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ClinicForYou - Plastic Surgery Clinic in PolandFeatured


71 881 08 21 Your First Choice in Poland, Wroclaw
Rating from 146 Reviews Go with him, you won’t be disappointedAnonymous, Manchester, 20 Jul 17

Breast Reduction+Lift, Very pleased....Settle down, this is going to be a long read…. REASON: I had wanted to have a breast reduction + lift (BRL) for as long as I could remember. I constantly hunched my shoulders, suffered from back, neck and shoulder pain, had to wear big loose size 16 tops to allow room (even though I am a size 12), could not wear button up blouses, and always had painful tender breasts. I knew I had to do something about my 32GG asymmetrical breasts – yeah, the left one was noticeably bigger than the right one. MAKING A DECISION: I went for a few consultations in the UK and the prices were exorbitant! (3 times more than what you would pay in Europe). I thought hard and long about it, there isn’t any difference in breast reduction/lift procedure in the UK and Europe, the only security I get by having the procedure done in the UK is the option to get emergency help if things go wrong? Perhaps? If they are more benefits I am not aware…also, just like anywhere else in Europe, I would still have to sign a waiver in the UK to say that I accept that the procedure comes with risks, and thereby waive my rights to claim damages should things go wrong. With all these thoughts in my head, I decided to have the BRL done in Europe. Poland to be precise. I consulted a few surgeons in Poland - from a well-known reputable one in Wroclaw, to one in Poznan and Sczecin and Warsaw. All surgeons came with good reviews, and various but reasonable prices, but I didn’t go with these surgeons for various reasons ranging from long waiting times, or no direct flights. I went to Realself a clinic I found on Whatclinic and after about 1 year of researching and reading reviews, I decided to go with Dr. Piotr Rataj in Wroclaw (pronounced “Vrot-suaf”) for my procedure. Many forums advised to wait to have children before having the BRL surgery, but as time went on, my breasts got heavier and denser and I couldn’t suffer anymore. I thought if I wait to have children before getting this procedure done I would be unable to stand by the time, lol! I sent an email to Anna Malanda and thus began the communication process. I sent photos of my breasts and had the email consultation with Dr. Rataj who confirmed that I was a suitable candidate for a BRL. My surgery was booked for the 24th of April 2017 and I paid a deposit to secure my surgery date. I also paid for the assistance package (which I highly recommend) to save me the stress of having to arrange your own translation and transportation. ACCOMMODATION: I opted to stay at the self-catering apartment at the Rynek (Market Square). Now, staying at the Rynek is a good option as it is very central, lots of sights to see, loads of options for food and drinks and walking distance to one of the shopping malls and a 15mins tram ride to the main shopping mall called Magnolia. However next time, I wouldn’t choose to stay at the self-catering apartment if I came back to Wroclaw. You see, the self-catering apartments although comfortable and affordable, is a no frills and fairly used space. So, if you like a bit of luxury/comfort, then choose a different accommodation within the Rynek e.g the Sofitel Hotel or Puro Hotel. If like I was, you are on a budget and don’t mind, then go for the self-catering apartment, it is a short stay anyway. You pay upon arrival for the accommodation at the apartment reception desk, so obviously, this is separate arrangement from the procedure and assistance package. ARRIVAL AND PROCEDURE: I Arrived on Saturday 22nd April, and Eveline came to pick me up from the airport. Ahhh! Eveline - Lovely, Beautiful, Friendly, Kind and very organised. She contacted me even before I arrived in Poland to say when she would be at the airport and was in contact often after that. Because I arrived on a Saturday I was the only one she picked up that day, but typically she picks up a few arrivals at a time and several per day and yet she amazingly and effortlessly juggles every one’s different schedules, knows the time and type of procedures, their arrival and departure dates and does it all with so much ease. Eveline, thank you and well done! That same Saturday, Eveline took me straight to the lab (separate from the clinic), I had my blood tests done at no cost because the cost was part of the price I paid for the surgery. After my tests, Eveline took me to my apartment, told me the directions and tram numbers to the malls and left me to explore. I went shopping and eating on Saturday and Sunday. Eveline was back to pick me up on Monday Morning. She picked me up with two other patients and drove us to the hospital at about 9.00am. I was shown my hospital room (2 persons per room) and I must say that the hospital is very clean and spacious. After I was shown my room, I had a physical consultation with Dr. Rataj with Eveline translating. Although I think Dr. Rataj doesn’t give himself enough credit when it comes to speaking English, in my opinion, he is able to communicate quite well in English, but I guess with his line of work he wants to make sure crucial information does not get lost in translation. Dr. Rataj is always smiling and friendly, he whistles and hums as he goes along, and I noticed he has ‘well-used’ hands, which for some unknown reason, helped to reassure me. IMPRESSIONS AND OPINION: During the consultation, Dr. Rataj made markings on my breasts with a marker and after about an hour, I was wheeled into in the theatre and put under General Anaesthesia. I woke up about 4 hours later in my hospital bed with my breasts in bandages and a surgical bra. That night was a little rough as I threw up due to my period arriving. Also, Dr. Rataj had done some lipo on the left (larger) breast and this bruised and hardened the breast and thus I needed a drain inserted. (The other breast was fine with no pains and no drains inserted). Dr. Rataj drove to the hospital at about 1 am that night to put a drain in for me because I was in pain and the nurse had phoned him to come. Thank you, Dr. Rataj! Most Importantly, Dr. Rataj did a fantastic job, as my breasts don’t have that ‘square shape’ you typically see from a breast reduction. He made them rounded and perky. His stitching was very neat and precise and as I am a ‘woman of color’, I appreciate that, as it is helpful to minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation. He used dissolvable stitches by the way. The nurse who looked after me that night was very kind and patient with me, I can’t remember her name, she had dark hair in a bun and a comforting motherly energy but I thank her. The Breast Reduction+Lift makes you constipated for days so be sure to take some Ducloease with you. With drains inserted and pain relievers, I slept most of the night. The next day I was discharged, and Eveline drove me back to the apartment and thereafter drove me to the clinic every morning for the subsequent 4 days for post-surgery checkup with Dr. Rataj, although the check-ups were rushed because he had a lot of patients to see. I spent a total of 6 nights in Wroclaw and had no issues after that. I was asked to send progress pictures every two weeks after that, which I did. I would like to advise that after the procedure, getting up and lying down needed some tact, and one has to be careful so that you don’t open pop the stitches. Although the stitches were sewn very neatly and tightly so this is unlikely, but you know what I mean – no unnecessary stress to that area. I am writing this review in July, with smaller perky breasts, better posture, smarter blouses and a smile on my face. I highly recommend and happy I chose Dr. Piotr Rataj and his team!!! Go with him, you won’t be disappointed.

