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What is a Threadlift?

A threadlift, or suture lift, procedure is an anti-aging procedure where special absorbable and invisible threads are used to augment the features of the face and hold the skin and facial tissue in place. The threadlift procedure is long lasting compared to anti-aging injectables. The procedure augments drooping eyebrows, sunken cheeks and sagging jowls and necks. It takes about two or three hours to carry out. Threadlift results last for about two years.

How is a Threadlift performed?

Sterile thin needles with absorbable, fine barbed thread dipped in stem cell liquid are inserted under the skin of the area to be treated. They are pulled out together leaving the thread inside the skin. Collagen is stimulated when the needles are pulled out and this augments skin tone. The thread is slowly absorbed by the skin.

Are Threadlifts painful?

Threadlifts are performed after administering local anaesthesia. Patients will feel no pain during a threadlift procedure.   

When can I travel by air after a Threadlift procedure?

Patients should not travel by air for two weeks after the threadlift procedure. They should consult their doctor and get certified as fit to travel before embarking on their journey.  

How long does recovery take after a Threadlift procedure?

Patients take one to two weeks to completely recover from a threadlift procedure.

What aftercare is required after a Threadlift procedure?

Patients should take all prescribed medications correctly. Patients should eat soft food for at least two weeks. Patients should keep their head elevated while sleeping for two weeks and keep their feet elevated while sitting. They should not talk or move their face for at least a day. They should avoid putting on makeup for at least three days. They should avoid strenuous exercises and lifting heavy objects for at least a month.

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Revolution Aesthetics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Revolution Aesthetics

36 Oxford Road, Manchester, WA14 2EB
We believe that looking great isn’t just about how you look today or just looking younger. It’s about your patient journey, improving self confidence and enhancing your natural beauty. We are here with you every step of the way. At Revolution Aesthetics we provide a range of safe, effective and medically-proven facial treatments to help restore your youthful appearance, keep your skin glowing, and enhance your natural beauty. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals have created our range of treatments using revolutionary products and techniques to ensure that they are quick, convenient, effective, and very low-pain. We are committed to providing our customers with a personal, high quality service that is tailored to their skin type, facial features and desired look. Before booking in for a treatment we will require you to attend a consultation so that we can assess your face and skin and advise you on which treatments and products will be most effective at helping you to achieve the look you desire. We are based in Altrincham with excellent transport links to both Manchester and Cheshire, so if you’d like to discuss any of our treatments in more detail, or to receive advice about how to achieve the results you desire, please get in touch to book a free consultation by calling us.
Thread Lift  
Thread Lifts are an incredible non-surgical lifting and tightening treatment, with comparable results to a traditional facelift, without the long recovery time, risk of infection and need for general anesthesia. Thread lift treatment works by inserting medical-grade biodegradable PDO ‘threads’ into the face using a small cannula. This helps to give the skin and face a lifted appearance, as the skin is ‘anchored’ to the threads, which can then be gently moulded around the threads to give the face and skin a lift and boost, reducing sagging a drooping, smoothing fine lines and creating a more youthful, radiant appearance overall. Thread lift treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic so it is not a painful procedure. Over time, the body will safely and naturally break down the PDO threads. Thread lift treatment also has the advantage of encouraging collagen production in the area, which helps to further lift, plump, strengthen and boost the area, as well as prolonging the effects of thread lift treatment. Generally the results of thread lift treatment last from 12 to 18 months, though this varies from client to client. As a specialist in Thread Lift procedures, Revolution Aesthetics’ Dr. Euchael Davidson is one of the most highly regarded thread lift practitioners in the area, and is committed to helping make these fantastic treatments accessible to men and women across Cheshire, including clients from Alderley Edge, less than half an hour from our clinic.
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Anti Wrinkle Injections from £150
At REVOLUTIONAESTHETICS we are highly experienced medical and dental professionals currently using the leading brands in anti-wrinkle treatments. During your anti-wrinkle treatment, a naturally occurring protein called botulinum toxin (Botox) is injected into the specific muscles responsible for the wrinkles and lines that you wish to target. Injections are carried out using a very fine micro-needle by professionals trained in administering low-pain injections and treating those with needle phobias. The injections work by blocking nerve impulses to tiny facial muscles - thus reducing the prominence of expression lines to achieve more youthful and radiant skin. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified professionals with backgrounds in medicine and dentistry. At REVOLUTIONAESTHETICS we believe safety is paramount. Botox is a treatment that is only available with a prescription, so you will be required to have a full consultation with our medical practitioners to establish whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. Our team are qualified and experienced in a variety of medical fields including general practice, personal nutrition, dentistry, and aesthetics, and they will advise you on how to approach your treatment and achieve the results you desire holistically.
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Samantha Pierce Aesthetics -  Samantha Pierce

