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Rosanna Crothers Beauty Clinic

Rosanna Crothers Beauty Clinic

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89 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin, Dublin 4Ireland

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Monday09:00 - 17:30
Tuesday09:00 - 17:30
Wednesday09:00 - 20:00
Thursday09:00 - 20:00
Friday09:00 - 20:00
Saturday09:00 - 18:00
Prices from €10 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Medical Aesthetics Clinic - 89 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin, Dublin 4, Ireland. High quality beauty services in a luxurious environment are...

Popular Treatments

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation
Treatment for Wrinkles
Dermal Fillers from €295

Non-Surgical Facelift

Hydradermie Lift Express from €630
Hydradermie Lift Eyes from €60
Hydradermie Lift Eyes from €540
Medi Wave from €38
Medi Wave from €350
Lift Express & Hydradermie from €110
Lift Express & Hydradermie Plus from €180
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About Rosanna Crothers Beauty Clinic

High quality beauty services in a luxurious environment are offered at this clinic located at Donnybrook in Dublin, Ireland. Male and female customers are welcomed by the professional team of therapists. Their focus is to make customers look beautiful and feel good about themselves after visits. Services include facials and massages, manicures and pedicures, laser hair removal, nonsurgical facelifts, cellulite reduction treatments, eye treatments, treatments for unsightly veins, the administration of anti-aging facial injectables, IPL based hair reduction, tanning, hair removal by waxing and professional makeup services including bridal makeup.

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Suzanne, Ireland09.09.2013
Relevant, efficient , good web details


  • BABTAC - The British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology (UK) 



Clinic services

Open weekends - Saturday 9.00 – 6.00pm

Medical Aesthetics

Cellulite Treatment

Aromatic Body Minceur

This Slimming Treatment uses an Anti-Cellulite Sculpting Massage with Detoxing Essential Oils and a Clay Mask to drain Toxins and Firm the Skin.
from €60

Thalgomince LC24 Slimming

Why suffer with dreaded cellulite when you can smooth it away with this fat busting tummy, hip and thigh treatment. Incorporating a specialist slimming massage technique and cellulite smoothing mask that uses a unique fat reducing ingredient, this treatment will leave you feeling re shaped.
from €295

Dermal Fillers

IPL Hair Removal
from €144

Diathermy (1 hour)

The permanent removal of unwanted hair from all parts of the face and body using the world's most advanced concept. Diathermy is the only Permanent Hair Removal Treatment to treat all Hair Colours, all Strenghts and all Types of Hair regardless of cause of Hair growth.
from €108

Diathermy  (45 mins)

from €72

Diathermy  (30 mins)

from €36

Diathermy  (15 mins)


Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Non-Surgical Facelift
from €630

Hydradermie Lift Express (50 mins, 10 sessions)

This facial targets the areas where wrinkles are most evident - around the eyes, mouth and nose and across the forehead. It also lifts and firms the cheeks, jaw line and neck. Using a gentle micro current, the Hydraderm machine - exclusive to Guinot - massages to drain toxins and improve micro circulation and skin tone, creating a healthy radiance. Next it gently stimulates the delicate muscles of the face, eye area and neck for immediate "lift" and increase in elasticity.
from €60

Hydradermie Lift Eyes (50 mins)

from €540

Hydradermie Lift Eyes (50 mins, 10 sessions)

A Complete Non Surgical Anti-Aging Treatment for the Eye area. It works on both the Skin and Muscles surrounding the Eyes to Rehydrate, Tone, Firm and Create an overall "Lift" that visibly opens up the area around the Eyes.
from €38

Medi Wave (50 mins)

Like a Gyn Workout on the face to Exercise and Tone Facial Muscles resulting in a more Toned and Younger Look.
from €350

Medi Wave (50 mins, 10 sessions)

Like a Gyn Workout on the face to Exercise and Tone Facial Muscles resulting in a more Toned and Younger Look.
from €110

Lift Express & Hydradermie

from €180

Lift Express & Hydradermie Plus

from €160

Lift Express & Collagen

from €120

Lift Express & Liftosome

from €120

Lift Eyes & Hydradermie

from €160

Lift Eyes & Hydradermie Plus

from €150

Lift Eyes & Collagen

Semi-Permanent Makeup
from €630

Semi-Permanent Makeup - Eyebrows

from €430

Semi-Permanent Makeup - Upper Eyeliner

from €430

Semi-Permanent Makeup - Lower Eyeliner

from €1130

Semi-Permanent Makeup - Lip Contour with Shading

from €100

Semi-Permanent Makeup - Camoflage

from €70

Semi-Permanent Makeup Consultation

The art of using Micro-Pigmentation to create a natural cosmetic effect to enhance your look. It is a Non-Surgical Treatment using the most up-to-date technology from Germany. It is used for applying eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and full lip colour that can last for years. 1-2 hour sessions.
from €65

