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Enquire for a fast quote ★ Outstanding ServiceScore™ 9.2 from 3514 votes ★ Customer Service Award 2019 ★ 33 verified patient reviews. Visit our Plastic Surgery Clinic - 422-426/1 Indramara Soi, 20 Soothisarn Road Dindaeng District, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400, Thailand.

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About Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

A variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are performed in this clinic in Bangkok in Thailand. The Principal Surgeon is Dr. Pichet Rodchareon. Procedures performed by Dr. Pichet include, facial correction surgery, breast correction surgery, hair transplants, dental surgery and sex reassignment surgery. Non surgical procedures performed at the clinic are liposuction for weight reduction and wrinkle removal and face rejuvenation using Treatment for lines and wrinkles and dermal fillers. All procedures are performed in an excellent 400 bed hospital. Overseas patients are welcome and the clinic can be contacted by e mail and patients will receive a reply in 48 hours.

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Patient reviews

4.6 from 33 verified reviews
Anonymous, Australia
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Five-star services and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic

5 50 Fat Transfer

A long story with an authentic-honest review. Should someone intend to have cosmetic surgery, I hope this helps. Unfortunately photos will follow, Still fully bandaged.

Honestly, I prayed to find a caring provider to have my body contouring and fat transfer post removal of breast implants at a large hospital. I am a professional intensive care nurse in a fantastic western country, and it was funded with an honest currency.

In hoping to have an improved result, I habitually insist on clarifying matters, particularly when I am worried purely based on my old-style gut feelings. After all, it is an invasive procedure, and we only have 1 body. This means you are getting an authentic-honest review. This review was written 6-7 hours post-operative, and, another appointment is set up to remove dressing and review result the next day.

Conclusion: Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic is Fantastic in almost everything related to their speciality. Five-star services and I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic. Following are details of their great services.

1) The first contact via WhatClinic was very convenience, fast, and, I feel safer because there is another party between the client/provider-Clinic. To keep in mind, WhatClinic is now one of my preferred websites.

2) Dr.Pichet is friendly yet firm/focused, respectful towards patient’s wishes, trustworthy with high-quality skills set, and an exceptionally caring Surgeon. He was thoughtful with my every weird-anxious questions/concern. Bear in mind, I know what I want, and I persistently try to achieve it. Overall, personally and professionally, Dr. Pichet has those great fantastic qualities in his field. My greatest thank you to Dr Pichet.

3) Bangkok plastic surgery Nurses are charming, sweet-kind-caring, smiley, and extremely accommodating. They are not judgmental and I appreciated their cares, especially I was lonely without any care-taker.

4) Their Safety standards-practices are classified as accurate as hospital standards protocol.

5) Anaesthetic matters went smoothly with a gently caring anaesthetist, and, cannulation was the least pain felt comparing to my previous experience. Post-operatively, I was taken directly to my room without having to stay at a recovery curtained area, which is usually used in a larger hospital. There is a functioning TV, A/C, safe box, free-WIFI, complimentary lunch, and electronic charging points.

6) The patient room is fancy, qualified with high standard infection controlled, and there is even a big cough to use should you have another person to accompany you. My surgery started early around 7-8am, so their smiley driver picked me at 6 am, and I was wide awake around 1 pm. They recommended a free-night stay to observe me closer, but, I feel great, so I thought it is wiser to stay at my pre-arranged hotel. This way resources can be saved. Thus, if you intend to keep your surgeries secret but safe without your care-taker, this clinic is the safest choice.

7) Pricing was credible. But it is cost-efficient to pay in cash should you appreciate saving 3% surcharged fees. It is not the clinic mistake to charge credit card fees, it is common with many institutions’ payment.

8) Location wise, since it was my first time in this clinic, whilst googling this clinic location and exterior view, I was initially very concerned, and reluctant to use their service. I had cosmetic treatment at another large famous hospital in Bangkok. Building external pictures-view might worry you. You may think it is a risky relaxed clinic, but hey, don’t run away. Interior design is structured with high-quality clinical standards. I was convinced simply by observing how they conduct their processing, and they are meticulous with infection controls.

