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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Visit our Medical Aesthetics Clinic - 53 Parkside, Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, W19 5NX, UK. Staff: Marie- Helene Marion.

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Hyperhidrosis describes excessive sweating from the Eccrine gland. It’s often a familial condition, which is still not well understood; It’s lilkely to be due to an overactivity of the autonomic nervous system. Sweating is a way of the body to cope with heat, and avoid hyperthermia in hot weather or when exercising. Excessive sweating can be due to illness associated with high temperature, metabolic conditions such as hyperthyroidism, spinal injury and various drugs such as antidepressants. It can be primary, which means with no obvious causes and in that cases it is often familial. Primary hyperhidrosis can start very early in life and can affect different sites (armpits, hands, feet, face, scalp, trunk, back) among different members of the family. It is triggered by anxiety, emotion, hot weather and sometimes physical exercise. Just thinking about it makes the patient sweating.

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BoNT-A is a neurotoxin secreted by Clostridium Botuli and purified to be used in therapeutics. There is seven serotypes o ( A,B,C,D,E,F,G) but only BoNT-A and BoNT-B are licensed for focal dystonia treatment. BoNT-A is a polypeptide with 2 chains linked by a disulfuric bridge. The heavy chain is responsible of the specific binding of the BoNT-A to the cholinergic fibers. The limited action on cholinergic fibers due to this specific bindings is one factor of safety of the BoNT-A . The light chain is responsible of the enzymatic action of the BoNT-A, which cuts a membrane vesicle protein ( called SNAP-25), making the release of the acetylcholine in the synaptic cleft impossible. When the release of the acetylcholine is blocked, there is no more signal from the nerve to the muscle , therefore the muscle is less able to contract. Also there is no more signal between the nerve and the glands ( sweat or salivary glands for example), and the gland stops secreting. This blockage of the release of the acetylcholine is transient, as there is sprouting of the nerve terminals and also synthesis of new membrane vesicle proteins.

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The diagnosis of Blepharospasm is always delayed and the patient has access to treatment 5 years on average after onset. Injections are the most efficient treatment of the Blepharospasm and can control the spasm for about 3 months. Not all the Blepharospasm are the same; each patient requires a personalised scheme of injections, tailored to their own type of Blepharospasm; a lot of poor response to the treatment are due to inappropriate targeting of the muscles around the eyes. In particular spasms of the eyelids (so called, apraxia of eyelid opening or eyelids dystonia) require injections along the eyelashes, called pretarsal injections for a good response to treatment. Dr Marion is a Blepharospasm London specialist for pretarsal injections, into the eyelids itselves, for treating this type of Blepharospasm, called Apraxia of eyelid opening. It’s one of the main reasons of failure of treatment of Blepharospasm. If the dystonia has spread to the lower part of the face, the patient in addition to the eye closure has involuntary spasms of the mouth, tongue, jaw. ( called Meige Syndrome). The treatment needs to address all the facial muscles affected by the dystonia as the treatment of only the eyes spasms will not be sufficient.

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London Centre Wimbledon - 53 Parkside, Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, W19 5NX,

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Marie- Helene Marion - Consultant at London Centre Wimbledon

Marie- Helene Marion

Job Title:
My name is Marie-Helene Marion – Anti-wrinkle injections Specialist. I am a French neurologist working in London as an Anti-wrinkle Injection Specialist. I am also specialised in the treatment of movement disorders, including Parkinson’s disease and dystonia. I am aware that most of my patients have rare disorders, for which the diagnosis is not made or have been delayed for many years. I hope that the information available on this website and on my blog will contribute to an increase awareness, and therefore an early diagnosis and treatment for these conditions. But of course reading information on internet will never replace the benefit of a consultation, where questions are answered in details, following a long interview and a clinical examination. My interest in movement disorders started in 1981 when I first came to London to study under the late Prof David Marsden. Since that time, I have been working in the field of Parkinson’s disease, being involved in developing continuous infusion techniques and focal dystonia, being the pioneer in France in 1986 for using anti-wrinkle injections in the treatment of focal dystonia. My experience over the years in these fields has taught me that despite the complexity and the therapeutic challenges, there is always place for hope and that a small improvement can have a big impact on the quality of life of the patient.
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53 Parkside, Parkside Hospital, Wimbledon, W19 5NXUK

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