Thigh Lift from 6600 zł
This procedure is recommended to patients who wish to reshape their thighs by removing the excess skin and fat from that part of the body. It is often performed among people who, after some major weight loss, are left with loose and unpleasantly looking skin, but also among those who are simply not satisfied with the way their thighs look.  Thighs lift is done under general anesthesia and lasts from 2 to 3 hours. An incision patterns differ, however the most common technique is a cut in the groin, extending downward wrapping around the back of the thigh. The surgeon determines what is appropriate to each, particular case. Deep, supportive sutures close the skin incisions. The results are visible instantly, however the final effect may be seen after the swelling and bruising are gone. After several months you will enjoy smoother, tighter contouring and improved skin condition both in appearance and feel. What is more, the results are long lasting and relatively permanent.
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
The pre-initial consultation with our cosmetic surgeon is performed via e-mail. Patients provide our English speaking Patient's Coordinator with photographs of the areas they would like to correct. Based on the pictures our cosmetic surgeon decides, which surgery would be the most effective, and determines the final price.  Additionally, patients may also make an appointment with the surgeon at the Clinic in order to have a consultation, which are always free of charge. For more information contact the Patient's Coordinator. 
Rhinoplasty with Nose Tip Reshaping from 12000 zł
The advantages of surgical nose correction are obvious, we all realize how important is the shape and size of our nose and how it influence the general appearance of our face. Unfortunately, it often happens that our nose is not what we would expect it to be, as being too big or crooked, it disfigures the way we look, distracting others from seeing the beauty of our eyes or lips. It damages our self-esteem and makes us feel unattractive. Rhinoplasty may be the only solution to improve our appearance and self-confidence. The procedure can: change the size, shape, profile and proportions of the nose, correct nose tip, septum and nostrils. It can be done under local or general anesthesia, depending on which type of surgery will be performed. Also, the incisions and corrections will be individualized to the needs and requirements of each and every patient. After several weeks following the surgery, the swallowing should dissipate, however the final result of the procedure will be visible after up to one year. The changes will appear gradually until our nose achieves the aimed effect. Within the first years, we can notice swallowing that occur in the mornings.
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Coramed - Plastic Surgery Clinic in PolandFeatured


