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What is a Panoramic X-Ray?

A panoramic X-ray is an X–ray machine that takes a two dimensional image of the entire mouth. It is quicker to take than a traditional dental X-ray and the image is clearer. A dentist can diagnose a range of problems by viewing one image.    

How is a Panoramic X-Ray performed?

Patients will be asked to stand or sit against the machine and bites a plastic blade. The machine moves around the skull of the patient to take a comprehensive image of the jaws of the patient.  

Is taking a Panoramic X-Ray image painful?

Patients will not experience any pain or discomfort when a panoramic X-ray image is taken.  

What does a Panoramic X-Ray show?

Panoramic X-rays show cavities, infections, tumours including bone tumours, cysts, wisdom teeth, jaw lesions, gum lesions, tooth misalignment and fractures.

Are Panoramic X-Rays safe?

Panoramic X-rays are safe and use a very small amount of radiation. The patient is subjected to 40 percent less radiation than a traditional dental X-ray. It helps dentists diagnose problems in a single image. There is no need to take repeated X-rays. This makes it a safe imaging instrument.  It is also easy to disinfect a panoramic X-ray machine after each imaging procedure. Panoramic X-ray images should not be taken of pregnant women.

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Dent Medica Bodrum - Implant Specialist Dr. Kübra Çakır - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dent Medica Bodrum - Implant Specialist Dr. Kübra Çakır

Cirkan mah. ismet pasa cad. A blok 2/5, Bodrum Mugla, 48400
4.9 from 55 verified reviews
The dentist gives off a positive vibe, she’s calm and pleasant and professionalDebbie, UK, 14 07 23

I wanted to replace my plate (2 teeth at the front) with a bridge, and have veneers on my top teeth and whitening on my bottom (a lot of treatment!). I’ve never been confident about my smile, I don’t actually have awful teeth but I don’t have a gleaming smile…. And since I have a severe needle phobia, and I was concerned about cost, it took me this long to act on it. Also I wanted them to look natural and not “fake”. We had a dialogue back and forward prior to my travelling, planning possible treatment and understanding costs. When I got to the clinic there was a lovely helpful colleague (Sarah) there to translate (but to be honest Dr Kubra speaks English and for me, there were zero language issues), we had a consultation and she confirmed the best treatment, what I wanted to achieve, and costs. So no surprises, clinic is scrupulously clean (I saw the cleaner there every time I visited!), the equipment is modern, it’s busy with patients both local and foreign. The main topic / concern for me was the needle phobia, we discussed how Dr Kubra would do this and keep me calm, at length. I wore tinted glasses so I couldn’t see if I happened to open my eyes. I can say honestly that I didn’t feel it…. In fact I can say for the entire procedure that I genuinely wasn’t in pain. The noise is probably the weirdest thing about the whole procedure. Next visit we did a dry run of fitting and then the 3rd visit was the fitting and whitening on my bottom teeth. The whole process is very fast and with a day between each step, you can do the treatment inside a week. The clinic picked me up/dropped me each time back to the hotel where I was staying locally. My overall feedback is, if you’re worried, don’t be. This is not fast and dirty. You can consult with the dentist before you travel so you will know exactly what you’re getting into. The costs are significantly less the same treatment in the UK but there is no compromise on the expertise of the dentist or the quality of the treatment. I had this done 7 weeks ago and I am so glad I did, it’s made a massive difference to me confidence wise and my teeth look natural. Dr Kubra gives off a positive vibe, she’s calm and pleasant and professional, and considering how nervous was, I felt I could trust her. I’m happy to recommend Dr Kubra and Dent Medica to others considering treatment when in Bodrum. Do it, reach out to them and start up the dialogue, you won’t regret it!

Panoramic Dental X-Ray free
Dental X-Ray free
Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray free
Very Good
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Zirve Dental Marmaris - Zirve Dental MarmarisFeatured

Zirve Dental Marmaris

Yeni Datça Yolu, Kemeraltı Mahallesi, 78. Sokak No:16/A İç Kapı No:3, Marmaris/Muğla, Muğla, 48700
4.4 from 7 verified reviews
I recommend it to everyoneMurat, Turkey, 16 09 22

A lot of solution suggestions…friendly staff and a great clinic… I recommend it to everyone.

Panoramic Dental X-Ray free
Dental X-Ray free
from 313 users
Yucelen Hospital Mugla - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Yucelen Hospital Mugla

Muğla Kötekli mevkii, Marmaris Karayolu Üzeri, Mugla, 48000
Yücelen Muğla Hospital was established on April 12, 1996 with state-of-the-art medical systems. In our hospital, internal medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics, radiology, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, neurology, nutrition and dietetics , infectious diseases, anesthesia and reanimation, nuclear medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, psychology and aesthetic surgery branches. It provides service with a total of 306 personnel, 36 of which are specialist physicians, together with all other personnel. In addition, our hospital is a hospital with a total of 106 patient beds, 25 of which are intensive care beds. Yücelen Ortaca Hospital started to serve as the second hospital of Yücelen Group of Companies on July 7, 2009. It provides service with a total of 142 personnel, including all other personnel, 18 of which are specialist physicians. In addition, our hospital is a hospital with a total of 33 patient beds, 7 of which are intensive care beds. With our newly completed C Block, we provide better quality health services as a 75-bed hospital with 21 intensive care units and 3 operating rooms. Yücelen Ortaca Dialysis Center started accepting patients on March 14, 2005. It continues to serve with 25 dialysis devices and 25 patient beds. Yucelen Hospital Marmaris, a member of the Yucelen Hospital Group, has been providing exceptional healthcare ser
Panoramic Dental X-Ray  
Dental X-Ray  
Traditional Dental X-Ray  
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Dental Esteteeth - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dental Esteteeth

Konacık, Seyit Onbaşı Sokak No:9, Bodrum, 48030
5.0 from 4 verified reviews
Highly recommendedOlivia, Turkey, 08 03 24

I had the best of the best experience at Esteteeth Dental Clinic. It was a personal recommendation from a friend in London that took me to this clinic, I am living in Bodrum but my friend from the UK found them :)). She had all on 6 implants here and I had Hollywood smile with full mouth zirconia crowns. Highly recommended. Simply amazing experience with very affordable price.

