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Caria Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation - Orthopaedic Clinic in TurkeyFeatured
5.0 from 1 verified review
I always felt cared for and secure during my appointmentsMelis, Turkey, 03 02 23

After a series of misfortunate events, I decided to seek the best orthopaedic surgeon in the region, and one name kept coming up: DR. KILINÇ. The results of my revision surgery went above and beyond all expectations, thanks to Dr. Kılınç’s experience, skills and expertise. He is a great doctor in every way. I always felt cared for and secure during my appointments. He takes time to listen to his patients thoroughly, examines everything in detail, spends time to talk through anything his patients ask. I have ongoing physio treatments with his team at CARIA Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Clinic. Ms. Eymir and Mr. Kubilay has also proven to be amazing! Not only are they professional, but also very pleasant, informative and considerate. I am extremely satisfied with the service I receive from Dr. Kılınç and his colleagues, and have no hesitation in recommending CARIA Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Clinic to others. They are the best!

Ilizarov Technique $4617 - $5131
Orthopaedist Consultation $52 - $57
Knee Replacement
Knee Arthroplasty $571 - $6692
Left knee arthritis replaced with total knee prosthesis.
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Axis Special Hospital Croatia - Orthopaedic Clinic in Croatia
3.7 from 1 verified review
Axis Special Hospital Croatia was founded early in year 2010 by Robert Saftic MD, spinal neurosurgeon. In September 2012, we have expanded range of our services to minimally-invasive orthopedic joint surgery (hip, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, etc.) in cooperation with Mladen Miskulin MD, renowned orthopedic and trauma surgeon. Since then, hospital is internationally known as Vertebris International Spine and Joint Hospital. Our mission is simple and consists of offering reliable information about spinal and joint diseases and conditions, minimally-invasive treatment options, providing second opinion and in the end organizing and coordinating possible surgical treatment in Croatia. Range of our services includes doctor-patient communication and correspondence, translation services, documentation digitalization services and full spectrum of services when you choose to be operated by our neurological or orthopedic surgeons, and this can include managing visas and other documentation, airport or hotel pickup, accommodation, support line for family and friends back home, etc. We are successfully applying most advanced most innovative methods in minimally-invasive spinal neurosurgery and orthopedic joint surgery. During years of our work and existence as one of the world’s top destination and hospitals for treating spinal disorders and diseases with minimally-invasive surgical techniques, we have treated patients from all over the world, including patients from Spain, France, Italy
Ilizarov Technique  
Orthopaedist Consultation  
Knee Replacement  
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Egemed Hastaneleri - Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic in Turkey

Egemed Hastaneleri

AYDIN / Söke, Turkey
5.0 from 1 verified review
I'm very good right nowAnonymous, Turkey, 20 09 19

I had COPD. I went to Egemed Hospital for balloon therapy. A very clean hospital. Thank you very much for all the doctors. I'm very good right now.

