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Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center

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About Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center

Permanent Teeth in 3 DaysTM

This technique devised by Dr. Motiwala in 2005, is an improvisation of immediate loading technique with one piece basal implants. In these 13 years and with constant improvisation, the technique now has graduated to giving patients a highly aesthetic and robust zirconia (Prettau) bridge since 2012. 

Till date 750 full mouth rehabilitations done and 416 full mouth rehabilitations done with zirconia by Dr Motiwala (Maxillo-Facial surgeon). 

The technique is a result of thorough study on the failures of multipiece implants. 

The multipiece implants or multi-component implants have long term problems, especially if they are tilted,:

  • The connecting screw becomes loose, just like how an old car's door rattles. Because the threads eventually slip, the bridges are made with holes to keep tightening them. 

  • The thin connecting screw fractures with fatigue, especially if the implant is tilted
  • The thin well of the implant body fractures with fatigue, especially if the implant is tilted

The improvised technique is more reliable than traditional delayed loading techniques using the vulnerable multi piece implants. 

Technique - Permanent teeth in 3 Days

    • No Bone Grafting
    • No Sinus Lift
    • Immediate placement - No Waiting for healing from extraction
    • Immediate Loading - No waiting for crown placement after implant placement.
    • Single visit  - immediate implant and crown after extraction

    Best Dental Implants  - Swiss machined - Trate Ag and Ihde Implants. 

    • No screw loosening and unbreakable Implants - Single



    • No bone grafting ort sinus lift - 


       or cortical implants.
    • No swelling and minimal pain - flapless or keyhole implants
    • Resistant to peri implantitis - Safest implants - Polished surface implant
    • No Cantilevers - Pterygoid implant  

    Best prosthesis(teeth/bridge) - Zirconia

    • Full mouth rehab possible - even 2nd molars replaced - 14 teeth in each arch 
    • High aesthetics - Zirconia (Prettau) bridge

    Having placed over 18,000 immediate loaded implants and 1,800 Pterygoid implants since 2001, Dr. Motiwala gives a lifetime warranty on basal implants.

    Permanent teeth in 3 days technique allows immediate fixing of permanent zirconia-porcelain bridge on basal implants. The basal implants are fixed through the gum without cutting and reflecting it.

    Patients find it convenient and practical, as even a full mouth rehabilitation case involves just one week stay. The technique also saves them from unnecessary bone grafts and months of waiting. 

    We give lifetime warranty on dental implant.

    • 20 years of experience,
    • Because of our unmatched quality control
    • Use of one piece implants

    The technique is not at all about making it economical but all about making it a robust and long term solution for the edentulous. Coincidently, it turns out to be a very economical solution compared to all the other full mouth dental implants techniques because of the use of the very reasonably priced basal implants.

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    from 21 verified reviews Patient Reviews of Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center

    "I now have a beautiful smile that I will carry with me forever"
    5 50Reviewed 22 Nov 2018 Review verified by phone and email.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    World class is the work that sums up my impression of Dr. Motiwala.

    I have started my journey back in 2013. Yes, it took me that long to decide. That means, my research was extensive. I first stumbled upon Dr. Motiwala’s on the internet and was immediately impressed with the reviews. Most of the techniques I’ve seen from the US, Costa Rica and Thailand, were different from his. I was convinced from day 1 that Dr. Motiwala is the right person, but the timing was not on my side, as work and family life was in the way.

    However, in August, something inside me was telling me, it cannot wait any longer. I should care for my teeth, I should not neglect them any longer since I have neglected them all my life. I finally decided to come to beautiful India and reached out to Tasneem, his International Coordinator, who was very helpful in every step of the way. She has become a familiar figure in my life for 5 years. She had been very patient and concerned about me, like a friend.

    As soon as I arrived and upon meeting Dr. Motiwala and Tasneem, it is everything that I expected. They have calm demeanours and empathy was the first characteristics you’ll see in them.

    My first day consultation was very enlightening. Apart from what you can read on their website, Dr. Motiwala educated me about the procedure and what it would entail. From the CT scan, which was done with state of the art machines that they have in the clinic, it was obvious that I had a lot of bone loss. The technique that I required was the Basal and Pterygoid implants. The implant is in one piece and attached at 2 points instead of just 1. It was clearly explained to me, in very simple words that I, as an ordinary non-technical person, could understand. Moreover, to my great delight, he informed me that I would not be needing a bone graft, unlike what I’ve been advised to me in the US. The Pterygoid implant technique gave me the assurance that technically, my smile is engineered - to last a lifetime.

