includes the cleaning and anesthesia (if needed).

up to $200

Teeth Cleaning-Curettage and Debride

Price is per quadrant.  There are four quadrants in your mouth but not all of them might need the treatment.  A comprehensive consultation will determine the total treatment needed.

This price includes the surgery, sutures, antibiotic wash, anesthesia.  Bone grafting, if needed, will be charged at $500 per cubic centimeter (cc).

$100 - $150

Scaling and Root Planing

Price is per quadrant.  There are four quadrants in your mouth but not all of them might need the treatment.  A comprehensive consultation will determine the total treatment needed.
$60 - $240

Ultrasonic Scaling

Price is per quadrant.  There are four quadrants in your mouth but not all of them might need the treatment.  A comprehensive consultation will determine the total treatment needed.

Teeth Contouring and Reshaping


Teeth Whitening

$150 - $250

Chemical Teeth Whitening

Standard tooth whitening costs $150.  Zoom Tooth Whitening costs $300.


Whitening Top Up Treatment


Non-Surgical TMJ Treatment


Tooth Jewellery




Composite Veneers

up to $400


$250 - $300

Porcelain Veneers

Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers! - Dr Antonio Cook Caballero

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Dr Antonio Cook Caballero - Oral Surgeon at Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

Dr Antonio Cook Caballero

Job Title:
  Oral Surgeon
  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  English, Spanish

  • National University of Mexico ( U.N.A.M), 1995
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialty, I.S.S.S.T.E, 2000
  • Diplomat, Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disease, Complutense University of Madrid
  • Diplomat, Dental Implantology A.D.D.F.
  • Diplomat, Advanced Surgery in Implantology, University of Loma Linda, California
  • Diplomat, Maxillary Sinus Lift Procedures, University of Michigan
  • Diplomat, Correction of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Florida State University
  • Member, Latin American Oral Surgery Advisory (Consejo Latinoamericano de Cirujía Oral)
  • Member, Iberoamerican Implantology Association (Asociacion Iberoamericana de Implantologia)

Dr. Cook holds professional license (Cedula Profesional) #2425580.

Dr Juan Manuel   Mendez - Dentist at Dentists in Mexico - Implants, Extreme Makeovers!

Dr Juan Manuel Mendez

Job Title:
  Implantology, Prosthodontics
  English, Spanish

Dr Edmundo Zoquiapa

Job Title:
  Endodontics, Implantology
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