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BALIBAGO CLINIC:: IBG PLAZA uNIT #3, 245 Mon Tang Ave., Balibago, Mc Arthur Hiway,, HENSON CLINIC: 833 HENSON ST. A. DEL ROSARIO, ANGELES CITY, Angeles City, Philippines, 2009Philippines

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Prices from ₱400 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Excellent ServiceScore™ 8.1 from 39 votes ★ 4 verified patient reviews. Visit our Dentist - BALIBAGO CLINIC:: IBG PLAZA uNIT #3, 245 Mon Tang Ave., Balibago, Mc Arthur Hiway,, HENSON CLINIC: 833 HENSON ST. A. DEL ROSARIO, ANGELES CITY, Angeles City, Philippines, 2009, Philippines.

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Dentist Consultation
Dental Implants ₱45000 - ₱75000
Braces ₱50000 - ₱90000
Teeth Whitening_ clinical 35% ₱12000 - ₱15000
Dental Crowns
Dental Bridges ₱5000 - ₱30000
Extractions ₱700 - ₱20000
Root canals
Wisdom Tooth Extraction ₱5000 - ₱15000
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About Winsome Smile Today


30 YEARS OF ACTIVE PRIVATE DENTAL PRACTICE and still improving in our delivery of quality and affordable dental treatments.







TMJ splint, Mouth guard, behavioural modification techniques for TMJ related ailment


- GUM CONTOURING [Tooth Lengthening/ shortening]




- TMJ Treatment:_ TMJ SPLINT with constant equilibration // Muscle de program and Bite equilibtation for non-functional tooth/teeth contact/s causing pain and discomfort of the masticatory muscles and teeth.


My husband and I together with our clinic staff work hand in hand in giving each of our patient the best, honest, fair and quality treatment/s. We are actively involved in the dental practice for 30 years. "Patient comfort, satisfaction and wellness is our prime dental health mission".

To rightly assess extreme dental procedures that entail long treatment, we present a prompt and detailed treatment plan which include model study cast, x-ray analysis and costing plan, we make sure our patient is involved on this initial treatment phase. We give special discounts to senior citizens.

Our clinic is located at the heart of downtown Angeles City and the location is very accessible and easy to reach by a few minutes walking from the nearby hotels. We can recommend hotel names which offer pick-up and drop off arrangements to and from airport to hotel. [if requested]

To serve our clients well, we have dental X-ray for prompt diagnosis of cases at hand and Oral Web-cam as our main visual adjunct during the time of oral examination. Our dental chairs are equipped with a FILTERED WATER RESERVOIR which ensures that water entering our patient's mouth is safe and clean. For sterilization methods, we have 3 selections: Autoclave, ultaviolet oven plus the basic chemical sterilization - because we value every patient's health and well being.

Our PASSION is to give our clients an affordable, esthetic and quality state of the art dental services. We work with passion and commitment, with keen emphasis and attention on physiologic integrity of the involved tooth/teeth and gums, therefore resulting to a quality and functional dental works outcome. We value our patient's satisfaction, so we give strict attention to details like marginal fit, color and hues, right occlusal relationship of teeth and surrounding tooth structure, these are true mostly for cosmetic crowns. Our great achievements are GLASS CERAMIC [e-max], ZIRCONIA CROWNS and TILITE CROWNS as a prosthetic crown replacement of a natural tooth or as a Dental Implant prosthetic crown restoration. Most of our clients do come back, but not for repairs or treatment of failed dental restorations, but to say Hello how happy they are with their new look or to bring home some relatives or friends as referrals. We also offer CAPTEK crown, a precious metal incorporated to ordinary jacket core during metal casting to add strength to the metal core.

For long Prosthetic procedures, Dental Implants and Root Canal Theraphy, we recommend that the patient would ask for an appointment. We want to give quality time to each patient, as far as thorough mouth check-up, treatment planning and consultation are concerned.

Clients can communicate to us via e-mail, cellphones or landlines. Of these three channels of communication we prefer that our clients would send us e-mails and we will be prompt to answer their inquiries.

