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Free consultation. Prices from $200 - Enquire for a fast quote from Washington Dental Clinics. Outstanding ServiceScore™: 4.9 from 450 votes. Customer Service Award Winner 2018. 11 verified patient reviews.

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About Washington Dental Clinics

At Washington Dental Clinic, we provide superior quality dental care at affordable prices. Our highly trained bilingual dentists and support team have extensive experience in general and cosmetic dentistry.  All our eight dentists are licensed. Six of our eight dentist are Implants Specialist. We have been serving the Southwestern United States for more than 30 years. Our clinics are well known for providing comprehensive dental care at fees which are generally fifty to seventy percent less than costs for comparable dental services in the United States. In fact, more than ninety percent of our patients are from the United States, some from as far away as New York City.  Our superior service is reflected in the growth of our dental clinic.  We are now one of the biggest clinics in Tijuana.  

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from 11 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Washington Dental Clinics

"Great experience overall"
4 50Reviewed 15 Jul 2017 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
Treatment Received: Family Dentist Consultation,Veneers
Our family has been patients at the clinic for a few years. I got veneers and had dental work done before the veneers were put in and had no pain. I was quoted a price for them a year before and brought it with me the year I got them and they gave me that price. My oldest got two wisdom teeth out and it was $4000 cheaper than getting it done here in Alberta, Canada.

My husband got a crown done and his teeth cleaned, our oldest daughter got two wisdom teeth removed and her teeth cleaned and my youngest got her teeth checked and cleaned. All for the grand total of $750. Here at home, it would have cost around $7-8000 for all that. I will continue to visit this clinic every chance we get.

Great experience overall. The only issue I had was hard to communicate with the dentist. But there are three people in the room with you. The head guy explains things to you to make it easier for you. No wait time, no appointment needed and they paid for my taxi to their clinic and back.
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review avatarLaura Canada
"The treatments was good value"
5 50Reviewed 23 Jun 2017 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dental Crowns,Dental Implants
Ok, so after many months of having my implant treatment completed, I’ve finally gotten round to posting a well-deserved review. I thought I’d wait until I had my new teeth for a while before I say anything about this place.

The short story: Two molar implants as well as several crowns. This included needing two molar extractions of broken teeth, deep abscess removals, and subsequent bone grafts. In my book, pretty major work. Overall also, I thought the work was good value.

The long story (follows):

I had a really big abscess on my left lower molar, and another on my right lower molar. I recently found it was due to an allergy to milk. I had previously had root canal surgery on these teeth years before in the UK, several times in fact, but the abscesses always seemed to come back some months later, without me knowing milk actually caused it. I, therefore, needed to have implants to replace these since the teeth themselves were dead. I had moved to Vancouver, Canada and hadn’t gotten round to getting implants until the start of 2016. So this is how I came to read about a dental surgery in Mexico, and more specifically at Washington Dental Clinic.
In terms of how the treatment progressed, I couldn’t be more impressed. I needed to fly down from Vancouver to Tijuana 3 times for the stages of treatment – In April 2016, September 2016 and finally April 2017, each time for 3 days. I really feel it was worth it for the top-notch treatment I received. In Vancouver, I am not impressed by how closed-off the dentists seem to be here. In Canada, you have to pay an examination fee before you can find out how much each dentist charges for specific procedures. Even then, there appears to be little to no competition here in Canada. Each dentist, knowing that customers don’t have the ability to compare prices (since prices seem to be a bit of a secret here), seemingly charges whatever it likes. At least that’s how I feel. I advise my friends to seriously think about flying down to Tijuana if they need major dental work.
Yes, I was initially apprehensive about going alone to an odd, possibly dangerous, town called Tijuana on the Mexican border. However Tijuana (TJ) is actually huge and if, while on the streets, you don’t carry much cash or jewelry and don’t try to impress people like some do, it’s quite safe. I spent all my nights in TJ and ate great food, making great friends while there.

