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Dr Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

Dr Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

(877) 519-4628Calles 28-30, Avenida 3 bis 2841, San Jose
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About Dr Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini, a Costa Rican Certified and USA trained Prosthodontist, began his practice in April, 1968. Not long after, Dr. Muñoz along with a colleague became the first dentists to place a dental implant in Costa Rica.
So, with over 13,000 Implants placed since 1980, Dr. Muñoz Cavallini, has accumulated 30 years of experience in Implant Dentistry. Over the years, Dr. Muñoz gained international recognition for his high quality work and great patient after care.
The Dr Marco Munoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic is one of the best practices in Dental Reconstruction, Dental Implant placement and Cosmetic Dentistry in Costa Rica and globally.
Dr. Muñoz Cavallini's Dental Clinic was the first Clinic in Costa Rica to feature One Stage --Immediate load-- implants and Two Stage --or Delayed load- - Implants. From Companies like OCO Biomedical, Tatum Dental etc..
These breakthrough technologies along with innovative placement techniques mean savings to patients in time and money.
These days the Dental Clinic offers many dental services besides dental Implants which include: Fixed Prosthetics, Veneers, Crowns, Root Canals, Removable Prosthetics etc…
An on-site lab -- on the forefront of technology-- with highly trained technicians speed up and simplify the process. Quality is assured, since all processes are supervised by the doctors.
Sedation is available for patients who request it.

The Dental Clinic is modern and comfortable. The facilities were designed with the patient in mind and filled with state of the art equipment to better serve them. More importantly, the environment at the Clinic is very friendly and humane.
The Clinic is centrally located in a quiet neighborhood and only three blocks away from a main artery that runs towards downtown San José. Japanese, Peruvian, Colombian, Mexican, French restaurants and USA fast food chains are also in walking distance. Banks and hotels are also close by.

Soon, our Clinic will offer a new service: A Dental Recovery Retreat will operate above our facilities with 12 fully equipped rooms to accommodate out of town or out of country patients that will rest with all comfort and amenities in their own privacy before being called into Treatment Areas! and, with Affordability in mind!

No matter if you need extensive dental treatment that requires closer monitoring, or a simple Dental procedure. Your joyful stay is assured with us.

No need for transportation back and forth to hotels, all done in one place!
Free airport pickup and assistance with all travel arrangements is available.

Our patients from around the world and our local patients pay the same fees

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from 61 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Dr Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic

"I am extremely satisfied"
Clinic's favourite review
100%Reviewed 27 Mar 2017 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
I had 6 first stage implants by Dr. Marco (the younger). He was very professional and took time to explain all the details and address my concerns. They took many CT scans and panoramas after each treatment to insure quality. He also had the scans on screen in front of him to consult while he did the implants. Super terrific human being and cared about how I felt and my comfort. I never felt like a cog or part of a mill, even though his office is very busy and might seem like a "churn them out fast" operation; but it's not. I am extremely satisfied and recommend him to everyone who needs more than just a filling.

Ultra modern clinic, with lab on premises. If they need to adjust or re-make a crown, there is virtually no wait time (a few hours). And since it is a busy clinic, I recommend you stay at Casa Marco, just a flight up. You can wait in your hotel room until your appointment is ready (since he runs late -- always). And staying there, you never need to leave the building because you can order out.
Treated By: Marco A. Muñoz
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Mike US
"The staff is the best, the very best"
90%Reviewed 30 Nov 2017 Review verified by phone.
Treatment Received: Bone Graft, Dental Implants, Dental Crowns
Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini International Dental Clinic, everything is in a house. Dr. Marco did my entire mouth in about two weeks, would have been about nine days but had to wait for the swelling to go down from the bone graft, five implants and 27 crowns I had done. The staff is the best, the very best. DentalClinic in North America cannot even come close to Dr. Marco Muñoz Cavallini Clinic.

The best, need I say anymore...
Treated By: Marco A. Muñoz Total Amount Paid CA$12,000
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Richard Canada
"The service was above average"
70%Reviewed 23 Nov 2017 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
I was referred to this clinic and they did great work.

The service was above average.
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Costa Rica
"The staff is very nice"
100%Reviewed 29 Jan 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
Dr macro placed 6 upper implants and bone grafts.

