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We have all the information you need about public and private plastic surgery clinics that provide breast liposuction in Izmir. Compare all the plastic surgeons and contact the breast liposuction clinic in Izmir that's right for you.

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Egepol Hospitals - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Egepol Hospitals

Halide Edip Adıvar Bulvarı No: 3 Üçyol-Konak/Izmir, Konak, 35360
5.0 from 1 verified review
They made me feel so welcome and supportive from day one till I went homeJane, UK, 30 10 23

My name is Jane I went in this hospital on the 21st of October I came here to have a mommy makeover the hospital is like a hotel my surgeon done my surgery he was amazing and very professional. They made me feel so welcome and supportive from day one till I went home. The reps and nurses were lovely and would do anything for you, great people I’m back home and feel amazing thank you all so much for everything 100 % work from Northern Ireland.

Breast Liposuction  
Breast Reduction ₺81819 - ₺94407
Breast Lift ₺81819 - ₺94407
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MSM Health - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey

MSM Health

Alsancak Mah. Kıbrıs Şehitleri Cad. No:134/1 K:5 D:55, Konak, 35220
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
I was made very comfortable and had no pain whatsoeverMS, Turkey, 19 09 23

I was accompanied by Naz and driver Farouk to the clinic. The whole experience was a delight. Also a big thank you to Ogi for helping me set up the appointment. Everything was very professional and easy. Naz is a delight, very friendly helpful and speaks excellent English. I felt I was in very good hands. The treatment was very good. I was made very comfortable and had no pain whatsoever. Naz stayed with me for the whole time. I would fully recommend Naz and Farouk along with Dentapoint. 5 stars from me

Breast Liposuction ₺77529 - ₺116293
Breast Reduction ₺77529 - ₺271350
Breast Lift ₺77529 - ₺271350
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Revitalizeinturkey - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey


Cankaya District, Ayse Mayda Street, İzmir, 35050
RevitalizeinTurkey is the longest-running trademark company in Turkey with a history of 17 years in the field of medical tourism. We are proud of earning the accolade of thousands of British patients by simply putting patient’s safety and health to the highest level on a pedestal, so we stand out from the crowd as being totally patient-oriented, driven with the passion to offer a high level of after-care at our own Retreat Complex -Mandarin Grove, in Izmir. We welcome you to step into our world to find out more about our exquisite services.
Breast Liposuction  
Breast Reduction  
Breast Lift  
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BNC Healthcare - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in Turkey

BNC Healthcare

Mimar Sinan, Işılay Saygın Sokağı no:23, 35000, İzmir
About BNCDiscover more about our mission, vision and how we are changing the way people approach healthcare. BNC provides more accessible, more reliable and more personal healthcare for everyone. Why Us?We optimize personalized one-on-one care and only work with highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals. We examine the past experiences of patients to achieve the perfect patient experience, and we approach health with an innovative perspective to eliminate outdated and tiring processes. We care about all our patients and always provide the highest quality of service.
Breast Liposuction  
Breast Reduction  
Breast Lift  
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Gozde International Hospitals - Gozde International Hospitals

Gozde International Hospitals

Mimar Sinan, Işılay Saygın Sokağı no:23, Izmir
4.9 from 24 verified reviews
My surgeon had a very caring, honest and professional attitudeJulie, UK, 23 07 22

I had surgery the end of June and it was faultless. Afaf was fantastic, always answering any question promptly and professionally, a real asset for the hospital. The hospital was like an hotel, my partner was allowed to stay with me and the food was far better than we’d get in the U.K. My surgeon Dr Omer Polat had a very caring, honest and professional attitude. I originally thought I had bags over my eyes, but he assured me it was an ‘A’ deformity, he could have taken my money and removed the slightest bit of fat, he didn’t he advised against it saying it wasn’t worth the risk, which I was grateful for. His assessment on my legs was also 100% honest, making me fully aware of the outcomes I could expect. I’m now 3 weeks post op and every time I take my compression garments off to shower, I could cry ( tears of happiness) the results are amazing. I totally would 100% recommend Gotze and please don’t be put off by having your surgery in Turkey…. It totally knocked the care I received in the U.K. at a private hospital into fits.

