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Why do tourists visit Hungary?

Tourists visit Hungary for its beautiful buildings and monuments dating back to the Romans. There are town houses that date back to the middle ages, baroque churches, magnificent public buildings in a range of architectural styles and art nouveau buildings near its many thermal springs. Hungary has nearly 300 thermal springs known for their therapeutic properties. Hungary is a country that has not forgotten its roots. It has a vibrant folk culture and the folk paintings, dance, music, arts and crafts of Hungary have stood the test of time. Hungary is known for its delectable local food. For nature lovers, Hungary is home to dense forests, Europe’s largest grassland and ten national parks. Accommodation options in Hungary include luxury resorts and budget hotels, apartments and rental homes.           

Why do medical tourists visit Hungary?

Hungary has well-equipped hospitals and clinics offering specialist medical, dental and surgical services at affordable prices for overseas patients. The doctors are highly qualified and trained at well-known international medical schools and universities. Many hospitals offer health tourism programmes that include local transportation, accommodation, treatments and procedures, a holiday and interpreter services, if required.  

How do I get to Hungary?

Hungary has five international airports serving major cities and tourist areas. Most hospitals and clinics offer airport transfers as part of their medical tourism package.  

What are the visa requirements for patients travelling for medical treatments to Hungary?

Hungary is a member of the European Union and patients from other EU member nations do not require a visa to travel for treatment in Hungary. Details of obtaining a visa to Hungary are available at the website:  http://konzuliszolgalat.kormany.hu/tajekoztatok-a-schn

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Fehér Fog Dental - logo

Fehér Fog Dental

Petőfi Sándor utca 31, Miskolc, 3532
A small family run clinic, in the middle of the city. Surrounded by the main streets sights one of the best places in Miskolc. People find the clinic calming, because of unique artist paintings. Children like the types of vinyl and the handmade toys. The clinic is a well equipped with two seats. Capable of whitening, orthodontics and other everyday dental surgeries. Our main doctor, Andrea Kozák dr. started to work as a dentist in 1989. With his knowledge, most of your problems will be solved. Our main goal is to make an excellent quality work, at an affordable price. As you may know, Hungary is often visited for dental tourism. Most people visit Budapest or Sopron but don't stop just there. Explore the beauty of the region, like Tokaj, with his famous winery culture or even the well known Cave bath of Miskolc Tapolca. Our prices are slightly lower than Budapest or Sopron!
Home Whitening Kits  
Teeth Whitening from 30000 Ft
Chemical Teeth Whitening  
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Arany Klinika - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Arany Klinika

Arany Janos Utca 14th, Szeged, 6720
For more information about Arany Klinika in Szeged please contact the clinic.
Home Whitening Kits from 50000 Ft
Teeth Whitening  
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Dream Dent - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Dream Dent

Hegyalja u. 32, Győr, 9012
For more information about Dream Dent in Gyor please contact the clinic.
Home Whitening Kits from 50000 Ft
Teeth Whitening from 60000 Ft
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Natura Dent - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Natura Dent

81 V Kerulet Vaci Utca, Budapest, 1056
For more information about Natura Dent in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Home bleaching (Pola Office Plus) – 1 tooth from 19048 Ft
Teeth Whitening  
EZlase in-office laser deep bleaching (Biolase) – 1 tooth from 25524 Ft
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Dental Visit - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Dental Visit

97B Erzsebet kiralyne utja, Budapest, 1142
For more information about Dental Visit in Budapest please contact the clinic.
At-Home Whitening from 160 Ft
Conventional Teeth Whitening from 160 Ft
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DH Dental Kft - Dental Clinic in Hungary

DH Dental Kft

Bimbó út 9, Budapest, 1022
For more information about DH Dental Kft in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Home Whitening Kits from 264 Ft
Teeth Whitening 264 Ft - 316 Ft
Zoom! Teeth Whitening from 316 Ft
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Dentabo - Dental Clinic in Hungary


Szugló utca 78., Zugló, Budapest
Overseas patients are treated at affordable prices at this clinic located at Budapest in Hungary. A comprehensive range of dental services are offered at the expert and experienced team is particularly adept at the cosmetic improvement of the smiles of patients. The primary concern of the team is preventive care and improving the oral and dental health of patients. Services offered include a free initial examination, professional dental cleaning including pain free ultrasonic scaling , general dental care, fitting protective mouth guards and placing crowns and bridges to improve smiles.
Home Whitening Kits  
Teeth Whitening from 40000 Ft
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Rock Rose - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Rock Rose

Petőfi tér 3, Budapest, 1052
For more information about Rock Rose in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Home from 65000 Ft
Teeth Whitening from 22000 Ft
Lamp in one session (Zoom) from 120000 Ft
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Imperial Dental - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Imperial Dental

Krisztina körút 39/B, Budapest, 1013
5.0 from 7 verified reviews
I was able to regain my confidence back with a whole new smile on my faceYudit, Israel, 22 03 22

My experience at the clinic was incredible. I was treated with the utmost respect by the most amazing staff members I have ever been taken care of. Besides the warm and welcoming environment of the clinic, the outcome of my treatment was stunning. The work of the dental technician is an absolute art piece. With all the credits that go to the to the very professional doctors and assistants, I was able to regain my confidence back with a whole new smile on my face, as things go to the highly professional medical performance of the staff. I could not thank you enough for it :-)

