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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is performed for dental procedures for anxious patients by administering medications to help them relax. Many patients avoid getting the required dental help because of their fear of the dentist. Sedation dentistry is performed to ensure that nervous patients enjoy healthy mouths and teeth.

What are the types of dental sedation?

The different types of dental sedation are; inhalation sedation, for patients requiring mild sedation also called anxiolysis; oral sedation, by asking patients to swallow a pill; TENS, using electrical impulses to numb the area; topical anaesthesia, using a swab to numb the area; or intra-venous sedation, for patients requiring moderate sedation and general anaesthesia for patients requiring deep sedation. General anaesthesia is used for patients only in a hospital and not in a dentist chair.

Is Sedation Dentistry painful?

Oral sedation, inhalation sedation, TENS and topical sedation are not painful. Intra-venous sedation and general anaesthesia need to be injected and patients may feel pain when the sedative is injected.

When can I travel by air after Sedation Dentistry?

Patients should travel by air two days after sedation dentistry. They should take the advice of their dentist before embarking on their journey.   

How long does recovery after Sedation Dentistry take?

Recovery from dental sedation takes between 40 to 90 minutes. Recovery depends on the type of sedation administered.  

What after care is required after Sedation Dentistry?

Patients should rest for at least three hours after sedation dentistry. They should not eat for at least four hours, until the anaesthesia wears off. They should take all prescribed medications correctly. They should resume work at least one day after sedation dentistry. They should not smoke or drink alcohol for at least two days after sedation dentistry. They should follow all dietary prescriptions given by their dentist correctly.

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Perla Dental Centre - Perla Featured

Perla Dental Centre

Fener Mah. Lara Cad. 1964 Sok No:7, Muratpaşa / Antalya, 07160
4.9 from 40 verified reviews
They certainly met all of my requirements and expectationsPaul, UK, 01 06 23

I cannot recommend Perla Dental Centre enough for the professionalism they have shown throughout my new smile design journey. At the start of my research, I soon understood that there were a lot of good dentists in Antalya and a lot of bad ones too. I joined an English Facebook group and I started reading all of the comments where other group members shared their experiences. After contacting a few clinics in Antalya I eventually narrowed this down to three before deciding to go with Perla. From making initial contact with my co-ordinator, Thomas at Perla, I knew that these guys were something special. I asked a lot of questions as I wanted to make sure that most if not all of my requirements and expectations were going to be catered for and it was Thomas has always been on hand to answer all of my questions, before, during and after my treatment was completed. Once i arrived in Antalya, there was a professional driver waiting at the airport to take me to my hotel with my very own VIP transport. My first impression after arriving at Perla Dental Centre was that of a well-organised and professional organisation. Perla have all the latest technology and the staff were very friendly and made me feel at ease. After my x-rays, my initial face to face consultation was with Dr. Onur Ademhan. Dr Onur is the face of Perla and was ever such a true professional. My treatment plan was agreed as follows; 2 x Hiossen Osstem Implants (Visit 1) 24 x Zirconium Crowns (22 visit 1, 2 visit 2) 2 x Root Canal (Visit 1) 1 x Root Extraction (Visit 1) My design shape was ‘Natural’ and shade was ‘BL2’. On my first visit (Dec 2022) my allocated dentist was Dr. Fuat Biter and he was the one that carried out most of my work during my first visit. Dr. Fuat Biter’s professionalism and attention to detail was second to none, both he and his assistants took great care to make sure that everything was at it should be during my treatment. On my second visit (May 2023) my allocated dentist was Dr. Merve Doğan and she completed my treatment with the very same professionalism and attention to detail. Dr. Merve Doğan and her assistants took very good care of me to make sure that my smile makeover was exactly to my requirements and expectations. All in all, from making the decision to go with Perla, my timeline was 27 weeks. This included a 21 week gum healing period for the implants. I would highly recommend Perla Dental Centre for anyone who is looking to have any dental work done in Antalya, they certainly met all of my requirements and expectations. Perla has reliable specialist physicians who offer the very best of treatments. Special mention must go to my good friend Thomas who was superb throughout to co-ordinate my journey and to Dr. Onur Ademhan who, along with his team have established a great professional organisation with Perla Dental Centre and I wish them every success for the future.

