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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped covering used as a cap over damaged teeth. The purpose of placing a crown is to improve the appearance and strength of the damaged tooth. Crowns are also placed over surgically inserted dental implants.

What are the different types of Dental Crowns?

The types of dental crowns include ceramic crowns, zirconia crowns, porcelain covered corrosion resistant metal crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns, corrosion resistant metal crowns and gold crowns.

What is the best type of crown?

The best type of crown depends on the need of each individual patient and the position of the tooth. For instance, some people would find a gold crown placed on a front tooth unsightly. Ceramic, tooth coloured crowns placed on the front teeth maintain the natural appearence of the smile.

How long will a Dental Crown last?

Crowns are expected to last for about 5 years. Some crowns could last for up to 30 years. The life of a crown depends on the dental hygiene practiced by the patient and general wear and tear caused by biting, chewing or grinding. Crowns may crack if the patient has an accident.

Is it painful to get a Dental Crown?

Dentists inject local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and gum before placing the crown. The patient will not feel any pain while the crown is being placed. After the anaesthetic wears off the patient may feel mild pain or sensitivity for a few hours.

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WestDent Clinic - Dt SUSANA AKDASH - founder of the clinicFeatured

WestDent Clinic

Bayraklı region. Osmangazi, Yavuz Street No 310, İzmir, 35535
4.7 from 13 verified reviews
Been very well assessed and it seems everything rocksPaula, UK, 18 04 23

Lovely people, approachable and humble. Loved each one of them. Been very well assessed and it seems everything rocks. Thank you all.

Dental Crowns ₺3898 - ₺5522
Porcelain Crown ₺3898 - ₺4548
Zirconia Crown ₺5197 - ₺5522
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SAM Patient Services - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

SAM Patient Services

Kazımdirik, Ankara Cd. Yanyolu No:58 D:A, 35100, 35170 Bornova/İzmir, İzmir, 35220
4.8 from 48 verified reviews
Fabulous place, all staff very helpfulJo, UK, 13 11 23

Fabulous place, all staff very helpful! Buse helps you throughout your journey xx

Dental Crowns from ₺3817
Porcelain Crown from ₺4018
Zirconia Crown from ₺5626
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DentaPoint | Dental Hospital - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

DentaPoint | Dental Hospital

Ismet Kaptan Neighborhood, Şair Eşref Boulevard 27/1, Konak, İzmir
4.9 from 47 verified reviews
All of the staff were both helpful and professionalChris, France, 31 12 23

I visited Dentapoint for 6 dental implants, a double sinus lift, and a bone graft on both sides. All of the staff were both helpful and professional and the communication with the clinic was easy with a quick response to any questions I had. I have no hesitation to recommend the clinic to anyone looking for dental treatment. Thank you to all of the team at Dentapoint, Izmir

