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SAM Patient Services - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

SAM Patient Services

(202) 897-0318 İzmir, Turkey
4.8 from 17 verified reviews
The staff were so lovely and friendlyAbi, UK, 08 08 20

I really had no expectations but I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient they were. I was really nervous as it’s daunting flying abroad to have surgery but I really felt so comfortable and safe in their hands. The staff were so lovely and friendly. The only negative thing I would say is that I had to have a psychologist as an interpretation due to the language barrier. Nurses and the surgeon would often take my nightgown off as I was half asleep and expose my breasts in front him and other non-medical men which I didn’t like and thankfully my mum was there to keep covering me up. That’s the only bad point. They do not protect your dignity and privacy at all. Other than that, I would recommend it.

LASIK $1334 - $1758
LASIK Relex Smile $1818 - $2291
LASIK with IntraLase $1334 - $1758
This operation is for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. We can treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism depending on the measurements of the patient.
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CLINIC TRAVEL TURKEY - IZMIR - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured


(202) 851-2966 Izmir, Turkey
5.0 from 11 verified reviews
From start to finish the service was excellentGeorge, UK, 19 02 21

From start to finish the service was excellent. In such a bad time, they make sure that you feel safe by taking all Covid-19 precautions. My LASIK eye surgery went smooth. The team was well-trained. The organization of the company CLinic Travel Turkey is highly recommended!

LASIK from $1549
Laser Eye Surgeon Consultation free
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Near East University Hospital - HospitalFeatured

Near East University Hospital

(877) 304-0812 ext: 60421 Nicosia, Cyprus
4.9 from 8 verified reviews
Really happy with the resultsAngelica, Turkey, 13 09 19

Me and my boyfriend came to get our teeth whitened. Really happy with the results. Really great quick communication from the staff online replying to questions. Thank you so much!

LASIK $2182 - $2425
Hair Transplant $1818 - $2425
All inclusive packages
Heart Transplant $193968 - $242460
Artificial Heart Transplant
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Refrakční Centrum Praha s.r.o. -  Novak Petr MDFeatured

Refrakční Centrum Praha s.r.o.

(888) 848-7639 ext: 63288 Prague, Czech Republic
5.0 from 11 verified reviews
Absolutely fantasticAlison, UK, 23 02 20

Absolutely fantastic. Both myself and my husband are delighted with the results. 1 eye operated on Wednesday and by Thursday afternoon what a difference 2nd eye done on Friday flew home today and eyesight is brilliant. I would like to thank everyone in the clinic and also Barbora who we have dealt with from the beginning of the process. A special thanks to Dr NOVAK and his lovely wife for the fantastic treatment and the care and attention given to us. Anyone hesitant about going for this treatment I would say don’t be absolutely any pain whatsoever. Thanks again.