The clinic is very busy, but the staff is very nice, they try to accommodate best they can and all of them are always working hard. Even know they are all very busy in the office, you never feel like they don't have time for you or you're being rushed. Very pleased with Dr Marco and his team!
Total Amount Paid US$5,200
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Blake US
"I rate this clinic Aaaa+++++"
100%Reviewed 10 Sep 2016 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants
I rate this clinic Aaaa+++++

I was quoted $21900 from Dr Marco and I told him that I had $18000 I needed 24 teeth pulled out and all new implants! The doctor reduced it to $17900 to help me! He quoted 8 implants on top and 6 on the bottom and after he started he said he would like 8 on the bottom and would do it for FREE I was totally impressed and great full! I stayed in his clinics condos which were very nice and did not have to wait in the waiting room they just called me and took me right away. Very clean and a lot of nice staff if you are concerned about going here DON'T be I went down myself and had no problem. He changed my life and now I smile proudly!!
Treated By: Marco A. Muñoz Total Amount Paid US$18
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Mike Costa Rica
"I am very happy that I chose this clinic."
90%Reviewed 10 Jun 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Bone Graft
I would highly recommend this clinic for much cheaper yet great quality dental work. I had 7 implants put in and had major bone grafts along with it. I chose zirconia implants since I didn't want the metal in titanium and thought porcelain may not last. In Connecticut where I live 2 different dentists gave me a quote for $50,000.00 for only 3 implants & crowns & bridges. This clinic quoted me $17,000.00 for 7 implants and crowns & bridges for many of my teeth besides the 7. Even with the plane tickets lodging & meals I couldn't come close to the $50,000 so yes this was a fantastic value.

I researched online & this clinic kept coming up with good reviews so I chose it. First impression of the area & the buildings was not good as I was picturing Costa Rica with rainforests, waterfalls etc which is there if you travel away from the city. Once inside it was professional & clean. I had Dr. Marco who is an incredible dentist, honest, direct & willing to work with any concerns or needs which I did have. They even offer lodging upstairs from the clinic and another across the street from it which is very convenient. You can stay in the comfort of your room or with other people in the same boat in the dining room until they call you for your appointment to avoid having to wait in the waiting room. I am very happy that I chose this clinic.
Treated By: Dr. Marco Total Amount Paid US$17
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Lynn Ashford
"I was treated with courtesy and warmth by very competent staff throughout"
100%Reviewed 24 May 2016 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Dental Bridges
I went from Canada to the Cavallini Clinic in Costa Rica, and wanted to let others know of the wonderful treatment I received there.

I was returning to the clinic as a previous implant came out and I wrote to the clinic about that. I was told it would be taken care of and that is exactly what happened. I was thanked for coming and trusting them to fix the issue, and I was assured that there would be no charges.

The implant was replaced in a very clever way to make sure it would stay, and a new bridge was fitted, I was treated with courtesy and warmth by very competent staff throughout the 4 days that this procedure took. The new implant and bridge feel rock solid.

My impressions of this clinic are entirely positive and I am grateful for the high integrity and friendliness they have shown to me.
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Anonymous Victoria
"This was by far the best dental experience that I have ever had."
100%Reviewed 26 Mar 2016 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Fillings
I had five crowns, two implants, teeth whitening, and two fillings. He saved the tooth that was gonna cost me $3,300 in the US. It cost me 400 there, and he was incredibly nice. He also showed me his office, all of this computer labs, and how they cut the crowns out of the porcelain on the lab. Took me in his office and showed me his stereo and worked around my schedule.

This was by far the best dental experience that I have ever had. It was my first trip to Costa Rica. I was recommended by my guy, Joe Artavia. I had implants, crowns, fillings, teeth whitening, and saved about $10,000 US. I had no pain, no problems. I will be going back again now that the posts are set. I rarely give reviews, but this man was incredible as a person and as a dentist.
Total Amount Paid US$4,500
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Patrick US
"Very impressed on initial visit, but not happy with final results."
40%Reviewed 24 Jan 2016 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Restorative Dentist Consultation, Dental Implants
I visited this clinic in 2011 for and estimate on a full mouth restoration, which included several implants and crowns on the rest of my teeth. I loved the quoted price which was approximately 25% of the same work performed in the US. I was advised that the work could commence immediately, and would require one or possibly two additional visits, as several of the implants would be two-stage. Well, after over four years and seven visits to this clinic I am still having repetitive issues and problems: implants that became loose and had to be replaced, teeth with crowns that broke off at the gum line and had to be replaced by implants, chronic gum infections at implant locations, and cement failure on one implant. Although I did take advantage of the travel insurance offered by them, it by no means covers all the out-of-pocket costs associated with return trips to Costa Rica, not to mention the inconvenience of returning to Costa Rica, the cost of dental work required here in the US for emergencies (infections, extraction of implant at site of infection, and pain relief). I am sure that many people have had satisfactory experiences with this clinic, however, I am definitely not one of them.