PHASE 1 – April 2016:
Back to my treatment: After living in 3 countries in the world including the UK and Canada, I feel that the treatment I got in TJ is the best. Because there is a lot of competition amongst dentists in TJ, it’s reasonable to expect customers get the best quality service at the best price. On day 1 at Washington Dental Clinics, I was first given a thorough examination, after which I was chauffeured to an x-ray business that took loads of x-rays of my jaw as well as 3-D scans. By the end of the day, I was told about what treatment was needed on my teeth and if I decided to go ahead when I should be there for the actual treatment the next day.
The next day was a big surgery day. In the morning Dr. Bucio gave me 2 front teeth crowns. It took about 4 hours because once the teeth had been filed down, they needed to take have the crowns made. I’m still wearing these crowns after 14 months, and barely even notice them. They look and feel like normal teeth.
In the afternoon Dr. Bucio and Dr. Pena went ahead and performed the extractions of my lower left and lower right molars. Big jobs because both teeth had been dead for 10 years after extensive root-canal treatment, and the lower-left molar was also cracked. Dr. Pena handled the left, it took about an hour but he eventually got all the pieces out. After that, he dug deeper and pulled out the abscess. - A vile yellow squid-like thing. Gross enough for me to thank God they took it out of me. Seriously, after you’ve seen that you’ll have a lot of respect for abscesses, they really don’t belong inside the body! Ask any cardiologist, they’re bad for the heart - Get it taken out! After that Dr. Pena did a bone graft with bone powder and stitched me up.
Dr. Bucio then handled the right molar and very carefully extracted that. And after that, he pulled out an even bigger abscess! I didn’t even know I had it, yet there it was. - Urgh! Thanks to Edgar for convincing me to take that thing out! Again a bone graft was done and all was stitched up again.
I think at the end of the afternoon all the dentists probably laughed about the whopper abscesses they pulled out of me. I, however, went back to my hotel room feeling pretty beaten up and hid there until breakfast the next day. - Probably a very normal activity after any surgery. I only felt a slight pain though. By the next day, I was up and running, ready to enjoy Tijuana! – After having a very soft breakfast at Tilly’s (Tell Victor who will know what you need) and for lunch a soft pasta or soup at Vittorio’s.

By the way, days or weeks afterward it’s normal to have a few bits of powdered bone leak out, so don’t panic if that happens to you. Also, it’s amazing how fast and well the gum heals up, so don’t worry about the weird gum shape after surgery.

PHASE 2 – Sept 2016:
I went for 3 days for the implants to be put in place. If I have my terminology correct, the implants are the stems which drill into the jaw bone. After that, the dentist put healing caps over them. All went well without a hitch. No pain or discomfort afterward either, other than a bit of tightness that goes quickly. It is also weird knowing that you have titanium in your jaw now! Perfect for archaeologists in the future.

PHASE 3 – April 2017:
The final trip involved the placement of the placement of the crown abutments, i.e. the visible (tooth) part of the crown. This part of the surgery I felt was where the dentist took the most time. I think it’s important to give whatever time the dentist requires for this as it can’t be rushed because these are your final teeth. Loads of impressions were taken on Day 1 and finally, the implant abutments (teeth) were made. Dr. Guerrero dealt with all of this and was really very careful, I felt. By the end of the day, I had a comfortable pair of new molars which I’ve been using ever since! It’s great to be able to eat anything I want!

In conclusion, if I ever need major dental work, I will be visiting Washington Dental Clinic again. Also, they told me the prices up-front, and they stuck to them, so you know what you are going to be paid on day 1, even if the treatment will take a year. Also, they were great with follow-up support. At various times I took photos of my teeth and emailed them to the dentist. By the next day, I had a comprehensive reply from my liaison who had consulted the dentist about my issue, so distance didn't really feel like an issue.

I also felt I was treated honestly and not pressured to buy anything unnecessary.

The establishment itself is a lovely place inside. In terms of cleanliness, it’s completely spotless. The staff is extremely welcoming, all smartly dressed, and about a third speak perfect English. Most of the dentists and nurses speak medium-level English but seem to feel more confident using their English translators, one of whom will accompany you most of the time and basically acts as your liaison. The liaison knows pretty much everything about the dental procedures, so there are no gaps in the communication. In fact, I thought my liaison might have been an ex-dentist himself perhaps.

Overall Washington Dental Clinic is a friendly place. There’s a TV with the latest films on it for waiting for customers to watch. There are also free drinks whenever you like, although I did find it a little odd that many of the free drinks are soda drinks, loaded with sugar, kind of opposite to what I’d expect to see a dentist. Also what I don’t understand is the staff occasionally have the drinks as well, yet all of them have perfect teeth. - Why do Mexicans seem to have such perfect teeth?? The reception area also has clean bathrooms. If you forgot to brush your teeth, they’ll give you free brushes and tooth paste to use there.

