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Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

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Quasar Istanbul Tower Office No. 1205, Fulya, Büyükdere Cd. No:76 Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey, 34387Turkey

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About Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Professor. Dr. Seckin Ulusoy – Istanbul

Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy (Quasar Istanbul Tower Office No. 1205, Büyükdere Cd. No:76, Şişli/Istanbul, is one of the most popular facial plastic surgeons in Istanbul and Turkey, especially preferred with the medical tourists who are searching for Rhinoplasty and nose job.

After completing his basic education at Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine in 1995, he completed his specialty training at the Istanbul Ministry of Health Okmeydanı (New name "Şişli Cemil Tasçı") Training and Research Hospital between 1997-2002. Later, he worked as a specialist physician at Çorlu State Hospital (2002-2013) and Taksim Training and Research Hospitals (2013-2016). He was awarded the title of associate professor by succeeding in the Associate Professorship exam, which he entered in Istanbul Medical Faculty in 2016. He received his professorship from Istanbul Haliç University, Ear Nose and Throat Clinic in 2022 and still continues his academic studies at this university. Dr. Ulusoy continues his professional career, which has continued for more than 20 years after his specialization, in his own clinic as well as his academic identity.

After his specialization, he worked as an observer specialist at various universities abroad, some of which are: Uniclinic Köln, Uniclinic Bonn, Clinique Causse, and the USA such as Detroit Michigan Institute and the University of Illinois.

He is a member of many associations such as the Turkish Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Society and European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS), the European Rhinopology Society (ERS), and the Turkish Facial Plastic Surgery Association.

He has more than 52 publications in scientific journals and six different book chapters. He also participated in many national and international meetings as a speaker and trainer. He is giving service in his own private clinic and performs rhinoplasty surgeries at private hospitals.

Treatments: Primary Rhinoplasty, Closed Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Tip Plasty.

A Rhinoplasty Experience in Istanbul, Turkey
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Patient reviews

5.0 from 43 verified reviews
Jade M, Turkey
( Review verified by email)

The staff was attentive and helpful throughout the whole process

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I had an amazing experience with Dr Seckin Ulusoy in Turkey for getting my nose fixed after I decided to travel to Istanbul and do my operation with him and his clinic and it was overall great. The clinic even helped me with accommodation and transportation which made everything much easier for me since it was my first time in the country. The team was amazing. I was taken to the hospital in private car after my consultation with the doctor and I loved the hospital it was very modern and clean. The staff was attentive and helpful throughout the whole process. I love my result and my new nose so much because I'm finally fixing it after my previous surgeries.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Kelly, Turkey
( Review verified by email)

I love my results and am very happy with my decision

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I was very worried about having my nose job in Turkey because I had never been there and I had been researching the whole process for a year now since the pandemic because of how stressed I was about having the operation.

During my research, I found Dr. Ulusoy and I contacted his assistant through email first and then we continued the conversation on Whatsapp and she was very clear about the information and was always attentive and fast with the responses to my questions and enquires. A month later, I actually flew to istanbul for my procedure. I was greeted at the airport by the clinics team and they took me to my hotel and the next day I went for a consultation with Dr. Ulusoy in his clinic and it went very well he showed me with simulations what can be achieved and what he thought would suit my face best and then listened to my opinions as well. I must say it went great and after that I was taken to the hospital for some blood work.

On the day of the surgery, everything went well and it was a smooth process I didnt feel any pain or have any problems the nurses were very kind and supportive. Even though its still early results for me only 2 weeks after my surgery but I love my results and am very happy with my decision.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Chloe, Turkey
( Review verified by email)

I loved my results and the whole process

5 50 Rhinoplasty

Perfect doctor and clinic for revision rhinoplasty. I loved my results and the whole process.

Emilia Stone, Turkey
( Review verified by email)

I was happy with the hospital, his team and most importantly my results

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I came to Dr. Seckin after a long and deep research regarding rhinoplasty operations and I decided to go with him after I visited his website and instagram page. I had the smoothest and most comfortable process ever. I was happy with the hospital, his team and most imprortantly my results. its only 3 months post operation but I already can see huge beautiful changes and I would like to recommend him to everyone and thank him and his team for a great service

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Toni St, Bulgaria
( Review verified by phone and email)

This operation has been one of the top doctor experiences I have ever had and have been very happy

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I would like to recommend Prof. Doctor Seckin Ulusoy for a nosejob /rhinoplasty and explain to you how to get a great result the way I did. Doctor Seckin is among the best top 5 surgeons Turkey, and Istanbul Turkey is probably the number one destination for nosejobs in the world.