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Patient reviews

4.3 from 4 verified reviews
Jay, Philippines
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

The clinic is clean and has good ambiance

4 50 Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Temporary Filling • Paid: ₱5390

I went there for a TMD check up and Dr. Eden was so patient enough to explain to me the cause and effect of TMD. She also examined my bite if I have TMD. Good thing I don't have it. She just recommended to have my wisdom tooth to be extracted as it is the main reason why I'm having headeaches on the right back part of my head. It's been years since I had my last extraction that is why I'm so afraid of the procedure. But her husband Dr. Ramos made the extraction procedure not so scary. It was costly and expensive but all in all their service was Great! Thank you!

Dentist are Patient enough to explain the TMD and the effects of it. The clinic is clean and has good ambiance.

Treated by: eden ramos

Good day Jay Pee..thank you for your nice review. Hoping that with the removal of your wisdom tooth, your discomforting pain on your neck and back of the head will be resolved..Please visit us every 6 months for continuing care dental care and wellness. We should grow old with our teeth. Best regards, Dr. eden

Winsome Smile Today
Winsome Smile Today
Tonnie, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Questions answered very well

4 50 Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

Prices were very reasonable and questions answered very well

Marieta, Philippines
( Review verified by phone and email)

Very professional service

5 50 Dentures • Paid: ₱30000

dentures,light cured filling

Very much pleased! Happy to flash that smile again with new set of dentures at very reasonable and very professional service.

Miguel, Philippines
( Review verified by email)


4.3 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: ₱2000


The hospitable treatment was great. And the price you paid is more than what you get.

Thank you Miguel for rating our clinic.

Winsome Smile Today
Winsome Smile Today
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  • NADTI - National Association of Dental Traders (Philippines) 
  • PAID - Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry (Philippines) 
  • PDA - Philippine Dental Association (Philippines) 


Parking - Infront of the clinic is a long stretch of parking areas.Accessible to disabled peoplePublic transport accessWheelchair accessible toiletAccess without stepsDisabled parkingPatient bathroom

Clinic services

Emergency service - We are open for daytime of emergency dental cases only that needs to be attended to.Text message remindersOpen weekends - Whole day during Saturdays, Sundays by appointment only

Travel services

Local accommodation - Our clinic is surrounded by nearby hotels for patient accomodation. We will furnish the patient the names of hotels upon their request.


₱20000 - ₱25000

Bone Graft

Bone Graft  - Winsome Smile Today

We implore the latest trend in grafting materials - the MIS BOND BONE and FOUR BONE plus other grafing materials needed to do the grafting procedure.

₱50000 - ₱90000


Braces - Winsome Smile Today

For busy people, we recommend the self-ligating braces that need fewer clinical appointments and fewer trips to the dentist for adjustment and activation procedures. Price upon request..


Adult Braces

₱70000 - ₱90000

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces - Winsome Smile Today

White or colorless braces are made of ceramics When bonded to the enamel,  it has a very esthetic appearance. It looks so natural without any metallic reflections. Price upon request..


Clear Braces

These are colorless brackets bonded to the enamel of the teeth for correction of malocclusion or spaces in between teeth.  It is very esthetic and it is usually made of ceramics

₱50000 - ₱75000

Fixed Braces


Cosmetic Dentist Consultation

Consultation fee is waived on pursued treatment. 


Dental Bonding

₱5000 - ₱30000

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges - Winsome Smile Today

Our forte are two crowns consisting of TILITE CROWNS reinforced with titanium.  A precious element incorporated in the metal core of the porcelain-fused to metal to add strength and act as green stain-resistant on the gum margins.  When used as a full shell crown, it has a silvery shine luster.We have second best offer- the Zirconia bridge for 3-4 unit crown and bridge restoration. Price depends on what type of crown the patient opt to have.


3-Unit Bridge

₱45000 - ₱75000

Implant Bridge

Implant Bridge - Winsome Smile TodayImplant Bridge - Winsome Smile Today

A dental implant bridge consist of 2 or more dental implants supported bridge. Each unit of dental implant is screwed by a special threading low speed equipment to burrow it deeper into the bone.  When the dental implant is properly embedded on a strong bone and left to integrate with the bone matrix without any barring circumstances, then either a porcelain  or Zirconia bridge will last a lifetime. 

