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What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear orthodontic appliance manufactured by Align Technology, a company based in San Jose California USA. The USFDA approved Invisalign in 1998. The aligner is customizable, removable and almost invisible. It is an ideal appliance to correct the alignment of the teeth of adult and adolescent patients.

What is Invisalign made of?

Invisalign aligners are made of medical grade plastic.

Is fitting Invisalign painful?

Fitting Invisalign is not painful Patients will experience pain caused by the pressure exerted by the aligner in the process of straightening their teeth.

When can I travel by air after fitting Invisalign?

Patients can travel by air as soon as Invisalign is fitted.

How long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?

Invisalign takes about 12 to 14 months to straighten adult teeth.

How do I care for my teeth after fitting Invisalign?

Patients should only drink water while wearing Invisalign. They should remove Invisalign during meals and whenever they eat or drink. They should take care to ensure that Invisalign does not fall and break and keep them in their case when they are not wearing them. They should soak the aligner in a clear anti-bacterial soap or denture cleaner when they take them off to keep them clean. They should brush and floss their teeth before wearing Invisalign. They should wear the aligner for at least 22 hours in a day for the best effect.

What are the alternatives to fitting Invisalign?

There are other companies that manufacture clear braces. There are also manufacturers who make fast acting aligners that straighten teeth faster than Invisalign for adults.

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Family Dentistry - compiling

Family Dentistry

Av. Andres Q. Roo #161, Sm 45 Mnz 1 Lt 4, Cancun, 77506
All the Treatments are made with a Specialist in the Area!! We have the Best Specialists in Cancun with Title, Credits and More so Patients know they are treated by a Doctor with a Master Degree not a 6 months course!! or an internet study!! all are backed up with a Title and a Master Degree in the best Schools. We use the best materials 99% Imported, Top of the Line Equipment, and up to any Patient Expectation because the Patient Deserves it!! We have 10 years Experience and more than 10 seminars taken every year to be Up to Date in all the New Materials and Equipment!! Our Prices are not the Lowest because we Guarantee all of our work!! and because we dont save in Cheap materials or Equipment to lower the prices... OUR PATIENTS DESERVES THE BEST!!!!! at an AFFORDABLE PRICE and with a SPECIALIST IN EVERY TREATMENT!!! COME AND VISIT US WHILE YOU HAVE A VACATION IN PARADISE!!!
Clear Braces  
Orthodontic Retainer  
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Invisalign Cancun - How much does this cost in Mexico Cancun

Invisalign Cancun

Ave Xel Ha, Cancun, 77509
5.0 from 1 verified review
For more information about Invisalign Cancun in Cancun please contact the clinic.
Non Surgical Extractions  
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Happy smiles - Dental Clinic in Mexico

Happy smiles

Calle mar s/n, SMZ 4, Cancun, 77500
For more information about Happy smiles in Cancun please contact the clinic.
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Cancun Dental Design - Dental Clinic in Mexico

Cancun Dental Design

Boulevard Kukulcan Calle Retorno del Rey Local 1, Cancun, 77500
4.9 from 27 verified reviews
I'll say that again I'm super pleased with the resultsRon, US, 21 04 23

