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What is meant by Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the body to the scalp or face of a patient. The part of the body from which the follicles are taken is called the donor site and the part of the scalp or face where follicles are placed is called the recipient site.

Is Hair Transplant permanent?

Hair transplants are usually permanent, as the translanted follicles are taken from areas where hair loss will not occur. Patients may experience hair loss in other areas of their scalp or face but in not the recipient site. The transplanted hair will fall out after the surgery, but will grow back within about six months. Surgeons usually prescribe medications to strengthen hair follicles to prevent the loss of non-transplanted hair after the surgery.

How long does it take to recover from Hair Transplant surgery?

Recovering from a hair transplantation procedure depends on the type of procedure. Patients may take many weeks to recover from an FUT, or strip type, hair transplantation procedure while recovery from an FUE type of hair transplantation surgery takes about a week.

What are the different types of Hair Transplant?

Types of hair transplantation procedures include FUSS, FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or the strip method, where a strip of tissue is removed from the scalp and then hair is transplanted in groups of one to four units called follicular units, the minimally invasive FUE method where a hole is made in the donor site with a punch and single hair follicles are taken from the donor site and placed in the recipient site. The ARTAS method is a robotic hair transplantation procedure that performs the FUE hair transplantation procedure faster than traditional hair transplantation procedures.

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EsteNove Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey - Hair Loss Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

EsteNove Hair Transplant Clinic Turkey

Esentepe mah. Harman 1 Sokak No:4, Sisli, İstanbul, 34394
4.9 from 59 verified reviews
The doctor, nurses and all the team was very friendly and professionalATAUR, Austria, 15 09 21

I live in Austria. A few days ago I had a hair transplant from EsteNove. It was so difficult for me to choose a perfect clinic. The very fast day when I contact with EsteNove I speak with Mr.Murat and after that day he give me each and everyone answered what I asked him. When I arrived in Istanbul their service the trsnsport and 5-star hotel was perfect. The doctor, nurses and all the team was very friendly and professional. Just now I am waiting for my best result. If anyone thinking to get a hairtransplant there is no hesitate to choice EsteNove.Best of luck EsteNove team.

Hair Transplant ₺56851 - ₺68222
ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE (VIP Transfer&5* Accomodation)
FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant ₺56851 - ₺68222
ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE (VIP Transfer&5* Accomodation)
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction ₺56851 - ₺68222
ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE (VIP Transfer&5* Accomodation)
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Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic - Dr. CinikFeatured

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Clinic

Dikilitaş mah. Ayazmadere cad. No 4, Besiktas, Istanbul, 34349
4.9 from 842 verified reviews
I am so happy that I have never doubted the doctor's experience and knowledgeArda, Germany, 12 08 22

Having a Plasma treatment at Dr. Cinik’s place could be the best decision of my life about my hair. I found him thanks to a recommendation by a friend of mine from Germany. After 8 successful Plasma Treatment sessions, my hair finally became as strong as it used to be. I am so happy that I have never doubted Dr. Cinik’s experience and knowledge.

Hair Transplant  
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction
Basic FUE Package from ₺38932
Includes FUE Hair Transplant, Blood test, Plasma Hair Loss Treatment, Medication and Aftercare, Hair and Scalp Analysis, Translator, First Hair wash, and Post Operation Service.
FUE Primary Package from ₺44605
Includes FUE Hair Transplant, 2 Nights Accommodation incl breakfast, VIP Transfer, Consultation with Dr Cinik, Blood tests, Plasma Hair Loss Treatment, Medication and Aftercare, Hair and Scalp Analysis, Translator, First Hair wash, and Post Operation Service.
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Estenbul Health - Mr Güven DanayiyenFeatured

Estenbul Health

Yeni Sülün Sokak 13, Beşiktaş, Turkey, 34353
4.8 from 32 verified reviews
The procedure went very well and so far very happy with the resultsJohn, UK, 21 05 19

Had DHI at Estenbul clinic two weeks ago. I would highly recommend to anyone. Flew over with my friend from the U.K who had it done with me at the same time. Got picked to at the airport in a luxury taxi and taken back to a very nice 5-star hotel about 40 minutes from the airport. Olga met us in the morning and took us to the hospital to meet the team. Everyone was absolutely fantastic. So friendly, warm and kind. Olga was amazing from start to finish and is still in touch with us now daily keeping an eye on us and making sure we are ok. The procedure went very well and so far very happy with the results. We did have our concerns about having this done in Istanbul, but now having gone through the experience there`s nothing to worry about what so ever. Istanbul is a lovely place and the people are very friendly. Don't believe what you hear in the media. A big thank you to all the team.