₱5000 - ₱8000

Maryland Bridge

Maryland Bridge - Winsome Smile Today

The Maryland bridge is a single unit tooth replacement of an extracted tooth. A  lingual strap on each side of the crown is etched and bonded in place to act as support of the single crown restoration.  The success of this crown depends upon on the design of the metal strap and the strength of its cementation at the back of the two adjacent teeth. Price depends on what type of crown and type of metal core and support wings the patient opts to have.  For strength and durability a 25% alloy is added to the conventional metal during casting. The support wings have shiny appearance after polishing.  The patient could ask for this preference, but with added cost.


PFM Bridge

Aporcelain fused to metal is a crown or bridge that has several types: the one with ordinary metal core, the one with semiprecious metal as in TILITE crown, wherein a 20-25% titanium is added to the ordinary ingridients during metal core casting.  The metal gains strength in the process of firing and purging in the heated furnace.


Porcelain Bridge

Zirconia type of crown for single or multiple crown replacement is ideal for its inherent strength and esthetic quality. It is very adaptive to the gums and doesn't cause a blackish or greenish stains on the gum margins because the core is non-metallic. Book now for an appointment.


Temporary Bridge

₱400 - ₱1000

Dental Checkup


Routine Dental Examination


Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns - Winsome Smile Today

Permanent Crown


PFM Crown


Porcelain Crown


Stainless Steel Crown

₱20000 - ₱25000

Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown - Winsome Smile Today

These type of crown is very durable and very esthetic.  It is fabricated from Zirconium ingots and milled and processed in a CAD CAM Machine.  It is very suitable for front teeth restorations...Price is upon request.

₱45000 - ₱75000

Dental Implants

Dental Implants - Winsome Smile Today

Dental Implants are precious metal screw designed  for strength and esthetics for replacement of missing single or multiple teeth. With a special low speed drilling equipment, it is threaded deep inside the bony ridge at a specific gauge aand size.  An interval of 4 months is passed before it is uncovered again for the placement of healing cap for 2weeks.  After which the prosthetic component is placed. 


Restoration of Implants


Dental Sealant


Dental X-Ray

Periapical x-ray is a radiograph as an adjunct to prompt oral diagnosis.  

₱400 - ₱500

Traditional Dental X-Ray


Dentist Consultation




Acrylic Dentures


Dentures Adjustment

from ₱1000

Dentures Repair


Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed Partial Dentures - Winsome Smile Today

We have range of fixed partial denture types to choose from: Zirconia, glass ceramic crown, Tilite crown, captek crown etc. We send costing upon request.

₱7000 - ₱25000

Full Dentures

Full Dentures - Winsome Smile Today

FULL DENTURE to replace all missing teeth either on upper or lower jaw.  The cost depends on the tooth material to be used, the type of pink resin to be used. Just like Ferrari, which is the top of the line among luxury cars, IVOCAP is highly recommended.  Very strong and well polished.  Price is upon request.


Immediate Dentures



₱20000 - ₱25000

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable Partial Dentures - Winsome Smile Today

FLEXITE is a removable artificial denture that is rigidly durable yet flexible.  It has no metallic clamps that often destroy the anchoring tooth/ teeth.  It fits so natural to match the shape and contour of the remaining teeth. Price is upon request.


Denturist Consultation


Endodontist Consultation

₱700 - ₱20000


Tooth extractions fees will depend on what tooth is involved. For wisdom tooth special professional fee is exacted depending on the depth and time it would take to consumate the treatment.

Surgical Extractions

₱5000 - ₱15000

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The cost of removing submerged tooth depends on the depth and position of the wisdom tooth as it is embedded on the jaw.

₱1000 - ₱2500


Fillings - Winsome Smile Today

Amalgam Filling

The American Dental Association published an article dated August 25,2009 on its Online ADA News the usefulness of amalgam filling.  Indeed, amalgam as a traditional metal filling is still the strongest and the most durable of all dental fillings ever used by the dentists since the beginning of early Dentistry. An excerpt stated," 

Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material that has been used to restore the teeth of more than 100 million Americans. It contains a mixture of metals such as silver, copper and tin, in addition to mercury, which binds these components into a hard, stable and safe substance. Dental amalgam has been studied and reviewed extensively, and has established a record of safety and effectiveness.

