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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are anti-aging products that are injected into the skin of patients to add volume. They are injected to make skin that is sagging or has become wrinkled because of age look smooth and plump. They are also called injectable facial fillers, injectable cosmetic fillers or soft tissue fillers.  They are made of hyaluronic acid taken from animals or from the fat of the patient. It takes five minutes to an hour to perform dermal filler procedures.  

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

Dermal fillers last from six months to five years. They are not permanent and are absorbed by the skin over time.  

Is the administration of Dermal Fillers painful?

Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin before dermal filler injections are administered. Patients will feel the pain of the injection during the procedure and after the anaesthetic wears off, for a few days. Some fillers contain an analgesic substance called lidocaine. These fillers are less painful than other fillers.   

When can I travel by air after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should wait one week after getting dermal fillers injected before travelling by air. Air travel can aggravate the swelling and bruising that may occur after dermal fillers are injected.   

How long does recovery take after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Recovery from dermal filler injections may take seven to fourteen days. Recovery depends on each individual patient.  

What after care is required after the administration of Dermal Fillers?

Patients should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol until any swelling has subsided. They should avoid touching their face for at least one day. They should avoid going in direct sunlight for at least two days. They should drink plenty of water after the treatment. They should not get any beauty treatments done on their face for at least a week. They should avoid strenuous exercises and lifting heavy objects for at least a month. They should avoid blood thinning medications for a few weeks.  Patients should perform facial exercises for a few hours after the procedure.

What are the alternatives to Dermal Fillers?

Collagen stimulation therapy, some herbal medicines or lotions and micro-current assisted skin toning are some alternatives to injecting dermal fillers.

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Medische Esthetiek Luno - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Belgium

Medische Esthetiek Luno

schoterweg 160, tessenderlo, 3980
Rating from 4 Reviews From the first moment he made me feel very comfortable as he talked me through the procedureMarijjke, Belgium, 16 Jul 18

I wanted an experienced doctor to enhance my thin lips since I was kind of afraid for the procedure and results. I had a lip filler treatment to enhance my lip volume and overall appearance. The doctor listened very carefully to my wishes. Then he explained the possibilities to get the desired results. The treatment was not painful at all! My lips appear full and still natural. Good value for the money I spend. Dr Dekeyser and his nurse assistant are really great and experienced. The clinic is private, located in a beautiful green surrounding. It almost feels like home. From the first moment he made me feel very comfortable as he talked me through the procedure. Dr Dekeyser is very gentle and not rushed at all. He really listened to my wishes. I would recommend this doctor for lip filler treatment.

Dermal Fillers € 150 - € 450
Lip Augmentation from € 350
Treatment for Wrinkles from € 35
6 more treatments
4.2 / 5  Excellent
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Aesthetic Medical Clinic - Tomas Kempny

Aesthetic Medical Clinic

Door Verstraetelei 6, 2930 Brasschaat, Antwerp
Rating from 2 Reviews Absolutely fantastic! Doctor and his approach were top levelNikolina, Belgium, 29 Nov 17

The products are of high quality. Absolutely fantastic! Doctor and his approach are on the top level. I strongly recommend this clinic. Excellent!

Dermal Fillers € 180 - € 275
A smooth existence is everybodys wish. Keeping ayouthful face is made possible by cosmetic surgery due to fast,reliable and easy techniques to smooth away your wrinkles. Thereare different procedures to fill out or smooth away wrinkles, somegiving more temporary or long-lasting results. Wrinkles which can be filled out are for instancethe nasial-labial wrinkles (nose to mouth grooves), lines around thecorners of the mouth and lines on the under- and upperlip. In our clinic we use a natural product, hyaluronsour (Hylaform), avisco-elastic gel. It is exactly this substance that the body breaksdown during the aging process and of which there will be a deficiency.Logically there will be a minimal possibility of lumps or allergicreactions. One disadvantage of this technique is that the body willbreak down this hyaluronsour, so that the result of the treatment willonly be temporary. Further on there is PMS, a refined silicone-oil, which is used as a permanent wrinkle-filler. A brand new product is Aquamid, an acrylate, this is a permanentwrinkle -filler which brings about good results especially in case ofdeep wrinkles and lines. Lipostructure is an alternative to this last type of product. Forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet ask for a specifictreatment. Because these wrinkles are particularly caused by thefunctioning of their underlying small muscles, they are effectivelytreated by a treatment for lines and wrinkles injection ([Treatment name removed]). This is a medicine thatweakens the power of these underlying small muscles. After 4 to 6 month the effect of Treatment for lines and wrinkles will disappear and the treatment can be repeated.
Lip Augmentation € 220 - € 275
Well-formed lips and well-treated teeth aregenerally seen as the most important parts of the face. Fuller lipsstand for warmth and youth and give you a more beautiful smile. When your lips are too thin, you can opt for lip enlargement, atreatment which has been performed for many years. Lip enlargement ispossible for the under- or upperlip. Some treatments give moretemporary results, others give long-lasting results. Considering thesize of enlargement and the patients wishes, one of the proceduresmentioned underneath can be chosen. 1. Hylaform or hylausour is a temporary filler which gives you theadvantage to decide if a lip enlargement is something for you or not,before you choose a more definitive solution. 2. Acquamid, PMS or other silicone based products are permanentproducts which give more beautiful results. These are permanentproducts; they are not broken down by the body. 3. For a definitive lip filling we often prefer the most naturalproduct. Lip enlargement can be performed using the bodys own fat(lipofilling or lipostructure). In this case, after being purified, thebodys own fat is injected into the lips. It is also possible to useown skin for a lip enlargement. The operation is performed under alocal anaesthetic and takes about 1 hour. After the operation, the lipwill be a little bit swollen during one week. Lip enlargements are always performed under a local anaesthetic. Most lip enlargements are carried out in different sessions
Treatment for Wrinkles € 90 - € 120
Treatment one area just  €100
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Dermatology and Laser Practice - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Belgium