Hair Transplant ₺31302 - ₺39127
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction ₺25433 - ₺31302
FUE Slit Hair Transplant ₺25433 - ₺31302
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a newer hair transplant method in which individual hair follicles are transplanted to a thinning or balding area from a donor site — an area of denser hair growth typically located on the back or side of the head using micro punches to remove individual follicles. FUE hair restoration gives patients permanent, natural-looking results. FUE hair transplants typically offer the best results if you: Wish to keep your hair very short. An FUE hair transplant does not leave a linear scar.Healed poorly after previous procedures and wish to hide scars or achieve better results. Have a very tight scalp, which may make you a poor candidate for FUT. One week before Follicular Unit Extraction Stop using Minoxidil/Rogaine 14 days prior to treatmentAvoid taking any anti-inflammatory or aspiring type analgesics Do not consume any alcoholic beverages Avoid taking vitamins B and E Day of Follicular Unit Extraction Wash your hair with a soft shampooDo not use hair care products Enjoy a nutritious morning breakfast Do not consume coffee or any beverages containing caffeine Wear comfortable clothes, as you will be in a lying position during the majority of the day Follicular Unit Extraction Procedure During the follicular unit extraction procedure, each follicular unit is removed from the donor area through a small round punch excision of 1mm or less in size. Grafts are then placed into the bald or thinning area. After the Procedure Follicular unit extraction is performed under a local anesthetic and does not require a hospital stay. Your hair transplant surgeon will specify after-care instructions, including what medications to use, antibiotics to take and restrictions on diet and physical activity during recovery. Recovery time is minimal and many patients can return to their work within 2-3 days of treatment
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West Aesthetics - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

West Aesthetics

Merkez Mah. İzzetpaşa Sk. Ayhan No: 14 İç Kapi No: 17, Şişli/İstanbul, Istanbul, 34381
5.0 from 126 verified reviews
He is a very good professional and he cares a lot about his patientsLeanne, New Zealand, 02 11 22

I was a little bit nervous, but the patient coordinator helped me a lot and solved all my questions. Now, 2 months later, I have a perfect nouse and I love it so much! I recommend this center. He is a very good professional and he cares a lot about his patients.

Hair Transplant ₺20777 - ₺29346
Hair Loss Specialist Consultation up to ₺196
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Medicci Estetik - Our LogoFeatured

Medicci Estetik

Fulya mah.Yeşilçimen sokak. no:12 daire: 232 Polat tower rezidans Şişli İstanbul, İstanbul
4.8 from 2 verified reviews
The staff speak perfect English and my surgery coordinator is so respectful/gentleRachel, UK, 11 11 22

I was nervous about surgery in Turkey cause you hear so many horror stories but this is my second time coming for surgery with Meddici and they have been so amazing I couldn’t keep it to myself! The staff speak perfect English and Kadir my surgery coordinator is so respectful/gentle and genuinely cares about the patients he’s looking after. Dr Roya is the same - so caring and such a lovely person any questions I had she’s right at the end of the phone. The hospital was clean and the staff are attentive/clean/ hygienic and were not stingy with pain meds at all. Regular blood pressure/pulse etc. taken/ cleaning happened several times a day. My surgery/procedures are outstanding and my results were actually shockingly good - I could never in a million years have imagined that I could go from the body of a woman who had 5 caesareans to what I have now. I never dreamed I could look so good in clothes. I am a high risk patient and he took great care with my health issues. The professor work is second to none in Turkey and is multi talented as he works on amazing facial reconstructions which you can see on his Instagram page but at the same time also did a perfect breast lift/tummy tuck/lipo and arm lipo on me which in the surgery world is very unusual as surgeons tend to specialise in only a few procedures but he does it all! I wanted a tonne of procedures and he said I didn’t need such invasive surgery and boy was he right - most surgeons are trying to get money out of you but not Meddici. They have done the least procedures with beyond maximum results and I don’t even physically look like the same person. His bed side manner was so kind and gentle - he didn’t make me feel uncomfortable and asked me if I was ok and kept me at ease throughout the process. My nurse Seda is literally the sweetest lady on the planet and I’m so glad she was working with me again - she’s very caring and extremely competent as well as speaking fluent English - without her I would have struggled with the process as she’s been there every step of the way. After care was amazing too - I had a million questions about my scar progression and the team was there at the end of the phone when ever I needed them - I never once felt like I was alone not matter how petty my questions were and in fact dr. Roya would message me regularly to see how I was doing when I got home. They have made me feel like I’m one of the family and I don’t know what else they could do to support me through this very challenging process so thank you so much to all the team and frankly my result speak for them self which you can also see on instagram. Obviously it goes without saying that Turkish food is amazing too. All in all this was a 5star experience and I wouldn’t recommend any one else for the job.