9) No lengthy lobby waiting time, I was directly aided by a lovely (Ms.Tak) to a bright-nice meeting room, and you will also have your single room post-operatively. It is a clinic without lengthy-crowded waiting processing, which is again very common in a large hospital.

10) Transport is free to and from the clinic with an immaculate nice car and driver. Punctual with time, and, I was also accompanied by a lovely nurse to my room hotel whilst caring for my belongings. No other hospital or clinics ever provided this amazing door to door service.

Well, that is my story, my lovely long story - lots of smiles I guess!

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
Sarah, New Zealand
( Review verified by phone)

Has been excellent so far

5 50 FFS - Facial Feminization Surgery

I am going to this clinic for a full FFS, Adams shave and colon surgery, I did my research before choosing Dr. Pichet for my surgeries.

So far with email etc has been excellent so far, can't wait to see the surgeon on the 29th June.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon

I really appreciate your trust and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Dr Pichet  Rodchareon
Dr Pichet Rodchareon
Toni, New Zealand
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

I felt totally safe and well cared for

4.5 50 Blepharoplasty • Paid: ฿36668

I had a lower eye bag removal (Blepharoplasty).

I am 54 and had inherited my mother's pronounced lower eye bags. I had researched extensively to find a surgeon and carefully reviewed reviews, contacted some ex-patients (via review channels) to get some feedback and also checked out professional associations and experience. This ultimately led me to Dr. Pichet at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic. The communication was good though I confess I was a little worried about paying up front and so on. However, everything went like clockwork from the chauffeur pickup to the surgery itself to the aftercare.

I wasn't let down in any way. I felt totally safe and well cared for. The only thing I felt was lacking was a longer consultation with Dr. Pichet himself, however, he obviously knew what he was doing and his staff was nothing short of angels. It was so easy. My eyes are healed now and after two weeks, no one was any the wiser of me having it when I returned home. (I had been away a year and had lost weight so my eye bags had become pronounced in the year I was away). Dr. Pichet had recommended I have both upper and lower eyes done but financially I could only do the lower ones. Now I wished I had gone ahead with both. Also, my right eye was worse than my left and I still have a bag under that eye. However, now that I have had the experience, I may return to get a full facelift and the upper/lower bags done. My husband has noticed a huge difference and people have made comments that I am looking good and well 'refreshed'.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
Naoko, Japan
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

The information I received from the staffs and doctor was complete and satisfactor

5 50 Fat Transfer

The purpose of my appointment was to receive a consultation. The information I received from the staffs and doctor was complete and satisfactory.

Very friendly and professional located near the center of Bangkok.

MH, Thailand
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalism

4 50 Liposuction, Breast Lift, Fat Transfer, Mini Abdominoplasty, Eyelid Surgery, Mini Facelift • Paid: ฿498069

I had a few treatments, whole body liposuction, breast lift, fats transfer, mini tummy tuck, double eyelid & mini facelift. Dr. Pichet and team provides the best service, chauffeuring me to and fro the clinic, hotel and airport. The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalism.

Dr. Pichet and team provides the best service, in terms of surgery & services like chauffering me to and fro the clinic, hotel and airport. The nurses are very attentive, I am greatly impressed with their professionalism. Other than I was still very swollen on my 5th day, which I am unable to go out for shopping, there is minimum pain despite so many procedures. The whole makeover experience was terrific and I had recommended my friends.