Dermatology and Laser Practice

Rue Félix Delhasse 24, Bruxelles, 1060
Rating from 2 Reviews All procedures were successful and very happyAnonymous, Ecaussinnes, 03 May 16

Dr. Lowy was referred to me by a friend. Her treatments; treatment for wrinkles, laser and sclerotherapy for spider veins are standard practice procedures which are very effective. I think you reach a comfort and trust level with your dermatologist and you stay with them because there are no doubts. I have re-occuring six month treatment for wrinkles, had broken capillaries removed from my cheeks and nose with a laser and sclerotherapy for spider veins. All procedures were successful and very happy to have a great dermatologist to fix my old body that has seen years of sports accidents, sun exposure and living on the wild side. :)) Pleasant, quick, as painless as possible. Nice quiet location in St. Gilles. Parking can be difficult.

Dermal Fillers
Anti-Wrinkle Injections  
Hyaluronic Acid  
Collagen Filler  
3.8 / 5  Very Good
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Dr. V Laina Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Belgium

Dr. V Laina Plastic Surgery

Avenue Winston Churchill 157, 1180 Uccle, Brussels
Rating from 1 Review The doctor was fantastic - she’s such a friendly woman who explained the entire procedureDeheer, Netherlands, 22 Feb 18

Dr. Laina’s response rate was the quickest, so I chose her for my scar removal treatment. When I made the appointment, I wasn’t aware there’d be an additional hospital bill (or that it would be so high). This came as a bit of a shock to me. I had no problem with the results, or the doctor herself, but the hospital where I had the surgery done, could have been more transparent about their rates. Overall, I expected the cost to be lower, but it was okay. I could afford it. I visited the doctor at her rooms for the consultation, but we had the actual surgery in the hospital. The procedure took one day, but I went back after two weeks for the removal of the stitches. It’ll take six months for me to heal completely. It’s only been three months now, but I’m happy with what I’m seeing so far. The only issue I had, was with the hospital - they could be more transparent and organised. I don’t speak French, and this was the language of the hospital staff. Luckily for me, the doctor was able to translate everything. Dr. Laina was fantastic - she’s such a friendly woman who explained the entire procedure (the cause of the scar, the treatment, and what I could expect from the healing process). We had a good conversation before I went through with anything.

Dermal Fillers € 200 - € 300
Lip Augmentation € 250 - € 300
Non-Surgical Facelift € 700 - € 850
3.9 / 5  Very Good
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Carpe Professional Care - Beauty Salon in Belgium

Carpe Professional Care

Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 162, Antwerpen, 2020
This clinic located in Antwerp, Belgium has given high quality aesthetic treatments to patients for the last 20 years. Surgical and non surgical procedures are performed by the clinic. Services offered by the clinic are a detailed consultation by a dermatologist, skin analysis, administration of Treatment for lines and wrinkles injections for wrinkle relaxation, mesotherapy for wrinkle relaxation, the administration of dermal filler injections, non surgical facelifts, anti aging skin peeling, laser based blemish removal, radiofrequency skin tightening, acne treatments and foot and hand blemish removal.
Dermal Fillers
Dermal Fillers Superficial Filling from € 100
Dermal Fillers from € 200
Dermal Fillers Filling a Full Face from € 800
4 more treatments
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Duinbergen Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Belgium

Duinbergen Clinic

Duinbergenlaan 33-35, Kalvekeetdijk 260, Knokke-Heist, 8301
Duinbergen Clinic is a Plastic Surgeon in Knokke-Heist. To contact them for additional information simply fill out the contact form.
Dermal Fillers  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
3.4 / 5  Good
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Golden Ratio Clinic - Dr Wim Danau

Golden Ratio Clinic

Wolsemstraat 80, Dilbeek, 1700
Rating from 2 Reviews I am very happy with the results and the recoverySophie, Overijse, 30 Mar 17

Mini face-lift and upper-eyelid correction I am very happy with the results and the recovery. I find Dr. Danau very kind and calm which helped me with my fears of undergoing this procedure. He takes time to explain everything and puts you at ease. Very satisfied.