Dental Crowns ₺3117 - ₺6928
Dental Crowns serve as an extraordinary solution for aesthetic purposes, allowing individuals to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking smile. When teeth are discolored, misshapen, or have visible flaws, cosmetic dental crowns provide an effective method of improvement. What should you pay attention to if you are going to have a dental crown? Impression: A good impression is essential for a good dental crown. Measurements taken with 3D scanners and teeth created with 3D printers are more aesthetic and harmonious. In our clinic, 3shape trios 5 pod scanner is used. Material: There are many types of zirconium. Monolithic zirconium gives better results for your rear chewing teeth, and Emax zirconium gives better results for your front teeth. In our clinic, Dental Direkt zirconium and Ivoclar brand porcelain are used. Adhesive: composite-based resin adhesives give much better results. It doesn't smell or fall off. The adhesive is as important as the crown itself. In our clinic, GC Fujicem Evolveb adhesive and Panavia™ SA C. Univ. Automix adhesive is used Doctor: A good crown is better applied by a prosthodontist, one of the specialties of dentistry. All this is important. You should not have a crown treatment without questioning these. Dentapoint International is the largest clinic in Izmir with its experienced and dynamic staff. It is one of the few dental hospitals in Turkey. Applies the most accurate treatment methods with digital dentistry
Porcelain Crown ₺3117 - ₺5196
Porcelain crown is one of the most important types of dental crowns. There are two types of porcelain veneers - Porcelain coating with metal infrastructure: There is a metal cap on the inside of the coating to increase durability. This hat has aesthetic porcelain on it. But the metal gray matte competes and spoils the aesthetics and is old technology. We do not recommend it to our patients. - Full porcelain EMPRESS veneers: This is the type of porcelain veneer applied in our clinic. There is no metal in it. Instead of metal, aesthetic porcelain strengthened under high pressure and temperature is used. In this way, light transmittance is better and you have a more natural porcelain coating that is more biocompatible and tooth-friendly. When applying porcelain veneer, you should pay close attention to the difference between these two options. Dentapoint International is one of the largest dental hospitals in Izmir and one of the few in Turkey, with its experienced and dynamic staff. It applies the most accurate treatment methods with digital dentistry.
Zirconia Crown ₺4157 - ₺6928
Zirconia crowns represent the latest advances in dental technology and offer a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution for dental restorations. You must have heard and read about zirconium coating many times and talked to your acquaintances who have had it done. We will explain what you should pay attention to when having zirconium teeth. 1- Material brand and quality: Zirconium is a natural mineral that is made to be applied to teeth at high pressure and temperature with a complex technology. It is produced in many countries. Germany, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey and China are the countries that produce the most zirconium tablets. Tablets produced with German technology have high durability. In our clinic, Dental Direct zirconium tablets made in Germany are used. 2- Measurement: Dentistry is the branch of medicine that needs technology the most. There may be tooth-crown compatibility problems in measurements taken with old methods. This sensitivity may cause decay in the underlying tooth. For this reason, digital measurements must be taken with 3D Scanners. Digital measurements are not only the primary requirement for perfect zirconia, but also very important for patient comfort. In our clinic, 3shape trios 5 pod scanner is used. 3- Adhesive: Old-style adhesives based on powder-liquid mixture are problematic. It smells, melts, causes sensitivity and as a result, the crown falls off. Composite-based resin adhesives are best. It is essential to use this. In our clinic, GC Fujicem Evolveb adhesive and Panavia™ SA C. Univ. Automix adhesives are used. 4- Doctor and Technical team: dentistry includes both medicine, aesthetics and engineering. An inexperienced team without an aesthetic perspective will not produce good results.
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HappyYou Health- Izmir - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

HappyYou Health- Izmir

Cinarli Mah, Ozan Abay Cad. No:8 Ege Perla Kapı:Z17 Konak, Izmir
HappyYou Health; is a proud member of Association Of Turkish Travel Agencies Network, which is the representative body for independent healthcare and tourism providers that aims to bring its patients together with the right treatment methods and reliable health institutions. As HappyYou Health, with our expert staff, to our guests who are looking for health solutions; We offer many center options that offer advanced technology and reliable treatment. Our priority is to analyze the needs of our patients correctly and to provide them with the service they desire internationally in this direction.  Our mission is to provide integrative and quality care to patients in a nurturing and professional environment. We offer a variety of providers with diverse educational backgrounds and interests in order to provide patients with care that suits their individual needs.
Dental Crowns ₺4000 - ₺4250
Zirconia Crown ₺4500 - ₺5800
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Gastro Life Assistance - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Gastro Life Assistance

Yeni Girne Bulvarı 1825. Sk. No:12, Karşiyaka, 35575
4.9 from 46 verified reviews
Nothing was to much hassle and I fully recommend any procedure at this hospitalLisa, UK, 28 09 22

Amazing clinic, friendly, efficient, clean and amazing staff. Couldn't of asked for a better service and made to feel so at home. Nothing was to much hassle and I fully recommend any procedure at this hospital. 5☆☆☆☆☆ all round. I had a gastric sleeve done after many a yoyo diet and 10 weeks later I am seeing the benefits of my procedure I am already 3 stone down, I feel more energetic and can't wait to see what the future holds. Don't think about having this procedure done just do it and the results and benefits will amaze you.

