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634 Madero Avenue, Mexicali, 21100Mexico

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Prices from $16 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ 1 verified patient review. Visit our Dentist - 634 Madero Avenue, Mexicali, 21100, Mexico.

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Dentist Consultation $16 - $27
Dental Implants
Root canals
Endodontist Consultation $21 - $32
Implant Dentist Consultation $643 - $1070
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation $107 - $214
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About C.B.M.I.

Specialized maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Helio Lozano Nunez treats patients at this clinic in Mexicali in Baja California in Mexico with the assistance of his team of specialists. Procedures performed at the clinic include extractions of retained teeth, extractions of supernumerary teeth, orthodontic tractions, episiotomies, post root canal procedures, wisdom teeth procedures performed over tumors or cysts, surgical mouth modifications, and surgically placing single or multiple dental implants. Maxillofacial surgical procedures performed by Dr. Nunez are bone and jaw correction surgeries and treatment of facial and neck illnesses.

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5.0 from 1 verified review
Alfredo, Mexico
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he was so careful

Dentist Consultation • Paid: $49
Were you pleased with the treatment?

amazing dental specialist, I ask for his credentials and he show me his titles certified by mexican universities and mexican goverment. and he was so careful about my self and my dental treatment

Would you recommend the clinic?

of course, he pull me out two difficult wisdom molars, in other places they were scare about them, and after this they propose me an implant for my wife and everything was amazing from implant colocation till final restauration the final crown metal free looks very natural

Would you return for further treatment?

sure, they has parking lot, nice waiting room with LCD screen, chinese restaurant and mexican food at the same block, I really enjoy my dental treatment for his quality and the price

Treated by: m.d.m. Helio Lozano & d.d.s. Nora Corral


  • ADM - Mexican Dental Association (Mexico) 

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are now a solution when facing the loss of a dental piece, because this also means the loss of the bone that sustained both teeth and gums. The loss of bone is a relatively slow process, but always in a progressive way and the retraction of the gums is quick and modifies facial expressions. An excellent solution in most of this cases the placement of a dental implant at the same time of the extraction, or at the least time possible. The empty space left in the tooth’s root is sometimes bigger than any implant, in that space a filler can be placed quickly because we count with the skills and technology to perform it. Based in recent studies, a dental implant should be offered to the customer immediately, because its one of the best options to preserve the bone and soft tissue.
$16 - $27

Dentist Consultation

$21 - $32

Endodontist Consultation

$643 - $1070

Implant Dentist Consultation

$107 - $214

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation

This procedures are divided in surgery, extractions of retained teeth, supernumerary teeth, orthodontic tractions, episiotomies, post endodontic procedures, wisdom teeth, procedures performed over soft tissue on the mouth area such as cysts, ulcers, lingual frenulum, lip and cheek tumors, modifications in the mouth mucose and implants such as bone regeneration, single or multiple dental implants, specially required implants related to the jaw and maxilar areas. Another group is the one designed to correct the facial skeleton abnormalities through maxillofacial surgery such as cases of prognathism or large and bulged jaws, micrognathism or undersized jaws, chin alterations, and some surgical operations related to the aesthetic view of the chin and upper maxillofacial bones to improve facial appearance; all of this with orthogenetic surgery and bone grafts. And procedures to correct damages caused by accidents affecting mouth and teeth, jaw, gums and facial skin.

Root canals

Endodontics is a procedure performed inside the complex interior of nerves and vessels located in teeth. It involves the total extraction of the root and its done in fractured teeth, with deep cavities, inadequately restored teeth, with spontaneous pain, sensitive to temperature changes, after a hit, in individuals with bone and gums diseases, prosthetics, or lesions on the pulp (nerves). These lesions can be reversible; the only therapeutic way is by the complete subtraction of the pulp, and a three dimensional filling of the dental conduct or teeth extraction. For this procedure the pulp is removed from the tooth, then its cleaned, disinfected, and the conducts are molded and enlarged to then fill it. A dental piece is restored with measures that guarantee your protection and aesthetic, and that is ensured through an onlay or crown if needed.
C.B.M.I. - 634 Madero Avenue, Mexicali, 21100,

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634 Madero Avenue, Mexicali, 21100Mexico