    I needed full mouth restoration, and because of being in the know, because He explained it to me, I was not intimidated or scared.
    In the US, I always see implants that have 2 or 3 segments, that allows for a higher rate of implant failure. This knowledge gave me tremendous confidence that I will not have any problems in the future. On that first consultation day, you can see that Dr.Motiwala has done this for years and this expertise was already innate in him. He has developed this technique years ago, and I believe he has mastered and perfected this craft. The US needs to catch up to his, at least, already 15 years of advanced technology.

    Long story short, the surgery was a success. Other than for some minor discomfort, it is unbelievable that a full mouth restoration was done in only 3 to 4 hours, maybe less. Imagine, 12 implants on the upper jaw. For the lower jaw, where I had so much bone loss, a couple of extractions, 8 implants were placed. It was quick and painless.

    At this point, my anticipation has increased, I was so excited to have my crowns in. Did I mention that this is to be done the following day, and not 6 months later, just as I was told in the US?

    It is also worth mentioning that the crowns are done by a technician with impeccable standards. Dr. Motiwala’s guidance will not get you lost, his attention to detail is down to the last millimetre. Making sure that the crowns are as natural looking as possible. He will adjust the fit until it is perfect. His personal concern is what’s special that is rarely seen with US dentists.

    My experience is one of the best human kindness, I’ve ever received from anyone. From Dr Motiwala, Tasneem, the dental assistants, the staff every single one of them.

    I highly recommend Dr Motiwala to anyone who is still going through doubts making a tough decision. Take it from me, it took me 5 years, but it is the best decision I have made in my life. I now have a beautiful smile that I will carry with me forever.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali Total Amount Paid ₹ 1005
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    review avatarMarissa Hong Kong SAR
    "I was cared for with great dignity, understanding by the staff and assistance"
    5 50Reviewed 10 Nov 2018 Review verified by email.
    Treatment Received: Zirconia Crown,Dental Implants
    The dental basal implants and Zirconia crowns that were provided were advanced and excellent. I was cared for with great dignity, understanding by the staff and assistance. When comparing to Dr Motiwala's Dental group with others that I have experienced this one is by for Superior.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    review avatarGary India
    "I really liked the staff and the ambience. I would return in a heartbeat"
    5 50Reviewed 10 Nov 2018 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    My issues started 1 ½ year ago when I started having medical problems. I was also noticing neurological changes. I was shuffling my feet and tripping while ascending the stairs. My regular dentist did not tell me I had three root canal infections it took a visit to an integrative dentist in Seattle who took a CBCT scan and a recommendation to have 8 of the 11 root canals removed with prosthetic replacement amounting to $16,000 (approximately). I also was having Lt TMJ pain. I had my teeth removed in Mexico by another integrative dentist following the Dr Huggins approach; he recommended that all root canal teeth be extracted. This was late May 2018. Filed with temporary partials I grieved the removal of all 11 teeth. I spoke with Tasneem a few times. Spoke with Dr Motiwala twice over the summer.

    He recommended I chew exclusively on my right side that it would take up to a year for my left TMJ to be connected. During this time I saw a TMJ specialist in Poulsbo WA who conducted an MR. I indicating my disc moving interiorly whenever I opened my mouth. Symptoms along TMJ pain were also left sided headaches. Some pain particularly when talking. With not chewing on my left side. I reduced my headaches by 60% but was still having many issues SCM.

    Coming to India and meeting Dr Motiwala had a bit of a lecture about removing of all my root canals. But retrospect I have completely resolved left-sided breast pain and the neurological problems with the remaining medical issues. I may have thought this couldn’t be ruled by the other root canals. So some more but peace of mind.

    I felt very well cared for in this clinic. The implant surgery was relatively painless. I was more bothered by an ensuring headache. My only issue was the implant posts, once countered into spikes cut into my cheeks but that was relieved by gauze. Probably was a bit of 9 problem child. I was adamant that I wanted to keep all of my biological to teeth despite Dr Motiwala’s recommendations that my mouth would be more structurally strong with a bridge.

    Dr Motiwala compiled with my insistence from where I am sitting now, he did a great job including matching teeth colour (One shade lighter to accommodate the bleaching of my teeth later) so I am grateful to Dr Motiwala for being flexible accommodating me.

