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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is performed for dental procedures for anxious patients by administering medications to help them relax. Many patients avoid getting the required dental help because of their fear of the dentist. Sedation dentistry is performed to ensure that nervous patients enjoy healthy mouths and teeth.

What are the types of dental sedation?

The different types of dental sedation are; inhalation sedation, for patients requiring mild sedation also called anxiolysis; oral sedation, by asking patients to swallow a pill; TENS, using electrical impulses to numb the area; topical anaesthesia, using a swab to numb the area; or intra-venous sedation, for patients requiring moderate sedation and general anaesthesia for patients requiring deep sedation. General anaesthesia is used for patients only in a hospital and not in a dentist chair.

Is Sedation Dentistry painful?

Oral sedation, inhalation sedation, TENS and topical sedation are not painful. Intra-venous sedation and general anaesthesia need to be injected and patients may feel pain when the sedative is injected.

When can I travel by air after Sedation Dentistry?

Patients should travel by air two days after sedation dentistry. They should take the advice of their dentist before embarking on their journey.   

How long does recovery after Sedation Dentistry take?

Recovery from dental sedation takes between 40 to 90 minutes. Recovery depends on the type of sedation administered.  

What after care is required after Sedation Dentistry?

Patients should rest for at least three hours after sedation dentistry. They should not eat for at least four hours, until the anaesthesia wears off. They should take all prescribed medications correctly. They should resume work at least one day after sedation dentistry. They should not smoke or drink alcohol for at least two days after sedation dentistry. They should follow all dietary prescriptions given by their dentist correctly.

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British Hungarian Medical Service- Budapest - Dr Norbert Nagy-Matyas DDS

British Hungarian Medical Service- Budapest

Rakosi ut 91., Budapest, HU1161
British Hungarian Medical Service is a Budapest based surgery whose dentists frequently fly out to London to carry out high quality dental services for a fraction of the U.K price. Our primary field of work is dental implantology, dental restoration and cosmetic dentisrty. We treat thousands of patients every year, many of whom require full mouth restorations, so whether you need one implant and a few crowns or a whole new set of teeth, we can be sure to meet your needs. Why choose BHMS over all the other Hungarian dentist companies? 1. All of our dentist and staff speak excellent English, we don't just employ Hungarians who can speak English, we also employ English people who speak Hungarian - this way you will never be unclear of what is going on 2. U.K consultations - your initial consultation will be in London, at your consultation, the dentist and your assigned representative will discuss the solutions available to rectify your teeth. The dentist will also advise you as to whether you should have your treatment in the U.K or Budapest. Following your consultation you can expect to receive a treatment plan which will outline in full detail the proposed treatment, how much each phase will cost, the length of the healing period and if applicable; the duration of stay required in Budapest.  3. Flexibility - If you only require a few implants there is no need to fly to Budapest, our dentists and oral surgeons are more than happy to carry out the work i
Sedation for dental treatments
Moderate oral sedation from 10396 Ft
Intravenous conscious sedation from 112276 Ft
Dentist Consultation  
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Dental Clinic In Budapest - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Dental Clinic In Budapest

1015 Budapest, Hattyú Utca 16, Budapest
For more information about Dental Clinic In Budapest in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Sedation for dental treatments  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants from 662 Ft
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Imperial Dental - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Imperial Dental

Krisztina körút 39/B, Budapest, 1013
5.0 from 6 verified reviews
The clinic itself looked very professional and cleanJulia, Austria, 11 02 20

My husband had a 3-tooth bridge replacement done at Imperial Dental clinic in Budapest and is very pleased with the results. The service from Margaret was wonderful (by email and in person at the clinic), she explained everything clearly in English and was very friendly. The dentist Dr. Gabor Barath provided quick and professional service which my husband was very happy with. They also managed to help us do it within an acceptable timeframe (even one day earlier!). The clinic itself looked very professional and clean. The cost was also very decent, in comparison to Austrian prices, but even compared to other clinics in Budapest (the prices were lower at Imperial). All in all, we would definitely recommend the services of Imperial Dental clinic! And thank them for their service.

Sedation for dental treatments free
Dentist Consultation free
No obligation or risk, written treatment plan and quotation
Dental Implants  
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FlyDent Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Hungary