iDESIGN iLASIK from $1095
IDESIGN iLASIK is the safest and most precise laser eye surgery method used for the removal of short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. It uses technology certified by NASA, meaning that it complies with the strictest safety criteria. iDESIGN iLASIK uses advanced and tested technology throughout the procedure and as such ensures a 100% tailor-made procedure. It is this individualisation in particular, that differentiates this method. During the initial examination, part of which is the iDESIGN device, we immediately, in a single instant, acquire complex results of the five basic parameters of the eye. This data is as unique as a finger print. Based on these results, we are in a position to propose a tailor-made and transferring this plan into the memory of the VISX STAR S4 I laser. The laser then carries out the required changes to the curvature of the cornea with absolute precision. The surgery is carried out under local anaesthesia applied through eye drops. Throughout the surgery, the patient is fully conscious, however registers no pain. The entire procedure lasts only a few minutes. The recuperation is very quick and the return to improved vision functions is fast. Who is this method meant for?Especially patients suffering from one of the following: short-sightedness (low, medium and high)far-sightedness (up to +4,0 dioptres)astigmatism (maxim up to +/−4,5 dioptres)higher degree of irregular astigmatismin cases where the required post-surgery vision exceeds 100%
FemtoLASIK (LASIK with IntraLase) from $952
The FemtoLASIK method is a superb modern technology of removal dioptres using two latest lasers: femtosecond laser iFS and excimer laser VISX STAR S4 IR, both from Johnson & Johnson, an American company. The ultra-fast femtosecond laser is used (using the principle of photo-disruption) to create a thin lamella on the cornea. The Laser beam is focused into one single point where energy is concentrated, and the tissue of the cornea immediately turns to gas (it literally evaporates). The lamella created in this way is more perfect and smoother then when an oscillating blade is used. The lamella in the cornea is then lifted to the side and using the effect of the excimer laser, the cornea is re-shaped into the required shape and curvature as a result of which the dioptre error is corrected. Once done, the lamella of the cornea is returned to its original position and the surgery is completed.We recommend this method specifically to patients with the following: short-sightedness (lower, medium as well as higher)far-sightedness (from +4,0 dioptres on)relatively symmetrical astigmatism (up to +/−4,5 dioptres max.)uncomplicated refractive error without significant asymmetry
Intrastromal corneal ring segments implantation (Femtolaser) from $1571
ICRS may be used in the treatment of short-sightedness (from −1.00 to −3.00 dioptres) in patients with keratoconus and with ecstasy after refractive laser procedures . Indication for the ICRS implantation is transparency of the central part of the cornea and intolerance to wearing contact lenses. The first step is the plan of the procedure. A thorough analysis of the patient’s data acquired in the initial examination at the corneal advisory centre is carried out. An optimal type of ICRS is determined (shape, curvature and thickness of the segment, how many degrees of the circular segment, one or two segments) so that optimal post-surgery results may be achieved.
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EyeLaser Center Zurich - Dr Victor DerhartunianFeatured

EyeLaser Center Zurich

(877) 304-0812 ext: 39789 Zurich, Switzerland
We are specialized in surgical vision corrections. Our main focus is laser eye surgery. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia can be also corrected by intraocular implants. We use most modern implannts like toric, multifocal or phakic ICL lenses. The improvement of the vision of patients through eye-care services and surgical procedures of a high standard is the main focus of the ophthalmologist and his team at this clinic located in Zurich - Switzerland. Laser eye corrections are performed to ensure that patients enjoy long term clear vision without spectacles. Overseas patients are welcomed and the latest technology and techniques are used in treating and correcting most visual errors. Conditions treated include short sightedness, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. Services provided include extensive examinations, LASIK, EPI-LASIK, LASEK, FEMTO-LASIK and PRK procedures to correct refractive errors and intra-ocular lens implantation. Cataract Operations with implantation of high quality intra-ocular lens is also performed.
LASIK $1891 - $3337
Lasik treatement with microkeratome
Epi-LASIK $1891 - $3337
Corneal surface treatement
LASIK with IntraLase $2225 - $3337
Femto-Lasik treatement with Ziemer Z6 femto-Laser
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Sardana Eye Institute - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in IndiaFeatured

Sardana Eye Institute

(888) 848-7639 ext: 24579 New Delhi, India
4.0 from 2 verified reviews
High quality patient care is provided at this Delhi ophthalmological clinic that uses sophisticated laser equipment to treat overseas patients. Services provided at the clinic are Lasik and Lasek laser based eye surgery to correct refractive errors, advanced Zyoptix treatments, Intralase treatments, retina and vitreous treatments including treatments for macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, phacoemulsification cataract surgery, intra ocular lens implants and cosmetic eyelid surgery for men and women to improve the appearance of their eyes.
Retina Treatment  
LASIK $136 - $614
Plano Lasik, Zyoptix, Aspheric Zyoptic  Cost Mentioned is for per Eye procedure  
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The Laser Vision Centre (TLVC) - LogoFeatured

The Laser Vision Centre (TLVC)

(888) 848-7639 ext: 88225 Mumbai, India
4.6 from 6 verified reviews
My eyesight has been excellentPhilmon, India, 13 04 19

It is a year since I got my eyes Laser-treated by Dr Relan, assisted by Dr Krishna. I am grateful to them for their friendly treatment. It was a painless procedure. My eyesight has been excellent. Staff, over there are caring. I recommend anyone who wishes to improve his/her eyesight. This clinic is worth visiting.

