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Mg Dental - Sediu Medicover Pipera

Mg Dental - Sediu Medicover Pipera

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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants
Bar connecting the implants from ROL990
Zirconia Implant from ROL3850
Insert Implant Straumann SLA from ROL3740
Insertion / Replacement of implant abutment from ROL450
Insert screw-type endosseous implant from ROL2420
Bone addition intrasinusala closed by the process (excluding labor) / implant from ROL275
Foreshadowing dental veneers of resin materials in the laboratory from ROL234
Teeth Whitening
Whitening extracoronara, per arch from ROL275
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from ROL1603
CAD/CAM Dental Restorations
Cosmetic Dentist Consultation
from ROL1850
Corp Generation III metal-ceramic bridge supported high noble alloy
Dental Checkup
from ROL131
RCR cast (excluding crown)
from ROL1044
Insert Bont Straumann
from ROL253
Coronoradicular Adapter + fiberglass composite
from ROL880
Computed tomography
from ROL24
Desensitization / tooth
from ROL121
Bicarbonate blasting microspray
from ROL561
Interventions to increase clinical crown height in hard tissue
from ROL220
Sanitation pan-oral view detailed periodontal evaluation and diagnosis
from ROL1815
Skeletal prosthesis unilateral
from ROL525
Detailed Dental Evaluation
from ROL16
Intraoral film radiography, periapical / RVG
from ROL16
Intraoral film radiography, periapical / Film
from ROL16
Intraoral film radiography, occlusal
from ROL33
The incidence Bitewing Radiography / two films
from ROL50
The incidence Bitewing Radiography / four films
from ROL1239
SupraProteza partial
from ROL822
Special elements of the support and maintenance skeletal prostheses
from ROL935
Addition of bone / labor - the first location / dial
from ROL4620
Straumann Implant Insertion SLActive
from ROL76
Regular dental Rating
from ROL16
Dental Evaluation limited, targeted diagnosis
from ROL44
Pivot aditonal prefabricated same tooth
from ROL713
Device coronoradicular of Zirconium
from ROL101
Provisional crown (tooth fracture treatment)
from ROL209
Vestibular facet resin / in cabinet
from ROL1156
Vestibular facet ceramic / laboratory
from ROL1672
Total SupraProteza
from ROL165
Repair / tooth prosthesis fractured or absent in total (each tooth)
Dental Crowns
from ROL948
Metal-ceramic Crown generation III, the implant
from ROL822
Metal-ceramic Crown generation II, the implant
from ROL1433
Ceramic crown on implant abutment supported on zirconia CAD / CAM
from ROL801
Generation III metal-ceramic crown supported noble alloy
from ROL1052
Deck body cermets generation III supported noble alloy
from ROL151
Coronal reconstruction in cabinet, including any pins for retention additiona
from ROL801
Porcelain crown Generation III
from ROL501
Get Porcelain Crowns generation
from ROL619
Porcelain Crown II generation
from ROL695
Crown high noble metal
from ROL237
Non-noble metal crown
from ROL1850
Generation III metal-ceramic crown supported high noble alloy
from ROL503
Crown metal / non-noble alloy resin
from ROL1155
Full ceramic crown ceramic hard pressed
from ROL1433
Ceramic crown on zirconia support CAD / CAM
from ROL151
RCR prefabricated (excluding crown)
from ROL21
Recimentare Crown
from ROL1433
Deck body supported on zirconia ceramic CAD / CAM
Dental Implants
from ROL990
Bar connecting the implants
from ROL3850
Zirconia Implant
from ROL3740
Insert Implant Straumann SLA
from ROL450
Insertion / Replacement of implant abutment
from ROL2420
Insert screw-type endosseous implant
from ROL275
Bone addition intrasinusala closed by the process (excluding labor) / implant
from ROL42
Seal - for a tooth
Dentist Consultation
from ROL1246
The total denture upper
from ROL2695
Skeletal lower denture
from ROL1531
mmediate Complete Denture top
from ROL1531
Immediate Complete Denture Lower
from ROL798
Maxillary partial denture provisional (base)
from ROL544
Mandibular partial denture provisional
from ROL240
Changing an item of partial dentures can be replaced by construction
from ROL201
Sheathing total maxillary denture laboratory
from ROL201
Lining total mandibular denture laboratory
from ROL136
Maxillary partial denture laboratory sheathing
from ROL136
Mandibular partial denture laboratory sheathing
from ROL948
Maxillary complete denture provisional
