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Smalto Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in CyprusFeatured

Smalto Dental Clinic

22 232477 ext: 79582 76 Strovolos Ave., Strovolos, Nicosia, 2018
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The level of service I received was outstandingAndy, UK, 04 08 22

I am British and travelled to this practice due to waiting times in the UK and also for the costs and level of service i had received in the UK. This dentist is a magician! I will never visit a UK dentist again! I needed two extractions - both front teeth and 2 dental implants. Dr Vasiloudes was in contact with me prior to me arriving in Cyprus and as soon as I spoke with him on the phone I had a total sense of faith in his abilities as a dentist, there was something that reassured me. We arrived in Cyprus on the Tuesday, on the Wednesday morning I drove to the practice - so easy to find with its own parking underneath. This practice is outstanding in design, cleanliness, hi-specification on site technology and architecture - nothing like we have in the UK. The practice is simply stunning. On the Wednesday morning i had a 3D x-ray performed, he removed both front teeth, cleaned my mouth and removed my infection. I left that day with no teeth but a feeling of happiness knowing I had made the right decision. I spent the remaining part of the afternoon on the beach! The day after - the Thursday I arrived to have a mould taken for my 2 teeth denture. On the Friday I arrived for the denture fitting. The 2 teeth denture is colour matched to perfection. These two teeth are phenomenal. That evening I ate steak for dinner! I hadn’t eaten anything tough for 2 months! The level of service I received was outstanding. I would not have received this in the UK. If anyone is worried about travelling abroad for treatment - I can honestly say Dr Vasiloudes is a master of his art. You are in utter capable hands and in the most serene environment. The whole team are amazing. I couldn’t have received a better level of service. It was five star all the way. I will return in August for my implants and I can’t wait! I will update then. I will always now return to this practice for any work i require - small or large - and combine it with a holiday! Images show before and after teeth removal and temporary denture - and my view from the dentist's chair! Try and get that view in the UK!

PFM Crown  
Dental Crowns €400 - €600
Tooth crowns for protection and dental bridges to replace missing teeth, with perfect aesthetic results  
Porcelain Crown €400 - €600
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Yiannikos Centre for Holistic Dentistry - Dr Panikos Yiannikos

Yiannikos Centre for Holistic Dentistry

8 Alkeous and Pindarou Street, Nicosia, 1060
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Very outstanding workGeorgia, Cyprus, 14 11 21

The best dental care I have ever experienced. Very outstanding work !!! Impressed by the professionalism, quality, cleanliness, friendliness and warmth of the whole team. What you give is what you promise. Keep it up Dr. Yiannikos !!! You are the best !!!!! Highly recommend to anyone !!!

PFM Crown  
Dental Crowns  
What are tooth crowns? Dental crowns cover the entire visible surface of your affected teeth that are no longer structurally sound, adding strength, durability and tooth stability. Who is candidate for tooth crowns? Teeth with root canalsCracked or broken teethTeeth with large fillingsGrinding your teeth and age are contributing factors in the wearing out.Procedure On the first appointmentAfter the first impressions are taken, the tooth is prepared, then the last impressions are followed (those that are sent to the technician with the instructions of the proper color). Finally a temporary crown is placed while the laboratory is constructing the crown. On the final appointment The permanent crown, ready from the laboratory is cemented onto the tooth. Types of tooth crowns There are basically 2 types of crowns, those made of ceramic crowns and metal-ceramic crowns.The group with the higher strength until recently was the second type of crowns, but after the application of Zirconium Oxide in the first group, the results are very promising as well. Undoubtedly, the all porcelain type of crown has the nicest appearance.
Permanent Crown  
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Dr. Lana Mousa Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Cyprus

Dr. Lana Mousa Dental Clinic

Constantinou Palaiologou 2, Eleftherias Square, Nicosia, 1011
For more information about Dr. Lana Mousa Dental Clinic in Nicosia please contact the clinic.
PFM Crown  
Dental Crowns  
Permanent Crown  
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Nicosia Dental Polyclinic - Dental Clinic in Cyprus

Nicosia Dental Polyclinic

5 KRETE STREET, P.O.B. 2011, Nicosia, 1060
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The whole experience was positiveVera, Cyprus, 18 03 22

Incredible results and top-quality dental care, much better than what I have experienced at leading clinics in Sydney, Dubai and other parts of Europe. All staff are highly skilled in different fields of dentistry and work well as a team. I had a complicated case that required concurrent cooperation between a maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist. Before I came to Dr Taramides, I had been rejected by five dental surgeons in Nicosia. Dr Taramides was willing to help, and I am delighted with the result. The whole experience was positive. Everything is done at one place, at a fair price, and the new tooth looks impeccable.

PFM Crown  
When biting is too great for all - porcelain - crowns, or when gaps from missing teeth must be filled in, metal alloy must be placed under the porcelain for strength. This is the porcelain fused to metal crown technique. Again, the teeth are prepared for a full coverage restoration. After the impression is taken, a metal coping is made for the prepared tooth. This is then covered with porcelain. These crowns do not have the translucency of pure porcelain crowns. Therefore, the aesthetics may be slightly compromised in some situations. However, good ceramists can usually overcome the limitations, thereby creating lifelike restorations. When teeth are loose due to periodontal bone loss, this technique is used. Here the teeth are splinted together, by joining the metal structure of the crowns.
Dental Crowns  
Porcelain Crown  
When there is not enough tooth structure left, or the chewing demands in the mouth are too great for veneers (laminates), a stronger, more extensive restoration is needed. Here we place all - porcelain - crowns. These crowns are pure porcelain and are placed on a fully prepared tooth. They are the most life - like of all full crown preparations. The technique consists of preparing the teeth and taking an impression. Temporary crowns are made while the permanent restorations are being fabricated in a dental lab. Within some days, the all - porcelain - crowns are permanently bonded onto the patient's teeth. Newly produced PROCERA material has enabled a better strength biocompatibility, and excellent fitting in all -porcelain - crown techniques. With this system, a laser induced computerized object of the prepared tooth is sent to Sweden by email and the all - porcelain - crown is produced in Sweden in specialized laboratories.

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The Smile Professionals - Dental Clinic in CyprusFeatured

The Smile Professionals

22 232477 ext: 72614 Zakynthou Avenue, Archibishop Kyprianou Avenue, Larnaca, 6018
4.9 from 21 verified reviews
From the receptionist to the dentist, so helpful and understandingDaryl, UK, 17 06 22

I knew I needed a crown and, after being quoted an extortionate price in the UK, I contacted Dr Antonis. He responded very fast and after looking at my xrays agreed that a crown solution was best for me. I visited the Smile Professionals in late 2020 during a pause in the travel restrictions due to the pandemic. And what lovely people they are. From the receptionist to Dr Antonis, so helpful and understanding. Crown treatment was started on a Tuesday and fitted on the Friday. Amazing job and priced very reasonably too. Do not hesitate to go to the Smile Professionals. OH, I had a sleep gum shield made too, same day service for that! Brilliant service!

PFM Crown  
Dental Crowns  
Permanent Crown  
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Quale Vita Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Cyprus

Quale Vita Dental Clinic

Omirou 18A Aglantzia, Nicosia, 2121
For more information about Quale Vita Dental Clinic in Nicosia please contact the clinic.
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Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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