LASIK from $123
Epi-LASIK from $123
LASIK with IntraLase from $477
Very Good
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Thind Eye Hospital - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in IndiaFeatured

Thind Eye Hospital

(888) 848-7639 ext: 79181 Jalandhar, India
4.9 from 4 verified reviews
fully satisfiedPIRASHANAH, France, 07 05 16

Supar, no comment, i am srilankan tamil and from France and have done my 83000 rupee (1245€) i-lasik surgery in Punjab Jalandhar in 13 September 2012 and i am fully satisfied, i am seeing like an EAGLE, i saw every details, its an HD view, bref Merci beaucoup Mix of local and nri patients, clean operation theater, for the ilasik its the 3rd floor, others floor are for other operation.

LASIK with IntraLase  
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Netgoz Eye Clinic - Mr Hayati Turker, MD, Ophthalmologist, Cataracts, Lens Replacement, SMILE laser eye surgery, Refractive SurgeryFeatured

Netgoz Eye Clinic

(877) 304-0812 ext: 20304 İzmir, Turkey
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
They are really helpful and kindRaymond, UK, 07 12 19

I got cataract surgery. Thank you for a good experience. Really lovely doctors and staffs. They are really helpful and kind. Thank you so much.

LASIK from $606
SMILE from $1212
The most advanced technology provided by Zeiss which is minimally invasive and gentle. No flap is necessary, reducing the risk of infection and incidence of dry eyes. A comfortable and stress-free patient experience. Generally fast recovery. Predominantly excellent visual outcomes with high predictability. Greater suitability - possible option for patients with contact lens intolerance and dry eye tendency. Not yet available for (farsighted) hyperopic patients.
Femtosecnd LASIK from $727
Femtosecond Lasik Surgery with Zeiss VisuMax and Mel 90. Fast Recovery. Advanced bladeless Femto-LASIK operation. Quick visual recovery, The entire procedure is done with lasers only.
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Clínica Oftalmológica Dr. Castilla - Eye Clinic in SpainFeatured

Clínica Oftalmológica Dr. Castilla

(877) 304-0812 ext: 19115 Barcelona, Spain
5.0 from 5 verified reviews
There was no pressureAlan, France, 29 04 18

I had been thinking of having treatment for fuzzy eyesight. Having tried wearing glasses for the past 18 months, I decided to visit Clínica Oftalmológica for a consultation. I live in Southern France and the wait for a consultation and treatment can take over a yearning in France. There principal Dr. Castillan Father had started the clinic. Therefore there was a history of their treatment. I was met by Dr. Casttilla at the Clinic with my wife. Dr. Castilla explained in detail the treatment, type of lens available etc. Followed by extensive examination by himself, plus other medical staff. This took 2 hours followed by a further interview with Dr.Castilla. He explained the procedure and type of lens. There was no pressure. In fact, he said I should maybe go away and think about the treatment before deciding. So no pressure. Having had the replacement lens. It has opened up a new world, which is clearer. Driving at night is really brilliant. Overall I rate the Clinic as excellent.