Samantha Pierce Aesthetics

51 Hoole Road, Hoole, Chester, CH2 3NH
5.0 from 1 verified review
Aesthetic Sense offers non-surgical cosmetic treatments including wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, lip plumping, chemical peels, genuine dermaroller, dermapen, PDO thread lift and facial rejuvenation to eliminate line and wrinkles and provide a rejuvenated fresher appearance. Treatments offered by Registered General Nurse of 12 years, Harley Street trained Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Prescriber Samantha Pierce BSc (hons). Call for a free no obligation consultation.
Thread Lift £200 - £500
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation from £130
Wrinkle relaxing injections 1 area
Stretch Marks Removal from £450
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Dr. Conlons Aesthetic Clinic, South - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Dr. Conlon's Aesthetic Clinic, South

300 Bramhall Lane South, SK73DJ
For more information about Dr. Conlon's Aesthetic Clinic, South in Bramhall please contact the clinic.
Thread Lift from £350
Treatment for Wrinkles
Bunny Lines from £120
Gummy Smile from £120
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Doctor Alex Cheshire - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Doctor Alex Cheshire

115 Knutsford Road, Cheshire, SK9 6JP
For more information about Doctor Alex Cheshire in Mobberley please contact the clinic.
Thread Lift  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Treatment for Wrinkles £170 - £195
Anti-wrinkle injections (such as Botox and Azzalure) act as a muscle relaxant to help prevent and soften lines by reducing the effects of the muscles that cause them, for example: wrinkles that appear on the forehead from frowning, between the eyes, crow's feet, etc.
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Revitalised Aesthetics - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Revitalised Aesthetics

281 Buxton Road, Stockport, SK2 7NR
For more information about Revitalised Aesthetics in Stockport please contact the clinic.
Thread Lift  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Anti Wrinkle Injections  
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SC Aesthetic Medical Clinic - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

SC Aesthetic Medical Clinic

St Cyrils Unit, The Countess of Chester Health Park, Chester, CH2 1HJ
Anti Aging & Skin RejuvenationSC Aesthetic Medical Clinic specialises in medical aesthetics and non-surgical anti-ageing treatments delivered in a CQC registered medical environment. We provide some of the most sophisticated non-surgical anti-ageing treatments available today. We also provide a comprehensive range of medical aesthetic and skin rejuvenation treatments with high quality supplementary aftercare information. All treatments are delivered in the pleasant and relaxing surroundings of our professionally staffed clinic in Chester. If you would like to discuss any treatments or book a consultation with our clinician please contact us. Medical Aesthetic TreatmentsOur staff are highly trained, fully qualified professionals who can provide a variety of services including chemical peels, dermal fillers as well as medical grade injectable treatments for chronic migraine, hyperhidrosis and spasticity. We are very excited to offer the revolutionary non-surgical facelift using PDO Threads. We offer training to the highest standard for medical professionals in the field of facial aesthetics. The training includes both theory and practical sessions, comprehensive course notes and final certification. The training is accredited by Hamilton Fraser the top choice for cosmetic aesthetic medical indemnity insurance.
Thread Lift £450 - £1200
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation up to £50
Treatment for Wrinkles £125 - £300
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City Aesthetics Chester - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

City Aesthetics Chester

10 City Road, Chester, CH1 3AE
 At City Aesthetics Chester we offer a wide range of anti-ageing treatments that will give your skin a more youthful appearance and provide you the best skincare advice to invest in your skin. We use only the best products, have only the best staff and our City Aesthetics motto is to "make you look the best you, you can be".  We focus on natural looking, less is more results and our loyal customers love that "refreshed" look that keeps people guessing!   We offer no obligation, free consultations and we always welcome any questions or concerns you may need answering. We provide wrinkle reducing injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers, chemical peels, skin care clinics, micro-needling (innopen), radio frequency (skin tightening), HIFU (non-surgical face lift), cryolipolysis (fat freezing) , cavitation, Dermalux LED light therapy,  semi-permanent makeup and a full range of beauty treatments.  Our clinic is lead by an experienced aesthetics doctor, who works along side a specialist skin care nurse and highly trained beauty therapists.  We stock a number of skin care ranges including Dermaceutics, Heliocare and ZO.
Thread Lift £150 - £800
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Treatment for Wrinkles £85 - £250
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Pureskin The Clinic - Beauty Salon in the UK