Hair Transplant ₺34111 - ₺45481
Rhinoplasty ₺68222 - ₺113703
Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment ₺18192 - ₺34111
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Askeroglu Health Group - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Askeroglu Health Group

Harbiye, Hüsrev Gerede Cd. 69/1, Istanbul, 34000
4.9 from 9 verified reviews
I can say it was worth the wait and painSanaa, Turkey, 10 10 22

I would like to share my personal experiences as a foreign patient as well as my gratitude with Dr. Ufuk Askeroglu and his team. I am 26 years old, and I underwent both Bella Eyes and Trinity Lift on July 1st, 2022. Before the surgery, I had so many concerns since I was supposed to undergo the operation in a foreign country, however the doctor and his wife as well as their international patient coordinator Ali were so helpful and kind from the very beginning. First, I had a face-to-face consultation with the doctor and then my photos were taken by their professional photographer, then I waited a couple of hours in my room until I was taken into the operating room. After the operation, there were bandages on my face to prevent swelling and oedema, but I had extreme swelling and oedema, which made me feel frustrated at first!! (I was told before that the amount of swelling would change from patient to patient), I felt pain on my face for which I was given painkillers, I can say that was the worst part of the post-operation process. I was so afraid and under pain, but when I asked the doctor, I was told even the amount of pain and swelling changed, so I needed to wait. Then after a couple of days, I left the country and started to wait to see the result. I had to live with a swollen face for a week or two, I was also told that the final result will be visible no sooner than two months. Once the swelling was completely gone, I started to love my result, that’s why I decided to share the whole process with those who are interested in these two surgeries. Once again, I would like to point out that the amount of pain and swelling may vary for others, but I can say it was worth the wait and pain!! Thank you Dr.Ufuk for your expertise and amazing job!❤️

Hair Transplant ₺46589 - ₺74543
DHI is a modified version of FUE hair implantation and has proven to be more effective. Your surgeon will remove hair follicles from a part of your scalp, usually the back of your head, and implant them into balding areas. These hair follicles will eventually grow new hairs.Here’s what you can generally expect during the procedure: 1. Your surgeon will shave your head and apply local anesthesia to numb it. 2. The surgeon will extract hair follicles from the back of your head using a tool with a fine tip. 3. The hair follicles will be loaded into a pen-shaped tool and implanted into the balding part of your scalp. 4. The surgeon will apply an antibiotic cream and apply a bandage to all sites. ️DHI surgeries generally take about 8 hours to complete, but the exact time can vary depending on the number of hair follicles being transplanted. It can take 12 to 18 months to see the full results of the surgery.
DHI - Direct Hair Implantation ₺46589 - ₺74543
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Care in Turkey - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Care in Turkey

Büyükdere Caddesi No:171 Metrocity İş Merkezi, A Blok Kat: 23, Bağımsız Bölüm No: 193, Istanbul, 34394
5.0 from 169 verified reviews
After my surgery they didn't leave me alone, as the nurses was always beside me and helpingMartha, US, 22 03 22

Overall great experience I had with Care In Turkey they picked me up from the airport to the hotel which they had already booked me. Every thing was organized and the operation day the driver was on time as it was the first time for me at their hospital. The traslators was helping me though everything and translating every document have have to sign before I start my procedure, and the doctor did amazing job explaining to me what is he going to do and what should I experience after my Liposuction surgery. After my surgery they didn't leave me alone, as the nurses was always beside me and helping with every I need. I would really recommend Care In Tukey for you.

Hair Transplant  
Eyebrow Transplant  
Facial Hair Transplant  
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Very Good
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Avrupamed Hair Transplant Clinic - Hair Loss Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Avrupamed Hair Transplant Clinic

Gülbahar Mah. Büyükdere Cad. No:107 Bengün Plaza K:7 Şişli, Istanbul, 34000
5.0 from 31 verified reviews
I will be sure to tell anyone that I can about the excellent service you have providedJoshua, UK, 06 11 22

I had an online consultation a couple of months ago and was told I needed a 2200 graft. Today the team physically examined my hair and said that I didn't need surgery at this stage as finastride may be able to get the results I need without surgery. I was a bit surprised by this as my surgery slot was already arranged for this week but it is really good news and really shows that you are doing the best things for your patients-even when financially it is to your detriment. I will be sure to tell anyone that I can about the excellent service you have provided.

Hair Transplant from ₺17588
FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction  
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