71 881 06 37 Pilczycka 144-148, Wroclaw, 54144
Rating from 100 Reviews The level of care was greater than I expectedBecky, UK, 13 May 18

I had a bad breast augmentation done in 2009, it’s taken me years to find the courage to get it fixed. After a lot of research, I decided to come to Poland two days post op I feel so much better already The support from the clinic coordinators is amazing too. I had a driver meet me at the airport and they found me nice accommodation at a very reasonable price. Wished I had done this years ago now. The clinic was immaculately clean. The level of care was greater than I expected. On the night after my operation, I had my own nurse in a recovery room.

Thigh Lift from 7500 zł
Plastic Surgeon Consultation free
Rhinoplasty from 10000 zł
Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery. This procedure is dedicated for every one who feel unhappy with shape and profile of the nose. This is also proposition for people who has deviated septum and they suffering for breathing problems.Rhinoplasty divided into two types open and close. Its depending on the range of the surgery and effect which we wont to achieve.This procedure is performed in general anesthesia. In close procedure the incisions are hidden inside the nose. In open procedure the incisions is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils.Reshaping of the nose structure is performed by removing bone or cartilage sometimes cartilage grafs. In cause of deviated septum doctor can 
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Klinka św. Łukasza - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Klinka św. Łukasza

Ul. Bystrzańska 94 B, Bielsko-Biala, 43309
Inpatient and outpatient specialist medical care is offered at this multidisciplinary hospital located at Bielsko-Biala in Poland. Low cost and high quality services are provided for overseas patients by the expert and experienced team of medical professionals at the hospital. The hospital has served the healthcare needs of patients from the year 2000. The team is committed to continuously improving the technology at the hospital and to ongoing medical training to give the best possible treatments for patients. Services include aesthetic medicine, general surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopaedics and dentistry.
Lifting the Inner Thigh  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Nose Total Correction  
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3.1 / 5  Good
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Chirurgia Plastyczna Barańscy - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Chirurgia Plastyczna Barańscy

ul. Krzywoustego 1, Słubice, 69100
Chirurgia Plastyczna Barańscy is a Plastic Surgeon in Slubice. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Lift thighs  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
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3.2 / 5  Good
from 11 users
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Specialist in Plastic Surgery - Dr Ireneusz Latkowski - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Specialist in Plastic Surgery - Dr Ireneusz Latkowski