Anonymous, Philippines
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

My surgery was done well

5 50 Plastic Surgeon Consultation

My doctor (Dr pichet) really took good care of me. When I arrived from the airport the car was already there waiting for me for free and brought me to the clinic to meet my doctor. And when I arrived there all staff was there to greet me. My doctor assists me well with a smile.You will feel comfortable with them and my surgery was done well

From the doctor and staff clinic I was treated like a VIP and surgery (rhinoplasty ) was done good

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
Emma, South Africa
(We were unable to verify the reviewer)

Result looks great

Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation – My Top Recommendation

I had breast augmentation surgery done with Dr. Pichet last year. Before I contacted him directly and got to talk to him about the process and the cost-effective quotation. I agreed to go and have my BA at his clinic with limousine picking up when I arrived at the airport and accommodation booked nearby the clinic. The procedure went smooth and effective. I had 400cc breast implants under my muscles and stayed in the clinic for one night. The post-op went quite good with sometimes a small pain on my breasts but I took care myself and followed the advice from Dr. Pichet. So the result looks great and I’m happy with overall experience at his clinic.

Michael, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

They were caring, attentive, and never left me alone

4 50 Liposuction • Paid: ฿88614

I found this clinic on the web, it was one of the facilities that did liposuction. I have wrote other clinics, but Bangkok plastic surgery clinic was one of the first to write back. To me that was impressive. I told the doctor what I wanted to have done, and very quickly he asked for pictures, and quoted me a price. The price was actually better than all the other clinics I had contacted, but what impressed me was the clinic getting back to me and respecting my wishes, and all the Testimonials that really made me choose Bangkok plastic surgery clinic.

From start to finish upon entering Bangkok plastic surgery, They were caring, attentive, and never left me alone until I was prepared to leave that day after surgery. I was impressed by the level of professionalism and quality of the clinic. My brother came with me, and even offered to feed him while I was having the surgery done. One of the best things about the clinic, was the doctor sense of humor he kept me calm the whole time during the procedure. The only complaint or problem I can say I had, is during the follow up, check up, the tech that was giving me instructions on how to clean my sutures was short with me and asked me if I wanted to write down the instructions after giving them to me verbally. There was a little bit of a language barrier, and I suppose she just didn't have the patience as I'm sure she had given these instructions probably 1 million times. but for me it was my first time, and so much to take in. Beyond that the experience was phenomenal.

Eugene, Singapore
( Review verified by phone and email)

Professionally hide my scars on hairline to a minimum

5 50 Facelift • Paid: ฿10000

Satisfied customer for mid face lift from Singapore
I consulted a few clinic for a mid face lift and cost was a major concern. Doc Pichet and Tark Clinic Manager was very upfront of the cost, and they were willing to work within my tight budget. And also they were very precise in their consultation and gave me a good sense of assurance. They were not pushy like other doctors, and will let you make up your own mind to your treatment choice. I have done my prior research to mid face life and knew what I was getting into. The mid face lift was a more coat effective rejuvenation for me completed to thread lift. And to be honest there was a certain degree of pain to this surgery, but I am now 4 days into recovery and am starting to see the results. Doctor Pichet also professionally hide my scars on hairline to a minimum. He did everything i asked him to. I am satisfied.

I would like to thank Doc Pichet and Tark Clinic Manager to be so professional with me. They were very kind and even though I had some medical complications, they did not charge me more . Tark Clinic Manager was very responsive and also took good care of me when in warded in their clinic. I am so grateful to them and would highly recommend their clinic to everyone to do facelift.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
Justin, Thailand
( Review verified by phone and email)

The surgeon in Bangkok was fantastic and explained everything

4 50 Rhinoplasty • Paid: ฿67224

Treatment and price was discussed via email prior to travelling to Thailand. Very happy with the results thus far, and as it's only day seven, the swelling is still residing. I wish they wrote down instructions for ice packs and how to shower with the plaster on, though.

Very busy clinic. Heard a lot of Westerners complaining that they didn't get to spend a lot of time being calmed by the surgeon beforehand, but as he's running twenty-two consultations plus trying to do surgery, I can understand that he could get frustrated by last second questions that could've been posted to him prior to turning up to his clinic on the day of surgery. However, the short time I did see him, he was fantastic and he explained everything. Only two complaints about the whole experience. The option of placing a deposit with either bank transfer or Western union didn't fill me with confidence, and would've rathered use PayPal if he made that option available. Also, I wish his nurses wrote down my after surgical instructions, as I was quite woozy from anaesthetic when they explained everything.

