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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth shaped covering used as a cap over damaged teeth. The purpose of placing a crown is to improve the appearance and strength of the damaged tooth. Crowns are also placed over surgically inserted dental implants.

What are the different types of Dental Crowns?

The types of dental crowns include ceramic crowns, zirconia crowns, porcelain covered corrosion resistant metal crowns or porcelain fused to metal crowns, corrosion resistant metal crowns and gold crowns.

What is the best type of crown?

The best type of crown depends on the need of each individual patient and the position of the tooth. For instance, some people would find a gold crown placed on a front tooth unsightly. Ceramic, tooth coloured crowns placed on the front teeth maintain the natural appearence of the smile.

How long will a Dental Crown last?

Crowns are expected to last for about 5 years. Some crowns could last for up to 30 years. The life of a crown depends on the dental hygiene practiced by the patient and general wear and tear caused by biting, chewing or grinding. Crowns may crack if the patient has an accident.

Is it painful to get a Dental Crown?

Dentists inject local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and gum before placing the crown. The patient will not feel any pain while the crown is being placed. After the anaesthetic wears off the patient may feel mild pain or sensitivity for a few hours.

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No score yet - Moscow - Dental Clinic in Russia - Moscow

ul.Rozanova, 10, building 1, Moscow, 123008
For more information about - Moscow in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Metal-free crowns on implants from 25000 ₽
Dentist Consultation  
Installing a simple implant technology "SuperLine" from 28000 ₽
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Dental Clinic of European Medical Center - Bregeaut Yves and Dacremont Philippe

Dental Clinic of European Medical Center

Ulitsa Shchepkina, 35, Trifonovskaya str., 26, Moscow, 121099
 The Dental Center at EMC provides a full range of dental services. We provide all types of care, including therapeutic, surgical, orthodontic, prosthodontic and preventive dentistry. The dental center has its own dental laboratory for making crowns and dentures using modern techniques and materials. Our center, which was founded in 1989, became the first in the country where dentists from Europe practiced and it became convenient for the diplomatic community, representatives of the international business elite and the population with a more visible social status. For more than 30 years, while significantly expanding, the Center has not changed its principles. Today, dentists from Russia and Western Europe continue to work at the clinic. Close contact with leading foreign clinics and cooperation with world leaders in the production of medical equipment and medicines allow us to apply the latest advances in dentistry, implantology and maxillofacial surgery. Treatment is carried out in accordance with recognized international standards.  It will be our pleasure to welcome you, feel free to contact us: +7 (495) 127-52-64
Dental Crowns
CROWN REMOVAL made in other clinic from 3770 ₽
CROWN FIXATION from 3770 ₽
Temporary restoration of the stump of a tooth at the order of root tabs under the temporary crown from 7469 ₽
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BabySmile Dental clinic for children and teens - Olga Latkina-Turkova

BabySmile Dental clinic for children and teens

Novoslobodskaya st., 67/69, Moscow, 127055
Set in very heart of Moscow's prestigious Novoslobodskaya st., is paediatric and adult dental practice based mainly on preventive dental care. Our first and foremost goal is to teach our patients and their parents about proper dental care. We adhere to the opinion that prevention is the key to keeping your baby's teeth caries free.
Dental Crowns  
Permanent Crown  
Temporary Crown  
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Doka Dent-Clinic on Tverskaya - Dental Clinic in Russia

Doka Dent-Clinic on Tverskaya

ul. 1st Tverskaya-27, Moscow, 125047
For more information about Doka Dent-Clinic on Tverskaya in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns  
Zirconia Crown from 45000 ₽
1 other location in Moscow for Doka Dent-Clinic on Tverskaya
Doka Dent-Southwest

Doka Dent-Southwest

ul. 26 Baku commissars, 14, Moscow
from 14 users
Simpladent - m. Butyrskaya - Dental Clinic in Russia

Simpladent - m. Butyrskaya

ul. Rustaveli, 14с6, Moskva, 127254
For more information about Simpladent - m. Butyrskaya in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Removing old crowns (cast / cermet from 1700 ₽
Crown-molded metal (Germany) from 5500 ₽
With plastic crown on the implant with immediate load (Japan, Germany) - Stage 1 from 9000 ₽
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1 other location in Moscow for Simpladent - m. Butyrskaya
Simpladent - m. The proletarian