Hello, I called Cancun dental design about a year ago. I called them and at least four other dentist offices in Cancun. the first person I spoke with at the facility was Sergio. He was knowledgeable, thorough and would not tell me what I wanted to hear. Meaning he would not make blind predictions of the outcome without my mouth being looked at by the doctor along with a 3D x-ray. He calmly informed me that their professional and we know what we're doing basically. And he stuck to that and I appreciated that. His professionalism and sincerity is the main reason I chose this facility. I'm in sales so I know when somebody's trying to pull one over on me and he was sincere. So I decided to make the appointment like a year later it took me a little while to pull the trigger. I initially wanted the all in 4 implants. I was just tired of my teeth I wanted to rip them out and just get some new ones. But after the evaluation with Dr. Zamora he informed that I have the option of keeping the teeth I had left except two I think. He Said to me clearly that it's best to keep as many good teeth as possible. He let me know that I will need a variety of crowns implants a bridge bone graft etc and he let me know I can do this for about the same price as the all-in-4 implant. My first thought was why would they tell me this if they can make quicker money with it all in 4 implant. The answer I came up with is that they actually care. There was another specialist in the office who did my root canals, I didn't get her name and also the doctor's assistant Gema were there in the room me. So I started asking everyone questions, we had a little pow-wow to help me make this decision. After thinking about it I decided to go with the option of keeping the good teeth that I had. But they didn't force my decision in either direction. They were honest with me and that's all I can ask for. Mind you I'm terrified of the dentist. But the team made me feel comfortable and they started the work and made sure I wasn't in any pain. There was a little pain and discomfort but I'm thinking it's kind of normal since they working in my mouth right but it wasn't unbearable at all. One of my procedures I opted to go under anesthesia applied by a specialist and it was fine. I've never seen a doctor and assistant work so well together. Dr Samora is a professional focused genius artist, his crown work amongst other things is amazing. And his assistant Gema is a professional third eye she is extremely thorough and meticulous she kind of reminded me of my older sister. I'm not easily impressed coming from a customer service background but I was impressed with the whole team. The ladies at the front desk who take care of the patients clerical things and the transportation, Jazzmin and Laura we're very pleasant sharp and on point. Then I worked with the finance guy Benjamin. He went over the bill with me line by line and there were no hitting fees it was great. Now how good is their work?? I am super pleased with the results. I'll say that again I'm super pleased with the results. I would recommend my children to this dentist office. Some people might think that since this office is located in Mexico that they may not have the ability to perform sophisticated procedures correctly nor would they have the expensive equipment that is needed. This is absolutely false they had all of the technical equipment they needed to preform the procedure and are clearly educated enough to do the work. And their pleasant attitude tops everything off. I wrote this review because good work should be recognized. I must add Dr Zamora was extremely patient with me I was nervous and I'm picky, probably not the best combination for a dentist to have to deal with. Sergio Gema Jazzmin Laura Benjamin their root canal specialist and their drivers were all great, no BS. So I'm happy with the work and I had an opportunity to take a vacation at the same time. It was great!!

Invisalign™ from $4500
Braces from $1000
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DENTAL CLINIC - Dental Clinic in Mexico


Plaza Kukulcan, Blvd. Km. 13, M53, L8, Local 168, Ground floor, Hotel Zone, 77500 Cancun, Cancún, 77500
Nestled in the captivating coastal city of Cancun, Mexico, ODC invites patients from the United States to embark on a transformative journey toward optimal oral and skin health they envision. At ODC, we believe that true well-being encompasses more than just the physical aspects of health. Our team of compassionate dental and dermatological experts harmoniously merge their knowledge, advanced techniques, and cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive care that addresses your personal health. 
Invisalign™ lite from $3000
Invisalign™ Lite from $3000
Invisalign™ full from $4500
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Cancún Smile - Dental Clinic in Mexico

Cancún Smile

Av. Xel-Ha, No.103 Altos 5 Sm.25, Cancún, 77509
5.0 from 1 verified review
Welcome to Cancun Smile, a dental clinic with over 30 years of experience in dental care, the best dentists in Cancun!! Cancun Smile is a specialized dentistry clinic located in the heart of the most popular Mexican tourist destination –Cancun. Our clinic combines the highest standards with considerable price advantages for its patients. We believe that making your smile the best it can be will go a long way towards upgrading your quality of life .We do this with unparalleled personal attention, a pleasant environment and state-of-the–art technology. What are you waiting for? Get the new smile you always dreamed of while you relax on the most beautiful beach on earth. We will not waste your time to complete your dental makeover! Our team will be delighted to partner with you to create a winning smile and healthy teeth and gums. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust.
Orthodontist Consultation  
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Smile Now Dental & Facial Care - Dental Clinic in Mexico

Smile Now Dental & Facial Care

Avenida Tulum, Plaza San Francisco Local 303 SM 11 Mz1 Lote1, 77504 Cancún, Q.R., Cancun, 77504
SMILE NOW Clinic is located conveniently in the downtown city center of Cancun on the biggest main avenue. This makes us quickly accessible from the hotel zone and within a short driving distance from the airport. Our philosophy emphasizes making feel our patients “at home” when they are being attended in our installations, while enjoying a 5-star service from seasoned professionals. Whether basic routine dental services, complex orthodontic surgical cases, a complete smile makeover or a facial rejuvenation our specialists put our patients’ best interest first. On top of this, at SMILE NOW we make sure your visit is an EXPERIENCE rather than a regular medical service. We take pride in serving you first and afterwards your family and friends. Be Happy, Smile Now  
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