So we are talking a professor specialist at the top of his discipline.

Dr. Seckin also checks the other main requirements – to be an ENT doctor, to be doing exclusively nose jobs/rhinoplasties and to be running his own medical practice – i.e he is the boss of his rhinoplasty clinic which means he has the interest to give you a good result because you being satisfied as a patient is very important for his reputation.

Another requirement of mine was that the surgeon is doing operations often – every week.

It is important to say that you should definitely travel to another place like Istanbul since you are going to travel anyway with any doctor you choose. As I explain later your Istanbul stay is actually going to be more like a great holiday.

Prices in Turkey are much better than nose job prices in the US or western Europe. The difference can be huge. On top of that, you get top surgeon and a great vacation in Istanbul. Traveling to Turkey was really a brainer for me. The doctor performs both female and male rhinoplasties. How to perform the consultation to explain to the doctor what is it you want?

First of all, If you speak good English or Turkish you are ok. If your English is weak or non-existent you should hire a translator who would help you with the consultation. You mostly need the translator for the pre-operation consultation and then likely for your post–operation consultations – as needed per doctor instructions. You can easily hire a Turkish or English speaker on the Internet who could join your Whatsapp live session with the doctor. (They also use other apps and you can email, screenshare if needed).

You don’t have to wait much for consultation. Ask his assistants for a consultation and they will give a slot. More about that below.
The pre-operation consultation: Also take a high quality picture of your front and side profile and possibly your angle view from both sides ( 40 degrees picture )

You have two options:
1)Perform pre-op consultation fully online, then schedule the operation and arrive 3 -4 days before the scheduled operation date, where you could meet the doctor in person if you need to. Now in my case I chose this option because I wanted to meet the doctor in person to see if he is a friendly positive person. This obviously is the main reason many people want to see the doctor in person first. However, Doctor Seckin Ulusoy is indeed very friendly and positive – during all the 5 -6 times I met them. He might ask you things about his country and is generally very relaxed person. When I met him I asked him immediately “Can you fix my nose” He replied “Of course. This is what we do”. There was no hesitation in his voice. You know that you have come to a confident professional who loves what he is doing.

2) you can make an in-person visit in Istanbul for consultation and then return again to Istanbul again for the operation. This is what I did but knowing what I know now, I would have gone for option and saved myself the first flight.

How to communicate the result you want:
The best way to explain what is it you want – is to select 2-3 results from his Instagram and show them to him. Also, write down some of the questions you have, for example can you make it shorter here, or less wide there. The terms are nose bridge, nose tip, nostrils, alarbase – this is the lower part of nostrils, columella is the thing that separates the nostrils and extends to the lip. But you don’t even have to know these things. In fact the doctor is so good – he probably knows better than you what is it you need. For example females need more curved bridge, med need it more straight.

It is a waste of time to do your own morphs too much. Just send him the pictures or go to his office where he will take them. He will show you what he can do for you. If you want something he cannot do , he will tell you.
The main point is to communicate which points are bothering you. Once you know he understood the points – you are ready to go.

What should know that doctors at the level of Seckin Ulusoy can take your nose and pretty much change it dramatically. For example if you look at Instagram you can see results where the tip/alarbase area look completely different in the after picture compared to the before picture. These details are understood by the doctor better than yourself and you can expect a real upgrade of your nose.

If you are newbie best is to book an online consultation for 10– 15 mins get answers to your questions. Then maybe schedule another consultation with your new questions. For me it took me 3 consultations, First in Person for 30 mins in Istanbul, then after about 3 weeks another online consult for 10 mins online, then again about 30 mins in person – 2 days before the operation itself.

Make sure to write down your questions before each consultation as you don’t want to be wasting the doctor’s time. Surgeons have to concentrate deeply and apply extra care in their jobs so you have to be respectful, sharp and not wasting time, during your consultations.

The Price:
Prices in Turkey vary between 3 000 to 7 000 euros for rhinoplasties. Once you have communicated to your doctor what you want and depending on the complexity you will be quoted a price. Primary or secondary prices can also vary.

Arriving in Istanbul :
They have an option for you to taxi you around so you don’t have to deal with taxies. The option also includes a stay in Rawada hotel near the Nurol Tower where the clinic office is. It is about 750 EUR. That hotel is central but I didn’t take it because it is on a busy street.

