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What is the gastric sleeve procedure?

A gastric sleeve bariatric surgical procedure is performed for patients with morbid obesity. A bariatric surgeon will remove a large portion of the stomach of patients and leave a portion of the stomach in the form of a pouch. This pouch looks like a sleeve or tube.

Is it safe to have a gastric sleeve?

The gastric sleeve bariatric surgical procedure is one of the safest among bariatric surgical procedures. There are fewer complications compared to other procedures. In rare cases requires a revision gastric sleeve procedure may need to be performed.

What should you eat after gastric sleeve surgery?

A healthy liquid diet without caffeinated and carbonated beverages is prescribed for the first week. Soft pureed food is prescribed for a few weeks. After five weeks three small healthy meals are prescribed. Patients should drink plenty of water. Patients should eat healthy snacks or fruit and avoid fried snacks and carbonated drinks.

What is the sleeve made from?

The gastric sleeve consists of a thin tube made of plastic or rubber, called a bougie, inserted into the stomach to form a pouch.

How much can you eat after a gastric sleeve?

The gastric sleeve can generally contain only four ounces of food. The stomach has the tendency to stretch and stomachs can stretch even after gastric sleeve surgery. It is important to follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and eat small meals to prevent the stomach stretching after surgery.

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medicalfly - medicalfly logo


Bahçelievler Mah. 1831/14 sok. No:12 K:8 D:49 Karşıyaka Tower, Karşıyaka, İzmir, İzmir
medicalfly is a Germany based medical tourism agency with an experience of more than 15 years and awarded by ISO 9001 Quality Certificate  We are specialized in the mediation and travel organization of treatments in Turkey and can report on a long and very successful cooperation with our partner hospitals and hospitals in Turkey. With our professional staff in Germany and in Turkey we offer you first-class support. medicalfly works with various hospitals, physicians and plastic surgeons. If contact us with a request, we can refer you to a highly qualified, experienced and renowned physician who is perfectly tailored to your needs. This is possible since we are not bound to any clinic. We do not need to blindly trust that a good physician will be assigned to you from the hospital, but take the choice in our own hands. Our selection of hospitals, physicians and plastic surgeons is the result of a long finding process. Over a period of several years, we have dealt with a number of clinics and physicians. We have talked to hospital directors, professors, as well as several physicians and specialists to obtain a variety of independent opinions. Above all, advice from external medical specialists provided us an important basis for evaluating the medical services of hospitals and physicians. This lengthy process and our demands on ourselves are what make us so successful in our work.
Gastric Sleeve
Sleeve Gastrectomy ₺93415 - ₺103795
A gastric sleeve works by permanently removing a large portion of your stomach. As the capacity of your stomach is vastly reduced, it can only hold a small portion of food. You will feel full after eating much less food and be less hungry between meals.
Gastric Sleeve ₺93415 - ₺103795
Transit Bipartition ₺114174 - ₺124553
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Op Dr Serkan Tugen - General Practice in Turkey

Op Dr Serkan Tugen

Cemal Gürsel Cad. No:103/1 Bostanlı, K.yaka/İZMİR, Izmir, 35590
– Vision To provide the best care, treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy. – Mission To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing world class healthcare services to every patient. – Quality: Ekol Hospitals is known for its comprehensive and compassionate approach to patient care and it is leading the way in preventing, diagnosing and treating with state-of-the-art technology and medications combined with a personalized patient-focused approach to healthcare. My Clinic provide specialized services using the most advanced technology worldwide and with an expert team of international quality standards, offer diagnosis and treatment services for many international patients that come to our country. Turkey is the center of attraction in health tourism, currently one of the leading countries in health tourism due to the diagnostic and treatment services offered in global standards.
Gastric Sleeve  
Gastric Bypass  
Gastric Balloon  
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Op. Dr. GULDEN BALLI OBESITY SURGERY - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey


Kültür Mah. Talatpaşa Bulv. No:1 K:3 D:6 Alsancak Konak, Izmir
General Surgeon Dr. Gulden Balli performs the obesity treatments in her clinic since 2020 in Izmir, Turkey.  We are offering gastric botox, gastric balloon (intragastric and swallowable) and bariatric surgery with reliable technologies. Please call us to determine the most suitable option for you. Our motto is "stay healthy, stay safe."
Gastric Sleeve  
Gastric Balloon  
from 21 users
Heаlthy Life Clinic - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Heаlthy Life Clinic