ul. Piastowska 17 a, Polanica Zdrój, 57-320
The Plastic Surgery Hospital in Polanica Zdrój is the oldest center for plastic surgery in Poland. Annually, several thousand patients are operated on here with reconstructive, faciocranial and micro surgery procedures; specialisation in : Breast enlargement, Liposuction, Otoplasty, ..., Dr Ireneusz Łątkowski graduated from Medical Faculty, Medical University in Wroc?aw in 1989. He is a 1 grade specialist in General Surgery and a 2 grade specialist in Plastic Surgery. Since 1993 he has been working at the Hospital and Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Polanica headed by Prof. Dr Hab. Honoris Causa Doctor Kazimierz Kobus as Senior Assistant in Plastic Surgery. Dr Łątkowski admits patients in his private Plastic Surgery Office in which he has been performing procedures in aesthetic surgery, treatment of inborn defects and post-traumatic deformities for many years. The Plastic Surgery Office meets all the European norms. It includes: Preparatory room Operating theatre Post-operative room Consultation office Waiting room Technical rooms The operating theatre is equipped with the most modern surgical and anaesthesiological monitoring facilities and equipment. The procedures are carried out with the use of, among others, modern liposuction equipment manufactured by MicroAire, apparatus for biological renewal of the skin and non-invasive removal of wrinkles manufactured by VISAGE, etc. The Office employs well trained medical staff: anaesthesiologists with
Thigh Lift  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
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Lipoline Clinic - dr Jakub Mazur

Lipoline Clinic

Zelazna 1, Katowice, 40851
Rating from 1 Review I look and feel betterTerese, Poland, 24 Jun 15

I'm satisfied with the treatment and results, the procedure took just one day and there was no side effects the next day. I was able to come back home. Now I look and feel better it's really worth it. Everybody was very helpful and supportive and they took care of everything, all tests were done before, the clinic is small but comfortable, and the doctor was professional, I can definitely recommend this clinic.

Consultation from 150 zł
Double chin from 3360 zł
Knees from 4200 zł
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4.5 / 5  Excellent
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Beauty Group Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Beauty Group Plastic Surgery

Wojciechowskiego 7, Szczecin, 71476
Rating from 1 Review Surgery was excellentAnonymous, Germany, 26 Oct 14

I was very pleased with all services at Artplastica from the reception, doctors, nurses, and nurse assistants. Everyone was polite and concerned that I was comfortable and my needs were all meet. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the personal care is exceptional. The doctor was very clear in explaining all procedures and answering all of my questions. Surgery was excellent. Reception was always there to assist with every detail, explaining in English, so that I knew exactly what to expect and to answer any questions. The price was definitely fair for all that is provided at Artplastica. I would recommend Artplastica.

Thigh Lift from 8000 zł
Plastic Surgeon Consultation from 200 zł
Rhinoplasty from 4000 zł
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3.5 / 5  Good
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ESTETICA STUDIO - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland


Haffnera 6/111, Sopot
Our offer of the rejuvenation therapy is based on a many year experience of highly qualified doctors that for years have been performing treatments in the area of Tri City, Warsaw and abroad. Our doctors participate in training and conferences in the field of the latest achievements of the Aesthetic Medicine. That shall offer You the top quality rejuvenation treatment services at the most attractive prices. We work exclusively with the best materials verified with over 10.000.000 patients worldwide, which guarantees the highest, safe level of a treatment with the minimal element of complications. At present aesthetic and anti-aging medicine stops being an ‘upper shelf’ service available exclusively for clients with the highest earnings – instead, it is becoming something normal for each of us, practically in every age group. Our clients are 17 to 75. We offer You face and body modelling, filling wrinkles, youth injections with the best materials of Treatment for lines and wrinkles, MACROLANE. Also, we have on sale various types of natural internal biostimulants and antioxidants so far available only at foreign markets. Also, we offer services of plastic surgery that are performed by a team of our doctors in selected clinics authorised by them. Thanks to a multidirectional therapy we are able to offer You a complex anti-aging program. 
Thigh Lift  
Plastic Surgeon Consultation up to 120 zł
Rhinoplasty 2500 zł - 5900 zł
18 more treatments
3.6 / 5  Very Good
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AMC Art Medical Center - Dr Artur Sliwinski

AMC Art Medical Center

Mariana Langiewicza 28/U1, Szczecin, 70263
Rating from 1 Review I would highly recommend the surgeonAnonymous, UK, 06 Sep 14