Gavin, Canada
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

First time for liposuction.

4.5 50 Liposuction • Paid: ฿88614

Picked up and taken to clinic very quickly, very happy with the fast service, nice clinic, nice people, and very impressive operating room; was totally satisfied of the price and service and everything else.

Fantastic and very happy. Since this is my first time, I recommend this clinic, and the nurse or doctor that I talked to on the phone and assisted in the procedure was also very pretty. So, this clinic is an all-around bonus.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
John, Thailand
( Verified user. Review confirmed by phone and email)

Now have the nose I want without the drastic makeover effect

4 50 Rhinoplasty • Paid: ฿70280

I had a Rhinoplasty done as I was getting paranoid about the bump on the bridge of my nose and the droop that was forming on the tip of my nose. My nose is slightly off alignment too but not such a big issue for me. I feel I got good value for money at $US2300 (all in). I chose this clinic in Bangkok after some discussions via email. Responses were quick and to the point.

My experience was a positive one. Service was quick and efficient. The procedure was done professionally. As a Podiatrist with vast hospital experience, I have my standards. Although there is always room for improvements in any clinic, the surgical aspect of the clinic was very good. The staff were friendly and caring and could empathise with the apprehension I had prior to the procedure. My only criticism is that I did find the consultations hurried. I highlighted this to Dr Pichet and his assistant at the time and both took time to explain things to me again. These guys do this all the time and it's their bread and butter so for them its just routine but slow them down until you get the answers you need. I explained what I wanted done at the time and straight away, Dr Pichet said that there are some things he can do very good and some things he cant. He did not want to do a total cartilage replacement as he said its too drastic with no guarantee of success. With this in mind, I accepted that what I could get done would meet my expectations and agreed. Once you have agreed, its all systems go. I chose the surgery date (2 days after consultation to allow me to have a couple of days in and around Bangkok with photos where I don't need to worry about the nose dressing).
The clinic picks you up from the hotel and drops you off when your recovered. There are no issues with being lifted and laid at your convenience and it's all part of the service. Would I recommend this clinic to you. Yes. Absolutely! My advice would be; do consider the procedure you are having done; do look around for who you want to be seen by and what level of cost your willing to pay. For me, this was the right choice and I am happy with the outcome. It's a subtle change but I now have the nose I want without the drastic makeover effect.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
John, US
( Verified user. Review confirmed by email)

Hair plugged and face lifted!

4 50 Facelift, Hair Transplant

The team was good and thorough. I would recommend this clinic. The best part was the price! I had my hair plugged in my face lifted for around $8000 US. You cannot match the quality nor price anywhere.

Really good services for a really good price. I would recommend this clinic. I would recommend this clinic if you are Intrepid and do not need handholding. The best part of the entire experience was the price! Extremely cheap and really good results.

Treated by: Dr Pichet Rodchareon
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Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic - 422-426/1 Indramara Soi, 20 Soothisarn Road Dindaeng District, Bangkok, Thailand, 10400,

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Dr Pichet  Rodchareon - Doctor at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Clinic

Dr Pichet Rodchareon

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A board certified Plastic surgeon


  • B.Sc.MD. (Chula)
  • Diplomate in Plastic Surgery, BKK THAILAND
  • Plastic Surgery training (Chula)
  • Short Course in Hand Surgery (Ramathibodee)
  • Oriental Bangkok Plastic Surgery (Singapore) AO/ASIF Maxillofacial course (A-O international BKK)
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  • Miniplate Rigid Fixation (Wurburg, Germany)
  • Cutaneous Laser (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Cutaneous Laser (Boston, USA)
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