Simpladent - m. The proletarian

Volgogradskiy pr., 4, Moskva
from 30 users
American-Russian Dental Center - Dental Clinic in Russia

American-Russian Dental Center

21A, Sadovo-Kudrinskaya St, Moscow, 123242
4.6 from 1 verified review
The Russian dental clinic ARDC Moscow was founded in 2001 by dentist Giovanni Favero as a branch of his clinic at Sacramento, CA. He created a team of highly professional dentists who will be happy to welcome you at our dental clinic. We are prepared to offer you a broad range of dental services and cure all dental problems you might have.As a client, we guarantee you will feel good and comfortable. You will have the newest technologies at your disposal:Pain-free dental care, Ceramic fused metal crowns (metal-ceramics), whole ceramic crowns set on a zirconium oxide-based base, Veneers, Prosthodontics using gold platinum fusions, Bugle prosthodontics, Dental implant surgery, Aesthetic restorations, ZOOM! bleaching (whitening), Air-flow, Orthodontics, placement of brackets. Dental visits are getting ever less painful thanks to the production of modern dental equipment and the availability of analgesics. Dental clientele now includes not only patients suffering from toothache, but also individuals who value prophylaxis allowing to prevent problems with their teeth and the whole mouth cavity. This in turn pushes up the demand for dental services. The development of non-state-owned dental clinics allows patients to obtain quality care provided at any stage of their disease. Dentistry is one of the most dynamic and leading fields in modern medicine. The active development and advancement of this specialty, dental care, ensures that medicine is now able to offer numerous solutions t
Dental Crowns  
Porcelain Crown from 65600 ₽
All-ceramic crown
PFM Crown from 33500 ₽
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US Dental Care - Dental Clinic in Russia

US Dental Care

7/5, Building 2, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Str., Nearest Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad or Teatralnaya, Moscow, 125009
5.0 from 1 verified review
At US Dental Care you will experience the high-quality personal attention of your private dentist, plus the facilities and resources of a full-service, state-of-the-art dental clinic. US Dental Care offers service which has never before been available in Russia-treatment of existing problems as well as preventative dentistry. Upon your first visit to our doctor, you will receive a full diagnosis of your dental health and a full, personalized treatment plan. This will assist you in planning how much time and resources will be required in order for you to have a beautiful and healthy smile. In addition, we offer a hygiene program which increases the effectiveness of completed treatment and offers the best possible protection of your dental health.
Dental Crowns  
Dentist Consultation  
Dental Implants  
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Dentistry Taganka - Dental Clinic in Russia

Dentistry Taganka

street. Small Masons, d. 4, Moscow, 115172
For more information about Dentistry Taganka in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Metal-ceramic crown from 20500 ₽
Crowns on implants from 22700 ₽
All-ceramic crowns from 31700 ₽
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Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic "MedStar 32"

Aviakonstruktora Milya ul., 16, Moskva, 109431
For more information about Dental Clinic "MedStar 32" in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns - Tooth cast from 2000 ₽
Dental Crowns - Crown stamped metal from 3000 ₽
Dental Crowns - Crown stamped metal clasp from 3500 ₽
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"Easy Breathing" Medical Center

ul. Lva Tolstogo, 7А, Moskva, 119021
For more information about "Easy Breathing" Medical Center in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns  
The crown on the basis of zirconium oxide ceramic application from 45000 ₽
Temporary Crown
Temporary crown or veneer direct method from 3500 ₽
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My Orthodontist - Dental Clinic in Russia

My Orthodontist

street. Most Semenovskaya d. 32, Moscow
For more information about My Orthodontist in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Removing one Pressed crown from 360 ₽
Removing metal-ceramic crown from 540 ₽
Making a temporary plastic crown direct method from 960 ₽
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Dial-Dent Dental Clinic - Dental Clinic in Russia

Dial-Dent Dental Clinic

Kozhevnicheskiy pr-d, 4/5с5, Moskva, 115114
For more information about Dial-Dent Dental Clinic in Moscow please contact the clinic.
Dental Crowns
Cast Pin tab (pin) of metal, fiberglass, ceramic from 6600 ₽
Dental Crowns - Metal-crown on the implant from 16500 ₽
Dental Crowns - crown-metal from 18348 ₽
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