Sedation for dental treatments ₺8776 - ₺21062
In Perla, IV Sedation is performed by a Specialist Medical Doctor- Anaesthetist. Intravenous (IV) sedation refers to the administering of an anti-anxiety drug through the blood during your dental treatment. An IV sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as ‘twilight’ or ‘sleep’ dentistry. However, rather than putting you to sleep, the sedative helps you to relax and feel at peace. While you will be in a position to respond to the dentist’s questions, your treatment procedure will be vague once the sedative wears off.
General Anesthesia for dental treatments ₺14041 - ₺35104
In Perla IV Sedation is performed by a Specialist Medical Doctor- Anaesthetist.  General anaesthesia is a state of unconsciousness produced by an anesthesiologist where the patient does not remember or feel anything during the procedure. In addition, the patient remains still and does not move.
Very Good
from 23 users
DCI Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

DCI Dental Clinic

Güzeloba, Rauf Denktaş Cd No: 25, Muratpasa, 07230
4.9 from 4 verified reviews
I really got a wonderful resultMaria, Turkey, 10 05 24

I was last summer in this clinic. I really got a wonderful result and also I sent my brother to get a beautiful smile Well done guys 👍

Sedation for dental treatments ₺14041 - ₺35104
General Anesthesia for dental treatments ₺21062 - ₺35104
from 941 users
ASV Medical - ASV Medical - Dentist Binnur YigitbasiFeatured

ASV Medical

Toros, 805, Kurgu Plaza, 14/1, Antalya, 07070
5.0 from 37 verified reviews
All round very good experienceKhush, UK, 19 08 22

Fantastic experience from start to finish, ASV had all the information I needed for my treatment, kept well informed about prices and booking, no pressure to book with them. They organised the transfers between hotel to clinic, very informative conversation on my journey. All round very good experience.

Sedation for dental treatments from ₺12451
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants ₺12451 - ₺26562
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Atalya Dental Clinic - Atalya Dental StudioFeatured

Atalya Dental Clinic

Çağlayan mah. Barınaklar bulvarı. no: 16, Muratpaşa, Antalya, 07040
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
Very friendly staff, my mind was put at ease before treatmentSusan, UK, 17 04 22

I had all my own teeth removed and all on six implants, bone grafting and sinus lifts. I chose Atalya Dental Clinic because this place stood out. I'm so happy I did. Very friendly staff, my mind was put at ease before treatment. During treatment I hardly felt a thing. Temporary teeth are fine tho I can't wait until I go back to get my proper ones. I'd definitely recommend this place.

Sedation for dental treatments ₺6500 - ₺7500
Sedation for dental treatment is a technique used to help patients relax and feel comfortable during dental procedures. It involves the use of medication to help patients overcome anxiety and fear associated with dental treatments.
General Anesthesia for dental treatments ₺9000 - ₺12000
General anesthesia is a type of anesthesia that induces a temporary state of unconsciousness and loss of sensation throughout the body. This is often used for dental treatment in cases where the patient has severe dental anxiety, phobia, or other medical conditions that make it difficult to tolerate dental procedures. 
Very Good
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Rengarenk Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic - welcome to our clinicFeatured

Rengarenk Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic

Uluc Mahallesi Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvari.93/A UNCALI, ANTALYA, 07070
Nevest technology in dental clinics refers to the use of advanced equipment and techniques to improve the quality and efficiency of dental procedures. In our clinic, we offer a wide range of nevest technology services, including dental implants, crowns, and panoramic X-rays. Dental implants are a popular and effective way to replace missing teeth. They consist of a small titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth, such as a crown. This technique offers a long-lasting and natural-looking solution for missing teeth, and can help to improve the patient's overall oral health. Crowns are another important service offered in our clinic. These are custom-made, tooth-shaped caps that are placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to restore its function and appearance. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, metal, and ceramic, and are designed to match the color and shape of the patient's natural teeth. Panoramic X-rays are a non-invasive way to get a full view of the patient's teeth, jaw, and surrounding tissues. This type of X-ray is particularly useful for identifying issues with the jaw and teeth, such as tumors, cysts, or impacted teeth. In addition to the above services, we also offer affordable prices for our patients, with a staff of 150 workers, we can provide VIP transfer service so that our patients can travel in comfort and style. We are committed to providing the highest quality dental c
Sedation for dental treatments  
WaterLase Dentistry  
Very Good
from 73 users
Center Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Center Dental Clinic

Altindag mah. Gulluk str. No:95-C, Antalya, 07050
5.0 from 10 verified reviews
I am very happy with the resultsLorraine, UK, 24 08 20

I had my teeth whitened and 6 composite bonding. I am very happy with the results, the staff are very friendly and Dr Burak was excellent throughout my treatment.

Sedation for dental treatments from ₺7471
When a patient asks for sedation We can manage the treatment with an anestezist so that the patient would be more confortable especially at hard treatments.
Dentist Consultation free
Dental Implants ₺12036 - ₺24902
There so many brands in the world , We prefer to use the implants that We trust with clinic experience.With the warranty card We give to our patients. They can find the parts of implant all over the world if there would be any trouble.
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