Breast Liposuction ₺33124 - ₺115934
Breast Reduction ₺66248 - ₺115934
Breast Lift ₺66248 - ₺115934
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Breast Liposuction clinics within 45km of Izmir:

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Yucelen Hospital Mugla - Bariatric Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Yucelen Hospital Mugla

Muğla Kötekli mevkii, Marmaris Karayolu Üzeri, Mugla, 48000
Yücelen Muğla Hospital was established on April 12, 1996 with state-of-the-art medical systems. In our hospital, internal medicine, cardiology, cardiovascular diseases, dermatology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics, radiology, neurosurgery, general surgery, urology, physical therapy and rehabilitation, neurology, nutrition and dietetics , infectious diseases, anesthesia and reanimation, nuclear medicine, biochemistry, psychiatry, psychology and aesthetic surgery branches. It provides service with a total of 306 personnel, 36 of which are specialist physicians, together with all other personnel. In addition, our hospital is a hospital with a total of 106 patient beds, 25 of which are intensive care beds. Yücelen Ortaca Hospital started to serve as the second hospital of Yücelen Group of Companies on July 7, 2009. It provides service with a total of 142 personnel, including all other personnel, 18 of which are specialist physicians. In addition, our hospital is a hospital with a total of 33 patient beds, 7 of which are intensive care beds. With our newly completed C Block, we provide better quality health services as a 75-bed hospital with 21 intensive care units and 3 operating rooms. Yücelen Ortaca Dialysis Center started accepting patients on March 14, 2005. It continues to serve with 25 dialysis devices and 25 patient beds. Yucelen Hospital Marmaris, a member of the Yucelen Hospital Group, has been providing exceptional healthcare ser
Breast Liposuction  
Nipple Reduction  
Areola Reduction  
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Yucelen Hospital Marmaris

Yucelen Hospital Marmaris

Cumhuriyet Dist.. Turgut Ozal Road. No:1
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Feel Good Health Turkey - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Feel Good Health Turkey

Hacıfeyzullah, İsmet İnönü Bulvarı Öztaş Plaza No: 94/12, Kusadasi, 09400
Feel Good Health Company Is Beside You, Our Story As two successful businesswomen, we established Feel Good Health Company depending on our experiences in both health and service sectors. Our main purpose is to provide personalized service and build trust with our patients. We act with the mindset of “humans come first”. Besides health services, we take our guests to experience the historical beauties of the city which is one step away from the seaside. If you want to take advantage of these privileged beauties of the Aegean region, we are here to support you in this journey. We have physicians who are in charge of the operations and are supported by experienced nurses in their field during the entire process. We will be always here for you even after the operations for further support.
Breast Liposuction  
Breast Reduction  
Breast Lift  
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GuGu Aesthetic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

GuGu Aesthetic

15015 Sokak No. 36 Alaçatı Mahallesi Çeşme, İzmir, 35330
GuGu Aesthetic stands as a paragon of excellence in the realm of plastic surgery, boasting an illustrious history spanning more than three decades. With over 32 years of dedicated expertise, GuGu Aesthetic has solidified its position as a premier establishment renowned for its commitment to enhancing beauty and instilling confidence through transformative treatments.Founded on the principles of innovation, precision, and client-centric care, GuGu Aesthetic has continuously evolved, staying at the forefront of cutting-edge advancements in aesthetic procedures. The firm's extensive experience spans a myriad of treatments, including facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast augmentation, and specialized cosmetic enhancements. At GuGu Aesthetic, each client's journey is meticulously crafted, personalized, and guided by a team of seasoned professionals. The firm takes pride in its cadre of highly skilled surgeons, dedicated staff, and state-of-the-art facilities that ensure the utmost safety, comfort, and satisfaction of every individual seeking their services. With a legacy built on trust, integrity, and exceptional results, GuGu Aesthetic remains committed to providing unparalleled expertise and unwavering support to clients embarking on their aesthetic transformation. Their steadfast dedication to quality care and their wealth of experience make them a trusted destination for those seeking the pinnacle of aesthetic enhancement.
360 Liposuction from ₺83217
Tummy Tuck + Liposuction ₺88679 - ₺93281
Mommy Makeover ₺160665 - ₺163365

