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What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are artificial screws made of titanium or zirconium oxide that connect the jawbone and a dental restoration like a crown or denture. They are also called ‘endosseous’ implants or fixtures. They are an artificial tooth root. Once implanted, the implant integrates with the surrounding bone like part of the body. Dental surgeons perform bone grafting procedures to hold the implant in place for patients who do not have enough surrounding bone structure, or graft bone to help connect implants to the maxillary sinuses on either side of the nose when placing dental implants in the upper jaw.

How long does it take to fit a Dental Implant?

The time taken for inserting dental implants depends on the bone structure and needs of each individual patient. Some implant procedures take about 15 minutes while others may take up to two hours. Implant procedures are performed under local anaesthesia. Intravenous sedation is used for the comfort of anxious patients.

How long does it take to recover after getting a Dental Implant?

Recovery time after a dental implant procedure may take four to six weeks or up to 12 weeks for some patients. Patients can travel one day after the insertion of a single dental implant. Patients who require multiple dental implants or supporting surgical procedures should wait for around two weeks before travelling. They should meet the dental surgeon to get a certification of being fit to travel before embarking on their journey.

What should I do after getting a Dental Implant?

Patients should rest and avoid exertion after surgery. They should also avoid vigorously brushing their teeth or rinsing their mouth.

What are the alternatives to Dental Implants?

Alternatives to dental implants include fixed bridges and dentures.

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Prof. Dr. Rowan Vilar - Dental Implants and Venners Specialist - Dr Rowan VilarFeatured

Prof. Dr. Rowan Vilar - Dental Implants and Venners Specialist

Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 303, Sala 709, Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22410001
5.0 from 15 verified reviews
He not only explained what was needed but also why it was importantDr., US, 19 08 20

I encountered Dr Rowan Vilar because of a recommendation from a trusted friend. And although both the global pandemic and the impact that had on my very local wallet, prevented me from experiencing treatment under his care ... please allow me a moment to express why he would have been my first choice. I’ve been suffering for about a decade with poor dental health, so much so that the dental professionals in the Atlanta area would not perform regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings, for fear of a malpractice suit. I don’t have dental insurance and it has taken years for me to save the money needed to address my oral health. I’ve searched several destinations abroad and even though Dr. Vilar’s wasn’t the least expensive, his review of my current health status and plan to restore me to good health was and remains BY Far, the most comprehensive, the easiest to understand, the most thought out, the most focused on both the physical and mental aspects of oral health, the most attuned to my specific satisfaction and the most considerate of my specific circumstances, that stood as a challenge for me, on the road to alleviating my dental pain and improving my oral health. Here’s how. I contacted his office on a weekend and received a return call before the weekend had ended. We shared 2 or 3 conversations at length, regarding my current status. In those conversations, we covered everything from the problems I was experiencing, to how I felt about appearance to what had prevented me from addressing the issues until now. After gathering the information, he expressed a need for X-Rays, Pictures and I also had a topographical CD available. I sent it all to him and we scheduled a follow-up ZOOM call for a few days later. I am NOT the most tech-savvy senior citizen in the world and Dr. Vilar was very patient with and helpful to me as I struggled via WhatsApp and ZOOM to connect ... but finally, when I did ... it was So Very Worth My While! Dr. Vilar had prepared a presentation using my photos and that of successful projects he’d previously completed, to detail for me exactly what needed to be done and what I could expect as a finished product. He informed me of the extractions that were needed, those teeth he’d try to save and why ... as well as, the orthodontics and implants that were required to best restore my health. He not only explained what was needed but also why it was important. He addressed the timeline and commitments and was prepared to assist me with finding accommodations during my stay. His English is flawless, pertinent because my Portuguese is non-existent! And, his communication style is very thorough. We’ve interacted for about a month and a half, with him checking in on my progress approximately every two weeks after our initial Zoom consultation before I realized that even though his fees were reasonable, less than half of what I was quoted in the US., and despite the fact that his proposed solution was by far the best. I simply couldn’t afford the best! That said if I could have I most certainly would have. After having searched for nearly a decade and about a dozen countries in both Europe and south of the US. border, Dr. Vilar’s practise appears to be among the very best on the planet!

Implantes dentários / Dental Implants R$ 2500 - R$ 6000
Coroas / Dental Crowns R$ 2500 - R$ 4000
Cirurgia gengival / GEngivoplastia / Gengivectomia / Gum Surgery R$ 500 - R$ 4000
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Barbara Ramos Dental Office - Dental Clinic in Brazil

Barbara Ramos Dental Office

Rua Engenheiro Enaldo Cravo Peixoto, 215/ 914, Rio de Janeiro, 20540106
With her clinical practice, academic expertise, technical skill, and constant updating, Dr. Barbara Ramos is rescues and transforms the smiles of a range of patients. Dr. Barbara is expert in dental implants and has successful partnerships with other experts. Among these professionals are: Dr. Fernanda Molinari (endodontist), for patients requiring root canal treatment, Dr. Ursula Ramos, for patients under the age of 12, and Dr. Vitor Alencastro (maxillofacial). Here you will be welcome and find advanced and cosmetic dentistry!
Dental Implants  
Implant Dentist Consultation up to R$ 350
Dental Crowns  
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Espaco Clinico Marista - Dental Clinic in Brazil

Espaco Clinico Marista

Rua Dalcidio Jurandir, nº 255, Edf.Island Personal Offices, Sala 144, Rio de Janeiro, 22631250
For more information about Espaco Clinico Marista in Rio De Janeiro please contact the clinic.
Dental Implants  
Implant Dentist Consultation  
Aesthetic restraint polyethylene  
1 more treatment
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V and V Ateliê da Terceira Dentição - Dental Clinic in Brazil

V and V Ateliê da Terceira Dentição

Avenida Maria Teresa, 260, Campo Grande
For more information about V and V Ateliê da Terceira Dentição in Rio De Janeiro please contact the clinic.
Dental Implants
Dental Implants  
Prosthetic Implant  
Implant Dentist Consultation  
3 more treatments
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Tip Odontologia - Dental Clinic in Brazil

Tip Odontologia

Av. das Américas 500, Bloco: 02 - Sala: 203, Rio de Janeiro, 22640100
For more information about Tip Odontologia in Rio De Janeiro please contact the clinic.
Dental Implants  
Immediate Implant Placement  
Implant Dentist Consultation  
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Beauty Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Brazil

Beauty Dental Clinic

Rua Santa Clara, 70, 4º andar, Copacabana
For more information about Beauty Dental Clinic in Rio De Janeiro please contact the clinic.
Dental Implants  
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