Pureskin The Clinic

Bridge House, Upper Floor, 2 Heyes Lane, Alderley Edge, SK9 7JY
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
Laser and Anti-Ageing Clinic At Pureskin we provide a unique and medical-led service to our clients who expect cutting-edge technology and products. We offer a full range of medical and cosmetic dermatology services. At Pureskin we value the consultation process. Whether you come to see us to be treated for acne or for a course of laser hair removal, you will always be seen by either a doctor or a nurse and have a detailed consultation where we will listen to your needs and concerns. We will then strive to deliver exceptional results. We offer a full range of both medical and cosmetic dermatology services and our treatments provide our clients with effective results, using only the highest standards and most innovative technology available on the market. We are now successfully leading the way in body contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening. Our Exilis Elite is an Award winning FDA approved device that offers a revolutionary non-invasive form of treatment for the reduction of wrinkles, recontouring of the body and reduction of targeted fat deposits, with long-lasting results. The latest treatment added to  our portfolio is The Protégé Intima a new system designed to address labia remodelling without surgery. The energy-assisted device from BTL Aesthetics combines focused high frequency technology with built-in safety features to make the innovative ‘tightening’ treatment pain-free and very low risk. The device can reach temperatures of 40-42C on the sk
Thread Lift £220 - £2000
PDO (polydioxanone) thread lift is the latest treatment in the industry to lift and rejuvenate the face without having cosmetic surgery. It has amazining results with little to no downtime and has instant results which last for up to 24 months. What is the PDO Thread Lift? It is a procedure which rejuvenates, regenerates and improves the structure of the face. The thread used is a synthetic absorbable monofilament thread it is commonly used in surgery and has been used for several years. The thread itself disolves in up to 8 months but the effects last up to 24 months post treatment. The actual procedure is carried out by inserting needles which contain the thread into the subcutaneous tissue, when the needle exits the skin the thread remains in the face and therefore lifts the skin. Local aneasthetic is used so that the procedure is painless, it takes 30-60 minutes to perform from start to finish. The effects of the treatment can be seen immediately, the thread also encourages the formation of new collegan, this can take 10-14 days to show the real results of the actual procedure. This procedure is perfect for somebody who would like the results of a surgical face lift and are trying to find an alternative
Treatment for Wrinkles from £150
Wrinkle relaxing injections are a simple and quick procedure which can dramatically soften facial expression lines, frown lines and crows feet. The effects of wrinkle relaxing injections can last from 3-6 months. The procedure takes about 10 minutes with little or no discomfort to the client; topical anaesthetics are available if required. Wrinkle relaxing injections may be used in combination with other cosmetic skin procedures such as dermal fillers and chemical peels to help the appearance of wrinkles.
Dermal Fillers from £220
Our qualified nurse and Clinical Aesthetician, Elizabeth Daly is able to perform dermal fillers to Clients that require this type of treatment. For other Clients who are less sure of which route to go down, Elizabeth is on hand to offer all of the information about injectables and to discuss alternative methods that we have available. Please book a consultation with her today.
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Medispa Cheshire - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Medispa Cheshire

Castlerock House, Wilmslow Road, Alderley Edge, SK9 7QL
For more information about Medispa Cheshire in Alderley Edge please contact the clinic.
Thread Lift  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Treatment for Wrinkles  
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Dr Nyla Medispa

Dr Nyla Medispa

Wilmslow Medispa, 3 Hawthorn Lane, Wilms
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Courthouse Clinics - Wilmslow - Medical Aesthetics Clinic in the UK

Courthouse Clinics - Wilmslow

3 Swan Street, Wilmslow, SK9 1HF
5.0 from 3 verified reviews
I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends & familyK, UK, 17 02 17

Very professional clinic. I'm really happy with my laser results. Staff are very friendly & welcoming. I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends & family.

Thread Lift  
Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation  
Mole Removal  
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Perfection Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetic Clinic - Grove Close - Dermatology Clinic in the UKFeatured

Perfection Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetic Clinic - Grove Close

01753 208468 Trinity House Centre, Grove Close, Manchester, M14 5AA
Perfection Cosmetic is a premier laser and aesthetic clinic and training academy. We are patient focused and are dedicated on delivering high quality treatments with impressive results, all at affordable prices. Our treatments are customised and unique to every client, including a thorough consultation prior to any treatment at no cost, this enables our practitioners to deliver the results you desire. Our treatments are done in a confidential and comfortable space, those from all walks of life are welcome. Our practitioners are experienced and understand, we will work with you to help you achieve your dream results. Complete our contact from to book a free no-obligation consultation with one of our clinicians today; we look forward to meeting with you!
PDO Thread Lift  
Mole Removal from £49
While most skin moles are easily ignored some may be unsightly making you feel self-conscious or cause discomfort. The skin is the largest and most noticeable organ of the body, which is why it’s essential that your skin is healthy. Our specialist can remove moles within our clinic, If several moles are being treated further visits may be required to ensure each mole can be safely removed.
Fat Reduction Injections  
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Perfection Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetic Clinic

Perfection Cosmetic Laser & Aesthetic Clinic

01865 920892 7 Chorley New Rd, Bolton, bolton
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