Dental Crowns from ₺5542
Gastric Bypass from ₺173189
Our surgeons prefer sleeve over bypass surgery unless there is a medical reason you cannot have the sleeve. Gastric Bypass essentially bypasses the stomach and a new pouch is created to act in place as your stomach. Due to this, you will be required to take multivitamins for life as the new pouch may not absorb the nutrients from food correctly. Bypass is a much longer operation than the sleeve and requires more recovery time after surgery.
Gastric Sleeve from ₺116037
Any weight loss surgery you have is a tool, and you will need to be committed to working with that tool after surgery. But some people worry that if they haven’t been able to stick to a diet before, why would weight loss surgery work for them now? Gastric Sleeve Surgery works in two ways. It removes 80-85% of the stomach and also removes the hunger hormone called ‘grehlin’. By removing the hunger hormone your relationship with food will change completely, you will no longer feel as hungry and due to the reduced stomach size, smaller portions will fill you up more quickly. But don’t worry – you will still be able to enjoy food after surgery. It may take a few months to establish a new eating routine but please don’t be concerned that you will never be able to eat normally again. In time you will be able to eat whatever you want, just in smaller portions, and still enjoy that skinny new body!
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Dt. Sevtap Gurgan Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Dt. Sevtap Gurgan Dental Clinic

Çınar, Üniversite Cd. 103/C, Izmir, 35090
Dt. Sevtap GürganGraduated in 1989 from Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Dt. Sevtap Gürgan completed her duty at Manavgat State Hospital in 2008, which she started in 1990. Until 2016, she worked in Oral and Dental Health Centres in different districts of Antalya and Izmir. Since 2016, she has been continuing her practice in her clinic in Izmir Bornova since 2022. Dt. Sevtap Gürgan, who received Endodontics, Smile Design, Removable and Fixed Prosthesis Course on Implant, Implantology Training in her field. Sevtap Gürgan; Nowadays, she provides services in the fields of Aesthetic Dentistry, Laminates (Leaf Porcelain), Dental Prostheses, Cleaning and Whitening Treatment, Conservative Dental Treatment, Smile Design in her clinic in Bornova. Courses and CertificatesImplant Implantology Education Implant Implantable and Fixed Prosthesis Course Media Team Smile Design Course Media Team Endodontics Course
Dental Crowns from ₺4157
Zirconia Crown from ₺6928
Very Good
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Clinic Evoy - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Clinic Evoy

Adalet Mah Manas Bul. No 39 Folkart Towers B Kule K.23 D.2308, Bayraklı, İzmir, 35540
Set out with the motto of “Enjoy the Experience” and located in Izmir, known as the Pearl of the Aegean in Turkey, Clinic Evoy offers its guests from different parts of the world obesity and metabolic surgery, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, dental treatment and hair transplantation with the newest and most advanced techniques. The experienced team of Clinic Evoy, which provides 24/7 service to provide services completely tailored to your wishes and needs, is also an experience team. Our team is working to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Wherever you are in the world, Clinic Evoy creates the most suitable treatment plan for your body design that will meet your needs. By combining this universal service with our expert and experienced physician staff, we offer you your health needs with the highest quality and comfort. Thanks to the experienced team we work with, our specialist doctors, our hospitals that we cooperate with using the latest technologies, our contracted hotels with the highest level of comfort and hygiene, and our transfer vehicles where you will feel the highest level of VIP service, we plan everything for you to turn your treatments at Clinic Evoy into a perfect experience. Clinic Evoy creates a time break for your body, transcends the boundaries of space, and invites you to renew yourself. At the end of this comfort and health break, we bring you back to your own life flow; but with one difference… “As someone new”.
Dental Crowns  
Dental Implants  
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation free
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Yesilyurt Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Yesilyurt Dental Clinic

Yalı Mah. Caher Dudayev Blv. No:135/A, Izmir, 35550
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
The whole procedure went very smoothly and professionallyJerzy, UK, 25 05 23

I am very pleased with my new smile. I have 12 titanium implants and 24 zirconia crowns. The whole procedure went very smoothly and professionally. Very helpful and nice staff. Especially Ms. GOZDE who was my guardian during the whole visit. I heartily recommend, very good price, nice professional service. THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF. INFINITE THANKS FOR DR FATIH FOR MY WONDERFUL SMILE FOR LIFE

Dental Crowns ₺2425 - ₺12989
Porcelain Crown ₺2425 - ₺3464
Zirconia Crown ₺4330 - ₺5888
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My Nova Dental Clinic- Izmir  - Dental Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

