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Jingshen Acupuncture & TCM Clinic - Acupuncture Clinic in the UKFeatured

Jingshen Acupuncture & TCM Clinic

0203 514 1518 ext: 57767 58 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5SL
Titta M. Laattala is the founder of Jingshen Acupuncture & TCM Clinic and is an experienced practitioner of Acupuncture and TCM. Her qualifications include Licentiate in Acupuncture TCM, Diploma in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Diploma in Medical Qigong. She is a teacher and a clinical supervisor of Acupuncture TCM in the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Council Member of the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Titta is fully insured and adheres to the strict code of conduct as laid out by the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine (PRTCM) and Professional Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (PRCHM).Treatment options most commonly used at Jingshen Acupuncture & TCM Clinic:Treatment options most commonly used at Jingshen Acupuncture & TCM Clinic: Acupuncture - MoxibustionChinese Herbal MedicineMedical QigongCuppingDietary TherapyMedical AdviceJingshen Acupuncture TCM Clinic is currently accepting new patients at the Wellbeing Centre in Mayfair. For an appointment and further information, please contact Titta directly.
Medical Qigong Consultation from £360
Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation from £160
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Dr Theodora Mantzourani Bioidentical Hormones - Dr MantzouraniFeatured

Dr Theodora Mantzourani Bioidentical Hormones

0204 538 3176 10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF
4.4 from 6 verified reviews
Dr. Mantzourani is a private doctor fully registered with the GMC and a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. She has special interests in Bio-identical Hormones, Chronic Complex Disease Management, Functional Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Antiaging/RegenerativeMedicine and Medical Diets. Her mission is to improve patient outcomes through prevention, early assessment and comprehensive personalized patient care management.
Holistic Health Consultation  
Nutritional Counselling  
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Dr Anu Arasu - Dr Anu Arasu

Dr Anu Arasu

London Bioidentical Hormones at The Hale Clinic, 3rd Floor, 4 Harley St, London, W1G 9PB
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She’s a lovely and kind doctor who is hugely knowledgeable, you feel secure and cared forCaryn, UK, 24 11 18

Dr Arasu is treating me as a post-menopausal 52-year-old. She is also using her substantial medical knowledge and experience on my diagnosis of early onset Parkinson’s Disease. Her Bioidentical Hormones have helped restore my energy, cleared brain fog and helped stabilise me. She tested my adrenals and has prescribed DHEA which is making an enormous impact on my strength and energy. Her kindness, her impressive medical background is supplemented by her broader understanding of holistic care means that she is treating all my issues in a joined-up interrelated manner. Visiting Dr Arasu’s clinic is always warm and uplifting. She’s a lovely and kind doctor who is hugely knowledgeable, you feel secure and cared for.

Holistic Health Consultation  
Bio-identical Hormone Therapy General Practice using advanced diagnostic testingNutritional medicine Antiageing Medicine Functional MedicineHealth screening
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy £60 - £240
Hormone Treatment £60 - £240
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Dr Anu Arasu - Edinburgh

Dr Anu Arasu - Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Edinburgh
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Battersea and Wandsworth Chiropractors - Battersea and Wandsworth Chiropractors

Battersea and Wandsworth Chiropractors

207 St Johns Hill, London, SW11 1TH
4.9 from 11 verified reviews
I will continue with my visits as my body and my mind feel so much lighterBrigita, UK, 30 01 21

I looked for help because my spine was literary on fire. Needless to say, my body was screaming for help! One evening I decided to walk into the practice. Idea was to have a quick visit and a fix and get on with my life. Well, little did I know, how deeply rooted my pain was and that the pain itself didn't happen overnight, but over many years. After my first consultation I agreed to follow, 'the road to recovery', which was a journey that saw me attending the sessions twice a week for a month and once a week after that. Quite quickly I have noticed that my inner space and quietness was growing, my nervous system seemed to be more at peace and I also noted, that even though, my knee was never directly manipulated and adjusted by the practitioner, the pain simply disappeared. My sleep improved, my digestive system became more awake and active and my neck pain started to melt away. My morning numbness in my hands and fingers has also improved. I have been treated not just as another patient with a problem but heard and supported all the way. I will continue with my visits as my body and my mind feel so much lighter. Dr. Ari and Tugba are simply an amazing team!

Holistic Health Consultation  
Back Pain Treatment  
Combinations of massage, manipulation, stretching and strengthening techniques are always used.
Spinal Rehabilitation - Neck and Back Injury  
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Natural Homeopathic Clinic - Holistic Health Clinic in the UK

Natural Homeopathic Clinic

35 Crundale Avenue, Kingsbury, NW9 9PJ
4.9 from 5 verified reviews
I highly recommended this place based on my experienceBavekta, UK, 21 05 24

Anu provided excellent customer service throughout. I highly recommended this place based on my experience!

I would recommend sessions to anyoneChandrika, UK, 07 10 20

I have only had 4 sessions with Anu for Eczema on my left foot. Before I started the Homeopathic Clinic. I had bad days and very bad days. Very bad days were the Eczema would flare up and would not be able to sleep at night time. After the 4 sessions, I have good days and only some bad days, where it flares up but not so bad. I would recommend sessions with Anu to anyone.

Holistic Health Consultation £200 - £840
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Embracing Health - Charter House Clinic - Kara Mia

Embracing Health - Charter House Clinic

193 Whitecross Street, Old Street, London, EC1Y 8QP
4.3 from 3 verified reviews
I approach health from the three important aspects of mind, body and spirit.   I use the Asyra, a bio-energetic health screening technology to reduce the time-consuming element of trial and error, which so often can be a part of health treatment. You can expect a full naturopathic, nutritional, homeopathic and energetic assessment of your condition and I will work with you every step of the way.
Holistic Health Consultation £90 - £120
Bio-Resonance Health Screening, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Matrix Energy Work, Colonic Irrigation
Anxiety - Alternative Treatment  
Nutrition Counselling £90 - £120
As a nutritionist I believe it is important to test for food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies. I use the highly effective Asyra Pro, bio-resonance screening device. Non-invasive, immediate results, remedy included in price.
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Embracing Health

Embracing Health

11 Cannon Place, Charlton, London
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