Also, I found the location of the clinic to be useful because it’s right next to Vittorio’s, an Italian restaurant. Italian food includes nice soft pasta – Perfect for eating after you’ve recently had major dental surgery and can’t chew anything! Minestrone soup is good too!

Other than being a customer, I am not connected to Washington Dental Clinic whatsoever, nor am I earning any commission or income of any kind from this review. However, a pasta at Vittorio's would be welcome if ever I fly down there again.
Total Amount Paid $4500
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review avatarAndrew Vancouver, Canada
"I like them MUCH better than my american dentist and plan on always going there"
5 50Reviewed 09 Nov 2016 Review verified by phone and email.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
I was scared to come to Mexico for treatment. After one visit I was singing there praises. I am a dental phobic and they treated me with the upmost respect. I have told everyone I know and after they go there they agree.

I like them MUCH better than my american dentist and plan on always coming there.
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Joan US
"Everyone was professional and helpful"
4 50Reviewed 26 May 2016 Verified user.
Treatment Received: All-on-4 Dental Implants
Four implants in preparation for implant supported dentures. I had the All-On-4 procedure on my lower arch done at another clinic. I am having the implant supported denture on my upper arch because they can be removed and cleaned much easier than the permanent dental arch. Everyone was professional and helpful. The doctor seemed knowledgeable and experienced. I am not done yet...2 more visits until the final result, but so fr so good.
Total Amount Paid $4
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Washington Dental Clinics responded to this review:

Thank you for the positive review. Happy to see you are doing well. See you soon. Roberto

Harry Ferndale, Wa
"I can not express how pleased I am"
5 50Reviewed 12 May 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by phone.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
I can not express how pleased I am with the dentures that Washington Dental Clinics made for me in one day and I got an unbelievable deal on the price. They feel great. They took the time and worked hard to make sure the fit was perfect and the quality is excellent. They are now my new dental provider.

I would highly recommend this dentist to everyone. The facility is beautiful and clean, the staff is very friendly and helpful and they did an awesome job. Thank Washington Dental.
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Washington Dental Clinics responded to this review:

Thanks for the positive review. It helps to motivate us even more.

Scotty US
"Very kind and courteous"
4.5 50Reviewed 18 Feb 2016 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Dental Implants
3 tooth bridge over 2 tooth implants done in the USA.Total cost: $2,200 with two abutments (they had to have them shipped in).
3 other teeth removed and a temporary: $1,000.-Plus bone regenersation.
For the bridge alone in the US they wanted $8,000! Returning to Washington Clinic was a no brainer for me.
Fast and efficient. I had the same dentist who treated me 6 years ago (Dr. Pedro Guerrero)., very kind and courteous.
My translator was also very professional, although Dr. Guerrero does speak english.

I was there 6 years ago, and will come back. They are highly trained professionals,
very courteous, the clinic itself is very spacious and airy with air conditioning. There is also a complimentary dispenser of drinks like bottled water (Costco), and soda pops.
The TV Channel runs movies, and lots of magazines to read while you wait.
There is a lab onsite, they know foreigners are in a hurry, and they sure deliver.
Don't worry if you don't speak spanish, lots of translators available.
They are absolutely great people.
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Christine Anchorage, AK
"Very happy with work on my dentures"
4.5 50Reviewed 17 Aug 2015 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Dentures
I needed new lower and upper dentures, plus one one upper broken tooth pulled. A friend of mine had seen the Washington Dental Clinic while visiting Tijuana. He said it looked clean and modern. Sure, I was skeptical. I have a fear of dents and dental work. I had never been to Mexico. I had dental work done in the Philippines, some was very good, some was not so good; but very, very inexpensive. So I did some research. I checked out about 12 different dentists in Tijuana, Most were more expensive and all tried to up-sell me. I was on a limited budget. Their website gives you basic information. You choose what you need or want to have done and a price for that procedure is given. They have specialists for every type of work you want to have done. I chose Washington Dental Clinic because their dentist speak English, their answers were very straight forward, the price was within my budget, no appointment needed, they promised they could do the work I needed done in one day, and a good hotel was a block and one-half away from their facility. Aqua Rio Hotel; friendly staff, clean rooms, quiet at night. $35.00US for an air conditioned room.

