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Smile Dental Services - Dr Bojidar DimitrovFeatured

Smile Dental Services

23 San Stefano Street, Sofia
5.0 from 7 verified reviews
They were very sweet and so niceLynn, UK, 02 12 22

Full top and bottom jaw restoration. This is a long one, so bear with me, I just want to give you a thorough account of my experience so that you can make up your mind to change your life for the better. My teeth were destroyed and most of them fell out, I was devastated, lost all my self confidence and self worth. I researched for around two years and it took one year to decide that I was ready to choose the right clinic for me, and oh boy, did I make the right choice. Arrived in Bulgaria on Tuesday night, first appointment was Wednesday morning. When I got to the clinic and I was nervous, we met the most amazing team of people in a very modern, super clean high tech dental unit. First thing, panoramic X-ray, well, I have metal plates holding my top jaw together, so complications for the team. They bypassed the problem, what a fantastic clever bunch of folk. Next, come through to the chair, ok here we go! I have terrible veins, so they kept collapsing, my wee brain was thinking, jeez ho, is the universe trying to tell me something here, is this supposed to happen? I really felt for the staff, I felt like I was the worst possible patient that they’d ever had! But nope, they were very sweet and so nice. So, we went with the injection of a relaxing drug into the muscle on my hip, then the injections in my mouth just like you get before you have a filling. All numbed up now, sitting with my mouth wide open waiting for them to take out my teeth, within minutes, they were gone! Next the actual metal implants were going to be screwed into my jaw, not going to lie to you, as I have no reason to, there was a feeling of pressure, but that was it, no pain, stitched up where my teeth were removed, or maybe that was before the implants, it was that quick and painless that I may have gotten the implants and stitches the wrong way around. And then, sent back to our apartment. I was expecting to be in agony, I forgot to mention that I was sent away with a prescription for three sets of painkillers. I honestly did not need to use them, I felt different, not pain, maybe a little uncomfortable, after all, my teeth were all taken out that day. Thursday, had to come back for a fitting, wow! How fast was that!! A few little adjustments had to be made, away back to the apartment. Friday, here we go, fitting of upper and lower jaw teeth, sat in the chair, they were fitted, I was shown my face in the mirror. It has been so long since I had a smile that was straight and not lop sided, the teeth looked like my old teeth used to, (a very long time ago). They did not look fake or glow in the dark implants that you have seen on the nightmares of implants fitted in another country that you had to travel to. I could hardly speak, not because of the teeth, but because I was so emotional. I have spent two years researching a good clinic, and oh boy did I do a brilliant job of picking the best, two years of hiding my mouth behind my hand or a mask, basically I shut myself away from the world because of how bad I looked because my teeth were crumbling away to dust. Last appointment was on the Monday morning, I danced into the clinic delighted with myself, a wee rub down, the final sheet of instructions on oral healthcare and away we go. It’s exactly one week since I’ve had my new teeth fitted, I can eat without pain, and the little lisp that I developed has almost gone. My husband is so happy as I have reverted into the person that I used to be, my grown up kids have got their real mother back and my grandsons are laughing at me because they can see my face, with teeth, laughing and joking with them. They all see a difference in my mental change as well as my physical one. All my friends have given me nothing but really positive statements and my friends are like me, honest opinions only. My best friend of thirty two years has now started saving money to get her teeth fixed here. Now, between six and twelve months I will return for the final part of my treatment, and I look forward to meeting these wonderful people again, they honestly have changed me back to the cheekiest oldest rebel that used to be me, I’m back, and I cannot be happier. If you’ve read all of my review here, then I know that you are really serious, If you have any doubts or questions, go ahead, and contact me, but rest assured, I will praise these folk to the moon and back and by the time you’ve finished speaking to me, you will make the right choice and travel to Sophia to meet these miracle workers. I am in no way affiliated with this clinic, I am a patient only, therefore I was not paid for this. P.S, I’m Scottish, so praise is never given unless it is deserved, and boy, it is deserved.

All-on-4 Dental Implants  
Full Mouth Restoration with Dental Implants  
All-on-6 Dental Implants  
Very Good
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Sofia Implant Centre - Dental Clinic in BulgariaFeatured

Sofia Implant Centre

02 492 5020 ext: 63827 MM Business Center, 251G Ring Road, Sofia, 1715
4.9 from 4 verified reviews
Absolutely fantastic placeAmrija, UK, 24 10 22

Had my implants and zirconium crown via two visits with 4 months gap. Absolutely fantastic place! 5 stars!

