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Prices from $45 - Enquire for a fast quote ★ Excellent ServiceScore™ 8.0 from 319 votes ★ 14 verified patient reviews. Visit our Dentist - Minutes from El Paso TX, Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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Dentist Consultation $49
Dental Implants from $599
Veneers $399
Teeth Whitening $150
Dentures $245
Dental Crowns $279 - $489
Dental Bridges
Extractions $59
Root canals $199 - $259
Wisdom Tooth Extraction $179
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About Brio Dental Clinic

Brio Dental is located in Juarez, Mexico, TEN minutes from El Paso, Texas. Most of our patients fly into El Paso and stay in El Paso hotels. We provide free transportation to and from the clinic from many El Paso hotels. Our clean and contemporary facility is fully staffed with trained dentists licensed to practice in Mexico. Using top quality materials manufactured in the U.S., we offer a wide array of services such as: crowns (MADE IN USA and some available SAME DAY) , veneers, bridges, as well as IMPLANTS and other progressive dental procedures to help you get that perfect smile. Upon your first visit to our clinic, our competent staff will warmly greet you. A knowledgeable doctor will evaluate and discuss treatment options with you. Once a course of action or treatment plan has been devised, each procedure will be thoroughly explained and discussed. It is common to begin treatment the same day and, surprisingly, in as little as one week, we can perform full mouth restoration. What’s stopping you? We encourage you to give us a call or send us an email. Our staff is ready to answer all of your questions or discuss any of your concerns. Please browse our website, compare prices, and take a look at some of our before and after photos. Give us a call and schedule your first appointment to a better smile and a healthier mouth.   Why go to Mexico for Dental Care Our fully trained and licensed dentists are professionals. They are eager to attend to all your dental needs with the same quality and care you would receive in the U.S., but at a fraction of the price. At Brio Dental, you can save up to 60% off of U.S. prices. Moreover, Brio Dental is located in Juarez, Mexico, and is unique in its proximity to El Paso, Texas. In as little as 15 minutes, you can cross over into Juarez, Mexico. In fact, the majority of our patients stay in hotels conveniently located in El Paso. As an added bonus to our patients, we provide free transportation to and from our clinic from several El Paso hotels. An English-speaking driver will transport you to and from your appointments. At Brio Dental, you’re not just a patient and your comfort and safety are paramount to us. At Brio Dental, we use the most modern technology in digital imaging and intra-oral cameras. All dental instruments are sterilized in an AutoClave and only distilled water is used in our dental units. Different from most Mexican clinics, bridges, crowns and veneers are made in the U.S. and can be completed in less than one week. There is really nothing stopping you from coming to Mexico for all your dental needs. We offer affordable prices, a clean and modern facility, and a warm friendly staff. At Brio Dental, our well-trained, licensed dentists are eager to assist you. Just email or call us. Our phones are staffed by English-speaking patient coordinators, who will assist you in scheduling an appointment or answering any of your concerns or questions. Email or call us today. We look forward to hearing from you. So you are considering seeing a dentist in Mexico We understand your interest in seeking dental treatment in Mexico is most likely driven by the escalating cost of dental care in the U.S. We also understand if you are approaching this decision with a bit of uneasiness. Maybe your family, friends, or family dentist has discouraged you from seeking dental treatment in Mexico. Brio Dental is committed to providing you with the highest quality dental care at the most affordable prices. Our dental clinic is modern, fully equipped, and with state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and intra-oral cameras. Many of our patients describe our clinic as more modern than their own dentist’s office. We know even the most modern facilities will not indicate the best quality work, however, your new smile will. Brio Dental has a well-trained staff of dentists and support personnel. We want to be your one stop for all of your dental needs.

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Patient reviews

4.8 from 14 verified reviews
Jonathan Quinones, US
( Review verified by email)

The doctors were top notch and I'm very happy with their work

4.5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: $1500

Great experience! I had two root canals and two crowns done, and the integrity and the workmanship of Brio won me over as a customer. I highly recommend their services and I can tell you they really made a serious situation easy and affordable to manage. If you follow the program you will have no trouble. Don't be worried! The doctors were top notch and I'm very happy with their work.

freddie g morales, US
( Review verified by email)

It was a relaxing pleasant experience

5 50 Dentist Consultation, Extractions • Paid: $240

It was a relaxing pleasant experience.