I did not take that option and taxied myself around from Istanbul airport it is very safe to take taxi to Istanbul center (about 20 Euro ). I stayed at a Hotel 38. It is 2 killometers away from the clinic but the location I liked better due to being right next to many shops. There are more hotels in the area and if you take a hotel make sure the hotel has at least 100 reviews and has 85 percent positive reviews which you can read. I would have taken another hotel near the Bosporus with sea views but I did not have time to check for more hotels. On google maps you can check the traffic situation as some streets will be busy during certain times. This is central Istanbul.

Make sure to carry your passport everywhere with you. You have 1 or 2 consultations depending on how you agreed with doctor’s assistants, you go to the clinic. Or you could have your final consultation right before the operation. The doctor will visit you in your hospital room before the operation.

Post- Operation Care.
Before living in Istanbul the doctor will give you instructions again with videos, on how to take care of your nose and what massages to perform me. I was told to contact them with any questions but so far I have no questions. Everything has been perfect.

This operation has been one of the top doctor experiences I have ever had and have been very happy about it. Surgeon Seckin Ulusoy has performed great rhinoplasty for me and I have really felt like I am in the hands of a confident professional.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Noshia M., Belgium
( Review verified by phone)

Not only are my breathing problems fixed but I also love the aesthetic of my new nose

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I flew from Belgium to get septorhinoplasty and I would like to tell you about my experience with doctor Seckin Ulusoy. I was quite nervous to go to another country to get this surgery. I have to say that every anxious feeling quickly changed upon meeting the doctor. He was kind and reassuring. He took the time to answer all of my questions. He questioned my wishes and checked in with my expectations. He made a simulation of my future nose and walked me through the whole process. I consider myself to be lucky to have my surgery done with dokter Seckin Ulusoy. Not only the doctor but the entire team have been incredibly kind and gentle with me. I mostly appreciate the follow-ups I have received from each team member. I had a complex case with a lot of problem areas. Not only are my breathing problems fixed but I also love the aesthetic of my new nose. I would absolutely recommend! Kind regards.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
( Review verified by phone)

I would 100% recommend him my results so far are better than I could have imagined

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I had a fantastic experience with doctor Seckin. I would 100% recommend him my results so far are better than I could have imagined. The team that works with doctor Seckin were also amazing made me feel really comfortable and answered all the questions I had prior to the surgery.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
annie caulfield, US
( Review verified by email)

The doctor has an amazing bedside manner and made the entire process very easy

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I couldn't have made a better decision - the only regret I have is not doing this years ago. Dr. Ulusoy has an amazing bedside manner and made the entire process very easy.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Debra Coomer, Ireland
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

We always left assured we were well taken care of


Dr Seckin Ulusoy is very kind, knowledgeable and eased my stress before and throughout my whole procedure. We always left assured we were well taken care of. A big thank you to all!!

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
tracey blood, US
( Review verified by email)

Made sure everything was accomplished in a timely manner

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I would recommend Dr. Seckin Ulusoy expertise to anyone interested, including my family. I was on a tight schedule, and Dr. Ulusoy made sure everything was accomplished in a timely manner.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Vladimir Djurovic, Montenegro
( Review verified by phone and email)

He provided desired results, it was painless and recovery was quick and easy

5 50 Rhinoplasty

My wife had a problem with breathing and also she was not happy with the shape of her nose so she made the decision to have rhinoplasty to fix those two issues. As I have a medical education background, she wanted me to pick the doctor that will do the rhinoplasty. We live in small country Montenegro so doctors that perform rhinoplasty don’t do it so often (maybe once in a month or once in few months), it is mostly open rhinoplasty and they are performing other surgical operations way more often than rhinoplasty. I was looking for an excellent, experienced doctor abroad that do closed rhinoplasty, which is mainly focused on nose surgeries and does at least 10 procedures per month. Also, I was looking for reasonable prices so the USA and EU were out of options and the main focus for the search was Turkey, Brazil and Thailand. After extensive search and research, I had a shortlist with Dr Seçkin Ulusoy on top of it. My wife contacted the number provided on his website and instantly got a reply from his assistant Sinem who asked for her pics so Dr Seçkin can make an assessment. After she sent the pics Sinem scheduled free video consultations with Dr Seçkin via Zoom. Even he did not know at the moment that my wife will be his patient he was very dedicated and patiently answered all questions and addressed all our concerns. He seemed very professional, serious, caring and nice. He made a simulation in photoshop based on his idea but he also included all the changes that my wife wanted, like a bit more curve and less pointing up. He told us that he can’t promise a perfect or ideal nose but he can achieve at least 80% from simulation and the fact that he didn’t made any unrealistic promises helped us a lot to build trust and confidence. I asked him to watch the operation and he agreed without any hesitation. If he was not so sure in his qualities, skills and abilities he would not agree so easily on me watching the operation which made me sure without any doubts that he is the right doctor for her. We were offered an inclusive package that aside rhinoplasty included all transfers in Istanbul and short hotel stay but as we intended to stay in Istanbul for 11 days so I can also have hair transplant and we can do some shopping we decided to take AirBnb apartment that has more amenities than a hotel room and on location that we find more convenient for entire visit. Also, Istanbul has very cheap (around 0.35EUR or 0.42USD per Km) and reliable taxi service which is easily and quickly accessible through BiTaxi app so we decided to use it and have more freedom than to relay on a dedicated driver. We agreed on the price for rhinoplasty which included one night stay at the hospital for both of us, all analyses, medicaments, checkups by Dr Seçkin etc. Sinem sent her all necessary info regarding the procedure with emphasis on diet one week before surgery.