I arrived at Washington Dental Clinic at 8:am, Monday morning. I was seen in about five minutes. We discussed the procedures I needed. The dentist explained that basic dentures would not be a good fit for my dental situation. They suggested that "Comfort Dentures" would be a better fit and last longer. I told them that I could not afford the higher cost and why I couldn't. We negotiated a cost I could afford. It was pleased that they wanted to do the best they could for me. The dentist took impressions of my teeth and told me to come back at 1:30 pm. for my fitting of the new dentures. I arrived back at the clinic at 1:30 and my dentures were not finished. They explained that many patients had arrived and they were a little behind. I told them I would be back at 3:00pm and when I arrive back they were ready to do the fitting of my new dentures. This is when the dentist extracted the tooth I needed pulled' The procedure for pulling the tooth was quick and painless. They then fitted the new dentures, They seemed to fit fine but how could I really tell, my mouth was still numb from the tooth extraction. The dentist told me there might be some rough spots and I might have a little pain around where I had existing teeth. He gave me some strips of sand paper, ( I thought this was strange) and instructed how to use the sand paper to gently smooth anywhere the new denture caused me pain. I was finished at the clinic at 4:pm and went back to my hotel room. I drove back home to Fremont, California the next morning (nine hour drive). The first week I did as instructed and did a little light sanding on one denture, the one that was most difficult to make, and the little pain I had, went away. If you decide to have work done at this dental clinic, you might be concerned, as I was, of how they can do the work needed done so quickly. They have very qualified dentists. It is now two months later and the dentures I had made at Washington Dental Clinic fit just fine and I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE WORK I HAD DONE AT THEIR FACILITY.
Total Amount Paid $840
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Gary Fremont, CA
"I highly recommend the Washington Dental Clinic!!!"
5 50Reviewed 21 Apr 2014 Review verified by email.
Treatment Received: Extractions,Dental Bridges
extraction, bridgework

There was no appointment needed, zero wait time. The facility is uber clean and modern, the staff all speaks English and are very helpful. Each patient has at least two staff attending them. They put a warm blanky on me and before I knew it, I was done! I was amazed. I went in for an extraction and following the procedure I never even felt for a second that I had had any work done! There was no pain, no swelling, no bleeding, not even soreness at all detectable. I am going back to finish up some bridge work, and I plan to write a review for that experience as well. I highly recommend the Washington Dental Clinic!!!
Total Amount Paid $300
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review avatarAmy US
"The very best"
5 50Reviewed 14 Jul 2013 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Extractions,Dentures
2 extractions and dentures

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am with Washington Dental. They are the very best there is. Their price was 1/8 of what I was quoted here in the U.S.
Total Amount Paid $580
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Joe Escondido
"Work was efficient and professional"
5 50Reviewed 27 Apr 2013 Verified user. Review confirmed by email.
Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
I had a teeth cleaning only. The woman who did the work was efficient and professional. She did a good job and the price was way too low, so I gave her an additional $20USD.
Total Amount Paid $20
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Armand Damascus, Oregon
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Dr Pedro Guerrero

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology
  English, Spanish
General dentistry and implants.

Dr Vladimir Pena

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Implantology, Endodontics
  English, Spanish
General/cosmetic dentistry.  Implants.  Root canals.

Dr Benjamin Bucio

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Implantology, General Dentistry
General/cosmetic dentistry.  Implants.  Root Canals.

Dr David Mendoza

Job Title:
  Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry
  English, Spanish
General/cosmetic dentistry.  Root Canals.

Dr Miguel Corona

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Implantology, General Dentistry
General/cosmetic dentistry. Implants.  Root canals.

Dr Rafael Ramirez

Job Title:
  Endodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Implantology
Cosmetic/general dentistry. Implants.  Root canals.

Dr Jorge Miranda

Job Title:
  Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry
General and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr Eliuh Carrasco

Job Title:
  Restorative Dentistry
  English, Spanish
General dentistry  Cosmetic dentistry.  Root canals.
Ave. Revolución #1673, Tijuana, Baja CaliforniaMexico