    Side note: I really liked the staff and the ambience. I would return in a heartbeat but god willing. I never have to.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    review avatarAddy India
    "At the end of it all, I am so happy with the outcome"
    5 50Reviewed 05 Nov 2018 Review verified by phone and email.
    Treatment Received: Sinus Lift,Bone Graft
    Having suffered severe bone loss, I was informed that unless I underwent a sinus lift or bone graft I would not be able to have dental implants. After investigating sinus lifts and bone grafts I was sure I did not wish to go down either of those paths.

    I spent a bit of time on Google searching for alternatives to bone grafts and sinus lifts as I was absolutely convinced that in this day and age with all the technology we have at our disposal there must be an alternative and that’s when I found Dr Motiwala’s website. As I was reading through the testimonials, I became convinced if anyone could help me it would be this Doctor.

    I sent off my OPG via his website and within a day or two, I received a reply confirming that he could indeed sort my oral problems out without me having to go through a sinus lift or bone graft using Pterygoid implants. I was offered an appointment in September which I was delighted to attend and complete the treatment of full mouth dental implants that I had. Yes, with such a big job, there was a certain level of discomfort but at the end of it all, I am so happy with the outcome that whatever discomfort I experienced as far as I am concerned has been well worth it.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Motiwala to anyone who is advised by their dentist their case is hopeless without sinus lifts or bone grafts.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    review avatarAnne India
    "All the work was done painlessly and very well explained"
    5 50Reviewed 07 Sep 2018 Review verified by email.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    Came here after a recommendation from a friend (S. Mullholand). After having a checkup with a dentist in Australia who told me it was going to be a year procedure. I looked for other avenues.

    What I read about Dr Motiwala sound promising and after contact I decided to come and have my treatment here.
    The whole process was faultless and efficient.

    I had the top single piece implants and 4 bottom single piece implants and Pterygoid implants avoiding the cantilever. All the work was done painlessly and very well explained.

    The experience was very good and I will recommend the clinic to my friends in need of dental work.

    Thank you all the staff of Dr Motiwala clinic.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    review avatarFrederic Australia
    "I truly cannot be more grateful for the service I have received"
    5 50Reviewed 04 Sep 2018 Review verified by phone.
    Treatment Received: Dentist Consultation
    I came to Dr Motiwala for a smile makeover in August. The results were amazing, the doctor truly is a specialist in his field and has shaped my smile for a prosperous future.

    I truly cannot be more grateful for the service I have received!
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    review avatarKasey UK
    "Everything about the trip from initial contact has been fantastic"
    5 50Reviewed 23 Aug 2018 Review verified by email.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    Full Upper arch on 10 implants with no pain or swelling.

    I came to Dr Motiwala clinic due to failing (non-basal) implants done in Thailand. My experience with the previous implants was not great. I had my gums cut open, a lot of bleeding and painful stitches followed by a 3 months wai, non-cutting of the gums to place the abutments and then another wait to have the fixed bridge attached.

    I found Dr Motiwala Dental Clinic, everything about the trip from initial contact has been fantastic. With the treatment here, I had 6 failing implants removed, then pterygoid and basal implants placed in one 4-hour visit with no pain, no cutting of the gums and no stitching.

    After the implants were placed, there was minimal swelling. Over the next 7 days, various tries were made for the bridges and after several alterations, the final quality bridges were fitted and I am very happy with them.

    I would recommend Dr Motiwala to anyone considering implant treatment of any kind.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center
    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center responded to this review:

    Many Thanks

    review avatarChris Thailand
    "The superb denture production and fitting have left me extremely pleased"
    5 50Reviewed 09 Aug 2018 Review verified by email.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    I had a full arch upper and lower replacement in October 2017. Fantastic results and now, 10 months later I eat, drink and clean my teeth as if they were my original set.

    My case was not easy- several years of wearing a plate had made my upper jaw shrink, but the excellent single piece implants. The superb denture production and fitting have left me extremely pleased. All finished in exactly one week!