Spider Veins Treatment

from €65

Veinwave™ Consultation

Veinwave - Treatment of red veins on face including acne roscea, leg and body veins can also be treated. Smaller areas treated by diathermy
from €100

Veinwave™ Treatment (15 mins)

from €200

Veinwave™ Treatment (30 mins)


Treatment for Wrinkles

Massage Therapy

from €45

Aromatherapy Massage (1 hour)

This is a relaxing Theraputic Massage using a Blend or Organic Essential Oils to Re-Balance and Relax the Client.
Hot Stone Massage
from €140

Hot Stone Journey (2 hours)

This timeless Healing Technique of Hot Stone Therapy combines Massage with the Thermogenic Benefits of Heated Irish Basalt Stones and the Theraputic Qualites of Essential Oils. The Therapy of Nature's Healing Stone includes the placement of stones on the Body to improve Energy Flow and the Structural Alignment of the Body. Hot and Cold Stone Therapy promotes all the benefits of Massagei.e. Exfoliates, Re-Energises, Improves Circulation, De-Stresses, Revitalises and heats Muscles to aid the breakdown of Toxins
from €55

Hot Stone Back Neck Shoulders

from €60

Hot Stone Face Massage

from €95

Hot Stone Full Body Massage

from €65

Sports Injury Massage

Swedish Massage
from €65

Swedish Full Body Massage

This invigorating Massage releases Muscle Stiffiness abd Tension, improves Circulation and Flexibilty and Restore Vitality.
from €40

Swedish Back Massage


from €45

Milia ( White Heads)

from €50

Skin Tag Removal

Holistic Health

from €60


Beauty Salon Treatments


Beauty Salon Enquiry

Beauty Salon Packages
from €230

Girlie Morning Package (3 hours 15 mins)

Full Body Massage ( Swedish), Hydradermie Plus Facial, Manicure, Pedicure
from €250

The Bride To Be Package (4 hours)

Sugar kiwi Body Polish, Aromatic Facial, Eyebrow Shape, Full Body Tan, Trail make-up, Manicure, Pedicure
from €200

Mum to be Package (3 hours)

Aromatic Facial, Manicure, Pedicure, Pregnancy massage
from €160

Executive Stress Package (2 hours 30 mins)

Indian Head massage, Aromatherapy Body massage, Aromatic Facial
Body Treatment

Aromatic Body Spa (2 hours 15 mins)

A choise of Aromatic Body Treatments may be combined with Guinot Aromatic or Liftosome Facials for a complete Face and Body Package.

Platinum Detox Treatment

The Human Body uses Electrical Impluses from the brain to function. All Cells in our body produce Bio-Energy, when this energy level is high the cells function properly (eg. nutritional absorption takes place toxins are discharged). When we contact Diseases or become overtly Stressed our cells are affected and the Bio-Energy level is Dramatically Reduced. Therefore Cells cannot function at their best and Release Toxins efficiently. The process works by Electriifying the water in the foot spa. This stimulation can have a Positive Effect on Rebalancing the body. Course of 6 recommended.
from €60

Indoceane Spa Ritual

Thalgo Indoceane treatment presents a voyage of discovery. A beautiful treatment it combines many traditional methods and flavors from around the globe. With gentle aromas, such as sandalwood, cedar and patchouli complete revitalization awaits and you will feel a new kind of relaxation which re initializes the body and soul. After a full body exfoliation with our sweet and savoury body scrub followed by a warming shower, you will be massaged with our beautiful Indoceane massage oil. Finally, you will be enveloped in a sublime cream.

Ultrasound Treatment

Ultrasound penetrates deep down into the skin to Revive, Revitalise and Heal the Skin. It can be used for treating Dryness, Acne, Rosacea, Infections, Cracked Heels and Under Eye Dark Circles and Aged Skin.
from €60

Frigi Thalgo Marine Wrap

Thalgo Famous cool marine wrap. Your therapist will apply a bandage to the body, infused with lotion containing Thalgo patented seaweed extract and active ingredients to improve blood flow and regulate fluid balance. Frigi Thalgo is able to significantly boost circulation, making it highly effective at eliminating excess fluid and toxins from the hip and thigh area. It is very popular as an anti cellulite treatment or for a slimming quick fix.
Eyelash Extensions
from €30

2 Week Lashes

from €120

3D Lashes

from €40

3D Lashes Retouches

from €10

Strip lashes application

from €20

Guinot for life Consultation

With your beauty therapist all beauty programmes begin with an in-depth consultation. This enables us to give you truly personal care and attention to meet your individual skincare requirements.