My Nova Dental Clinic- Izmir

Izmir Address: İmbatli, 6076. Sk. No:12 D:F, 35575, Karsiyaka/Izmir, 09400
Welcome to My Nova Clinic, a comprehensive polyclinic offering a wide range of dental services. With expertise in all branches of dentistry, we understand the crucial role dental health plays in overall well-being. Neglected dental conditions can pose a constant threat to vital organs, underscoring the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment. Prioritising your oral health not only contributes to your overall health but also has significant social and economic implications.
Dental Crowns  
Temporary Crown / Veneer free
Porcelain Crown
Porcelain Crown from ₺4849
3 more treatments
Very Good
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Dent Royal Dental Clinic - Dent Royal Dental ClinicFeatured

Dent Royal Dental Clinic

Mavişehir Mahallesi Opera Caddesi. (2040 Sk.) No:33 B/0 Karşıyaka, İzmir, 35590
5.0 from 50 verified reviews
The whole process from start to finish went very smoothlyWilliam, Australia, 25 10 23

I had an excellent experience, particularly travelling for the first time to Izmir, Turkey. The whole process from start to finish went very smoothly. They asked for my details (medical history) forwarded them to their Dentists. I had my suggested treatment plan the next day with all the information about their services. Their prices were really reasonable for the services they provide. They arranged VIP transfer service to and from the hotel and made all necessary arrangements. The dentists Dr Ebru and Dr Levent were very skilled and caring. They listened to me and made sure that I was happy with the treatment they offer. I definitely recommend Dent Royal. They know what they are doing and they are professionals.

Dental Crowns
SMİLE DESIGN PACKET (1 hour, 3 sessions) from ₺136819
In DentRoyal, this treatment can be performed in 3 - 5 working days and performed by Specialist Dentists. 24 ZİRCONİUM CROWN ✈️ Free Fly Ticket 🏢Free Hotel Accommodition  🚘Free Vip Transfer  📝Free Consultation   🔎Free X-Ray  👩🏼‍⚕️Expert Dentistry 🦷EU Confirmed Materials 
2 more treatments
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B&G Health Clinic - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

B&G Health Clinic

Hurşidiye Mahallesi Fevzipaşa Bulvarı Derici İş Merkezi No:164 D:44, Konak/İzmir, 35010
5.0 from 15 verified reviews
These guys ticked all the boxes in what I was looking for and what I neededDave, UK, 07 07 23

After many weeks of research I found B&G Health Clinic. These guys ticked all the boxes in what I was looking for and what I needed. I was given a phone number for a lovely lady her name is Bilgi. This lady is absolutely fantastic you can message through what’s app. Bilgi arranged absolutely everything for me right down from meeting me at the airport with transfer transport to clinic plus a fantastic stay in the hospital with the most caring and brilliant staff that take care of you 24 seven and then you’ve got the surgeon. What can I say about this surgeon he is one of the best surgeons I could talk about. He is absolutely fantastic and very friendly comes and sees you have chats with you. Then after my operation and stay in the hospital transport was arranged to take me to a five star hotel. Wow hotel was absolutely brilliant with a thermal swimming pool. Only problem was the bar was a little bit expensive but you won’t need it, then I was picked up the following morning from the hotel I transferred back to the airport. If anybody is considering weight loss surgery, I do recommend giving these guys a try- even have a chat with them.

Dental Crowns  
Porcelain Crown  
Zirconia Crown  
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Tour Medical Health Tourism Agency - Tourmedical Cosmetic Dental Holidays Featured

Tour Medical Health Tourism Agency

Bayraklı Dede mahallesi, Turgut Özal Bulvarı, Platin Konaklari 88 / 2, Kuşadası, 09400
4.9 from 46 verified reviews
The clinic is spotlessly clean, and the staff are lovelyEmma, UK, 13 10 22

I recently had some extensive dental work done by Dr Kole and her team; 4 teeth replaced and veneers. I am so pleased with the results. The clinic is spotlessly clean, and the staff are lovely. I'm not a fan of dentists but I would highly recommend this practice, they were patient, understanding and very accommodating. Excellent value for money.

Dental Crowns ₺5196 - ₺8659
Porcelain Crowns 
Zirconia Crown ₺5196 - ₺8659
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