Bostanlı Mahallesi Cemal Gürsel Caddesi No:103 Kat:1 D:1 Karşıyaka, Izmir
Healthy Life Clinic is a healthcare facility offering weight loss treatments at affordable prices. Their team of medical professionals are experienced in a range of bariatric surgeries including transit bipartition, duodenal switch, gastrointestinal surgery, and gastric sleeve and gastric balloon. Healthy Life Clinic aims to improve the quality of life for all their patients. When you book an appointment with the clinic, you will enjoy VIP treatment, airport, hotel, and hospital transfers, meals for yourself and the person accompanying you, as well as translation services, should you require them. Our packages include full diagnostics, as well as pre-and post-surgery examinations. We also offer tours and vacation services and can help you design the perfect itinerary for your individual needs. Get in touch with our team via phone, email, or by sending us a WhatsApp message. Alternatively, fill out an online questionnaire and the clinic will give you a call.
Gastric Sleeve  
Gastric Bypass  
Gastric Balloon  
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Esteurope-Aesthetic Surgery-Obesity Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Esteurope-Aesthetic Surgery-Obesity Surgery

Bostanli mahallesi, Cemal Gürsel Caddesi no:103 Karsiyaka/Izmir, Izmir, 35260
5.0 from 6 verified reviews
Amazing clinic, kind, patient and very helpful staffBeatrice, UK, 07 05 19

I’m very satisfied with the breast fillers I did at Esteurope clinic. The doctor was very caring and explained the expectation very well and the result was great. Amazing clinic, kind, patient and very helpful staff. Services offered exceptional results. Would highly recommend.

Gastric Sleeve ₺26000 - ₺29000
Gastric Bypass ₺28500 - ₺30500
Nobody said that losing weight was easy. For some, weight-loss surgery is the best doctor-recommended method for losing weight and keeping it off. Reliable surgery with our 15-year specialist.
Gastric Balloon ₺18500 - ₺20000
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Estetiks - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey


Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 133, Okan Apt. Kat 5 Daire 4, Alsancak, 35220
For more information about Estetiks in Izmir please contact the clinic.
Gastric Sleeve ₺174375 - ₺279311
Gastric Bypass ₺166071 - ₺332142
Gastric Band ₺61976 - ₺74371
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İzmir Obezite Cerrahisi,Obezite Tedavi Merkezi - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

İzmir Obezite Cerrahisi,Obezite Tedavi Merkezi

1399 Sokak (Işılay Saygın Sokağı) No: 12 Kat: 1, Alsancak – İzmir, 35220
For more information about İzmir Obezite Cerrahisi,Obezite Tedavi Merkezi in Izmir please contact the clinic.
Gastric Bypass
Gastric Bypass  
Mini gastritis Bypass  
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Global Medical Care - Obesity- Izmir - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Global Medical Care - Obesity- Izmir

Sehit Fethi Sekin Caddesi No:3 Konak, Izmir, 35170
4.9 from 47 verified reviews
Every step of our treatment was explained and that was reassuringDemi, UK, 08 02 23

So impressed from start to finish. Highly recommend. Flew out to Izmir in September for a gastric sleeve. We were welcomed as planned at the airport and driven to our lovely hospital which was very nice, and very clean. We started our pre-op tests. The tests were very thorough, and so were the doctors. Our room at the hospital was very comfortable and clean. We had everything you could need. Every step of our treatment was explained and that was reassuring. After surgery, no discomfort and the staff came in every hour or so to check on us. I feel that pain relief and treatment are far superior to the ones I can get in the UK. The surgeon came to check on us various times throughout my 3-day stay. After leaving the hospital I had one last night at the hotel before my flight home. I can honestly say that from start to finish the staff from this clinic have gone above and beyond my expectations to provide me with the surgery I asked for. I would highly recommend Global Medical Care Clinic. Thank you to all the staff you all amazing

Gastric Sleeve from ₺51579
Our laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedures are performed under general anesthetics. - During surgery, your surgeons will make between 2 and 5 small incisions in your abdomen (which minimizes scars), use laparoscopic instruments (tri-staple tech- titanium sewing), and remove about 80% of your stomach. - This leaves a banana-shaped “sleeve” that connects the esophagus to the small intestines. - Our doctors are mandated to use the latest Tri-Staple™ technology for the removal of the stomach (70-80%). - In this technology, the cuts on the stomach and sutures are done at the same time with titanium sewing technology (with two-sided 3-line stitches). - In order to ensure the stomach is safely closed up and our doctors use the staple line reinforcement method which is one of the most reliable methods of safe surgery. This package include everything you need for your surgery journey and after-care. 🎁 -Welcome at the airport & all transfers 🚘 -Private hospital & private room. 🏥 -Pre & post-operative controls 📝 -All-inclusive operation 🩺 -All medications 💊 -Luxury hotel stay 🏨 -Special Assistant 👥 -Special Dietician 🥑🥦 -12 months proactive follow-up 📲 -ICU expenses (if any)
Bariatric Surgery Consultation  
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Clinicton - Clinicton Logo