An exceptional treatment for Radiant Skin, Hydradermie is the most effective Deep Cleansing Treatment for your face. The facial is customised to meet your skins individual needs, whether Normal, Oily, Dry, Sensitive or Mature. Recommended as a course of 3 treatments or as a maintenance treatment every month.

Hydradermie Eye Treatment

Preventative and Corrective treatment for fine lines, shadows and puffiness. Course of 3 recommended.

Hydradermie Neck Treatment

Preventative and Corrective treatment for fine lines and creppiness of the neck. Course of 3 recommended.

Hydradermie Plus

A Deluxe Facial treatment. A Hydradermie treatment with added firming and toning serums to revitalise the skin. This treatment focusses on the Eyes, Face, Neck and dDcollete and includes a pressure point eye massage and a luxurious serenity massage (unique to Guinot) with Relaxing Essential Oils.

Beaute Neuve

Tiredness, Stress or Passing Time can contribute to the loss of radiance. The skin gets clogged with Dehydrated Cells and complexion appears Dull and Congested. Beaute Neuve is a 3 phase Peeling Facial that uses the Powerful Natural Exfoliating Properties of AHAs, combined with pure Vitamin C and Anti Aging Ingredients to boost Radiance. Reduce Pigmentation, Rehydrate and Regenerate the skin. Recommended as a course of 3 treatments.

Aromatic Facial

Lose yourself in a tantalizing world of Fragrant Herbs, Plants, Flowers and Relaxing Massage. This is a customised treatment were your Therapist selects Essentail Oils and Plant Concentrates to Release Tension and leave your skin feeling Refreshed. Recommended as a quick pick-me-up or a course of 3 treatments.

Liftsome Facial

This Facial has been specifically developed to treat the problems associated with Mature Skin. Baesed on the use of Orange Extract, Ginseng and Collagen this Stimulating Facial treatemnt Regenerates and Energises, leaving skin Firm and Radiant. Guinot recommends a course of 3 treatments over 2 weeks.
from €100

Mary Cohr Collagen Facial

his treatment helps to Minimise Wrinkle Depth by increasing penetration of Liposomes and DNA while also Smoothing and Hydrating the skin, leaving you looking and feeling Years Younger.
from €15

Manicure - Shape & Paint

from €10

Manicure - Polish Change

from €30

D4 Manicure

from €45

Gelac Manicure

from €75

2 Week Nail Polish With Manicure

from €20

D4 Little Princesses Manicure

from €30

D4 Male Manicure

from €10

Pedicure - Polish Change

from €50

Gelac Pedicure

from €45

D4 Pedicure

from €65

Hard Skin Pedicure

from €15

Pedicure - Shape & Paint

from €25

D4 Little Princesse's Pedicure

from €45

D4 Male Pedicure

Spray Tanning
from €45

Wild Organic Full Body Spray Tanning

Provides a deep exotic looking bronzed glow with potent age fighting and skin firmimg properties. Intense hydrating properties infused with added multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants enrich the skin leaving it feeling Silky Smooth and Youthful.
from €30

Wild Organic Half Body Spray Tanning


Californian Spray Tanning (10 mins)

For a beautiful golden skin

Guinot Tan

Manually applied. This tinted formula achieves a natural looking tan in 2 hours
from €10

Feet & Toes Wax

from €55

Full leg & Bikini wax

from €40

Thigh & Bikini Wax

from €30

Thigh Wax

from €20

Bikini line Wax

from €30

Bikini line Californian Wax

from €50

Bikini line Brazillian Wax

from €45

Full leg wax

from €30

Half leg Wax

from €65

Bikini line Hollywood Wax

Male Waxing
from €50

Male Back Waxing

from €35

Male Chest Waxing

from €20

Underarm Wax

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Rossanna Crothers

Job Title:
  Aesthetic Medicine
Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School
Grafton Street
Dublin 2
Graduated 1972
British Examining Board
Confederation Beauty Therapy And Cosmetology
Graduated June 1977
International Therapy Examination Centre
Graduated October 1977
Doctor Harnick Clinic
Graduated December 1981
Graduated February 1982
Linda Meredith School of Make-UpGraduated January 1986
Lillian Maund School
Graduated September 1993
Dawn Cregg
Harley Street England
Semi-Permanent Make-Up
Graduated 1999
Peau Beau Berlin
Semi-Permanent Make-Up
Long-Time-Liner Conture
Semi-Permanent Make-Up
Mr Brian Newman
Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Graduated April 2003
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89 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin, Dublin 4Ireland