    I highly recommend Dr Motiwala.
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center
    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center responded to this review:

    Many thanks

    review avatarCraig US
    "I was almost in disbelief because I did not feel any pain after 7 dental implants"
    5 50Reviewed 06 Aug 2016 We were unable to verify the reviewer.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    I have completed a full Mouth restoration at Dr. Motiwala's Clinic. I am extremely pleased with the results. The experience has been a positive and life changing one. After struggling with my dental health for many years, I sought dental implants. I came here after getting consultations in both the U.S.A. and nearby Mexico. Each dentist had differing opinions on the option available, including Alveolar Surgery, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting, and two dentists who stated that I was not a candidate for Implants and that Dentures were my only option. Refusing to accept this as a reality for my age (and also having worked in the medical field for my career) I did my due diligence and researched a solution. After finding Dr. Motiwala's Clinic online, I contacted their office and scheduled an appointment via his international coordinator Tasneem. She walked me through the process, schedule, and travel requirements. I came to India by myself and can say that I was made to feel welcome by the staff. The office is clean and modern, with everything needed for Dental Surgery. Tasneem was able to manage my expectations for the procedure and all of the staff is very organized and professional. Their communication is clear and the process was so smooth for me and others I saw while here. After meeting Dr. Motiwala to discuss my treatment plan, it was clear that he had a solution for me. During the procedure, was methodical in his approach and communicated well. I was expecting pain even with anesthetic because I was used to that with previous dentists when Dr. Motiwala told me he had already placed 7 of the Implants I was almost in disbelief because I did not feel any pain. He is very skilled with a pleasant manner that is very calming. I was hoping to restore functional smile but was also concerned about aesthetics. He understood this and was able to balance the artistic aspect along with his expertise to achieve an excellent result. Something I originally did not know was possible . Considering my bone loss and condition, it was the best decision to reach across borders. You could go around the world and likely not find more than a handful of dentists who have done the volume as well as the complexity of cases.
    I can see now that Dr. Motiwala's Clinic is dedicated to improving the lives of so many in such an important but overlooked area of medical care. Dr. Motiwala is at the top of his game and that is what I wanted a professional to deliver an awesome result! Thank you.
    All the best in health happiness, now and in the coming future.

    Same As above
    Treated By: Irfan Ali
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    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center
    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center responded to this review:

    Thanks Ms.Jennifer.

    Jennifer UK
    "I had long-standing problems with the teeth in my upper jaw"
    5 50Reviewed 02 Apr 2016 Review verified by phone.
    Treatment Received: Dental Implants
    Four months ago I had major dental work done at the surgery of Dr Motiwala in Hyderabad, India. So far it seems that it was very successful.

    I had long-standing problems with the teeth in my upper jaw and Dr Motiwala extracted all remaining upper teeth (10 of them). They were replaced by a single-piece permanent denture of 14 teeth, secured on 10 single piece implants.

    The teeth in the lower jaw were serviceable though not very good either. But in order to match them to a corrected upper row I needed a fair bit of work there as well. There were 2 implants supporting a crown for a missing molar; a root canal and a couple of fillings; and a set of ten cosmetic crowns. All this allowed the implantologist to fashion the bite, and provided greater flexibility in selection of tooth color for whole-of-mouth.

    The implant technology was 'immediate-load', which was what I wanted. The alternative, and the more traditional way, is to have implants placed and then to wait for several months with temporary dentures while they bed into the bone. Under 'immediate load' all the work could be done in one two-week visit, with the restriction that I could not chew for four months. The KOS / BCS implants are shallower, and there was no bone lift.

    My teeth now look excellent and my bite is very even in three dimensions. That is not easy and took several sessions over successive days; trying and adjusting the draft implants.

    The cost for all of this work was about $US15K (about $A22K), plus travel & accommodation. I don't think I would have got change out of $A100K in Australia.

    When I was considering going overseas to get this work done I found it hard to find good information about prospective providers. I expected to find blogs populated by lots of people with genuine experience and I just couldn't find them. There were plenty of testimonials that were transparently staff-written, but only a few experiences that seemed genuine & informative. So how do you know who is genuinely good out of thousands advertising these services in India, Philippines, Thailand, Hungary and other places? Will there be a lot of extra charges? Will I get to India (or wherever) and be told "So sorry, your jaw is not suitable for immediate load after all", meaning I would back to a strategy of 2 trips and two periods of time off work?

    I chose Dr Motiwala from a couple of positive reviews. I am working from a sample of one, of course. I can't say that another patient will not have problems, but I can say that Dr Motiwala is an expert dental implantologist who does high-standard work. Its a pretty small practice. When I was there only Dr Motiwala was doing the dental work, supported by a set of assistants. I think there are a couple of other dentists who were away at the time.