The FDI World Dental Federation and the World Health Organization concluded in a 1997 consensus statement...

 "No controlled studies have been published demonstrating systemic adverse effects from amalgam restorations." Another conclusion of the report stated that, aside from rare instances of local side effects of allergic reactions, "the small amount of mercury released from amalgam restorations, especially during placement and removal, has not been shown to cause any adverse health effects." 

Glass Ionomer Cement Filling


Porcelain Filling


Root Filling

₱3500 - ₱20000

Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction and Pain Management

Temporo Mandibular Dysfunction and Pain Management - Winsome Smile Today

Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders may include:

TMJ= Temporo Mandibular Joint  


 This refers to the jaw joint and its articulation and functional as well as non-functional  movement. Due to disharmony with teeth and surrounding musculature, it suffers breakdown and causes many signs and symptoms that manifests mild to moderate pain and discomfort in the form of: 

  • Pain or tenderness of your jaw.
  • Pain in one or both of the temporomandibular joints.
  • Aching pain in and around your ear.
  • Difficulty chewing or pain while chewing.
  • Aching facial pain.
  • Locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or
  • TREATMENT: Bite Correction and muscle deproramming or bite splint for severe cases

₱1000 - ₱2500

White Filling

White Filling - Winsome Smile TodayWhite Filling - Winsome Smile Today

White filling consist of two types; the nano hybrid resin w/ ceramic particles and the composite resin w/o ceramic particles.  The latter is more preferred due to added strength of the ceramic particles.  Price is very affordable..

₱3500 - ₱4500

Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride Therapy - Winsome Smile Today

When more than two cavities are seen during patient consultation, it is highly recommended to treat the patient with fluoride theraphy.  This theraphy is done for a period of one year at certain prescribed intervals and duration.  The optimum result is a strong rigid enamel...

Gingivitis Treatment
₱2500 - ₱6000

Gingivitis Treatment


GUM Treatment: Deep scaling and polishing of affected teeth

GUM Treatment: Deep scaling and polishing of affected teeth - Winsome Smile TodayGUM Treatment: Deep scaling and polishing of affected teeth - Winsome Smile Today
if your gums are reddish and swollen, bleeds readily when brushed, you have iron taste or fetid breath, chances are you maybe suffering from gingivitis. This is a form of gum disease which when remain untreated until it advances in its worst stage, will cause bone resorption [ periodontitis]..Bones are eventually involved by bacterial infiltration which could create a lot of discomfort and pain. Gum treatment at several sessions could save the tooth from untimely demise. [tooth  loss] Early detection and treatment is the best weaponry against tooth loss battle.

                  The non-surgical approach includes:

  • Scaling:_ The removal of tartar and bacteria from teeth and beneath gums. This is usually done in a standard professional teeth cleaning through manual scaling  or through an electronic scalers.

  • Root planing

    :_ Smoothing the root surfaces to discourage further buildup of tartar and bacterial toxins.

  • Antibiotics:_ 

    May include topical antibiotics like mouth rinses and gels, or oral antibiotics that your dentist prefers to prescribed.


Implant Dentist Consultation

₱2500 - ₱4500

Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard - Winsome Smile Today
    The price of personalized and vacuumed soft mouthguard will vary according to the sheet thickness.  Thickness size is from 1mm-3mm thickness

The custom-fit mouthguard serves to protect your teeth from severe trauma acquired from a severe blow to the chin or mouth during active contact sports

     Another use of this is to protect your teeth from grinding at night.  This is worn at night to cover the teeth from the harmful effect of  of bruxism during sleep. This also helps to protect the musculature of the face from getting fatigued due to overfunction.

    Many injuries of the face and mouth are minimized and can often be avoided by wearing a properly fitted mouth guard. A custom-fitted mouth guard provides the complete and comfortable protection that you or your child need. 

Call us now if you need one.. 


