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Free consultation ★ Prices from 9755 Ft - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Very Good ServiceScore™ 7.4 from 44 votes ★ 27 verified patient reviews. Visit our Dentist - Hercegprimas utca 14-16 1051, Budapest, 1051, Hungary.

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About Activ Dental

Our professional English speaking team at Activ Dental will help you to get the smile of your dreams. We offer specialized ISO 9001 certified dentistry of the highest possible standard all at an affordable price.

Our clinic is perfectly located within the historical heart of Budapest district V. close to the breathtaking St. Steven Basilica and within walking distance of the world renowned Chain Bridge and Castle.

  • Low price
  • Qualified doctors
  • Quality service
  • Free airport transfer
  • Free panoramic X-ray

The Activ Dental Clinic specializes in both Chirurgical and Esthetic dental treatments. We treat our valued patients with the special care they deserve and are dedicated to their personal dental needs.

Visit our website. 

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Patient reviews

4.9 from 27 verified reviews
Adrian Hardy, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Every opportunity I can, I smile

5 50 Dentist Consultation

Read further down for my initial in-depth review of the treatment I had and my experience as a very nervous overseas patient, but the short version is it was the best decision I've ever made!

So, to follow up. It's now been 3.5yrs since I had the dentistry work and all I can say is that I'm still smiling - a lot! Every opportunity I can, I smile. I've not experienced any problems whatsoever and I'm still as happy now as I was the day the work was done.

We travelled back Budapest (definitely now my favourite city) for a long weekend about 6mths after the treatment and called in to see Peter/Silvia as my partner needed some bridgework (at a 1/3rd of the UK price!)
Peter insisted that I had a quick check up even though it wasn't planned and didn't charge me for this.

I genuinely can't rate or recommend these guys any higher otherwise they'd be getting 100 stars from me.

Hans Monheim, Spain
( Review verified by phone and email)

Everything was fitting from the first moment on and I never felt pain

5 50 Dental Implants

Active Dental Clinic is held by Dr Haidekker and his competent team. The first contact was given to Szilvia Száraz a very professional and reliable Public Relation that represents your personal requirements with Dr Haidekker. She also assisted me on every visit to the Active Clinic. I had 2 travels to Budapest. The first one to get the implants in the lower and upper jaws. The second one was to get the teeth on the implants. Everything was fitting from the first moment on and I never felt pain.

My gratitude to Dr Haidekker and Szilvia Száraz is total. The price is half or less than it would cost in Germany, France or GB. The service is far better, fast, accurate and you don't lose your time between one visit and another. In my free time, I visited the beautiful city of Budapest. I personally rate Active Dental Clinic with a 100%.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Gerald GONALONS, France
( Review verified by phone and email)

This doctor is very dynamic and sympathetic

4.5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: 190816 Ft

After to have searched several dental clinics in Portugal and Spain (where prices were very huge ) I decided to contact Mrs Szilvia Szaras ( what I knew and trust indeed).

She is the contact of Activ Dental in Budapest and organised your transfer (free)from the airport to your hotel (free too). (I stay a week).

The same day, I had an appointment with Dr HAIDEKKER for a new denture (false teeth)This doctor is very dynamic and sympathetic. The job took 4 days and the result was very good and the price too. (489€!). So I can say that the experience was very great and I recommend very strongly this dental clinic!

Ivan Beattie, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I found the whole process very straight forward

5 50 Dental Implants, Extractions

I had always paid for private dental treatment until a number of bridges and crowns began to fail. I had consultations with local clinics in Northern Ireland and was shocked at the cost of implants, bone augmentation, twilight anaesthesia. A treatment plan that would take 9 months to a year.

I decided to look into going abroad, did my research and decided to go to Budapest on a short break to look at a few clinics. I planned my own travel and accommodation because I wanted to make a decision purely on who I thought was the best option for my dental treatment, not who paid for my hotel or picked me up from the airport.

I won’t discuss the clinics I rejected but when I met Dr Haidekker I knew that he was the dentist for me. He has a no-nonsense approach and he told me what I needed and what was possible not what he thought I wanted to hear.

I returned to Budapest a month later to start my treatment. I had a couple of extractions and four implants put in. I found the implants quite straight forward, a few injections and an hour later they were in with very little fuss.

Three months later I was back for a full upper set of crowns and lower molar/premolar bridges on both sides. I found the whole process very straight forward when I decided to get my treatment with Dr Haidekker. We agreed the dates and price then Sylvia organised the accommodation and pick up from and back to the airport. Sylvia was always on hand to resolve any questions that I had.