Dermal Fillers € 250 - € 350
Lip Augmentation € 250 - € 350
3.8 / 5  Very Good
from 174 users
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Global Care Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Belgium

Global Care Clinic

Kerkstraat 105, Heusden-Zolder, 3550
Rating from 2 Reviews Breast augmentation due to massive weight lossTerri, UK, 27 Nov 15

I traveled from Belfast Northern Ireland to have my breast augmentation due to a massive weight loss and chosing clonal care clinic was by far the best decision I've ever made and would most certainly do it all again. From The whole experience and the care from all the staff made it all worth while. The most exciting experience. The whole team where amazing and so attentive throughout my whole decision, surgery and after care, beautiful clinic and the most beautiful people. Couldn't be more happier with my time in the clinic made to feel so welcome especially being so far from home.

Dermal Fillers  
Lip Augmentation  
Treatment for Wrinkles from € 100
3 more treatments
3.7 / 5  Very Good
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Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Vilvoorde - Dokter Patrick Dedoncker studeerde in 1989 af als Doctor in de Genees-, heel- en verloskunde aan de Universiteit Gent met grote onderscheiding.

Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Vilvoorde

Gendarmerie Street 65, Vilvoorde, B1800
Rating from 4 Reviews I was quite satisfied with their standard pricesVermeulen, South Africa, 28 Jun 17

My breast lift appointment at Dr. Patrick's clinic in Vilvoorde went far better than I expected. I was quite satisfied with their standard prices which were similar to many other places, I was also happy with the doctor's performance and professionalism. I was quite happy with the clinic because of their prices, their doctors, their service ethic and of course the final result after I had the appointment and procedure at the clinic.

Filler or Wrinkle (1 cc hyaluronic acid) from € 220
Lip Augmentation (Grease injection, liquid facelift) from € 990
Treatment for Wrinkles (1 Zone) from € 195
2 other locations in Belgium for Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Vilvoorde.
Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Lokeren

Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Lokeren

Sacred Heart Avenue 11, Lokeren
Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Lepelstraat

Dr. Patrick Dedoncker - Lepelstraat

Lepelstraat 2, Lokeren
3.7 / 5  Very Good
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Hairtraco - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Belgium


Jzerenmolenstraat 138/01, Heverlee, Leuven, 3001
Rating from 1 Review Incredible resultsJerry, Belgium, 10 Nov 15

Dr. Morren has been amazing from the very beginning; she set my mind at ease about the treatment plan with a comprehensive overview and explanation of the process. I look forward to every visit and the incredible results!! Hairtraco is the total package; convenient location, professional facility and staff, reasonable prices, and Dr. Morren is simply wonderful! I couldn't be happier with my decision to seek treatment with Dr. Morren and would highly recommend her to anyone!!

Dermal Fillers
Peau d’orange of the chin from € 70
Smoking wrinkles around the lips from € 220
Nasolabial folds from € 350
15 more treatments
3.3 / 5  Good
from 78 users
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Da Vinci Clinic - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Belgium

Da Vinci Clinic

Kempenlaan 36, Beerse, B2340
Improving the appearance of patients including overseas patients through non-surgical aesthetic procedures and beauty therapies is the focus of the team at this clinic located at Beerse in Belgium. The team consists of qualified aesthetic physicians, registered nurses and expert beauticians. The goal of the team is to help patients look younger and more beautiful using the best available equipment, procedures and products. Services available at the clinic include the administration of anti aging facial injectables, laser based hair removal and facial rejuvenation, medical skincare treatments, cosmetic dentistry and semi-permanent makeup.
Dermal Fillers
Mouth Lift from € 50
Bunny Lines from € 50
Gummy Smile from € 50
14 more treatments
3.5 / 5  Good
from 68 users
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Mediplast- Mediclinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in Belgium

Mediplast- Mediclinic

Bogaardenstraat 49C, Oud Heverlee, 3050
The location of this clinic is at Oud-Haverlee near Leuven in Belgium. Surgical and non surgical procedures are performed by a highly qualified and experienced team. Their goal is to enhance the appearance of patients and increase their confidence by performing procedures of a high standard. A detailed initial consultation is scheduled and the requirements of patients assessed before procedures are performed. Services provided include the surgical reshaping or augmentation of facial features and breasts, surgical body sculpting procedures, intra-gastric balloon procedures for obese patients, the administration of anti aging facial injectables and laser based skin improvement procedures.
Dermal Fillers
Anti-Wrinkle Injections: 1 Zone from € 150
Anti-Wrinkle Injections: 2 Zones from € 250
Rimpelvullers from € 270
2 more treatments
1 other location in Belgium for Mediplast- Mediclinic.
Mediplast- Kard. Mercierstraat 11

Mediplast- Kard. Mercierstraat 11

Cardinal Mercier Street 11, Aarschot
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