Çınar, 5003/3 Sk. No:3 D:.513, Bornova, İzmir, 35090
Clinicton is the only clinic in Turkey that works with JCI accredited hospitals with top notch facilities for affordoble packages. Our doctors are all European board certified and have utmost experience in their fields. We always strive to make your experience as convenient as possible.
Gastric Sleeve ₺58125 - ₺75770
Gastric Bypass ₺70580 - ₺78884
Gastric Balloon ₺37366 - ₺41518
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Gallia Health Turkey - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Gallia Health Turkey

Dalet, Manas Blv. Yanyolu No:47, Bayraklı, 35530
Our story started in 2020 in bariatric surgeries and hair transplantation operations, and in the first days we were only two in this team. Now as Gallia Health Turkey team, our numbers grow up to over the 10.  We have been serving our patients from different parts of the world in the field of bariatric surgery, hair transplantation and as of this year plastic surgery and dental treatments in Turkey, Izmir. Also we provide hotel, transfer and extra trips. We're waiting for the dear patients messages and questions with our English, Spanish, Russian and German interpreteurs.  Everything is for  a more healthy and quality life! 
Gastric Sleeve  
Gastric sleeve surgery, sleeve gastrectomy, or weight loss surgery are bariatric surgery to lose weight. In this surgery, a large part of the stomach is removed and the person feels full after eating a small amount of food. The surgery also makes people feel less hungry because they have a smaller stomach that will produce lower levels of the hunger-inducing hormone called ghrelin. Losing weight after sleeve gastrectomy can help reduce problems with type 2 diabetes, asthma attacks, and blood pressure, and may help improve heart health.
Gastric Bypass  
Gastric bypass, also called Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) gastric bypass, is a type of weight loss surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.Gastric bypass is one of the most common types of bariatric surgery such as Gastric Sleeve.
Gastric Balloon  
This treatment is a non-surgical treatment method performed in 30-40 minutes by the endoscopic method. The balloon with a volume of 400-600 ml is placed in the stomach proportionally. After six months, the balloon should be removed with the same procedure. With the support of a nutritionist and this treatment, you can lose weight between 10-30 kg.
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OP. DR. TUFAN ERGENC OBESITY SURGERY CLINIC - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey


Mavisehir, Park Yaşam Offices, 6523, Street No. 32-A 601, Karsiyaka, Izmir, 35590
4.9 from 335 verified reviews
Medical care, nursing and everything related to it is top notchSvjetlana, Germany, 29 09 22

Top-notch performance in bariatric surgery OP. DR.TUFAN ERGENÇ OBESITY SURGERY. CLINIC planning, advice, VIP airport transfer, Accommodation private clinic, medical team, post-operative care, nutrition advice, and patient care was 5 stars. The concept of good thinking top obesity surgery op. Dr. Tufan Ergenç obesity surgery clinic- No questions remain unresolved and problems are solved. I just had sleeve gastrectomy surgery 10 days ago, which gives me a new and healthy lifestyle. The pre- and post-operative gave me more encouragement than inspiration and affirmed my decision in a positive way. Patient care is provided to patients 24 hours a day. Even as a patient who does not speak Turkish, I was always well looked after in many languages ​​as well as SPEAKING GERMAN. I am very pleased! Medical care, nursing and everything related to it is top notch. It is easy with such a well-rehearsed team to overcome sincerity, helpfulness and support even in long-term difficult situations. Absolutely exemplary and therefore highly recommended. Optimal and comprehensive information before and after surgery. Very good care from the anesthesia team and surgical team. Numerous preliminary medical examinations, including laboratory values ​​and psychiatric examinations... Even though everything was overwhelming, I never felt stressed or overwhelmed. I enjoyed the quiet nature of the beautiful people around. Each step was explained to me, what and how it was done. The care of the nurses after the operation. The excellent doctor made me forget all the pain. Every successful surgical intervention is successful after surgery only as long as you follow the doctors' explanations, recommendations and recommendations. It is up to me how I will stick to the information I "easily explained" in the words and pictures Tufan Ergenç gave me. If you have any doubts, I can contact you at any time and ask for advice. Simply perfect. Thank you for giving me the chance to live a healthier and better life at 51.

Gastric Sleeve ₺62277 - ₺119364
Gastric Balloon ₺31138 - ₺41518
Revisional Bariatric Surgery ₺98605 - ₺134933
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FTE Clinic - Hospital Building

FTE Clinic

Akdeniz Cd. Akdeniz Is Merkezi No:5/208 Pasaport, Izmir, 35210
Gastric Sleeve ₺62277 - ₺66428
Tummy Tuck ₺51897 - ₺57087
Liposuction ₺41518 - ₺51897
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