I was picked up by an American English speaking driver at a Hotel close to Border, within minutes we were at the Brio Dental office, they were polite and very easy to communicate with, I was invited in the dental chair very quickly where I was examined, rays are taken without having to get out of the seat, I was returned to waiting area, were soon after invited to speak of the prices, the prices were reasonable and lower than united states, I was diagnosed with a pocket in the old wisdom that was pulled, it was deteriorating and infected, they called a specialist to come to the office to give me a better exact diagnosis, of a periodontist gum disease. I had exam x-rays, specialist and a tooth removal for $250.00 Dollars.

I had gone to a Doctor in united states, who could not figure or diagnose my pain and illness, I even had a doctor in the U, Stake blood do a cat scan and nothing. But Brio found the problem in Mexico Ciudad Juarez. I will continue with further treatments for this disease perinodal gum treatments that price at $1300.00 American dollars. I was also able to get a Dentist prescription from the Doctor, and the driver took us to the pharmacy, when we arrived at the border we were dropped off, at the entrance of the border and walked thru the border, where the driver was waiting for us and take us back to the Hotel. I recommended Brio, Kind of a cheerful Family Home, down to earth feeling.

Butch Brummett, US
( Review verified by email)

Great experience from all online prices and questions answered

5 50 Dentist Consultation

If I could give this clinic a 20-star review I would certainly do so! Great experience from all online prices and questions answered. Starting with our driver Joe picking us up in El Paso and a speedy drive to the clinic, (no waiting at the border crossing), instant check-in, professional clinic staff and doctors bilingual, to high-quality work at a fraction of what one would pay Stateside. I did not fear the coronavirus. All safety precautions were taken by me, the hotel where I stayed overnight, and at the clinic. We even ate in ate several fine restaurants in El Paso. Great experience! Highly recommended!

Kent J Lunda, US
( Review verified by email)

All the staff was very friendly and made sure we were comfortable

4.5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: $4120

I'm very pleased with the work that was done for my wife and me. Having only heard other people talk about the dentists in Mexico, I looked up Brio-Dental and the reviews and went with them. All the staff was very friendly and made sure we were comfortable. The work was started that day and within the next couple of days were completed.
Approximately $ 20,000 worth of work for 20% cost. I highly recommend Brio-Dental.

Michael, US
( Review verified by phone and email)

The dental office was clean and comfortable and surprisingly It was a pleasant experience

5 50 Extractions, Surgical Extractions • Paid: $325

I had wisdom teeth extracted. One tooth was a standard extraction and the dentist handled the procedure easily. The second tooth was more difficult to get to; however, I don't know if "impacted" is the proper term.

The dentist took several x-rays and finally determined that due to the tooth's position and its proximity to a nerve, they needed to bring in an MD to do a minor surgical extraction. The MD showed up in a timely manner at the clinic's request and performed the procedure. I was very happy with how everything went. I have already recommended this clinic to friends. The savings made it well worth the trip.

I chose this clinic based simply on reviews like this one. I compared prices amongst Juarez clinics for the procedure I needed and then made a few phone calls. I liked the Brio Dental website and the pictures of the dentists and staff.

I had a very good experience. A driver picked us up in El Paso and we were at the clinic in 10 minutes. The dental office was clean and comfortable and surprisingly it was a few floors up in an office building. It was a pleasant experience. All the dentists and staff were friendly and smiled often.

Joel, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone)

I am glad I chose this dentist

5 50 Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I had a wisdom tooth extraction done and the staff were nice and professional. They made sure I felt no pain. It was a simple extraction and I am glad I chose this dentist.

My visit was great. The staff were Friendly and I have no more pain.

Bob, US
( Review verified by phone and email)


4.8 50 Dental Implants, Dental Crowns • Paid: $2908


I made a good decision to go! I live in Boston and was trying to take care of my teeth, but after bad genes and a lifetime of good and bad dentists, (mostly bad ), I was facing a 31,000 dollar bill for implants and crowns. I went to Brio Dental with high hopes and I was not disappointed at all! It has been a few weeks since I had several teeth pulled, an implant, and 5 crowns. It took 2 days and I was really impressed with the pace of the work. I never felt rushed and everything went really well. I also got crowns that were better than I would have gotten at home, the next day.

I am looking forward to having the next crown and implant done when I heal in 6 months. I know I am going to be treated well and I do not have to take a loan out!

P.S. Thank you to all the staff.

Treated by: Mr Joseph Andel

Bob, thank you for taking the time to write a review regarding our clinic. We are glad to hear you had a great experience! We really hope our patients know how much we want to be more than just an affordable solution for them...we want them to be completely satisfied with our work! Sounds like we got it right!