We arrived in Istanbul on Sunday 25th April and went for a consultation with Dr Seçkin at his clinic on Monday 26th. He examined her nose and did the final simulation. It was a really pleasant and friendly atmosphere, my wife did not worry about anything, she felt that she can trust Dr Seçkin. After consultation we were taken by his assistant Mustafa to Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital where she did EKG, RTG, blood analyses, consultation with anesthesiologists and we both did PCR test. We got another complimentary transfer from the hospital to the apartment, one more 3 days later when we left the hospital after surgery and I got a complimentary transfer from apartment to hair transplant clinic and back a few days later. Mustafa was very nice and helpful in hospital on Monday as well as on Wednesday when we checked in for an operation and on Thursday when she was discharged from hospital.

Rhinoplasty was on Wednesday 26th April at Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital. Hospital is modern, stylish, very well equipped, clean and has good medical staff. After check-in, Dr Seçkin visited us in the room. My wife got calming medicament and was transferred to the operation room. I was beside her all the time. She got anaesthesia around 3 pm. Dr Seçkin took some pics and videos right before the procedure and some after he completed the procedure at around 7:30 pm (attached). The operation was way above my most optimistic expectations. I was amazed by Dr Seçkin’s focus, dedication to the finest details, perfectionism and of course the skills and knowledge. Not that he is just a great doctor he is also a great artist. She was awakened from anaesthesia around 8pm and transferred to the awakening room where she spent some 50 minutes and then transferred to a private room. She felt nausea after awakening but if faded away during the night. She didn’t feel any pain at any time. There was some swelling and bruising around the nose, swelling faded away within a week and all little bit of remaining bruising was all gone following few days. Dr Seçkin visited her on Thursday before she was discharged from the hospital, he brought all necessary medicaments and explained how to use them and how to clean the nose. We went to his clinic for a checkup on Friday 30th April, she was feeling great, that evening we took long walk to Taksim Square and all the way down Istiklal Avenue. We went for another check-up on Monday when he removed nasal splints. Nasal splints removal was not painful or unpleasant in any way, it was done literary in a second. Although she was able to breathe through the nose after surgery nasal splints were limiting airflow a bit so after removing splints airflow was much better and she could finally breathe through the nose normally and without any obstructions. The last check-up was on Wednesday 5th May when Dr Seçkin removed the cast. Cast removal was without any pain or discomfort. He showed us techniques on how to massage the nose in the following period. All the swelling around the nose was already gone when he removed the cast and the nose itself was not swollen. However, there was little nose swelling later, probably due to pressure and temperature changes during flight home later that day but it disappeared after few days. My wife is very happy with the appearance of her “new” nose and she is satisfied with breathing.

Overall it was a splendid experience, Dr Seçkin is like a magician, he provided desired results, it was painless and recovery was quick and easy. On top of it, he is a charming, polite friendly and very nice person as well as his assistants Sinem and Mustafa. I would recommend Dr Seçkin with an open heart. After we got back home from Turkey he called to check how is my wife feeling. We are both amazed by his dedication to each patient. Whish there is more doctors like Dr Seçkin. He enjoys what he does and he is great at it. We are so glad and happy that we have chosen him for rhinoplasty.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Blazena, Slovakia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I felt totally safe and comfortable without any worries

5 50 Rhinoplasty

I was very impressed by the professional approach and medical care. Prof. Dr. Seckin Ulusoy and his team were awesome. The manager and translator Mustafa was always there for me, prepared for helping me whenever I needed it.