I can only say WoW!clean friendly helpful caring !Amazing results ! I thought I never trust a surgeon again but Dr.Arthur S.toke this fear away from me and proofed to me how wonderful it feels to be treated the way it suppose to be and wake up the way I was dreaming of and hoping for. My confidence come back I feel just shortly after my operation healthy , happier every day And see positive changes every day more and more . There was nothing he did not told me lied to me or promised to me what he could not keept. I feel now I can trust again and finally find happiness with my body I would highly recommend the surgeon the clinic the stuff the city the care I received was mind blowing before while and after 10/10 I don't know how much I can thank you all !!! Anonymous

Thigh Lift
Thigh Lift  
Thigh lift thighplasty from 10000 zł
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
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3.5 / 5  Good
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Artur Zawisz - Prywatna Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Artur Zawisz - Prywatna Klinika Chirurgii Plastycznej

Merkuriusza Polskiego 23 a, Kraków, 30698
Rating from 1 Review There was nothing artificial or unnatural, I just looked so much betterMargaret, US, 13 Apr 18

14 days ago, at age 52 I had a facelift done by dr. A. Zawisz. I never expected that a few days later, after removing all bandages. I will not have any bruises, just minimal swelling which only I could see. After coming home, all my friends complimented me on how great vacations I have had a how well rested I look. There was nothing artificial or unnatural, I just looked so much better. And it still looks so much better at my present age. Thank you Dr Zawisz. The service was superb.

Thigh Lift from 8000 zł
Consultation from 150 zł
Rhinoplasty (Cartilaginous portion of the nose) from 6000 zł
24 more treatments
2.8 / 5  Satisfactory
from 78 users
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Chirurgia Plastyczna Marek Ciesiński - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Chirurgia Plastyczna Marek Ciesiński

ul. Tuchowska 6B, Kraków, 30618
Rating from 1 Review My breasts look amazing, very natural, proportional to my body shapeJoanna, UK, 18 Aug 17

I have just undergone breast enlargement with Dr. Ciesinski in Poland. The overall care was outstanding. From surgeon, personnel, facilities, and aftercare, I couldn't fault it if I wanted to. My breasts look amazing, very natural, proportional to my body shape. Dr. Ciesinski was ultra-professional, explained the procedure in detail and more. He gave me realistic expectations and guidance throughout for which I am very grateful. I wouldn't hesitate to go back for any other cosmetic procedures.

Lifting thighs from 8500 zł
Plastic Surgeon Consultation from 200 zł
Rhinoplasty from 7000 zł
16 more treatments
1 other location in Poland for Chirurgia Plastyczna Marek Ciesiński.
3.7 / 5  Very Good
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Esculap Service - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Poland

Esculap Service

Bordinghausen 4B, Kierspe, 58557
The state licensed clinic InterMed for aesthetic and plastic surgery was founded in 1992. In 2001 the clinic moved into its newly built facilities. They accommodate two operating theatres and several rooms for patients, in this way we can guarantee a high standard of inpatient care.  Dr. Baranski is the owner and the leading surgeon of the clinic. He runs the clinic together with his wife, Dr. Elzbieta Baranski, who has also been working as a cosmetic surgeon for many years. Both are active members of the "Polish Society for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery" and the "International Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Association". In order to enlarge their professional knowledge and experience Dr. Baranski and his wife regularly partake in medical symposia in Europe and other countries like Israel or the United States . Just as important for a successful plastic surgery as medical knowledge is modern surgical equipment. High quality surgical equipment enables the surgeons to perform complicated operations. Dr. Baranski is knowledgeable about and uses only modern surgical techniques and all materials used during cosmetic surgeries are certified. The clinic has also undergone the demanding certification by the German DEKRA and has received the ISO 9001 certificate of quality.
Thigh Lift up to 8731 zł
Plastic Surgeon Consultation  
Rhinoplasty up to 10211 zł
12 more treatments
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