Very impressed on initial visit, but as return visits for repairs became frequent I became much less than enthusiastic. In my case, first impressions formed by the quoted cost for treatment, friendliness, cleanliness, and staff were not indicative of final results.
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Gordon US
"I am finally done and cannot be happier with the result"
100%Reviewed 18 Dec 2015 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Root Canals
I looked for a clinic in Costa Rica after getting 2 failed bridges done in Cozumel. I decided to go with this clinic due to the amount of experience these doctors have and the team in place. I started my treatment for 3 implants in May 2015. When I finished in Dec 2015, I had 4 implants, 7 crowns. I am finally done and cannot be happier with the result. It cost me way less than it would have in Canada (50%) and I had 2 amazing vacations in Costa Rica!

My initial experience was just ok. The office staff was a little cold at first. I expected a warmer, friendlier greeting. I had a root canal and 3 implants. I had a lot of pain one of the nights due to too much work on one side. Mainly from the root canal....The implant surgery was fast and fairly pain free. But, after returning home, my tooth broke...that had the root canal done.

On the second visit, I had to have an extraction, of the failed root canal and an implant put in place, plus 7 crowns. (they kindly deducted the amount paid for the root canal) The worst part was the extraction. I found the office staff very pleasant this time. Expect to wait sometimes. If you are told 2 pm, your apt can be more like 4pm, There is not always a dentist available due to surgeries and high volume. I would have liked to have the stages explained to me as I went along - I had no idea what to expect when..

I stayed at Barcelo San Jose Palacio. It is only 8 km away. It was a great choice, comfortable, great food and an awesome pool area to help 'get away' in the middle of very busy, bustling San Jose and dental work stress. Make sure you stay on a higher floor though due to ballroom noise....The drivers for the clinic are very good, know where they are going and it is a great worry free service they provide around the clock. They were available of the time and are very friendly.

Over all, I am so happy with the end result. My teeth look and feel amazing! Dr. Marco Jr. did my implants. He was fast and funny. Dr. Trueblood did the rest and he was excellent, very skilled and kind. My bite is perfecto! I felt very comfortable with the staff.

For a near perfect end result with your dental issues and a great vacation (if you add in a week or so to travel...) I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone.

Thank you to Dr. Marco Jr. and his outstanding TEAM! Muchos Gracius!
Treated By: Marco A. Muñoz Total Amount Paid CA$6,825
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Paula Canada
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Per Crown depending on material used

$300  -  $500
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A crown is an artificial tooth used to replace or to reconstruct an existing tooth.  Can be Porcelain Fused to Metal or all Ceramic (Zirconium).

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Dental X-Ray
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Dentures are acrylic structures that replace complete teeth arches or partially

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When teeth extracted are going to be replaced by Implants, extractions are not charged.

Surgical Extractions

Extraction of Impacted teeth.

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Implant Dentist Consultation

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Including Xrays, Impressions and Dentist Plan

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Periodontist Consultation

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Periodontitis Treatment
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Restorative Dentist Consultation

Including Xrays, Impressions and Dentist Plan

From $300
Root canals

( all types of teeth)

Treatment of affected teeth by refilling of canals in their roots.

Root End Surgery


Sedation for dental treatments
Teeth Cleaning

General cleaning

Surface cleaning and polishing, gum massage

Teeth Contouring and Reshaping

Cosmetic Recontouring of teeth

From $260
Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening.  Includes General Cleaning

On-site laser whitening in 2 hours. Home kit available also.

From $250
Home Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening ( Home Kit )

From $450
From $450
Porcelain Veneers

Veneers, porcelain laminates.

Pressed porcelain veneers to enhance cosmetics in a way that color and any deffects are covered up.

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Dr Marco A. Muñoz Cavallini

Job Title:
  Principal Dentist
  Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, Endodontics, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Implantology, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics
  English, Italian, Spanish

Dr Marco A. Muñoz Peralta

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, Endodontics, General Dentistry, Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry
  English, Spanish

Edward Migliaccio

(877) 519-4628Calles 28-30, Avenida 3 bis 2841, San Jose