    The service as advertised is genuine, and the prices they quote are intended to be what you will pay (with maybe a few cheap additional x-rays, fillings etc). I did speak to three other patients who were near the end of their treatment and were also happy so far - still with the 4 months of bedding in to go, of course. It is important to provide an OBG and some mouth photos for the dental surgeon to view.
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    Trevor Australia
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    • AOI - Academy of Oral Implantology (India) 
    • Fellowship of the Academy of General Education (India) 
    • DCI - Dental Council of India (India) 
    • IDA - Indian Dental Association (India) 
    • ISOI - Indian Society of Oral Implantologists (India) 
    • ICOI - International Congress of Oral Implantologists (International) 
    • ISO Certification - International Organization for Standardization (International) 
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    ₹ 28703 - ₹ 35879
    Dental Implants
    ₹ 774991 - ₹ 1090728
    All-on-4 Dental Implants
    Alternative to All on 4.

    Permanent Teeth in 3DaysTM.


    ₹ 28703 - ₹ 35879
    Immediate Implant Placement

    Lifetime Warranty 

    With the technique Permanent teeth in 3 days practiced by Dr. Motiwala,all patients can enjoy the benefits of permanent fixed bridges on implants within 3 days. The improvised technique is more reliable than traditional techniques. Having placed over 2,000 immediate loaded implants, Dr. Motiwala gives a lifetime warranty on this technique. Difficult or hopeless cases are also easily done as the technique is based on basal implants and immediate loading implants developed by Ihde Dental, a Swiss dental implant company. With the help of this technology, we have also treated diabetic patients, smokers and patients with severe gum disease with equal success. Bone buildup procedures are not at all necessary when this technique is applied.

    With the help of this technology, we are able to treat 98% of the cases in a procedure which has "fixed teeth", as a result within three days. Our technique does not need any bone augmentation, sinus surgery and bone grafts which anyway nobody wants. By avoiding these procedures, the patients get fixed teeth faster and at lower costs.

    Our steady collaboration with Ihde Dental, leaders in immediate implants has helped us in focusing on immediate loadable implants and techniques. With their advanced swiss technology and our years of clinical experience we have almost standardized rehabilitation of edentulous jaws at our center. The Permanent teeth in 3 days! method can often be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or a full mouth of teeth, upper or lower, with remarkable comfort, predictability and aesthetics. Other procedures like extractions can also be accomplished at the same time as well. As Dr. Motiwala reports, “It is possible to walk into our dental implant center with missing teeth and go back with a new set of fixed permanent teeth that are firmly anchored-not dentures or temporary teeth in 3 days.”

    ₹ 28703 - ₹ 35879
    Keyhole Dental Implants
    from ₹ 28703
    Basal Implant
    ₹ 57407 - ₹ 71758
    Pterygoid Implant
    from ₹ 401847
    Full Mouth Rehabilitation with zirconia crowns

    Total 28 Zirconia crowns.14 zirconia crowns on each jaw.

    Bite Raise.

    Dr.Motiwala Dental Clinic and Implant Center

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    Dr Irfan Ali Motiwala

    Job Title:
      Cosmetic Dentistry, Endodontics, Implantology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

    Dr. Irfan Ali Motiwala is an oral & maxillo facial surgeon and a certified implantologist. He completed his BDS from GDC&H in 1997 and MDS from Manipal in 1999. He has trained extensively in immediate implantology, basal implants, bone grafting, sinus lift and ridge expansion in Europe. Dr. Irfan is a practitioner of multiple dental implant systems, including the BOI implants; and he specialises in immediate implantology, smile designing and full mouth rehabilitation. He has several papers and published articles to his credit.

    Dr Irfan is an active member of International Congress of Oral Implantologist (I.C.O.I.), Indian Society of Oral Implantologist (I.S.O.I.), the Academy of Oral Implantology (A.O.I.) and has been awarded with fellowship by Indian Society of Oral Implantologist(I.S.O.I.) and diplomate by the International Congress of Oral Implantologist(I.C.O.I.). He is also Indian Advisory Board member of Quintessence International Indian Edition.

    Show Phone NumberPark View Building, 2nd Floor, Rd.No.1,, Beside CVR Health & News, Jubilee Hills,, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500 033India