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
Don, US
( Review verified by email)

I recommend this clinic completely

4.6 50 Bone Graft, Sinus Lift, Extractions • Paid: $1950

5 bone grafts, 2 sinus lifts, and 2 teeth extracted

Pricilla is the contact person for the clinic - very knowledgeable and helpful. I was quoted prices on what "I thought" I needed and wanted on the phone before going to El Paso. Of course there's no way for them to know what they can do until you are examined.

Not going to a dentist on a regular basis, and because of several teeth that were pulled and periodontal issues, I had to have 5 bone grafts and 2 sinus lifts. This was all explained very clearly, and the prices were as quoted (no hidden charges).

They brought in a specialist to do the bone grafts and sinus lifts. The Dr performing the surgery was talking about Christmas while drilling, pulling and operating which put me at ease because I felt she (the Dr) knew what she was doing - and she did! I was numbed up good before the surgery and felt no pain. After the surgery was completed and the novacaine wore off, sure I was sore for a couple of days, but this was to be expected.

I was given 3 prescriptions for soreness, and to insure I didn't have any infection issues. It has been several weeks since the surgery and the grafts are healing fine. I now have to wait about 7 months for the grafts to heal completely before going back for permanent implants.

The office also gives a 10% discount on services if paid in cash. I forgot about this when I paid, but they reminded me of the discount.

They have a driver, Alfonzo, whom is personable and will pick you up wherever you're at, take you across the border, and right to the office. If I have any complaints, it was the time I had to wait for the driver when my visit was completed.

I recommend this clinic completely. I will be going back the latter part of June - the 1st part of July for implants and possibly crowns for my top remaining teeth.

Treated by: Pricilla, Alfonzo
Fred, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Very satisfied

5 50 Dental Crowns, Dental Implants

Three implants and one crown

I was very please with the service and the prices quoted. There would be no reason to not consider Brio Dental Clinic as a serious solution. I received three implants and one crown. Very satisfied customer.

Fred, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We are glad you see our clinic as an affordable solution. Many of our patients just cannot afford to pay US prices for dental work, and we are glad to offer a solution. Thank you for choosing Brio Dental!

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
Anne, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Very quick and professional

5 50 Dentist Consultation • Paid: $6

I cracked my tooth, it was extracted with minimal amount of pain, they evn took me to a pharmacy to get my medication when i was done

I was really impressed with the friendliness of the staff..they were very quick and professional...delivered all as promised

Anne, thank you for taking the time to write a review of our clinic. We are glad to hear about your recent experience. Our patients are our first priority, and we want them to feel comfortable, satisfied and valued. Thank you for choosing Brio Dental!

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
Janie, US
( Review verified by email)

Hhighly recommend

5 50 Dentures • Paid: $73

13 extractions dentures

I would highly recommend Brio dental to my family and friends the entire staff were very friendly and professional. I had teeth extracted upper and lower full dentures on top and partial on bottom. My smile is beautiful. Thank-you Brio dental!

Hi Janie! Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Let me tell you it is so gratifying when patients get their smiles back, and we get to be a part of that moment! Congrats on your new smile! Thank you, Brio Dental.

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
Scott, US
( Review verified by email)

VERY professional

4.9 50 Composite Resin Inlay or Onlay, Fillings, Teeth Cleaning • Paid: $660

I had not been to a dentist in 12 years until I came to this clinic...I can honestly say that this is the first dentist (Dr. Esparza, sorry if I misspelled) that did not make me scared during the procedures. I had to have eight fillings and a deep cleaning...considering this yes there was pain when the numbness went away but with naproxen and ibuprofen the pain stopped. The evaluation and treatment plan was thorough, and the dentists and his assistants were VERY professional. VERY GOOD PRICE considering I would've paid almost 2 grand for the same procedures in the USA. I will be coming back for sure to this clinic :).

Treated by: Dr. Esparza

Hi Scott! Yep, you spelled it correctly! Dr. Esparza is a great member of our team, and we're glad you felt comfortable with him. We know going to the dentist can be unpleasant, but we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident in our abilities. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and we will definitely pass the kudos on to Dr. Esparza:) Thank you, Brio Dental.

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
anne, US
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Good prices and great service

Dental Implants, Dental Crowns, Fillings, Root Canals, Teeth Whitening

I like these dentists. I have had an implant, 5 crowns, two filling replacements, 1 root canal, and teeth whitening, over the course of a few visits. The crowns I have are such a perfect color match you cannot tell they are crowns, which was really important to me as two were for my two front teeth. I really like working with Donna, the coordinator, as she is amazing to work with. The dentist installed my one implant with NO pain. I feel very comfortable with this dental office as all of their work has been very well done and transportation to and from the clinic is very secure and safe. Good prices and great service make these dentists one of the BEST out there!