from ROL948
Provisional total mandibular dentures
from ROL75
Repair part of a denture cast metal skeleton
from ROL14
repair-tooth fractured / absent, partial dentures
from ROL69
Adding / tooth to partial denture
from ROL72
Page 1 Category Description Fee Regular dental Rating 76.00 RON Dental Evaluation limited, targeted diagnosis 16.00 RON Detailed Dental Evaluation 525.00 lei Photos diagnoses - lei Explanations on th
from ROL114
Maxillary partial denture lining cabinet
from ROL103
Mandibular partial denture lining the cabinet
Acrylic Dentures
from ROL352
Lining elastic acrylate laboratory
from ROL288
Acrylic denture base repair a fractured total
from ROL68
The partial denture repair acrylic saddles
from ROL968
Partial denture base acrylic top
from ROL968
lei Lower acrylic partial denture base
from ROL121
Posterior Composite filling two-surfaces
from ROL143
Posterior Composite filling three surfaces
from ROL165
Composite filling four or more surface-Posterior
from ROL96
Composite filling on a tooth surface
from ROL88
Composite filling one surface-Posterior
Amalgam Filling
from ROL68
Root amalgam / CIS on a tooth surface / tooth primary or permanent
from ROL82
Root amalgam / CIS on two surfaces dental / tooth primary or permanent
from ROL99
Root amalgam / CIS on three surfaces dental / tooth primary or permanent
from ROL112
Root amalgam / CIS four or more surfaces dental / tooth primary or permanent
from ROL24
Application of desensitizing resin for the areas of cervical and / or root
Gum Surgery
from ROL792
from ROL95
Gingivectomy (gingivoplasty) / tooth
from ROL131
RON Curettage subgingingival in dark field
Gingival Flap Surgery
from ROL131
Gingival Flap Surgery
from ROL716
Apically positioned flap surgery
Implant Dentist Consultation
Inlay or Onlay
from ROL33
Recimentare inlay
from ROL615
Metal Inlay / 1 surface
from ROL651
Metal Inlay / 2 surfaces
from ROL682
Metal Inlay / 3 surfaces
from ROL862
Ceramic Inlay / 1 surface
from ROL904
Ceramic Inlay / 2 surfaces
from ROL904
Ceramic Inlay / 3 surfaces
from ROL974
Ceramic onlay / 4+ surfaces
from ROL472
Inlay composite / one surface
from ROL472
Inlay composite / 2 surfaces
from ROL495
Inlay composite / 3 surfaces
Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy
from ROL133
Total mandibular denture lining the cabinet
Mandibular complete denture retouched
Maxillary Le Fort Osteotomy
Maxillary complete denture retouched
from ROL142
Total maxillary denture lining cabinet
from ROL16
Bruxism mouth guard box
Periodontitis Treatment
Periodontitis Treatment
from ROL47
Repair or replace a clasp
from ROL2915
Skeletal prosthesis top
from ROL1246
Lower total prosthesis
from ROL495
Genetic test for detection of microorganisms involved in disease Periodontal
from ROL132
Evaluation of periodontal pockets size
Direct pulp capping
Root Canals
from ROL150
Front tooth endodontic treatment
from ROL520
Front tooth endodontic treatment - specialist endodontist
from ROL82
Incomplete endodontic treatment; inoperable or fractured tooth
from ROL200
Front endodontic retreatment
from ROL111
Root dental composite two surfaces
from ROL145
Root dental composite three surfaces
Endodontic Therapy
Molar Root Canal
from ROL787
Molar endodontic treatment - specialist endodontist
from ROL250
Molar endodontic treatment
from ROL320
Molar endodontic retreatment
Premolar Root Canal
from ROL250
Premolar endodontic retreatment
from ROL190
Premolar endodontic treatment
from ROL605
Premolar endodontic treatment - specialist endodontist
from ROL16
Root sedative
Teeth Cleaning
from ROL44
Professional cleaning
from ROL209
Topical application of fluoride to children (including prophylaxis)
from ROL139
Topical application of fluoride to children (excluding prophylaxis)
from ROL226
Topical application of fluoride to adult (including prophylaxis)
from ROL99
Topical application of fluoride to adult (excluding prophylaxis)
from ROL165
Temporary immobilization extracoronara 315.00 lei Scaling and root planning / dial
Teeth Whitening
from ROL275
Whitening extracoronara, per arch
from ROL88
Extracoronara Whitening per tooth
from ROL88
Intracoronary Whitening per tooth, per session
from ROL1100
Whitening with curing
from ROL230
Dental Jewelry prefabricated fixed by adhesion
from ROL234
Foreshadowing dental veneers of resin materials in the laboratory

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