All-on-4 Dental Implants 4796 лв. - 6754 лв.
All-on-4 implants are a permanent set of fabricated teeth set on dental implants surgically placed into your jaw. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Our center is one of the few clinics, who use surgical guides, which make the surgery predictable, safe and minimally invasive.
Dental Implants 489 лв. - 1566 лв.
The dental implant is a screw made of titanium and when placed in the jaw, functions as a tooth root for various dentures. Implants are used to replace one or more teeth at the same time. A crown, bridge, or removable denture is attached to the dental implant.
All-on-6 Dental Implants 5775 лв. - 7733 лв.
The All-on-6 treatment provides a solid and secure connection for the replacement teeth, which makes this method significantly more stable and reliable than traditional methods for affixing dentures.All-on-6 is an effective solution for people who have lost a large number of teeth. Implants are used to support dentures and maintain jaw’s structural integrity following tooth loss. The location and placement of six implants provide a great amount of added strength, stability and long term benefit. Our center is one of the few clinics, who use surgical guides, which make the surgery predictable, safe and minimally invasive.
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Vedra Dental 24/7 Holistic Clinic - Vedra Dental buildingFeatured

Vedra Dental 24/7 Holistic Clinic

02 492 5020 ext: 19891 ul. "Ohrid" 21, Sofia, 1233
5.0 from 85 verified reviews
I had a truly life-changer experienceDr, UK, 11 08 21

Highly professional and humble team of doctors. Best sanitisation and clean environment of the whole clinic. I had a truly life-changer experience which I thought would never have a solution to but with the expertise of Dr Gaidarova it was made possible. I am really thankful to Dr Vajarov and to all the team members who have made me smile like it never was. I would highly recommend Vedra Dental Clinic to all dental solutions. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

All-on-4 Dental Implants from 5600 лв.
Dental Implants 1400 лв. - 2100 лв.
We are using only the most successful implants - 4th generation pure Titanium compressive bone level implants, not ineffective titanium alloys, and especially not BASAL implants (which never form a bond with bone, but sound very attractive for quick easy operations, immediate cover with permanent crowns and bridges, and also low cost; this was a method of the 80's, now 2 companies make them and hundreds do compressive bone level implants).We must inform you that we only work with best Implant systems in the world - Nobel Active® (Sweden) and Camlog® (Switzerland) - 4th Generation Pure Titanium on Bone Level. These are the most predictable and safe systems ever created.So you must choose between cheap and lasting.Also to let you know our surgeon is the first ever Implant dentist in Bulgaria, Dr Kiril Kirilov, who is by far the best as having put most implants and with 0% failure (especially after replantations in rare cases of implant mobility)!
Mini Implants 1400 лв. - 2100 лв.
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Dental Beauty - Dental Clinic in Bulgaria

Dental Beauty

Aleksandar Stamboliiski 125, sofia, 1216
For more information about Dental Beauty in Sofia please contact the clinic.
All-on-4 Dental Implants  
Dental Implants  
Mini Implants 294 лв. - 392 лв.
6 more treatments
Very Good
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Anveli Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Bulgaria

Anveli Dental Clinic

21vi Vek 19, Sofia, 1000
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
They bring pure happiness and new smiles of courseDiana, Bulgaria, 10 08 22

Excellent treatment and best team of doctors!!! They bring pure happiness and new smiles of course!

All-on-4 Dental Implants from 10000 лв.
Dental Implants 900 лв. - 1200 лв.

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Dental Clinic Sofia Crown - Dr Smilen Smilov

Dental Clinic Sofia Crown

Yavorov bl.23, Ent 1, Sofia, 1124
5.0 from 2 verified reviews
Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown"  has as main objective providing of high quality dental services at reasonable prices. We invested in possibly the best dental equipment and materials on the world market.Dental Clinic "Sofia Crown"  is part of a large scale project, created by a team for development of dental activity in Bulgaria and abroad. Opening of dental offices in major cities is a priority for expansion of our dental chain network. Some of the services that our patients can benefit from are, as follows: - Dental implants - Osstem, Straumann, Zimmer - Orthodontics - ceramic braces; Invisalign, Ortocaps, etc. - Crestal and lateral sinus lifting; bone grafting and augmentation - Partial and complete dentures, denturing on glass pillars ZX 27, made by the company Dent Avantg Art Division Kft. - Partial and complete "soft" dentures - Valplast - Metal-ceramic, ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges; - Painless extraction (removal) of permanent and deciduous teeth / wisdom-teeth; - Treatment of caries and its complications; - Scaling and polishing by ultrasound; - Aesthetic dentistry - professional teeth whitening in one visit; placing dental ornaments; - Treatment of gum disease and others. We will be happy for you to explore our site and contact us if you have a dental problem. With us you can use one of your credit or debit cards - Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Discover, VPay, Borica, Maestro and Diners Club!
Dental Implants 900 лв. - 1600 лв.
In cases where bone condition and density are favourable, dental implants can now be embedded immediately after tooth extraction. Such techniques being referred to as immediate implants, one-day implants, single day implants or same day implants. This means that the patient have new tooth roots (the dental implants) upon leaving the office.
Single Implant from 900 лв.
Immediate Implant Placement  
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