Laser Eye Surgeon Consultation  
Very Good
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Bilic Vision - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in CroatiaFeatured

Bilic Vision

(877) 304-0812 ext: 52672 Zagreb, Croatia
3.5 from 1 verified review
The Bilic Vision is a top quality eye clinic in the centre of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Our doctors are specialized in treatments of every eye disease and laser eye surgery. 
OCT - laser layer imaging of the retina and optic nerve head from $81
Laser photocoagulation (one session) from $113
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Eyecare Travel - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in GreeceFeatured

Eyecare Travel

Athens, Greece, Greece
We are an established medical practice based in London (UK), operating in Athens (Greece). Our goal is to provide superior medical services to patients across the globe, where treatments are of excessive cost. Our primary service is focusing on LASIK and refractive eye surgery
LASIK $2122 - $2423
LASIK with IntraLase $2122 - $2423
Femto-LASIK $2122 - $2423
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Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Kaskaloglu Eye Hospital

Izmir, Turkey
4.7 from 3 verified reviews
Now I'm not wearing glasses anymoreBernard, UK, 24 06 19

I have a consultation and laser eye surgery with Kaskaloglu Eye hospital. The staff were very friendly and hospital. I was on holiday when I message them and got a quick reply and a call to come for a consultation. They did all the checks and test very well after that I decided to have laser eye surgery straight away and preparation was put in place for that. The surgery took about 20 minutes and it was successful. The price too was less expensive compared to those in the UK. Now I'm not wearing glasses anymore. Thanks to the doctor and all the staff.

LASEK $1455 - $1456
Refractive lens exchange with Trifocal IOL $1818 - $2061
If you are using glasses for distance and reading this is the operation for you. The price is for one eye.
Very Good
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Centre For Sight - Oxshott - England - Sheraz DayaFeatured

Centre For Sight - Oxshott - England

(888) 848-7639 ext: 85599 Oxshott, UK
Centre of Excellence – UK’s longest provider of LASIK laser eye surgery, laser lens replacement, cataract and corneal surgery celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Their flagship hospital in Oxshott is one of UK’s most modern surgical eye centre with a national and international reputation.  Established in 1996 the centre has through its reputation, experience and expertise grown considerably with sites also in London and East Grinstead, West Sussex.  Procedures performed include Lasik laser Vision Correction, Lens implants, Phakic lens implants, cataract surgery, corneal implants, Yag Laser capsulotomy, treatments for Keratoconus and conditions that affect the front of the eye. Eye conditions treated at the clinic and hospital include short sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism, Presbyopia, cataracts and Keratoconus. The advanced Zyoptix Scan, Pentacam, Intralase Femtosecond laser and the Excimer laser are used to treat patients at the clinic and hospital run by the practice.Centre for Sight is both ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited since 2009.  These voluntary standards reflects the Centre’s desire to provide a high quality care to patients and at the same time respecting the environment. Consultant surgeons at Centre for Sight are all fellowship trained, in other words they have spent extra years becoming super-specialists in their field of expertise. This places them as leaders in their field with patients seeking their opinion from far and wide.  Patients include pr
Implantable Contact Lenses  
2 other locations in the UK for Centre For Sight
Centre For Sight - London - England

Centre For Sight - London - England

(888) 848-7639 ext: 85600 38 Queen Anne Street, London
Centre For Sight - East Grinstead - England

Centre For Sight - East Grinstead - England

Hazelden Place, Turners Hill, East Grins
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OptiLaser Eye Center - Laser Eye Surgery Clinic in CyprusFeatured

OptiLaser Eye Center

(888) 848-7639 ext: 73480 Nicosia, Cyprus
4.5 from 1 verified review
I have been treated the best way possibleAndreas, Cyprus, 15 10 18

I visited OptiLaser Eye Center to have my eyes tested and get information about eye laser surgery. The examination was free of charge and Dr. Antonis was willing to give all information and answer all my questions. I was searching the internet to find eye-laser clinics in Cyprus. I sent emails to three clinics. OptiLaser Eye Center was the only one who responded the same day. I had an appointment two days later. I have been treated the best way possible and I suggest everybody who wants to have a laser eye surgery to visit OptiLaser Eye Center.

LASIK with IntraLase  
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