Ilizarov Technique $1357 - $2713
Knee Replacement $2713 - $6783
Hip Replacement $2713 - $6783
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BulMD (Bul Medical Consulting and Tourism Company) - Hair Loss Clinic in Turkey
BulMD are a dedicated team of professionals, who work tirelessly with doctors and medical professionals, in order to provide our patients with the best treatment options with world-class assistance, facilities and care possible. We know how difficult it is to choose the best limb lengthening surgeon, hair transplant clinic, or obesity treatment center. To make this decision making process as smooth as possible, we have handpicked the best of each field and presented to you. The word ‘Bul’ in our name means ‘find’ in Turkish, which is basically our job: to find the best for you, saving your precious time. Here is a list of some of the treatment options we can find for you: - limb lengthening, limb shortening, limb deformity (bowlegs and knock knees) correction surgeries, - bariatric surgery (obesity treatment) - hair transplant (FUE, DHI, Sapphire FUE methods) You have the chance to see the list of best treatments, clinics and doctors. Also, you can compare their characteristics, prices, locations, and if you are still unsure, we are ready to help you by providing all necessary info. Our patient consultants are always online to answer your questions and meet your needs. We will offer you not only best of the medical treatments but also reasonably priced hotels, experienced physiotherapists, caretakers and translators, all you need for a beautiful and healthy experience in Istanbul.
Ilizarov Technique
Holy-Fix Method Limb Lengthening $13461 - $14538
The “Holy-Fix” Methodology – This is a fully external methodology for Limb or Leg Lengthening; whereby rod-alike external metal fixators are attached to each of the legs of the patients by means of pins affixed from the outside of the operated bones. During the lengthening stage, patients are required to turn screws on the device, simultaneously on both the treated legs, to achieve their daily distraction of 1mm per day. Currently, this is the most economical methodology practiced around the world; with the only disadvantage that the patients are stuck with the devices for a period between 9 to 12 months; meaning that they have to walk, sleep and live their daily lives with the devices attached to their treated legs. The biggest problem with this methodology is that that the devices cannot be removed in the consolidation and strengthening stages, or until the bones fully return to their pre-surgery density and integrity and are able to fully bear the patients weight. This consolidation period is obviously very long and uncomfortable for the patients and usually tends to test the patience of many patients and may cause them stress at the same time.
Ilizarov Technique $13461 - $14538
The Ilizarov’s surgical method for limb lengthening was developed by a Russian orthopedic surgeon, Gavriil Ilizarov and was first successfully applied in World War 2 and since has been in surgical practice, till today. It is an external only methodology for bone lengthening, whereby the bone is affixed with thin wires and hoops; with an external fixator or Ilizarov’s device. Although Ilizarov’s surgical methodology seems quite direct and simple, the result may sometimes be quite frustrating, if not performed by competent hands, thereafter, and the surgical method is not applied as per the expectations of the patients. It is important to note that were during the surgery or the post-op treatment, the medical team does not strictly comply with the principles laid down in Ilizarov’s methodology, and complications can arise, leading to gloomy outcomes for both, the patients and the medical teams involved. Regular care and maintenance of the device, its wires & screw; is crucial with this methodology, from the very beginning. As per the recommendations of the medical practitioner’s guidance patients must strictly care and sterilize the devices, its wires, and screws, daily; with 70% Pure Alcohol or a 10% Betadine solution, with sterile gauze. If the patient notices any indication of infections, such as redness, swelling and/or wound growth, around the device or its extensions, that they should immediately seek medical help from the surgical team who performed the surgery. The biggest problem with this method, apart from the strenuous daily regular care, is the chances of an infection, especially where sterilization is nor carried out daily; since the wounds are open and affixed with wires; the chances of infections increase. The problem is that if an infection does happen, during the lengthening phase; the infections become a priority; thus the lengthening process is halted till the time the infection subsides. 
LON Method Limb Lengthening $17230 - $18307
“LON” Limb Lengthening Methodology (Combination internal and external) - is almost practiced in similarity with the “Holy-Fix” methodology regime; i.e. that it also involves the use of the same external device, but the major difference is, there are internal stabilizers implanted as well; in the shape of thin metal rods which are implanted into the bone cavity during operation. These internal nail system, with the help of external distractor, significantly reduces the time spent in lengthening phases. And soon after the lengthening phase is completed the external fixators are removed, and the consolidation & strengthening phase could easily begin; as early signs of consolidation already begin to appear on the patient’s X-rays, soon beforehand. With this combinational methodology and early removal of the external fixators, the patient’s comfort factors dramatically increase and with early removal of external devices, the consolidation period begins quickly. The weight of the patients during the consolidation phases is borne by the internally embedded nails, till the time that the bones have fully consolidated; soon after, these internal nails are surgically removed, with the help of a minor surgical procedure, which lasts around 30 minutes at best. This combination system has allowed quicker recovery times, in comparison to “Holy-Fix”; and with better quality of life for the patients, during the recovery phases, who opt for such a limb lengthening surgical procedure. 
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Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital - Orthopaedic Clinic in Turkey
For more information about Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital in Basaksehir please contact the clinic.
Ilizarov Technique  
Orthopaedist Consultation  
Knee Replacement  
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AIMIS Clinics Athonitissa - General Practice in Cyprus

AIMIS Clinics Athonitissa

Limassol, Cyprus
AIMIS Clinics, member of AIMIS Healthcare Group, is a premium outpatient, multidisciplinary medical centre, offering a wide spectrum of medical specialties and services. This multimember team of General Doctors, Medical Specialists, Surgeons and Therapists, along with the aid of our Clinical Laboratory and Diagnostics Centre, work together to provide the highest standard of patient-centred medical care in Cyprus. The outcomes of this seamless medical collaboration are exhibited by the highest level of patient satisfaction. Our treatments and therapies are tailor-made and ultimately provide the best care for the specific needs of each individual patient. We aim to inspire hope and contribute to the health and well-being of every patient.
Ilizarov Technique  
Orthopaedist Consultation  
Knee Replacement  
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