I felt totally safe and comfortable without any worries. The doctor did the best job, he fixed my nose after two unsuccessful rhinoplasty surgeries in Slovakia and the result is exactly what I wanted. I’m so happy that I decided to go to Prof. Dr. Seckin Ulusoy Clinic.

I also appreciate that they care about their patients not only before but after surgery as well. I undoubtedly highly recommend this clinic.

Treated by: Prof Seçkin Ulusoy
Claudia Herrity, Portugal
( Review verified by email)

I felt so comfortable the entire time and we achieved amazing results

5 50 Rhinoplasty • Paid: ₺55959

I had an amazing experience! I had my first surgery which was a rhinoplasty and I felt so comfortable the entire time and we achieved amazing results!

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Rhinoplasty (3 hours)

Rhinoplasty - Professor Dr. Seckin UlusoyRhinoplasty - Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy
₺103863 - ₺151074

Revision Rhinoplasty (3 hours)

₺94421 - ₺132190

Ethnic Rhinoplasty (3 hours)

₺94421 - ₺103863

Closed Rhinoplasty (3 hours)

Closed Rhinoplasty - Professor Dr. Seckin UlusoyClosed Rhinoplasty - Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy
₺56653 - ₺66095

Nasal Tip Surgery (1 hour)

Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy - Quasar Istanbul Tower Office No. 1205, Fulya, Büyükdere Cd. No:76 Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey, 34387,

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Prof Seçkin Ulusoy - Surgeon at Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Prof Seçkin Ulusoy

Job Title:
  English, Turkish

1. Dr. Ulusoy has vast experience in Otolaryngology. He is working only on rhinoplasty surgeries nowadays but was interested in other operations (included ear and cancer surgery) before, therefore he adopts totality philosophy. He had gained experience since resident education time in SSK Okmeydanı Education and Research Hospital, one of the biggest and most crowded hospitals in Istanbul. Since 1997 which he first started the time of fellowship education to nowadays performed more than 20000 rhinoplasty operations as the first surgeon or active doctor inside of the team. He had stayed as an observership doctor in Germany, France, and the USA ( You can find these on his website about background Dr. Ulusoy's menu of the top) otolaryngology clinics. 

2. He has 52 published article in the medical literature ( You can find these in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top or Pubmed), moreover has 10 accepted scientific work for future publishing. He wrote 2 medical books chapter too ( You can find these in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top). In addition, scientific studies have been cited in 74 different scientific studies. He had some surgical techniques which first described. Moreover, he is a referee of a lot of international medical journals as a reviewer ( You can find these Journals on his website about Dr. Ulusoy's menu at the top). He has nearly 1500 various news and interviews In Turkish national media as newspaper writings, digital news portals, radio, and TV program interviews

3. He has gained good experiences with primary or secondary nose aesthetic surgery operations. Moreover, he has good experience with revision ( secondary ) rhinoplasty operations too. He adopts natural nose philosophy in nose job and gives huge attention to the harmony of the other face organs and nose. He also does not use any synthetic medical products and has good practice working with rib, ear cartilage grafs in secondary cases. 

4. He has followed all innovations in scientific publications and technology, He gave lectures as an invited speaker at many international meetings too ( You can find these lectures in his web site about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top) 

5. Succeeded both Turkey (Turkish Otolaryngology Board Exams) and European Otolaryngology Board exams. 

6. He knows the advanced level of the English language. He has a lot of patients all over the world, especially in Europe and Middle East countries. He has adapted to become a world person and doctor philosophy. 

7. He performs all operations with the latest technology, operation room, and hospitals. For example Piezo diamond rhinoplasty and endoscopic septoplasty and etc. For these reasons his patients have limited bruising and edema

8. The main target of his is the long-term result of patients. He adopted the strong and without a drop of tip nose philosophy in his surgeries. Patients are followed regularly long time after rhinoplasty operations without an extra fee. 

9. Good communication and patient satisfaction is the main principle of his. He is working 24/7 to have good communication with the patients.

Mrs Sinem Ulusoy - International Patient Coordinator at Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Mrs Sinem Ulusoy

Job Title:
  International Patient Coordinator
  English, Turkish
Birthplace Bursa / Turkey. After completing University education in the management department of Uludağ University, She worked in management in the health sector for 11 years. She has been working with Associate Professor Dr. Seçkin Ulusoy in the Istanbul clinic for about 2 years. Her position in the clinic is in the coordination and clinical management of international patients. She speaks advanced level English.
Mr Ibrahim Özel - Nurse at Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Mr Ibrahim Özel

Job Title:
  English, Turkish
Mr Özdemir Güler -  at Professor Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Mr Özdemir Güler

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