FlyDent Dental Clinic

Döbrentei utca 2, Budapest, 1013
Personal consultation with our dental team in Dublin State of the art clinic in Budapest Pre- and aftercare in Dublin Free airport transfer in Budapest Guaranteed quality dental work Referencies available Claim tax back opportunity with the Revenue in Budapest! SANCO DENTAL TEAM Dublin & Budapest Step 1. - Contact us Please get in touch with one of our representatives in Ireland by email or by phone. Step 2. 2.a - Personal consultation in Dublin or in Limerick You are invited to a local consultation in Dublin or in Limerick. One of our denstist will be there with his team. You can tell them what you interested in or they will suggest different treatment options for you, The consultation fee is 30 Euro which will be deducted from the treatment costs if you decide to go ahead with the treatments. If you interested in implants it is recommended to bring an OPG X-ray to the consultation. 2.b - OPG Panorama X-Ray The Panorama X-Ray (OPG) is a picture of your upper and lower jaws. It clearly shows the current situation including bone structure and consistency. Based upon this an 95% accurate quote can be estimated. The OPG must not be older then 3 months and can be obtained from any dentist or larger radiology centre (hospital or surgery). Preferably the picture is taken digital so it can be sent for assessment instantly by e-mail. In case of a classic OPG it can be posted to us. If you need to obtain an OPG, we can advise where to have it done. Step 3. - Receiving the
Sedation for dental treatments from 60258 Ft
Mild sedation per hour
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants 226854 Ft - 396995 Ft
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Prime Dental Budapest - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Prime Dental Budapest

Kacsa street 5, Budapest, 1027
For more information about Prime Dental Budapest in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Sedation for Dental Treatments  
Gold Surcharge from 70 Ft
(per gram)
Dental Implants
Standard Titanium Abutment for Alpha-Bio Implant from 150 Ft
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Fehér Dental - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Fehér Dental

Gyakorló utca 2, Budapest, 1106
For more information about Fehér Dental in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants
Titanium implant superstructure from 30000 Ft
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Trident Esztétikai és Családi Fogászat - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Trident Esztétikai és Családi Fogászat

Nádasdy Kálmán utca 17, Budapest, 1048
For more information about Trident Esztétikai és Családi Fogászat in Budapest please contact the clinic.
Conscious Sedation  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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Dentus - A Fogorvos - Dr. Halász, Attila

Dentus - A Fogorvos

Kiss Janos altb. u. 52., Budapest, 1124
DENTUS ("The dentist") was formed by ambitious young lecturers of the Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest. We believe in providing only the maximum and use always the newest evidence based techniques in dentistry. Our equipment is brand new and produced by leading dental companies in Germany, Japan and the US. Dental materials that we use are also the same as those used by leading European dentist. The clinic is a small family dentistry in the centre of Buda, the hills of the capital. Working with short deadlines and reasonable prices you will have the smile you've always dreamt of. Ask for a price quote and experience that you would actually save more with us than what you would spend on your teeth anywhere in Western Europe. At DENTUS we provide a wide spectrum of treatments: from simple aesthetic restorations, circonium crowns and bridges all the way to more complex implant cases combined with bone grafting procedures. Dental surgeons, prosthetic specialists as well as an orthodontist are all part of the team to look after your dental needs. We believe that dental tourism should be more personalised than a production line in a factory. If you would like to experience the full attention of our staff during your dental visit, do not hesitate to come for a free consultation. For more patient information and images on the clinic, staff and procedures please check our multi-lingual website.
Sedation for dental treatments  
General Anesthesia for dental treatments
Dental Anesthesia  
General anesthesia for dental treatments  
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Egressy Dental - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Egressy Dental

Egressy út 23-25, Budapest, 1149
A wide range of high quality dental services are offered at this clinic located at Budapest in Hungary. Patients from overseas are welcomed and treated at affordable prices. The clinic has an onsite laboratory for the accurate fabrication of restorations. The team is particularly adept at treating children and nervous patients and helping them get the benefits that modern dentistry has to offer. Services offered include examinations and professional dental cleaning, children’s dentistry, general dental care, child and adult orthodontics, cosmetic smile improvement procedures and the surgical insertion of implants to replace missing teeth.
Sedation for dental treatments  
General dental consultations, check-ups, control from 1027933 Ft
Dental Implants
Titanium body under the metal-ceramic crown from 13823921 Ft
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Evergreen Dental - Dr. Veszprémi László - chief dentis

Evergreen Dental

Andrassy ut 45, Budapest, 1061
4.8 from 34 verified reviews
I'm fully satisfied with all the outcomes of my treatmentAvi, Israel, 26 10 19

The dental clinic, where I have been a patient for three years, it's a place I would very recommend to all my friends & family. Although I live overseas I don't mind travelling to see my dentist there I have always been giving suitable appointments and professional, competent treatment. It is a Dental surgery, where the patient is treated with dignity respect. I'm fully satisfied with all the outcomes of my treatment. Thank you so much.