I am going to return to Activ Dental for some more treatment in a few months and spend some more time in Budapest sightseeing.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Patrick Murphy, Ireland
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

I cannot say enough for the care professional care and attention I received

5 50 Extractions, Dental Bridges, Dental Implants

During 2019 I had the most pleasant experience I believe is possible while having what by any measure would be considered major dental work accomplished.

I am an American living and working in Ireland. In the past, I had tried to take care of my dental needs during my periodical visits back to the States. Not only did prove incredibly expensive but virtually impossible to schedule because of my work demands. Typically I would be charged a couple of hundred dollars for an assessment ( always multiple extractions and implants) when asked for a commitment it always involved a "Down Payment" and appointments were not available for many months later - I explained my circumstances only to be shrugged off. 'Well, that's his earliest available appointment.

As a couple of years past the condition of my dental health eroded. I started researching dental services available in Europe and came across Budapest. It appeared that many Europeans would travel to Hungary for such medical services.

Exploring further I came across Activ Dental Clinic. I had never set foot in Hungary in my life. I decided that an assessment trip could not hurt and I would be able to compare the clinic's personnel and equipment and at least have a better feel for if this was an option as it was much less expensive.

My first appointment was outstanding. Essentially the Clinic had dedicated people to assure I arrived met with transfers and got into the hotel. Following that, I was collected and brought to the Clinic. The equipment there was the same new state of the Art equipment used in Florida. The dentist was a second-generation dentist ( and an avid sailor as well) I never experienced any pain past the initial prick of the injection. During the first few days, I had quite a bit of work done and there was the necessity for implants and extraction point to heal before the second longer appointment. Again I cannot say enough for the care professional care and attention I received from everyone connected with the clinic.

In the end, I received many implants, extractions, bridges and temporary plates to gap the time. I perhaps had 5 times the dental work assessed previously in the US ( which was to be in stages that ultimately would have included everything I had done in Budapest). The obvious question is cost. Including airfare, I spent perhaps 20% of what the same treatments using in some cases higher quality implants, bridges and crowns that were to be used in the United States.

I will recommend these professional caring dental experts to anybody. In this age of scams and rip-offs - It is reassuring to encounter not only a genuine deal but an entire experience that revitalizes the idea of caring professionals.

Ben, Germany
( Review verified by email)

Assuring and really made me felt at ease with the whole procedure

5 50 Dentist Consultation

My treatment at the clinic was top notch. Szilvia was extremely accommodating and did everything she could to ensure that things went smoothly and what suited me best. The dentist is also extremely professional, confident, and assuring and really made me felt at ease with the whole procedure. Everyone was very kind and polite. I would highly recommend Activ Dental.

Valerio Vitaliano, Italy
( Review verified by email)

I finally found a dentist that I trust

5 50 Dentist Consultation

Excellent professionalism in everything. Precise and well-executed works. Dr Petér is really very good, I have been to his dental clinic several times and I have always been satisfied. Compared to the price in Italy it is really convenient. I finally found a dentist that I trust.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Brendan Kelly, Ireland
( Review verified by phone and email)

All the problems I had with my teeth are gone

5 50 Dental Implants, Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns

My treatment has been excellent. Starting with the very efficient communication from Sylvia. Always prompt and courteous and friendly. Always willing to help. She has become my friend. Dr Peter does fantastic work. All the problems I had with my teeth are gone. They are looking great.

I feel confident now because of how they look. One example of his great work was four extractions in one appointment and replaced by temporary teeth! I have had implants, crowns and bridges.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Elizabeth cookson, UK
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

He is a perfectionist and works fast

5 50 Dental Bridges • Paid: 1071145 Ft

Absolutely brilliant service. My husband was told in the UK they cannot give him another bridge and he should get 4 implants at approx £10000 as a quoted. Peter said it was not a problem and gave my husband a new bridge and made sure everything was ok before he left at a lower price.

Peter is a perfectionist and works fast, he is so busy and just wants to get on with it. Sylvia the coordinator is so helpful and accommodating. She made us feel very welcome and gave us helpful advice on where to go in Budapest. I would recommend this dental service without a doubt and know you will not be disappointed. Thankyou Peter and Sylvia

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Matt, Austria
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

I'm very satisfied with the result

Dental Crowns

I needed to get a crown made for a molar implant placed a year ago (also done in Budapest). The original dentist's price for this was a bit high, and although there may have been sensible reasons to return, active dental said they could do it and gave me the best quote in front of Evergreen dental.

Szilvia at Active dental was very attentive and prompt, getting details and arranging an appointment within a week. She offered to find me a hotel and suggested things to do in the city. Every time I went to the clinic, she was also present, checking that everything was completely satisfactory for me.

