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Doctor Andres Nemseff - Plastic Surgery Clinic in SpainFeatured

Doctor Andres Nemseff

911 89 81 40 ext: 94716 Avda Denia,78 4ª planta, Alicante, 03016
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
The results have exceeded my expectationsSini, Finland, 14 08 22

I had a Buccal Fat Pad removal and Mandibular angle augmentation with long lasting filler. The procedures were done the same time as outpatient treatment. Andrés explain everything well and had me feel calm through the procedure. He is very present and the communication with him was excellent throughout everything. I am happy and loving the results I see! The healing for me has been easy and the recovery time pretty fast. The procedure in Alicante went great. Thanks to Andres and his team everything went smoothly. Before I had a lot of unbalance in my cheeks. Now my face looks much thinner and well balanced. My facial features are more defined and symmetrical now. The results have exceeded my expectations! The result looks natural like Andrés said it would. I feel he listens to you and he saw what would give me the best result and has a keen eye for detail. Thank you!

BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift 5000 € - 8000 €
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
Rhinoplasty 4000 € - 6000 €
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Doctor Andres Nemseff-Benidorm

Doctor Andres Nemseff-Benidorm

911 98 04 65 ext: 55648 Avda. Alfonso Puchades, 8., Edif. Policl
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IM Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in SpainFeatured

IM Clinic

911 98 04 65 ext: 62862 Victor Hugo, 24, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Sant Cugat del Vallès, 08174
4.9 from 17 verified reviews
I felt completely in safe hands, I feel like a newly born woman, better than I ever dared hope forKim, Taiwan, 14 12 21

I had both a Colo-Vaginoplasty (GCS/SRS) and Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) at IM Clinic in Barcelona. Both procedures were performed on the same day, it is a lot of work for one session. I was 49 at the time of the surgeries. I live in Taiwan and flew to Barcelona specifically to access the services of Dr. Manero and his team. I have had minimal access to medical services during my transition. I work internationally, government waiting lists are a joke almost everywhere in the world and I am not in one country long enough to even begin the process. As such, I was nervous about this final step, about accessing it, where to go and who to trust. In Spain, you do not need letters from psychiatrists to prove you are not insane for being transgender. You need to establish that you have been on HRT for at least a year and for the surgical team to have confidence in you. Dr. Manero has performed around 2,500 vaginoplasty procedures. He also has a reputation for rebuilding poor quality work by other clinics around the world. The combination of the low barriers of entry and this exceptional reputation gave me confidence for probably the most important investment in my life. I was allocated a case manager who arranged all details to ensure a seamless experience. She initially arranged a video consultation while I was still in Taiwan with Dr. Manero. He addressed all questions kindly and authoritatively. I felt he was a kind and highly motivated professional that put patients first. I was admitted to the clinic the day before the procedure. You are given strict guidelines on a "low residue" diet for a week before the procedure, not fun, and then this fleet enema process, which cleans you out. I did this sat on the floor under the shower over a few hours. It made it just about manageable, it was probably the worst part of the whole thing. Be warned. The morning of the procedure you are prepared and then taken to the operating theatre. My next memory is of waking up about 12 hours later in some pain, not out of control, but significant. This was swiftly brought under control. There is then 3 days of forced bedrest. Believe me, during this period you don't even want to move. You hover between a little pain, discomfort, tiredness, generally just trying to keep relaxed and wait it out. Nurses regularly come to check and you are provided with a wrist watch buzzer that can summon assistance at a moment's notice. So, yes, it is serious. The whole thing is serious, but the clinic manages you through the process well. The outcome of both my FFS and vaginoplasty are beyond my wildest dreams. The skill, genius and proficiency of the entire team is beyond description. My FFS has already almost completely healed at a visible level. It will continue for months, but imperceptibly. Unfortunately, with the vaginoplasty I did have some sutures split on the outside, this happened about 10 days after the procedure. It is a standard complication, it doesn't happen a lot, but it can happen. Either way, this was picked up in my final check up and I was scheduled for an emergency repair a few days later. In general though, healing has been good and at no time has pain been beyond something I could handle. With the FFS, for the first time in my life I no longer see the ghost of a man staring back at me. I still look like me, but I look like me as a woman. It is uncanny. I have had so many compliments already. That alone was worth everything. As for the vaginoplasty, it is a slow healing process, but now I am starting to explore and it looks and feels exactly as I would have hoped. I am getting clear indications of sensitivity in the right places. The shape, the structures, the components, all of it, to me, it is beautiful. I am impatient to heal enough to really enjoy living as myself for the first time. So, the surgical team, miracle workers. Genuinely. For me, it feels like they performed two miracles on me. The discomfort passed quickly enough and the healing continues, but the results are legendary. THANK YOU! For the first several days you are completely immobile. You are 100% dependent on the nurses. They kept me clean, they kept my pain well under control. They were kind, gentle, affectionate, professional and at no time did I feel neglected. I felt they genuinely cared and there was good continuity between shift changes. The nursing definitely reflected the quality of the surgery. The environment is clean, modern, but warm and inviting. Each patient has a private room. Mine had a panoramic view over the gardens and was a beautiful sight to wake up to each day. Okay, there are a few things to be careful about. The clinic is very busy, while I was in recovery it did not feel busy or rushed, but as you recover there is definitely pressure on resources. And the recovery cycle feels steep and challenging, so when it comes to being discharged you may not feel ready. Believe me, they know when you are ready, and they know if you are not. So, discharge did come as a bit of a shock. However, within a few days of being out and in a privately rented apartment and starting to eat normally again, my recovery process gathered momentum. Stay in a good hotel for a few weeks, stay somewhere clean with good washroom and shower facilities, ensure you have easy access to a pharmacy, food and have people around you if at all possible, who will care for you a little. This makes a massive difference. Dr Manero and his team are the gold standard. There is a premium to pay, but from my experience, it is worth every cent, worth saving up for, worth investing in. Even if it means you have to wait another year or two until you can afford it, I would rather put myself in their hands than anyone else's. Love the doctors and nurses there. I felt completely in safe hands, I feel like a newly born woman, better than I ever dared hope for.

BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift
Butt Lift 7000 € - 7300 €
Butt augmentations are on the rise. A BBL is a surgery performed with fat transfer. There are other alternatives depending on the result the patient wishes to get. Our body surgeries specialist will advise if this is the right surgery for you. The fees listed here are meant to serve as a guide price for patients. Please send us some pictures and we will send you an exact quote.  The price will include everything for the patient and family member, partner or friend at the clinic. 
BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift 7000 € - 7200 €
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
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Clínica Mejórate - Clínica Mejórate

Clínica Mejórate

Calle Via Augusta 42, Los Montesinos, 03187
4.9 from 6 verified reviews
Excellent treatment care receivedJane, Los Montesinos, 30 03 17

Excellent dentist with english translator Helpful well organized. Definitely recomnend

BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
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