Sedation for dental treatments free
General anesthesia for dental treatments from 102793 Ft
Very Good
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Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest - Dr Szabolcs Mayer MOM MSc. (Master in Implantology and Oral Medicine)

Hungary Dental Implant - Budapest

Szabolcska Mihaly street 1., Budapest, 1114
4.9 from 33 verified reviews
I have been very impressed by the great clinical skillPhilip, UK, 23 12 19

I have had a long history of dental and gum infections which had caused me loss of teeth and despite ongoing Dentist and Hygienist care, and my own efforts, the problem continued to advance. Members of my family had experienced similar problems and have received reportedly excellent care by a specific Dentist at this clinic in Budapest. Therefore I made an appointment to attend this clinic for advice and with a view to treatment. Full discussion and explanation of process was provided by the Dentist at every stage of planning and treatment. Clearly I needed a radical cure. My dental state was such that I only had a few teeth left of my own and I had widespread gum disease. The Dentist discussed the way forward for treatment and drew up a comprehensive plan within which I had decided to have my remaining teeth extracted and aim for temporary dentures followed over time by Premium NOBEL titanium implants which would eventually support Zirconium bridges with teeth for both upper and lower jaws. I also needed to have both left and right sinus lifts in order to augment the bone of my upper jaw. The treatment plan involved local anaesthesia and conscious sedation when appropriate with antibiotic cover when indicated. The whole plan took a period of approximately nine months much of which was to allow healing time and especially adequate osseointegration of the implants and ossification of the sinus lifts in order to provide substantial strength to support the bridges ( i.e upper and lower arches) and stability for chewing. My first dental extractions were done on 22.3.2019 further extractions were done on 29.4.2019 and temporary dentures fitted on 6.5.2019. The sinus lifts were performed together with implants on 15.7.2019 . Implants were reviewed and buried ones uncovered and healing screws fitted on 2.12.2019. I had a total of eleven implants fitted , six in the upper jaw and five in the lower jaw . The sixth implant was already present in my lower jaw from an earlier treatment in the UK and this was incorporated into the new system.It had needed early treatment to eradicate an element of infection. Following moulds being taken of both upper and lower jaws and full discussion of the shape, size and colour of my proposed new teeth, acrylic models were made by the dental technician which were then later tested for fit and the criteria as had been discussed. The final Zirconium bridges ( arches) with teeth were fitted on 11.12.2019. This was not a process carried out under conscious sedation as conscious patient feedback is needed during this phase in order to check for proper bite symmetry appearance and comfort. Effective local anaesthesia was given if needed either by gel or injection to counter any discomfort due to gum compression which can occur when the arches are fixed in place. When the process was over I was able to chew effectively and in complete comfort and have continued to do so ever since . It has taken a little while to get used to the presence of my new teeth but my mouth and tongue have adapted to them and continue to do so more and more every day. I now have twelve new Zirconium teeth in both my upper and lower jaws. They look fantastic. My wife and family approve ! The clinic is very modern and pleasant to be treated in. It is situated within a large building and is easily accessed from the street. The atmosphere within the the clinic immediately imparts a sense of being busy and very efficient. The staff are friendly and always polite and helpful. There is an air of noticeable professionalism and dedication. English is spoken by the staff who linked with me as a British patient. I have been very impressed by the great clinical skill and professional quality of the Dentist's treatment of my dental condition and am very happy with the outcome. I am impressed by the treatment and dental care I have been given throughout all of the Art, Craft, Science and Ethics which I have experienced throughout the clinical management of my condition. In the meantime I will continue to attend to my oral hygiene to the best standards possible. I will attend this clinic again within a year for a planned review. I am also impressed by the care and help given by the Dental team as a whole ,especially the Anaesthetist, the Dental Nurses and the Dental Technician. I am certain that the Dental treatment I have received has been essential and undoubtedly of good value in the broadest sense. Most importantly for me, it has been successful. Thankyou.

Conscious sedation (IV sedation) for dental treatments from 103959 Ft
The dental team can use conscious sedation (IV sedation) for anxious patients where the fear of the dentist and panic reactions can be avoided. And since the patient remains conscious this helps to finish work fast and with precision. This is also recommended for bigger surgical procedures, such as   tooth extractions, sinus lifts, bone augmentation and implant surgery. 
Dental Implants
Dental Implant, iCX (German-made, titanium) from 197523 Ft
German-made titanium dental implant with 5-year guarantee and 3D planning based implant surgery. - Please watch a short video about the implant surgery here: 
Dental Implant, NOBEL (Premium titanium) from 280690 Ft
- Premium titanium dental implant with LIFETIME guarantee and 3D planning based implant surgery.- These premium quality implants mimic the shape of a natural tooth root and provide the highest primary stability and tight sealed connection from the moment of placement.
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Dr. Batorfi - Budapest - Dental Clinic in Hungary

Dr. Batorfi - Budapest

Kenéz utca 36, Budapest, H1161
4.6 from 1 verified review
Thinking of combining your trip to Budapest with a FREE Dental Consultation? Great idea. You would not regret to do so at Batorfi Dental Clinic, where luxury meets the latest in technology and your smile is our top priority. The team at Batorfi Dental Clinic is proud to offer the best possible dental service in a caring environment, providing our patients with a friendly, individualized and well-informed experience. We take time to get to know you and to discuss all your dental concerns and problems.
Sedation for dental treatments from 103959 Ft
Pain-free controlled anaesthesia from 20792 Ft
Air Abrasion  
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