Panoramic Dental X-Ray from ₺3500
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants ₺10501 - ₺21001
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DentMarmaris Dental Clinic & Dental Laboratory - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

DentMarmaris Dental Clinic & Dental Laboratory

Siteler Mh. Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Bulvarı, Karacan Plaza No 54 Kat 1 Daire 18-20, Marmaris, 48700
5.0 from 22 verified reviews
I really couldn’t stop smilingJillian, UK, 05 08 23

Very carefully researched dental clinics and the dentists, comparing the dentist training to that of the U.K and also the length of time they had been qualified and where else they had worked. I originally had 8 dental practices on my list and whittled it down to 2 and the deciding factor for this practice was that the dentists had years of experience and it had its own dental lab, so I knew anything I needed made would be a priority for this lab and made quickly within the time frame of my holiday. I went with the intention of having some of my porcelain crowns replaced with Zirconia crowns and I wanted their opinion on replacing some large amalgam fillings in my back teeth with either white fillings or Zirconia crowns. I had one tooth in particular that I was worried about as it had already been crowned in the U.K and the day after it was fitted the porcelain cracked and the whole front side came away leaving me with the horrible grey interior on display. So this was my reasoning for choosing the stronger and more expensive Zirconia crowns to replace all my old U.K porcelain crowns. I had my initial consultation the day after I flew in, my appointment was made over WhatsApp and all in English. The surgery is modern, bright and well equipped with everything you would expect of a U.K dentist and the receptionist can speak English and translated everything for me. I decided after speaking to the dentist through the receptionist to replace my large back amalgam fillings with Zirconia crowns as it was explained to me they are the strongest material and last a life time and are a very good match for your own teeth rather than replace these with white fillings. ( I had already researched white fillings and they are not recommended for back molars that need large fillings as they are more likely to come out, so the dentist only confirmed what I knew) So all in all I agreed to 10 Zirconia crowns at £120 each, so extremely good value ( I was quoted £470 per Zirconia crown from my own U.K dentist the month before I travelled to Marmaris) I went back 2 days later to have impressions made of my teeth and all my old crowns and fillings removed. I had a 2 hour appointment and despite usually disliking dental visits, I was made very much at ease by the dentist and had to be reminded not to open my mouth so wide and to relax and sit more comfortably in the chair! I then had another set of impressions made and my temporary crowns fitted. I didn’t experience any pain, other than occasional slight discomfort but that was more from the injections to numb my mouth. It was actually a much better visit than I anticipated as I thought it would be extremely uncomfortable, but I was surprised that I didn’t experience any pain, until much later and it wasn’t that bad, It only required me to take paracetamol before I went to bed and by the next day my mouth was sensitive, but I didn’t need any more pain killers. I had about 2 days of sensitivity, but nothing terrible that stopped me from eating or drinking. I was then given another appointment for a week later and told to pop in if I had any problems. I didn’t have a single problem the entire week, I was able to eat and drink normally from the next day but I did stick to softer dishes at meal times, it didn’t impact my enjoyment of my holiday, all my temporary crowns stayed in place and I was able to smile for photos without a problem and carry on as normal. At my next appointment one week later and they very quickly removed all of my temporary crowns cleaned the areas requiring a crown and then brought through my crowns which were placed in a plaster cast impression of my teeth so I could see them first, they then tried every one in place and used the bite transfer coloured paper to check that my bite was correct with the crowns in place and anywhere I felt the crown was not right they took a little more away from the tooth and adjusted them. They were then taken out and then cement applied before they were properly fitted. I was absolutely delighted with the results it was so nice to open my mouth and see a row of lovely white teeth, no more horrible grey amalgam fillings. I really couldn’t stop smiling and I looked at my teeth in the mirror many times over the next week as I was just so happy with the results. I carried on with the rest of my holiday without any problems and I’m now back home in the U.K it’s still the same I can eat and drink as normal there’s no sensitivity and I’m still delighted with the results and how professionally everything was done. I highly recommend the practice and I’m returning in April next year as my husband got dental implants, a bridge and other work done here at the same time as me and will be back to have his final work completed then and I’m hoping to have some other work completed at the same time. My husband Peter has written his own review. I would be extremely happy to answer questions, if you want to contact me through my email which I have supplied to

Panoramic Dental X-Ray free
Dental X-Ray free
Very Good
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Bodrum Medlife Dental - Dental Clinic in Turkey

Bodrum Medlife Dental

Bodrum Medlife Medical Center Bitez Corner (Konacık mahallesi Bitez kavşağı, Atatürk Bulvarı no 203, BODRUM, 48400
With a big team of experience and qualified Medical equipmemts we are ready .  Dental treatmants, surgery, Botilinum toxin materials /fillers , implant surgery, Zirconium crowns and bridges , Bleaching  and Aligner treatmants in ortodontics can be made in our clinic.  We have a big team in Medical Care Center for emergency ör blod tests . And different tipes of Medical Specialists
Panoramic Dental X-Ray  
Digital Dental X-Ray ₺300 - ₺500
Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray ₺500 - ₺900
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