Home Whitening Kits from 76193 Ft
Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening from 76193 Ft
Professional Tooth Bleaching from 114289 Ft
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Affordable Dentist at WestDent - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Affordable Dentist at WestDent

Váci út 64/b, Budapest, 1132
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
All staff are very friendlyBirgit, Hungary, 11 04 23

I was on a longer vacation in Budapest when I urgently needed a dentist due to 2 days full of pain and painkillers. Here at Golden Dental, Pannonia ucta everyone was very supportive and I got an emergency appointment for the very next day. Dr Imre Labas has been fantastic. He carried out an excellent root canal treatment. He was very considerate and explained every action and why it was necessary to do so. I felt very safe and he always reassured himself that I was in no pain. The clinic itself is very clean with the most modern medical equipment. All staff are very friendly. Neath less to say that after the successful root canal treatment, I decided to stay on for further treatment.

Home Whitening Kits up to 57144 Ft
Including night splints & material
Teeth Whitening 17143 Ft - 152385 Ft
We use carbamidperoxide for gentle whitening
Whitening Top Up Treatment from 28572 Ft
Just a refill of material
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Solardent - Dental Clinic in Hungary


Mátyás Király u. 21, Szombathely, 9700
Szombathely in Hungary is the location of this dental clinic where high quality dental services and relaxing alternative health therapies are available. Cost effective services are provided for overseas patients at the clinic and the team arranges local transport and accommodation. The clinic is fitted with the newest equipment to enable the team to perform advanced procedures for the long term benefit of patients. Services include examinations and professional dental cleaning, gum disease treatments, root canal procedures, treatments for tooth injuries, the cosmetic improvement of smiles, reflexology, and lifestyle advice.
Home Whitening Kits  
This technique is good for those people who simply need to lighten their teeth. When teeth have been discoloured from smoking, coffee, tea, or simply due to aging, this is often a good option. First, an impression is taken of the patient's mouth and stone models are poured up. Then a precision fit splint is made either by a lab or by the dental office which has the facial surface of the teeth blocked out to allow room in the splint for the bleaching solution (typically 10% -15% carbamide peroxide) to stay on the teeth. This thin mouthpiece is then worn for one to three hours per night or in the evening daily, after the patient has carefully cleaned their teeth. It usually takes about two weeks to get to the desired results if worn every night. Advantages include: This technique allows you to do this at your own home (or work) and on your own time. If you wish to lighten your teeth more in the future, you can simply purchase some more bleaching solution and use that.
Teeth Whitening  
First, the teeth are pumiced to clean them. Then an ointment is placed on the gums to protect them. A rubber dam (similar to a thin plastic square with holes in it to fit around the teeth) is placed over the teeth and the teeth are isolated to allow the bleaching solution to work. The patient then sits in front of a special bleaching light for approximately 30 minutes per arch. This technique usually works best after about three sessions. Advantages include: This is better when you have streaks of darker colours on your teeth, or if you have crowns or other fillings on your front teeth. Since we are able to use a stronger solution using this technique, we feel it produces a more reliable result. Disadvantages include: If you have sensitive teeth to begin with, this technique can cause them to be slightly more sensitive temporarily (typically for up to a day). In addition, occasionally, the material can cause minor temporary irritation on the gums near the edges of the rubber dam.
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Fogaszkft - Dr Peter Benedek


Fehérhajó u. 10, Budapest, 1052
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
Established in 1991, Fog Asz Kft (Tooth Ace Ltd) has served many thousands of patients from the UK, Ireland and all over Europe. Our English and German speaking Hungarian and British staff are delighted to welcome you to our state-of-the-art practice in the heart of Budapest.  Honesty is the core of our business. We pride ourselves on providing only the FINEST treatment combined with the very best in customer care to give you a dental experience like no other. Worried about visiting the dentist? Worry no more! With Fog Asz we shall put your mind at ease and help you overcome any fears you may have. Patience and empathy are a priority.  With FULL TRAVEL ASSISTANCE, COMPLIMENTARY AIRPORT TRANSFERS, FREE CONSULTATIONS, FREE X-RAYS and FREE, NO OBLIGATION DENTAL PLANS, please contact us with any enquiry and we shall be delighted to reply by email, phone or video call. We assist with finding the best deals on flights and accommodation to suit all budgets. 24/7 Customer Care during your time in Budapest and we give you all you need to know to have a wonderful visit to our beautiful city. Sample prices of our treatment: (ALL INCLUSIVE, NO HIDDEN EXTRAS) IMPLANTS: Neodent €710. Straumann €940. (Lifetime Guarantee, registered and issued with world recognised warranty certificates.)WHITE CERAMIC CROWNS: €198 each.BRIDGE: simply priced per crown!VENEERS (Superior Grade) €340 per Veneer.INLAY : €190 ROOT CANAL: from €90, MAX €130 for even the most complex of Root Canal
Home Whitening Kits from 75431 Ft
Teeth Whitening with made-to-measure kit. from 75431 Ft
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