Dr Haidekker is very efficient, having 30 years experience as a dentist, however, although he is also a great person, don't expect too much pampering. He knows what he's doing, and wants to get on with it. There was an issue with the initial attempt at my crown, but this was resolved quickly, with no extra to pay.

I'm very satisfied with the result.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Matt, Hungary
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

The doctor is very quick and gets straight on with the work, no messing around

Dental Implants

Needed to finish a molar implant from a year ago (abutment and crown). Dr Haidekker is very efficient with 30 years experience with implants.

Szilvia is very attentive arranging your appointment. Dr Haidekker is very quick and gets straight on with the work, no messing around. They had the best price too, probably because of experience, but don't expect unnecessary pampering.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Martin, UK
( Review verified by email)

He worked quickly and accurately, with a nice temperament; he did a great job

5 50 Dental Bridges, Dental Crowns, White Filling, Teeth Whitening • Paid: 1124414 Ft

I had two implants, some bridge work, a new crown, all my old amalgam fillings replaced with white ones, and a teeth whitening procedure. Peter is a very hard working dentist, unlike anything you would see in the UK! Although his English is not perfect for a protracted conversation, it is perfectly good enough for the dental work he is doing. And of course, there is always Szilvia Száraz there to be of any further assistance.

Any injections he administered were quite pain-free as he usually used anaesthetic gel first.
He worked quickly and accurately, with a nice temperament; he did a great job.
I would certainly recommend Peter to a friend or even return there myself if I require further dental work. It was very good value for money, costing 2 to 3 times more in the UK, not only that you get to visit the lovely Budapest. Szilvia Száraz was a great go-between and organiser and made our stay run as smoothly as possible.

Peter's practice is situated in a hospital 100m from the Basilica. His Surgery is on the fourth floor alongside the dental technicians' lab just across the corridor, so any last minute changes can be easily made.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
Ron, UK
( Review verified by email)

I have had no discomfort since the surgery and receive many compliments on my new smile

5 50 Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Dental Bridges

I had received a quote to have 12 teeth replaced in the UK; some replaced implants, crowns and bridges. I was unhappy as although the quote was for a massive £7,500, I would still have to wear a plate too.
In Budapest, Peter gave me a smile to be proud of!

I had painless treatment through several appointments over 3 days. Peter gave me 22 new teeth, for £4000 and the best part was, I no longer have to wear a plate. I have had no discomfort since the surgery and receive many compliments on my new smile.

I chose this clinic following researching the internet. I spoke to Szylvia, who is multi-lingual and speaks English very well. She explained everything with clarity and I was happy to proceed with the treatment.

Peter is conveniently based within a hospital in the centre of Budapest. My first opinion was that although there are 4 dentists there, everyone seemed to want to see Peter. That said, he kept to his appointment times and I am delighted with the result.

If I were to need further treatment in the future, I would have no hesitation in contacting Szylvia and returning to Budapest to see Dr. Peter Haidekker.

Treated by: Dr Peter Haidekker
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Activ Dental - Hercegprimas utca 14-16 1051, Budapest, 1051,

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Dr Peter Haidekker - Surgeon at Activ Dental

Dr Peter Haidekker

Job Title:
  English, Hungarian
Chief Surgeon and Implantologist. He regularly attends at the annual conference of the International Team for Implantology. He regularly attends at International Medical Conferences, in connection with medical advances in the application of various brands of new implant technology. Married with 3 children, his eldest daughter is a dental student at the prestigious Budapest Semmelweis University medical faculty. On graduation she will practice as a dental surgeon like her father. The Haidekker family will then have four generations of dental surgeons. Dr. Peter, his daughter, his mother and his great-grandfather! MD Chief Surgeon and Implantologist, esthetic and prosthetic dentist. He specializes in completely pain free dentistry, in particular the protection of sensitive teeth. In 2015 Dr.Peter successfully completed in excess of 400 pain free implant operations.
Dr Nora Tasnadi - Dentist at Activ Dental

Dr Nora Tasnadi

Job Title:
  Dental Hygienist
  English, Hungarian
She has worked successfully at the Activ Dental clinic for in excess of two years. She is a specialist in patient preparation and the application of Dental Veneers, world class Zirconium Crowns and Lumineers. She graduated with honors from the Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University in Budapest and has worked in private practice since 1995. Dr. Tasinadi is a specialist in patient preparation and the application of Dental Veneers, world class Zirconium Crowns and Lumineers. She commenced specializing with the exclusive Lumineers brand in 2009. As the sole representative of the Den Mat company she holds regular training and Lumineers treatment seminars for dentists and dental surgeons.
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Hercegprimas utca 14-16 1051, Budapest, 1051Hungary