Clinics that provide Liposuction in Izmir:

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Prof.Dr. Yigit Tiftikcioglu Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Prof.Dr. Yigit Tiftikcioglu Clinic

Mimar Sinan Neighborhood, Ziya Gökalp Blvd., Apartment no:28 Floor:4 Flat:7, Alsancak, Izmir, 35220
Prof.Dr. Yigit Tiftikcioglu Clinic is a Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic. All aesthetic procedures and reconstructive procedures can be performed in our clinic. All of our surgical practices are performed in full-fledged private hospitals.
Liposuction ₺66248 - ₺165621
VASER® Lipo  
Tummy Tuck ₺82810 - ₺132496
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Private Ata Saglik Hospital - Private Ata Saglik HospitalFeatured

Private Ata Saglik Hospital

Kazım Dirik - 297 street, Number 1, Bornova-Izmir/Turkey, Izmir, 35000
4.5 from 1 verified review
I’m really satisfied with the resultsFasiha, Hungary, 27 07 23

I had bulbous nose and my surgery had in May 2023. Dr Bahitten is very professional I’m really satisfied with the results. The hospital was clean and tidy and the staff was very friendly & helpful. Ideal for solo travellers. The package was responsible too. Please ask for medical documents before leaving the hospital cause on Airport you can be ask for your reports. I highly recommend this Hospital.

Tummy Tuck  
Fat Transfer  
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Assoc. Prof. Dr Cem Aslan Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in TurkeyFeatured

Assoc. Prof. Dr Cem Aslan Clinic

Folkart Time, Kazımdirik, Ankara Cd. Yanyolu 58 A, İzmir, 35030
4.7 from 3 verified reviews
My results are amazingJudith, UK, 26 06 23

I can highly recommend Dr Cem, I have felt so safe and cared for with his 5* care, team and skill … My results are amazing, I don’t think he realises how he has changed my life, so thankful.

Liposuction ₺55000 - ₺80000
People who do not have weight problems but have fat that cannot be removed despite diet and sports can easily have a better body thanks to liposuction or fat removal operation, known among the people. Liposuction, which can be applied to many areas such as the hip, abdomen, waist, and knee, which is among the most performed aesthetic surgeries today. Liposuction, which can be applied to the entire body, is considered one of the most effective methods of getting rid of regional fat. There are laser, ultrasonic and lipomatic liposuction methods as well as classical fat removal with thin metal pipes called cannulas by opening 3-5 millimeter incisions. Although each method has its own pros and cons, two distinct advantages of modern techniques over classical liposuction are; less bleeding and more skin tightening. 
Tummy Tuck ₺75000 - ₺100000
The fact that the muscles and skin of the abdominal region of women do not return to their former form, especially after the pregnancy period, creates a disturbing appearance in the abdominal region. In addition, as a result of gaining and losing excess weight in both men and women, cracks and sagging occur in the belly area. Flattening this area is sometimes not possible with diet and sports, which leads to the need for abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery. With tummy tuck surgery, this loosened and sagging skin is recovered and the person is helped to have a flat stomach. People who are considering abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery should first undergo a detailed examination and this area needs to be analyzed. After the decision of surgery, the area known as the cesarean section scar is opened, if any, and the saggy skin in the area up to the belly button is removed and stretched downwards. If there is fat in the area, fat is removed by liposuction. Abdominal muscles are tightened with sutures, and then scar formation is reduced by using aesthetic sutures. With the completion of the surgery, sagging and looseness are eliminated. Abdominoplasty operations generally vary between 3 hours and 4 hours. Among the factors that change the duration of the operation are the width of the abdominal area, whether or not to take fat, the amount of excess skin, and similar factors. General anaesthesia is applied to the patient who will undergo abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery.
Mommy Makeover ₺135000 - ₺165000
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