Orthodontist Consultation


Periodontitis Treatment




Restorative Dentist Consultation


Root canals

Root canals - Winsome Smile Today

Root Canal is simply removing either a vital or non-vital nerve from inside of the tooth in order to save it for crown anchorage. Sometimes a gold coated, or plastic post is threaded inside the canal for crown reconstruction purposes.


Incisor Root Canal

Incisor Root Canal - Winsome Smile Today

Premolar Root Canal


Sinus Lift

₱12000 - ₱15000

Teeth Whitening_ clinical 35%

Teeth whitening removes the stains inside the tooth enamel that have accumulated since it came out of the mouth until its full use.  Whitening cleanse out those discoloration and debris that may have clogged the tooth tubules. by oxidation of peroxides.  Price is upon request.  

₱12000 - ₱15000

Chemical Teeth Whitening

There are two types of bleaching we offer:

A. _The Clinical Teeth Whitening--This is done in the clinic and professionally applied by a knowlegeable dentist. This is 35% peroxide and has quicker/faster result. In about one and a half hour the treatment is done with appreciated whitened teeth.

B._Tray system-- A vacuumed tray is personally made for the patient and he/she is taught how to use it in the side chair. The fitted tray that contains a 16% peroxide is allowed to remain in the mouth for a couple of hours before it is removed. The process is to be repeated daily until all the desired whiteness is achieved.

from ₱10000

Home Whitening Kits


TMJ - Temporomandibular Joint Treatment

Winsome Smile Today - BALIBAGO CLINIC:: IBG PLAZA uNIT #3, 245 Mon Tang Ave., Balibago, Mc Arthur Hiway,, HENSON CLINIC: 833 HENSON ST. A. DEL ROSARIO, ANGELES CITY, Angeles City, Philippines, 2009,

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Private Patients WelcomePublic Health InsuranceDental Plans Accepted


Job Title:
  Associate Dentist
  Conservative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Preventive Dentistry, Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry

Graduate of DOCTOR OF DENTAL MEDICINE, Manila Central University, Caloocan City, Manila


 BASIC COURSE IN DENTAL IMPLANTOLOGY,Nov.18-19, 2000,  Angeles City, Pampanga


With Specialty skills in Surgical removal of impacted teeth and painless, swift extraction of caries tooth.

eden ramos

Job Title:
  Associate Dentist

eden ramos

  Conservative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Examinations, Endodontics, Implantology, Orthodontics, Restorative Dentistry

Graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine, Manila Central University.  In active Dental Practice for 27 years.


>BASIC INTENSIVE COURSE ON ORTHODONTICDIAGNOSIS TREATMENT PLANNING. Mechanotheraphy and basic TMJ Treatment,1998-1999/Orthodontic Study Center, Cubao, Q.C. Lectures conducted by Dr. Federico Nadela 

> MIS DENTAL IMPLANT SYSTEM STUDY PROGRAM,9months training, graduated February 24, 2012, Holiday Inn, Clarkfield, Pampanga.Lectures conducted by  Dr. Allan Galsimand Dr. Roland Polintan


>ESTHETIC RECONSTRUCTION OF THE COMPROMISEDDENTITION: Rationale and Indications for Natural Teeth and Implants, April8, 2013, Henry Sy Auditorium, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City. Lectureconducted by Dr. Ernesto Lee and Dr. Regina Santos Morales

>BASIC IVF INTENSIVE THERAPHY TRAININGPROGRAM: An intravenous medicine training program, October 16-18, 2007Angeles University Foundation, Angeles City, Pampanga. Lectures and hands-ontraining conducted AUF Nursing Department staff.

> Monthly Scientific Seminar held byAngeles City Dental Chapter for Continuing Education purposes for its membersand officers.

> Annual Philippine Dental Convention andConference

Show Phone Number

BALIBAGO CLINIC:: IBG PLAZA uNIT #3, 245 Mon Tang Ave., Balibago, Mc Arthur Hiway,, HENSON CLINIC: 833 HENSON ST. A. DEL ROSARIO, ANGELES CITY, Angeles City, Philippines, 2009Philippines