Treated by: Donna

Hi Anne! Thanks for taking the time to write a review. We love hearing from our patients and appreciate your feedback. Many patients delay getting implants because of concerns about pain, I am sure your review will be especially helpful and reassuring to them. Thanks for making us your go-to clinic for all your dental needs. Thank you, Brio Dental.

Brio Dental Clinic
Brio Dental Clinic
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Dental Bridges

A bridge consists of multiple CROWNS that are connected. A Bridge is used when there is a tooth or several adjacent missing teeth. It involves putting a crown on each tooth on either side of the missing tooth, and then a false tooth (or teeth) is suspended between the crowns. A single missing tooth requires a bridge of three units; one is for the missing tooth, which mounts with a crown to each of the neighboring teeth giving three. Generally, if you need a bridge for several missing teeth, the number of units is the missing teeth plus two. If there are multiple missing teeth in the front, we may need an additional two units for proper support.

$279 - $489

Dental Crowns

A crown (sometimes called a cap) is used to restore a tooth that may be in danger of breaking and is often placed on a tooth that has had a root-canal. It covers and protects the entire tooth. At Rio Dental, patients can choose from porcelain fused to base metal, high noble XP, high noble elite II, ceramic empress or zirconia. All Ceramic crowns are the best cosmetic crowns and are appropriate for teeth in the front, and visible in your smile.
from $599

Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. Implants are an option for people in good general oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, or some other reason. The best candidates for implants have healthy gums and do not have periodontal disease. Implants can be placed during a visit of several days. Once completed, the bone must heal for four to six months. After the four to six month healing, the implant will have the abutment attached, and the crown (or bridge) can be attached. Implant Systems used by Rio Dental include lines by Zimmer, Imtec, and Dicoa. Additionally, when bone grafts are required, we are now using [Treatment name redacted] treatments which dramatically improve the healing process. This is one of the latest technologies in implant dentistry.

Dental X-Ray

X-rays are included in the price of your exam.  If you would like to be evaulated for implants, you will need an additional x-ray called a panoramic. 


Dentist Consultation

Includes an oral examination and x-rays.


A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth. Partial dentures have long been made with an acrylic base and that is still common today. We also can also offer Ultra-Flex as an alternative. With Ultra-Flex, the entire partial denture is metal free, tissue shaded, soft, flexible, very comfortable and durable.

Endodontist Consultation



Simple extractions are done for $59 each. Sometimes a tooth must be removed by surgery, and then the cost is $179 each. It is not known until the procedure has begun and is more likely with molars. It is typical if a patient is coming for many extractions that approximately one in ten would need to be removed by surgery. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia normally. Sedation can be requested and is $469 per two hour period.


Surgical Extractions


Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Family Dentist Consultation

We do not accept children. 


Most people have had amalgam fillings (silver) or gold filling restorations. These amalgam fillings were effective, but very conspicuous and tend to darken over time. Composite RESIN fillings were created as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. The resin fillings are made from a plastic mixture filled with glass particles, ARE MERCURY FREE, and colored to look like a natural tooth. At Rio Dental, we use composite resin fillings as our standard filling material.

White Filling

Composite RESIN fillings were created as an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings. The resin fillings are made from a plastic mixture filled with glass particles, ARE MERCURY FREE, and colored to look like a natural tooth. At Rio Dental, we use composite resin fillings as our standard filling material.


Gum Surgery

To be determined after a consult with our periodontist.

Implant Dentist Consultation

An evaluation by our implant doctor costs $109.  It includes an oral exam, x-rays and a panoramic.  She will discuss your options with you.

Periodontist Consultation

We charge $80 for a consult with the periodontist. 
$45 - $99

Periodontitis Treatment

We offer whole mouth deep cleaning and planing/scaling per quadrant.  

Restorative Dentist Consultation

$199 - $259

Root canals

We offer root canals on molars and non-molars. 

Sinus Lift

Our implant doctor performs sinus lifts when necessary.  This amount does not incude bone grafting, which is priced at $299 per cc.

Teeth Whitening

We offer whitening. 


Porcelain veneers, or porcelain laminates, are wafer-thin shells of porcelain which are bonded onto the front side of teeth so to make a cosmetic improvement. Porcelain veneers are routinely used to improve the appearance of teeth that are discolored, worn, chipped, or misaligned.
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